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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; coll; semi-nude; hum; store; cuffs; darlex; catsuit; sleepsack; hood; gag; cons/reluct; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

Hi. I don’t really know who I’m actually writing to or where you are at but if you are reading this you have found my story. I’m sorry if this doesn’t come across right, I don’t really know what I’m doing. This sort of thing, you know, writing stories about sex, is a little weird for me. I’ve read the stories other people have posted here but I’ve never done one myself. Actually, I’ve never really talked to anyone openly about sex before. I’m not some famous author so I’m not sure what the best way to do this is so I’m just going to explain how things happened. I hope you enjoy. I really want people to be happy as happy reading this as I was experiencing it.

I guess to start this I have to tell you who I am. I think I’m supposed to hide my identity but the fact is I want you to know who I am. I’m really hoping that by writing this I can find other people like me in this area. Researching for this sorry lead me to meet some amazing people here in Seattle. So here it is, my name is Risa. I’m a nineteen year old college freshman going to school in Seattle Washington at the University of Washington. That makes me a Husky and yes I do like doggy style. ;)

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Several people have asked me that. I’m five foot eight with long dark brown hair. I’m very happy to say that even after nearly two quarters of school I’ve managed not to put on any freshman pounds although it has required quite a bit of jogging to keep off. I can’t say my body has stayed the same. All of my exercise has given me a sexy V cut on my abs that dives down deep below my waist line. Despite the weight I’ve lost around my hips my body weight has remained the same. For some reason coming to college has caused both my sex drive and boobs to start growing. Suddenly I’m up to a C cup and I wont even mention what my naughty sex drive has become.

Coming to college has been an immensely freeing experience. Last year after my high school senor pictures, the photographer asked me to come back and model for him. It was a position I was going to be paid for so I eagerly jumped at the opportunity. I showed up in a bikini to do the hot tub shoot he had told me about. I enjoyed posing in sexy positions as he took pictures of me. I had always been the pretty girl in school that all the boys talked to. It didn’t take long before I had followed the suggestion of the photographer and removed my top. My boobs were still concealed beneath the foamy froth floating on the top of the water but that didn’t matter to the other kids back at school. When the pictures surfaced on the photographer’s website of me without my top on the rumor quickly spread through school that I was a dirty porn star. Living through that reputation in Lynden Washington, an all Christian, Dutch, community wasn’t easy. Since I left high school I have never talked to any of my classmates. Several of them are here at the University of Washington but I simply turn and walk a different direction when I see them.

As I said, getting away from Lynden and coming to Seattle has been a liberating experience. I’ve been amazed at how tolerant and accepting everyone is. Since the first week I got here I’ve been in love with this city and especially the college campus. There are hot guys everywhere I look and not a single one of them is ridiculing me. Since I have come here I haven’t missed a single class. Every class I go to guys crowd around me. I can sit down in an empty room and a few minutes later there are half a dozen guys in the chairs beside me while the rest of the room is desolate. I get a strange rush seeing them constantly glance down at my growing boobs that don’t fit my shirts anymore. The shirts have actually become uncomfortably tight but I just love the admiration I get from all those cute boys.

College has also given me another wonderful experience. For the first time in my life I have a private computer connected to the internet. I’ve known for a while about porn existing on the internet but never dared explored my curiosity on my parent’s tightly restricted computer. Now that I have my own computer, I started exploring the adult portion of the internet. My search initially began researching all the dirty names I was called in high school. Those dirty names quickly opened doors to an entirely new adult world, one I didn’t understand but seemed to stir emotions deep within me.

I didn’t understand what bondage was or why people liked it but I found myself drawn into it. My curiosity was nearly quelled as I ran into site after site demanding money for entry until I came across this site. I was amazed to find thousands of stories free to read. I didn’t understand any of them but I couldn’t help but read on. After each one I would ask myself, why would anyone go out and place a pair of handcuffs on themselves? Why were all these people tying themselves up with rope and chain? It didn’t make any sense why people would do that for no reason but each time I read a story I felt warmth between my legs. I don’t understand why but every time I read a story about bondage I get horny. As embarrassing as this is, I can’t read one of these stories without rubbing my vagina. The first time I did it I had an incredibly powerful orgasm. From that point on I’ve been completely addicted to these stories.

Last week I saw an offer on Gromet’s Plaza for a story contest. I’m not an author so at first I paid no attention. Instead I went to the next selfbondage story that had been posted. There was something about selfbondage that just kept pulling me in. Curiosity eventually made me peak at the contest mostly to see what kind of stories I could expect to read in the next couple weeks. My crotch immediately went wet when I saw that the authors of the top stories got cash prizes. Checking out the Winter Fetish website only helped to further soak my panties. Seeing the full body catsuits for sale filled my body with a flutter of excitement.

That night I went to bed with an insatiable itch between my legs. I couldn’t get the idea of winning one of the catsuits out of my head. I don’t have the extra cash to just go out and buy something expensive like a pair of handcuffs. If I could win this contest I could see what it felt like to actually wear a catsuit instead of just reading about them. At six in the morning I went to my computer after spending an entire night wide awake. I was more excited than on Christmas Eve but I had no idea what I was going to do. I’ve read hundreds of stories about bondage but I never once have tried anything close to it. I sat at my computer and tried to think of a story but nothing new came to me. All I could think of were the stories I’ve read.

From darkness a bizarre plan formed in my mind. I sent an email off to the company sponsoring the contest to see where their store was. I knew they were Seattle based but not where they were located. I’m not an author or a bondage expert but if I could actually go up and feel one of their Darlex products I might just have an advantage. Disappointment filled me when an email was returned to me. Winter Fetish had no store but they were kind enough to mention a store in the area that carried a few of their products.

The thought of being seen going into that type of store scared me. There was no way I could make it through college dealing with the same type of stigma I dealt with in highschool. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a chance the store might have some of their products on display in the window. There was no reason something like a catsuit couldn’t be displayed to the public.

Hoping in my car, I drove the short two miles from campus to the store. The light Sunday traffic allowed me to drive real slow as I approached the store. Not surprisingly but very disappointingly I found the store had thick curtains in all their windows. Taking a lap around the block I went back by the store. There was no traffic on the street so I crawled by trying to find any gap in the curtains to peek through. Looking away from the store I expected to find an impatient motorist behind me but the street was still empty. There was a threat of snow today which was enough to keep most Seattleites bundled up in their homes.

Turning off the street, I pulled into the parking lot of a sporting goods store that shared the same empty parking lot was the store I’ve had my eye on. Scanning the area, I found no one watching me. With shaky hands I opened my door. The frigid bite of winter air sent a shiver down my spine. That shiver swept through my whole body as a gust of wind chilled me to my bones. A few heavy flakes swirled through the air. Every part of me was shaking as I stared at the store, the cold air had suck every ounce of warmth from my body. All my worries of being seen had vanished as I rushed for the warmth of the store. Just as I reached the store a woman opened the door for me.

“Come in, you’re going to freeze to death if you stand out there any longer,” she said as she ushered me inside the warm store.

I was too cold to even consider hesitating. Running inside I was greeted with warmth and the sweet scent of leather and latex.

“If you go to the back there by the dressing rooms you’ll find a heater I have running.”

I needed no additional encouragement. Greedily I rushed to the back to stand in front of the heater. I was so focused on getting warm I was oblivious to everything else. As I slowly became aware of my surroundings I was shocked to see I was surrounded by hardcore bondage gear. In a state of panic I looked in every direction to see if any was watching me. With great relief I found I was alone in the store. It was just me and the woman who had let me in. I watched as she approached with a steaming coffee mug in her hand.

“Here you go sweetheart. This should help warm you up,” she said as she handed the mug to me.

“Thank you.” The hot coffee tasted amazing. With both Tully’s and Starbuck’s headquarters here, regardless of where you went the coffee was fantastic.

“When I first saw you standing outside I was worried you would freeze to death before you worked up the courage to come in here.”

I flushed with embarrassment. Not just because people were watching me but because this woman obviously know why I had hesitated. A lot of people think a xxx store is a place where dirty perverts go. I couldn’t hide the fact I was one of those people.

“Don’t worry. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who wasn’t embarrassed to come in here their first time. I only worry when I see them standing out in the freezing cold like you were. Are you starting to warm up?”

“A little bit, thank you.”

It was an odd thing to say thank you for but I was still shivering. I really appreciated her generosity.

“Well you’re very welcome. Why don’t you hang out over here for a little while longer while I go finish setting up for today’s class. Just call me over if you need anything.”

As she moved off to a different part of the store I got my first opportunity to really look around. I was stunned to see the variety of things in the store. Nearly half the store was filled with hardcore leather items, only a few of which I could recognize. Across the way I quickly recognized a variety of whips and paddles. For the first time I noticed that I was standing next to a display of metal and leather cuffs. I knew immediately what these were for, from the stories I had read. I was amazed to find something so kinky out on public display. Between my legs I felt a warm tickling beginning to grow.

I quickly glanced around checking every direction to make sure no one could see I was standing next to a bondage display. If my friends ever found out about this I would be humiliated for the rest of my life. I tried to move away from the kinky display but I was shivering too much. My body wouldn’t let me leave the warmth of the heater. At the moment it was only me and the woman working here. Since she didn’t seem to have any care about me being over here I decided to hang out for a little while longer.

I carefully watched as the woman went to and from a back room. Each time she returned it was with an arm load of brightly colored cotton rope. The tingle between my legs grew with each stack of rope she brought out. Just the other day I read a story about a girl who was tied up in public. Between my legs a soft tingle quickly grew into an inferno. I pictured myself bound to one of the racks of leather gear as people came into the store. Quivers of excitement cascaded through me thinking of people coming in to see me bound.

As the woman disappeared into the back my eyes locked onto a shiny piece of metal in front of me. Right before me glinting in the light of the store was a pair of shiny silver handcuffs. My heart raced seeing the shiny metal. After first double checking that no one was around, I reached out and touched the cold steel. My pussy immediately shuddered with a mini orgasm. I was still all alone in the store and I just couldn’t resist trying on the handcuffs. Ever so carefully I placed one cuff on my right wrist and squeezed till I heard one click. The cuff was closed but I could still wiggle my wrist free. A rush of adrenaline filled me as I did the same thing to my left wrist. The feeling was amazing. Holding both cuffs in opposite hands I thought about squeezing them tight enough that I wouldn’t be able to get free. Just then the woman walked back in. Her sudden entrance startled me enough to make me nearly jump out of my skin. In that moment a loud zipping noise drew her attention to me. I stared at her wide eyed like a deer in headlights.

When I jumped my hands squeezed. Both of the cuffs were biting into my wrists. I frantically looked for the key but there was none in sight. The woman turned and started walking over to me. Immediately she knew what I had done. I couldn’t think of anything to say to her.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. Give me just a second and I can fix you,” she said after looking at me for less than a second.

My mind ran wild. I thought she was headed to her secret room to get more rope for me. I knew I was about to be bound in public with no escape as people laughed at me. Turning to the door I sprung to make a break for it but stopped dead. I was scared to be tied up but I had an irresistible urge to try it. I also realized that if I left I would never get the cuffs off. Behind me I heard footsteps approaching.

“Here you go sweetheart. I apologize that there wasn’t a pair hanging by the cuffs. I never meant to leave you stuck like that.”

Looking at the key in her hand, all I could do was keep staring. Pulling at the cuffs, I reveled in my inability to move. I felt disappointed seeing the key in front of me. In an awkward moment I realized the woman was still standing there holding the key. She just stood there smiling at me as I froze.

“You know you don’t have to take those off. You are welcome to wear them for as long as you’d like,” her voice and smile were incredibly reassuring. “Do you mind if I show you something with those cuffs.”

With slight disappointment I reached my hands out so that she could take the cuffs off. Reaching out she put the key in one of the cuffs and loosened it so that it didn’t bite into my wrist. Then she used the key to push a small button on the cuff. She did the same thing to the second cuff. When she was done she gave both cuffs a squeeze but they wouldn’t tighten.

“These cuffs are double locks. Once you push this small button they cuffs wont tighten anymore. These are the perfect cuff for when you are playing by yourself at home.”

All I could do was turn beat read. Having someone talk about me tying myself up at home scared me. My whole body shivered as I thought about all my friends from high school making fun of me. Being caught in handcuffs would make those high school pictures feel like nothing.

“So is there anything in particular you were interesting in seeing today?” the woman asked.

I told her I wanted to write a story for an online story contest using some of the Darlex products they had in this store. I didn’t mention what website it was for but that didn’t matter. She knew Winter Fetish was sponsoring a contest on the Plaza.

“You know, just the other day we got in a shipment of their catsuits and I accidently cut through one of them with the knife I used to open the box. I can’t sell the suit with the cut I put in it so if it fits you I could let you have that for free. I really like the folk over there so I’m more than willing to help them get some more publicity. Do you want to try it on?”

I was so awe struck all I could do was nod my head yes. The woman quickly disappeared into the back room then returned with the black catsuit. She showed me the tiny knick in the back of the suit where her knife had cut through it. As quickly as I could I stepped into the changing room and put on suit. Between the excitement and the need to get back to the heater, I was out of my clothes and into suit as fast as possible. When I stepped out of the changing room the woman was holding up a sleep sack.

“We also carry this Darlex Sleepsack from Winter Fetish. Today is our Sunday School but as you see no one has shown up for my lesson on rope bondage. If you’d like a personal lesson on sleepsacks I would be more than happy to teach you.”

I couldn’t suppress my excited smile no matter how hard I tried. The feeling of the Catsuit on my skin was absolutely invigorating. Eagerly I agreed to her personal lesson. She quickly released the handcuffs and I followed her as she grabbed the heater and carried it along with the sleepsack over to where she was setting up the rope for class. Laying out the sleepsack on the floor, she instructed me to climb in while she plugged in the heater. Warm air washed over me as she cranked the heater to full as I climbed inside. My arms were immediately immobilized as I slipped them into the sleepsacks internal sleeves. The woman reached over and ran the zipper from my crotch to my neck, sealing me inside the sleep sack. I felt like I was being sealed inside a warm cocoon as the sleepsack sealed around me.

“So what do you think?” the woman asked.

I was interrupted as her phone beeped.

“It feels amazing. I think I could stay here all night.” I answered a little overzealously.

“That might just be a possibility if Seattle gets hit this snowpocalypse the forecasters keep talking about. All though how anyone can call it an apocalypse with only three inches of snow forecasted I have no idea.”

She paused as she checked the text message on her phone.

“Looks like you aren’t the only one braving our snowstorm to come out tonight. We should have a few more friends here in just a little bit.”

Immediately I tried to jump up but there was no way that was happening in this sleepsack. I tried to get free but no matter how hard I tried the material kept me secure. Flashbacks from highschool filled my mind. I was scared to death of going through that again.

“Shhhh. What’s the matter sweet heart? Do you want out?” She said as reached for the zipper and opened the sleepsack with one hard yank.

Tears streamed down my cheeks remembering all those years I spend in high school being made fun of. With the sleepsack open I could get free but all I wanted to do was hide my tears. Through a mumbling of tears and sobs I told here why I was so scared. She was a total stranger but I could see nothing but compassion in her eyes.

“I just can’t be seen like this,” I mumbled as I finished my story from high school.

“Aw. I’m so sorry sweet heart. No one is going to judge you here.”

I felt better but I couldn’t stop crying. Despite having the sleepsack unzipped I didn’t try to get free. It was warm and comforting and for some reason I just didn’t want to leave it.

“If you’d like to stay I know how you can stay unseen,” the woman offered as she put a hand on my shoulder. “Winter Fetish has a hood we carry that would keep your face completely hidden. You could stay here as long as you’d like and no one would know who you were.”

My crying stopped.

“Let me go grab it,”

I was left along for a brief moment while she grabbed the hood. I eagerly let her place the Darlex hood over my head. Despite the fact there was only a thin layer of fabric over my face I felt completely safe. Once the hood was on the woman reached down and grabbed the zipper to the sleepsack. I could see how happy it made her as I smiled when she started zipping it up. A warm fuzzy feeling filled me as the zipper reached my neck, sealing in the bottom of the hood.

“So is there anything else you would like to try?”

“Ummmmm,” I paused. “No I’m fine.”

“Hold on for just a second. I’ll grab you one.”

Behind the mask my face burned the crimson red on the Cougar flag. I closed my eyes and cursed myself. I was staring straight at the rack of ball gags when I told her no. Even with a mask on I had the worst poker face in history. Despite the fact I was filled with embarrassment, I opened my mouth as she brought a big red ball gag back to me. As the rubber ball stretched my jaw I felt as though I was on cloud nine. The sound of a door opening distracted me from my erotic buzz.

“If you’ll excuse me, we have some more visitors.”

I was left alone as the woman went off to greet the other customers. I felt my body going into a comatose state as the cocoon began to warm me. My bliss was quickly interrupted as I heard people approaching. I had no idea what to do as I watched a girl who was my age wearing a UW sweatshirt walk in with her boyfriend. I stared at them wide eyed, bound in place, as they looked back at me smiling.

“Can I play with her?” the girl asked.


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