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Storycodes: MF/f; hotel; display; stage; wrap; bandages; plaster; cast; encased; cath; cons; X

This is a true story. Well, maybe not, but wouldn't it be nice? One can always hope.

It was our first time at a large bondage oriented event, and we had agreed to make the most of it. Our drive to the somewhat distant city had been enjoyable and relaxing, and we were ready to play. My wife, Sandy, was new to bondage, but seemed to enjoy our home sessions and had made up her mind that she would try to give her all at this event.

The event was sort of a convention, and the whole hotel was reserved for our use. Apparently the staff had been forewarned, because they showed no hesitation in dealing with the attendees, no matter what condition they were in.

The first sessions were to start Friday at 7:00 pm . We arrived at the check-in counter early, around 5:00 , for the happy hour. When we checked in, there seemed to be some kind of problem; one of the models scheduled to participate was sick and couldn't be there. The program manager, Ted, looked at Sandy, and had an idea.

"Why don't we get a volunteer from the attendees? It may be interesting using a newbie instead of an old pro. Sandy, would you like to be a subject? We'll waive both of your registration fees and pay for your room."

Sandy looked at me with eyes wide, like a doe in the headlights, then closed her eyes for a moment, swallowed hard, and nervously whispered, "Okay, why not? I said I'd be daring, so let's do it!"

Ted said "Great, follow me so we can get you ready. This will require some preparation, and will involve the whole weekend, okay?"

Ted led us into one of the small meeting rooms next to the main event room in the hotel. There we met Janice, a registered nurse, who took Sandy into the bathroom. I didn't know it at the time, but Sandy got a good cleaning out, and a catheter inserted. She wasn't too happy about that, but went along.

After diner, where Sandy was only allowed to have soup, Sandy was taken away, and I went to the room for the first event, titled "The Mummy Begins". Sandy had been briefed about what was going to happen, I hadn't. What a pleasant surprise was coming! After an introduction by the presenters Chad and Maureen, Sandy was brought in, wearing a new white leotard and footless tights. Accompanied by an ongoing narration, quite entertaining I might add, Chad and Maureen began wrapping their semi-willing model with cotton batting from the neck down. When they reached Sandy's knees, they placed a small, soft sponge between them for comfort and protection from bruising. They did the same at the ankles. This wrapping, in itself, was enough for me, and all I expected, but it wasn't over yet!

While Maureen steadied Sandy, and engaged her in conversation, much like a game show host, Chad brought out a large metal bowl, filled with water, and several boxes of plaster-impregnated bandages, the kind doctors used to use for casts! Working again from neck down, Sandy was over-wrapped with these. They were the quick-setting kind, so in about 15 minutes Sandy was as solid as a rock; only her head and feet were left uncovered. At first, Sandy kept her eyes closed, but when she finally opened them and looked at me, she smiled a kind, then sexy, smile. She looked out over the audience and seemed to love the attention she was getting.

Chad brought out a hand truck, gently worked Sandy's feet onto the bottom platform, strapped her on, and moved her to the side of the room, where he left her leaning against the wall for the remainder of the evening. I, and apparently many others, was beside myself. I couldn't take my eyes away from her encased body, as we supposedly watched a presentation on the history of shackles and handcuffs. Sandy pretended to watch the presentation, but I saw her often sneak a peek around the room.

As the evening events drew to a close, I fully expected that that would be the end of the mummy session, too. I only wished I could have had a closer encounter with Sandy while she was encased. But, surprise, two volunteer workers checked to see that her stiff body was securely fastened to the hand truck, and asked me to lead them to our room! I was so excited I could barely walk! Sandy looked at me while we were in the elevator, and gave me the sweetest yet sexiest smile I've ever seen.

Once in our room, the workers gave Sandy a drink from a water bottle, then gently placed her on one side of the king-sized bed. After being sure she was as comfortable as she could be, they left the hand truck there and went away for the night. I've never been so excited! I kissed her, rubbed my hands all over her hard, smooth shell, kissed her some more, rubbed some more, and on and on. I don't think I slept more than a few minutes all night. As Sandy slept, I simply stared at her, amazed at the turn of events.

All the next day, Sandy was the center of attention as we wheeled her from session to session. I almost felt sorry for the presenters, as they struggled to develop some interest in their subjects. It was hard to get anyone's attention with Sandy's hard white body leaning against the wall of the room.

Saturday night went much like Friday night. I should have been exhausted, but I wasn't, of course. I was just overwhelmed. Finally, Sunday afternoon, the entire group gathered in the main room for a final luncheon. Most of the participants were either in some form of bondage or leading their partner around. It would have been a dream, no, many dreams, come true, except for Sandy. She had my total attention.

The final activity of the event was the opening of Sandy. On the main stage, she was held upright by Maureen, as Chad used a cast saw to cut down both sides of the mummy. The top was lifted off, and Sandy was helped out. She had some trouble standing alone at first, but only for a minute or two. To the sound of a standing ovation from the gathered attendees, she was taken backstage where the catheter was removed and she was given a robe to wear.

After she had showered in our room, we did just what you would expect us to do in that situation-made love, over and over. We decided to stay over instead of driving home that night. The next day we called in sick, and took our time checking out and driving home, naturally with the plaster mummy in the back of the car.

Sandy told me afterward that she had the option of ending the session at any time. She had planned on asking for release late Friday night, but the look on my face was enough to make her want to continue all weekend. She added that the attention she got from everyone certainly didn't hurt, either.

It still causes me wonder that such a beautiful, loving person would go to such lengths just to please me! Of course, Sandy has been much more adventurous in our bondage games since that weekend; maybe something got awakened!

PS: When we went down to check out on Monday morning, Sandy got an ovation from the staff that had worked over the weekend. I've never seen anyone blush as deeply!


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