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How tight it is

by Spinner

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© Copyright 2003 - Spinner - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; gag; tape; wrap; saranwrap; cocoon; mast; climax; caught; F/m; tease; oral; hum; cons; X

For the past 2 years, I've been trying to figure out a way to successfully self-mummify myself to the point of no escape. Ever since I was a small child, I had loved to be wrapped tightly in a blanket real snug. I hadn't realized how intense the feelings could be until I stumbled upon mummification online. First, I tried wrapping myself with saran wrap. I got all the way up to my armpits in inescapability. My problem was always the arms and head. I had tried all the ideas online but they had never been completely successful.

One day when everyone was out of the house, I took out a 250-yd roll of saran wrap and got straight to work. I began wrapping my legs and arms with a light amount of wrapping, so that it would be much harder to move them with more layers on top of them. Then I started wrapping my toes and my feet tightly because I didn't want them to have any range of motion at all whatsoever. After that, I inserted a butterfly gag, the only gag which never fails to totally silence me.

Next, I wrapped my knees, hips, and around my balls tightly, so that all I could do was wriggle around. By now, I had a large hard-on that was dripping with pre-cum. After laying down a circle of duct tape around my hips and ankles, I proceeded to duct tape my wrists together. After I was successful at that, I dropped the roll of wrapping behind a bar that was about an inch in thickness and about 5 inches off the ground. I unrolled a foot of saran wrap, then proceeded to stick it to my torso. 

Then I began to roll. As the wrap surrounded me and my plastic body, I began get feelings of helplessness, which coaxed me to continue to spin further. Over and over, I rolled not comprehending the amount of plastic that was unfurling from the spindle. I got so excited at one point I came without any help. My mind was running a mile a minute, and before I knew it, the roll was gone, and my body had become a roll of saran wrap. 

Just my luck, I had forgotten to hold a razor or scissors in my hands so that I had a mode to escape. I struggled in my bonds so hard, but there was just too much plastic, too many layers, I had been so carried away. That afternoon I came several times because of my situation, and I could not find any sharp object to pierce the wrap anywhere in the house as I crawled and squirmed my way around. My family would be home in a mere hour, and they would see everything I had done to myself. It was a frightening thing to behold.

I was in my cocoon so long I had to urinate and also eat something, for I hadn't eaten all day. The deprivation was killing, but also turning me on. This is the situation I had dreamed for, but this was too extreme. Soon I was screaming, knowing no one would hear me because of the huge inflated butterfly gag in my mouth.

There soon was a knock on the door, and the shadow of my girlfriend on the wall. She found the fake rock where we hid emergency keys, because I told her where it was, and came in through the back door. She probably thought I was sleeping. Before now I've kept my fetish a secret, but she was soon about to be shocked. She came through the den and saw me lying there helpless and bound. After a second she thought I had been tied by someone else, but soon realized after seeing the spool that I had done this to myself. 

She laughed harder than ever before, then proceeded to undress and blindfold me with her panties. Next, she rubbed her breasts against the tight wrappings, which aggravated my member from its rest. Sensory deprivation was soon setting in, when she abruptly spanked my plastic coated ass so hard I squealed through the gag, half wanting the agony to stop, and half wanting more. After 10 or so spanks with me bent over her knee, she cut out my member from the plastic and gave me the most mind-blowing blowjob of my life. Smiling as she bent over me, she took off my blindfold and laughed at me some more, increasing the humiliation. 

After my blowjob, it seemed that she was being turned on by this act, so she touched herself, watching me squirm around on the floor so helpless. She removed my butterfly gag and proceeded to sit on my face and commanded me to get her off. I licked and sucked with all my might and before I knew it there was a thick stream of liquid hitting my sweaty face, getting into my eyes as she grinded against my poor face. This is much more than I could ever have bargained for.

This afternoon brought out the fetish in me, and the domina in her, so I guess it worked out for the best.


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