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For Her Pleasure

by Strictlybound

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© Copyright 2002 - Strictlybound - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; cuffs; gag; zipties; wrap; clingfilm; straps; tease; torment; cage; cons/reluct; X

She was an attractive woman. I had seen a couple of different mistresses over past few years and none of them could give me the inescapable feeling that I longed for.

She brought me to the dungeon in her basement. The wrist and ankle cuffs were padlocked into place. I was then attached to the posts in a vertical spread eagle. I was facing the wall and could hear her behind me getting ready for our session. She them came up behind me and I shivered to her touch. She started to tell me that she was going to keep me for the weekend, locked away in her cellar. As she caressed my back, I became relaxed and let my guard down. As if she could sense this, she grabbed my head, forcing it back and the ball gag was stuffed in my mouth and buckled securely behind my head. When my head was released from her grasp, I tried to shake it out of my mouth, but to no avail. She then left me for a couple of minutes as I began to get excited and wonder what would be next.

When she came back she showed the 2-foot cable ties. I was told that she would release one hand and I was to place it at my side. If I did not follow her instructions, she would leave me there with the other hand and feet attached to the posts. I agreed, as if I really had a choice. I placed my hand at my side and she quickly wrapped the cable tie around my thigh and wrist locking it in place. Next, she did the same with the other arm.

When she was satisfied that I could not escape, she released my ankle locks and told me to follow her. She then pulled out more ties and quickly locked them around my ankles and below and above the knees. Next came the cling wrap. She must have used 2 full rolls. I was not going anywhere! Unfortunately she was not satisfied and still believed that I would be able to escape. So out came the duct tape. She started at the shoulders and proceeded to use the entire roll covering me to my ankles. At this point she realized I was not going anywhere.

For my own safety, as she put it, I was strapped to the bed. I could not even move my fingers. The tape and tie down straps held me extremely tight. She just laughed at my futile attempts at freedom. She began walking around me, admiring her work and plotting what to do next. As she walked to the workbench, which held all of her toys, I began to panic with fear of what to come. The first item was the blindfold. Now I was really in trouble. I couldn't see which items she would choose.

To my surprise, she sat on the bed next to me and began to whisper all of the nasty little ideas that swirl around her head when her slaves are helpless. She then straddled my chest and removed the blindfold. The panic in my eyes was evident. She just snickered and ran her hands over my body, stopping on top of my bulging unit.

"What do we have here?" she asked. "I think we need to release it and give it some much needed attention."

Usually I would not mind that, since I, just like most any other guy, would enjoy some personal attention directed towards the bulge. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure what kind of attention I would be receiving. She pulled out the safety scissors and began to cut away the tape and plastic that imprisoned my manliness. As she got closer, I tried to lift my head and watch to see what was happening, but the straps would not allow it. After the last few snips, she reached in and lifted him out.

Next came the shoelace, which was tied around my shaft, way too tight. Next, a rope was attached to an eye bolt in the ceiling and knotted to the end of the shoelace. The rope was fed through the eyebolt and dangled just above my head. She next buckled a collar around my neck and attached the end of the rope to it. I could feel the tension on my shaft as I struggled to keep my head from moving too much. Seeing this, she quickly came and removed the pillow from under my head, which dropped my head against the mattress and pulled even tighter on my shaft. I grimaced in pain as she just stood and snickered.

"Stay put, I will be back soon," she said as she turned and walked out of the room.

After a few minutes of holding my head up to relieve the pressure on my cock bondage, I began to give in to the crick in my neck and the growing pain in my penis. She then reappeared and asked how I was feeling (snickering of course). I gave her the biggest puppy dog eyes I could muster up. She told me I looked pathetic and took out a knife and cut the rope releasing both my head and shaft. I just laid there, still unable to move and throbbing in pain. She asked if I had had enough. I quickly nodded my head yes and hoped that she would show some compassion. Wrong again. She unbuckled the straps that were holding my body to the bed and rolled me over onto my stomach. She began to cut away the tape and plastic that held me in my cocoon.

When that was removed, I realized that my arms were still pinned to my sides and my legs were tightly bound. Before removing the cable ties, she reattached the ankle and wrist cuffs. The leg ties were removed first and a chain, about 3 feet long was attached to each leg cuff and locked into placed. Then each arm tie was removed and my arms were locked behind my back. She then helped me to my feet and stabilized me, as those first steps are a bit tricky, and led me over to the cage. The door was opened and she helped push me inside. Once I was sitting inside the cage, she attached a chain from the collar to the top of the cage, pulling just tight enough to keep me from slouching. She then closed and locked the door and walked to the back of the cage ands attached another chain to my wrist cuffs, pinning them to the inside of the cage.

"I hope you're comfortable," she said jokingly. "You're going to be there for a while. I am having a party later and I can't wait to show you off to my guests."

Once again panic struck me again and I frantically tried to get loose.

"Don't worry, you deserve a rest after what you have been through and I am sure that you aren't going anywhere!"


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