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Halloween Holiday

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2007 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFM/mf+; F/m; bond; gag; tease; dream; witches; drug; wrap; bandages; stakes; public; naked; hum; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

A Halloween Special 2007 Tale

Halloween, What memories that conjures up for me! It is also known as 'All Saint's Day'. When the dead are said to walk the earth; it is nearly a year and peace has reigned in our family since then. I will explain.

It was a year ago on Halloween; I took a year out from studying and decided to visit my aunt in a backwater town in the United States. She had often phoned to say she would like me to visit her. She is my favorite aunt. We were upset when her husband got killed when the mountain road gave out after a storm and his car slid down a bank. Local kids made her life a misery by taunting her and other old people calling them witches and warlocks and threatening to burn them at the stake. Nothing could be further from the truth with my Aunt Pauline. That may be her trouble. She is too friendly and trusting. I do not know.

This was my first time on a plane and I was nervous to say the least. But I was lucky. A girl with a fantastic face and figure sat next to me. She made me feel at ease even when the plane took off and we headed into the gathering storm. She reassured me we would be alright. I watched the flashes of lightening going on around us. I joked with her that it must be the witches out trying out their broomsticks, ready for Halloween. She asked me if I believed in witches and of course I told her that it was superstitious nonsense.

"If that is what you believe, that is your opinion!" she said. I thought no more of it, but soon fell asleep.

I dreamt of her, strange as I had only just met her. It turns out she was heading for the same town as me to meet some people. I thought it would be strange if she was going to meet Aunt Pauline, but I never mentioned it as the possibility was so remote, it was not worth mentioning. I dreamt that she had me tied to the bed and was making passionate love to me. I could not shout while she worked her way up from my toes to my head with long lingering kisses. She had gagged me. I looked up at the mirror on the ceiling and..

"Wake up; it is time to fasten your seat belt. We are about to land in Dallas!" She shook me until I had gained my faculties and before I knew it, she was fastening the seat belt for me.

"I have just realised we have not met. My name is Kevin. And you are?"

"Caroline Watson at your service. You seem pleased. Did you have a nice dream?"

I told her I did and kept the contents to myself. She had the most disarming smile on her face I have ever seen. I wish we knew each other more and would have a chance to get to meet each other, but I guessed that would not happen and sort of kept my distance. I have been disappointed too many times.

The plane landed and we sat next to each other on the bus to our destination. She asked me if all Englishmen are as reserved as me. I told her that we are not reserved, but if I got to know her better, I would be reduced to tears when it was time to go home! She told me not to be so silly as we could keep in contact these days by phone, e-mail and letter. I thought about it and took her telephone number where she was staying and agreed to meet later in the week, on Halloween at the local diner. She asked me to get some sort of outfit and go out trick or treating with her. I told her I was too old for that, but she reassured me that at any age, they do that sort of thing around there. If it was a chance to meet her again, I would go naked! So I agreed to try to go as a warlock! She would be dressed as a witch.

We said our goodbyes, "Until Halloween then!" and went our separate ways. I went straight to Aunt Pauline's. "My, you look like the cat that got the cream!" she said upon greeting me. I told her what had happened. We went inside and she showed me my room. It was large and had a great view of the Main Street. I could watch for Caroline from here. I could see all the way down the road. She could not escape my gaze.

A few days went by and Aunt Pauline seemed to be getting more worried by the hour. Halloween was getting closer. I asked her what the matter was and she told me that some of the locals blame her for Fred's (her husband) death. Every year the trick or treating would get worse and it was beginning to drive her insane! I asked why she never moved, but she told me that she had the memory of Uncle Fred in the town and other than the pranks, she loved it there. I said I would be there to protect her this year. I would have to give Caroline a miss if need be.

"Don't be silly, you go and have your fun. I will get my responses to the kids ready!"

Halloween came; Aunt Pauline lent me a warlock's costume Uncle Fred had. It fitted a treat. Out I went into the Main Street, heading for the diner. There was Caroline in her witches outfit. "Wow, I have found Sabrina, the teenage witch!" I said. Caroline laughed and I melted at her smile. She ordered the coffee and we sat and drank it. It was getting towards dusk and the trick or treating would soon start.

Caroline explained that she was there to meet some people and to help an old lady from being tormented by some hooligans who were making her life a misery. I said that was happening to my aunt as well. "Never mind, we can put a complete stop to it for once and for all! Whatever happens, do not show recognition of anybody or say anything. This is vital for the surprise!" I agreed to do what she told me. She could be my mistress any day she wanted. I was her slave!

We went out and were immediately jumped on by a half dozen older boys and girls. "Hey, you two look the part. Wanna come trick or treating with us?" We agreed and watched as they lit their pumpkin lanterns up. "The first place we go to is an old lady up the road. She is a witch and we try to drive her out of town every year, but the stubborn old bitch will not go!"

We followed them to the house. They knocked at the door. The old lady opened it! "Trick or treat!" they screamed at her. She seemed shaken. What had they done in the past to her? But she showed no recognition of me or Caroline. She agreed the treat and invited us all in. She gave us sweets and some coffee. The others would not drink theirs or touch the sweets. I ate the sweets and drank the coffee, while they all looked at me as though I were mad! Caroline drank hers, but left the sweets for later. After ten minutes they drank their coffees.

It did not take long before they had all fallen asleep. So why was I still awake? Caroline explained, "They should not have picked on your Aunt Pauline to go trick or treating. We had arranged the coffee treat. Yours and mine were the only ones not to have been drugged!" Caroline and Aunt Pauline jumped into action. Quickly between the three of us we stripped them bare and wrapped them up tightly in bandages until they looked like Egyptian mummies with only their eyes showing. One by one they were loaded onto a cart and taken out with a sheet over them to the local field where a firework display and bonfire was going to be held.

I saw six thick posts in the ground. The first was bandaged to that post and by carefully avoiding everyone, we managed to have them all mummified and bandaged to the posts without being seen. "At least they will have a grand view of the firework display"

I asked what the stakes were doing there and was told that they were the stakes they used to burned the witches on. Caroline said. But I was feeling tired and put it down to jet lag catching up. Aunt Pauline went home saying she would see us back there at 11.00 sharp. We went back to Caroline's house where she was staying. She showed me her room. It seemed to have a false ceiling. The king sized bed with the four posts looked fantastic. I sat on it and. crash. I was gone. Fast asleep.

I woke up with a pungent smell in my nose. It was Caroline waking me up with smelling salts. I tried to move but could not. I was spread-eagled on the bed looking up at the mirror tiles on the ceiling. I was naked. And gagged as well. Just like in that dream. I struggle, but Caroline had made an excellent job of immobilising me. I watched in the mirrors as she worked her way up from my toes to my head.

Soon she was riding me to a crescendo that made her howl with delight and gave me the best sex I had ever had. I would love this again. But we never had long, as we had to get back to the bonfire. We only just made it as Aunt Pauline turned up. The crowds turned up to watch the wriggling mummies trying to escape.

The bonfire was lit, fortunately for the mummies they were too far away to get burned. The rockets went off along with the other fireworks. The barbecue went down a treat and we all had a great time except the mummified kids. After the last firework went off someone decided to unravel them. As soon as they realised they were naked under the bandages, howls of laughter went up. The punks had to run a gauntlet of laughter as they ran naked down the road trying their best to cover themselves up. Some one in the crowd shouted they must be witches as they were dancing naked around the fire. But they soon went out of sight into the darkness.

Caroline and Aunt Pauline explained. Caroline's mother was taken ill and everyone had given up on her and expected her to die. Aunt Pauline did not give up and nursed her back to health. She had hatched the plot to get Caroline and myself to meet. She had bought return tickets to England making sure I had a seat next to her on her return trip.

I agreed that I would love to get to know her more and was warned that Aunt Pauline and Caroline are both witches, but good ones. I know that. They both told me. "Why do you think you had that dream in the plane? I put the thoughts into your head, silly boy!" She gave me a kiss and I buckled at the knees. Aunt Pauline told me that the warlock's outfit I wore was Uncle Fred's outfit he wore for the ceremonies they used to go through together. Aunt Pauline and Caroline said they would try to teach me my powers to carry on the good work of healing and other good deeds.

It has now been a year. Aunt Pauline has got Caroline e-mailing me and has told me she has had no more trouble since that day! I am now flying back out to the States to marry Caroline. She definitely has bewitched my heart! I can't wait for her to tie me down and tie me up at the same time! Has she put a spell on me!



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