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Harry Gets Caught

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; strip; naked; wrap; bagged; inflate; gag; entombed; stuck; cons; X

Harry was worried about being seen. He had spotted the massage parlour a long time ago and from "whispers" knew it was a cover for a brothel. He always thought they should be legal. Better that than having a woman raped. But now, he had not had sex for a year. He needed relief.  He walked up and down the street and even went around the block. Harry took notice of all the shops along the road. Grocers, hairdressers, the massage parlour, sweetshop, chemists, and a few odds and ends of shops.

But now he saw no one was looking. He threw himself through the doorway and closed it behind him. "Can I help you?" the young girl sitting behind the desk asked. 

"How much?" 

"How much what sir?" 

"Full sex?" 

The girl rang a bell and a door opened on the other side of the room. An older woman came out. "Cheeky chap comes in here and demands to know how much we charge for full sex!" 

"Oh did he, well we don't do that sort of thing here. You need to see a lady of the night!" the older woman told him.

Harry apologised and left the shop. Still no one about. He started walking and had got about 100 yards and the woman came after him. "I am sorry about that, but we have to be very careful that you are not from the police!" She took him back to the shop. "What can we do for you?" 

"What do you do?" 

"Massage, bondage, cross-dressing, mummification, anything you want really. We could lock you in a chastity belt and you would have to find the combination number of the lock! Full sex, and queening. What takes your fancy?" 

"What is the bondage you mention?" 

"You are inquisitive! Hogtie, spread-eagled on a bed. Suspension, put on a wheel, tied to a cross, whipping or anything. Cages we have, coffins in case you want burying. How much do you want to spend?"

"I only have so much. How much would you charge if I leave the decision to you to decide?" 

"I tell you what I will do. We have a new bag we wish to try out. You could be our test pilot. You can have a half hour free". 

"Thank you!" 

Her attitude changed. "Go into that back room and strip. I want you naked when I get in there." 


"Are you simple? In there and strip".  Harry rushed into the other room and the woman and girl followed him in.

"You can pay for the first wrapping!" 


The two women got some rolls of bondage tape and slowly wrapped him from his toes to his head. Only his nose and eyes were showing. The elder of the two women went to a corner of the room and turned a light fitting sideways. A panel slid open. The two women picked him up and carried him into the room. The panel closed behind them.

He was slipped into an air bag. This came from Germany and was new. This is what they were doing the test run on. All the studs were done up so there was no escape. A pump was switched on. The bag consisted of two layers. The air quickly filled the space between the two layers making him immobile in no time. The pump was switched off and a valve was turned off. The pump was disconnected.

The young girl went and got Harry's clothes and put them in the room with him. He was enjoying this very much. He felt like an Egyptian mummy. He tried wriggling, but the airbag was strong and only allowed a certain amount of movement.

The woman came over and looked at him, "You look nice and snug. Are you okay?" 

"Yes, it is very comfortable thanks" 

"Good, because we are about to shut the shop up and go for lunch. You don't mind staying here do you?" 

Harry went to speak, but she took a piece of material made of the same material the airbag was made of and  put it over his face. It had a tube through the middle of it and this was put into his mouth. It allowed air in and held down his tongue so he could not talk. The woman fastened all the studs around his face. He was in total darkness and could not move a muscle.

The young girl said, "Doesn't he look cute. I love it when a big strong man is caught by a mere girl!" The elder woman laughed. They turned the light out and closed the door behind them.

They left the shop and three policemen came running towards them. "I am arresting you both on suspicion of running a brothel." One of them said and read out her rights. The policemen took the women back into the shop and searched the inner room. Harry could hear them. He had to be quiet in case they found the room he was in. But they didn't.  Harry realised what was happening, but could not call out. The women were arrested and taken away. The police locked the shop door behind them.

Harry was alone. How long would they be?  Supposing they charge her and she is sentenced. Harry had never been in trouble so did not know how the courts worked. Supposing she got a six months sentence? He would be dead before she came back. His mind was racing in all directions. What was to become of him? And all he wanted was sex! Perhaps she would tell them where she had put Harry if she got sentenced, but then again, she could keep her mouth shut and hope he lives until she got out.  Harry was sick with fear. He tried to wriggle but found it impossible. 

He would have to wait and see what his fate was.


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