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If Fantasies Could Talk 2: New Life

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2004 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/mff; M/ff; wrap; bandages; cast; gag; enclosure; plaster; tease; mast; toys; insert; sex; climax; cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2: New Life

With no light it was hard to tell how long I had been in my new resting place, and it was hard to know if there was anyone around to free me. But this was bound to end sometime and I just could not know when. That would spoil the fantasy. I wanted to have no power, and be treated as a thing, and no doubts about it, I got it. I have the fantasy. At the moment I was a thing. Couldn't move, speak or fart. I felt like a burrito, full of energy, waiting to be released. Oh, I am bored, waiting, waiting, the things the mind goes thru, burritos indeed! Come to think of it, I am hungry. I could use a good meal. Now I want out! Gees! I can't make a sound. I have to wait. Maybe I should pray. Maybe I should get religious? Oh dear, the thoughts that cross my mind!

Clang! I heard the bar to the door lifted, and the doors opened. There were two people talking to one another, but it was too faint to make out. I heard a snap, and something bumped my cast. I started to get aroused by the action in the room. The thought that someone was out there, and I was helplessly held in here turns me on. I wish I could see them in the room, doing what ever. Something touched my dick, and then rolled a condom on. Something was placed on my cast; I could hear duct tape being ripped off a roll. Something pressed against my shaft, firmly. There was a pause, then the object came to life, it was a big vibrator, and I mean big. It seemed to vibrate the entire cast; my cock had little do but bounce against the large bass like pulses that it created.

My ass was being stimulated by the plugs secondary vibration sent out by the shockwave of this monster vibrator. I must find out what this vibrator is, I must have one! Within twenty seconds I was at full erection, and could barely resist cuming, my breathing got fast. I knew this wouldn't last another twenty seconds, I was too vulnerable, the machine was too strong, and I was being stimulated in just the right places, my reaction was going to be involuntary, I had no choice. Someone else took the possibility for resistance away from me. I buckled and came like a virgin boy, too excited by the thought of sex.

The machine kept going and the stimulation keep me in a state of cuming, even after the cuming had past, the nerves at the end of my cock sent more and more stimulation to my brain, other things happen, my eyes started to roll, a signal of physical overload hit my spine, muscles contracted. I had never been thru this before. The climax was only the first part of a long list of violent contortions that ripped thru my body. I lost the ability to think. I lost all physical control, I felt as thought electricity was bouncing around inside of my body, firing random impulses at my brain. Then I passed out.

There was a buzzing sound, and I could feel fresh cold air on my left leg. I awoke to find that I was being freed. My legs and arms were cut loose first, then my head. It took a great deal more time than I expected. The cast was pretty thick and needed to be cut all the way around before anything would pry loose. 

As my head was opened, I spit out the gag, and swallowed hard for the first time in almost 12 hours. 

"Someone in there?" said Linda, with a sweet voice.

"Ah! Wow!" was all I could say. 

"Did you enjoy your bondage?" Linda asked.

"Oh, how long was I in?" I asked, ignoring her first question.

"Its 9:30am so a little over twelve hours." She replied.

"Did I miss the party?" I joked.

"You were the party!" Linda laughed, as she cut into the body of my cast.

"You know, you're the first to go all night without cumming once?" she stated. "That is a record you can be proud of."

"How'd you know I didn't cum?" I asked, feeling a little concerned that they take notice of that kind of thing.

"Well, your cock stayed hard all night. but the real truth is that I took off your condom at the close of the party, and I saw that you hadn't cum. Most of the guys cum mid way thru the party, and we move them out when that happens because it is something Mistress Elian won't have on the floor, a limp dick. You know, brings the whole party down an all." She told me in all sincerity, making me beam with pride.

"Gee, I didn't know that." I said.

"Yeh, you were great! Mistress Elaine even noticed. She will probably be down in a few moments." She informed me.

I looked around the room, and saw the other two helpers, on benches still in there total casts. Tricia was checking them out, and removing their dildo-vibrators. I stared at Tricia as she gently pulled the phallis from Helper #1. Tricia looked my way, and smiled. I felt uncomfortable. I looked away shyly.

"Does this make you uncomfortable?" Tricia asked, and I could feel her eyes on me, her voice taunting me, as if she thought me weak to have turned away.

"Uh, no, just embarrassed to be in this situation, I guess." I didn't really know how I felt. Only that it felt weird for some reason.

"Embarrassed? Why?"

"I don't know, it kinda like when you're at the hospital, and someone else is sharing a room adjacent to you, and the nurse comes in to change the bed pan, and forgets to close the curtain, you look away, for courtesy."

"So this does make you uncomfortable." Tricia said.

"Yes, it does." I admitted reluctantly. Tricia smiled again, amused by my shyness.

The door opened wide, and Mistress Elaine strolled in. She was wearing a long white dress, or gown. It had many layers, and tiny sequins around the borders that shimmered blue light when they moved. She looked radiant. She entered just as the last piece of the cast was removed; exposing my naked, limp, body to her, just as she stopped by my side. I tried to sit up, but both Mistress Elaine and Linda stopped me, placing their hands against my chest.

"Don't get up right away, you might pass out!" Linda explained. Tricia brought me a glass of Gatorade.

"Here, drink this first, and then we will help you to a bathroom." Tricia said, as she tossed a blanket over my body, spoiling Mistress Elaine view.

"You did a good job last night, did anyone tell you that?" she said as she turned her head back to me, after giving Tricia a glare.

"Kelly did." I said.

"You sure you have never done this before? I have never had a male go all night with a hard on before. Are you holding out on me?" Elaine leaned on me, staring me closely in the face.

"I can't take all the credit; the cock ring did most of the work." I fumbled to say, being put on the spot.

"Well, so did the others, and that didn't stop them, I think you're special. I think you deserve a bonus for your work, and so I'll tell you what. I am going to leave this room, after you're up and about, for one hour. They will too." She motioned at Linda and Tricia.

"I will show you to a room where you can shower, and get cleaned up. Then after that we will have a Brunch and you can leave with your paycheck." She sped up the delivery of this sentence near the end and got up to leave before she was done, but had a smile and a gleam in her eyes all the while making me feel like a king. As she floated out the door, Linda helped me to sit up and regain my balance. She was right, I did feel light headed.

"There you go," she said as I arose to my feet, "you're doing just fine." Linda had obviously done this before. She held my forearm and hand to stabilize me as I walked to the small half bath. She closed the door behind me; I sat on the toilet and relieved myself. I got up, looked into the mirror and watched as the color returned to my face. I needed to eat, but my thirst was greater than my hunger.

I opened the door from the bathroom to find the first room empty, Tricia and Linda had left, and the door was closed. I checked the door, and it was barred shut. I wasn't going to leave. Turning back to the room, I looked at the two helpers cast in their positions, breasts exposed, and their pussies open. Hum. One hour she said. One hour indeed. I don't know how to receive this gift, except to just take what I want for these two helpless toys in front of me. Offers like this only happen once in a lifetime. What should I do? There are two women here, and one of me. So which one should I cum to? I really can't believe I have such a dilemma; it was just yesterday that I was afraid of entering the numbers to the parking garage. I am blessed with such a choice. 

Helper #2 was laid on the floor, she was in the standing position, her breasts were bulging out of the cast, and they were full round and have enormous nipples. She was spread eagle on the ground. Very nice, I thought. Helper #1, Kelly, was equally as fit as #2, she was reclined, with her elbows propping her back up, her knees in the air, spread apart with her feet on the ground about two and a half feet apart. Kelly's tits were rounded out to points, perky and firm looking. This was going to be a hard decision to make, but I knew I would not be able to make a bad one. I looked into the cabinet and found a box of rubbers, and took the box in hand.

Silently I crept up to Helper #2, and touched her just under her nipple, around the side slowly and deliberately rimming two fingers around her breast. Immediately goose bumps appeared on her exposed skin, and both nipples went hard. She was very awake, and my touch sent sparks thru her body. I repeated this on the other side, and then with my other hand, touched her exposed and clean shaven lips, just touching the surface, stroking it, to let her know that I was aware of her vulnerability.

She squirmed a bit, tickled I think, by the light touch of my finger. I placed my hand onto her breast, cupping it, and slid it around, there was more than a handful, but I was determined not to let it go to waste. I massaged both breasts, moving them round, and I was enjoying the play. I looked over at the other body, Kelly's body, and decided to play with her too, I looked at her breasts, and then touched them lightly as I could, then watched as they took a new form, perking up to attention, I'm sure she was dieing in that cast, hoping for a full release. I have never seen nipples go rigid so fast. I gave her the same touch of a finger to her mound, toying with the open posture of her sex. She could not or yell, scratch, bite, kick, or move or even resist me. I had become the Mister she would not ever know. I had anonymity, and found it to be a rush. All my private desires could be acted on if I wished.

I excited myself so much by this one thought, that pre-cum dripped onto my leg, and I realized suddenly that I had a time limit. Glancing at the clock, I found that I had already spent fifteen minutes just toying around with them, exciting them; well maybe I should move into some real stimulation, before a get my rocks off. I went to the cabinet and found a large dildo, slipped a rubber on it, and approached #1, Kelly, and slid my finger round her moist lips lubing them with her own juices, and slowly touched the head of the dildo to her crotch, rimming it pressing it gently over her lips, playing with it on her pussy.

By now she must be aware of the object knocking at the door to her sex, and be full of anticipation for its inevitable entry. I loved this part the most, pulling the desire for penetration so far out into the open that you can practically see it. Kelly is now pushing herself at the opening of the crotch area, trying to get at the dildo as I pull it away, teasing her. On the next pass, I slid the giant in, slowly deeper, like a giant finger reaching toward her stomach, spreading her wide and taught, I could hear her blow air out her nose hole, reacting fast to the intruder. I had total power over her. A slow rhythm of in and out, timed to her breath was soon out paced by her, and I could tell she was on the brink of climax. I wheeled around to reach one hand to her chest and squeezed a nipple, twisting it between my fingers. She stopped breathing and skipped to uneven inhales, she must have been sent over the edge of the cliff. I glanced at the dildo lodged deep inside her, her lips quivered and undulated moving the dildo without my touch, and she had cum in about two minutes flat. 

I could not believe it, this was not the outcome that I had ever expected. Obviously this girl had no trouble in letting go, in fact I think it was her excitement, not my actions that made for such a fast climax. Hum, time to test the theory. I do have another girl I can experiment on. I'll just repeat the process. I slipped a new rubber on the dildo, and went back over to Helper #2. I caressed her breasts, firming them up nicely and began to gently tease her mound with the tip of the dildo, round the edges, and sliding it past the lips, she took a deep breath, and that was my signal that she was ready, so I went one more round of teasing for good measure. She moaned thru the gag, and I heard her bite down on the gag. I slid the dildo in not even a quarter inch, and stopped. She inhaled violently. Out it came, then I touched it head first towards its target, and pushed it slowly into her, this time past her lips, and on and on, she came.

Yes she did, it was almost comical to me. I release my hand from the dildo still half way inside of her on the very first thrust, watching it buck, from her involuntary pelvic convulsions, with a little juice running out around the seam of her lips, like honey dripping from a honeycomb. I decided that she was going to faint, and I was going to pump this thing into her till she does. I grasped the dildo again and started to move it again, slowly. I went in deeper and out then back, she writhed in her cast. I could feel the tension in her hips building she was out of control it became harder to get a straight thrust into her. Her breath was shallow and irregular. Then suddenly, it all got easy, she relaxed, and I knew that she had passed out. 

I withdrew the dildo, and returned to Kelly. I looked at her firm breasts, and the position of her body, my dick felt like it was going to explode just thinking about it. I rolled on a rubber. I got above her, between her legs and put my hands on her breasts, as a grip for my balance. I touched my cock onto her wet pussy, gauging at it soft wet fruit. I leaned onto her, letting my weight force my shaft past her lips. Entering smoothly as I felt her breasts, my weight on them as well, I pumped, settling into a slow deliberate rhythm. I grew closer to the edge, and all that used to scare me about this experience was now gone, exposed by my own insight to desire. I was climaxing to this one thought: Banished by this one night experience, leading to a new understanding of people, sex and Mistress Elaine, my soul was free of mistrust. I could see myself telling the truth about what I want. I would be true to myself. I stopped pumping and felt her insides squeezing my cock; I believe she came again, too.

There was a definite smell of sex to the room now, and I pulled away, and went to the bathroom to clean off. I still had ten minutes to spare. There was only the blanket to clothe myself in, so I draped it round my shoulders, and sat down next to Kelly, who was breathing normally again. I caressed her breast, to let her know I was there, and that I had enjoyed her very much. I don't know if this would be read by her that way, or just as a teasing, but I kept the touch, just the same.


Clang! The door was being opened again. The loud noise of it startled me and I withdrew my hand from Kelly. Linda motioned for me to come with her, and Tricia walked in, and started to work on freeing the two helpers. As I left the room, I wondered if they would be joining the brunch.

Linda took me to the elevator, and we went to level two. The doors opened and we stepped into a wonderful lounge. It was furnished and homelike, with more than just the plain white painted cinderblocks that was on level one. This was plush, with baroque style architecture and French furniture. The hall was lit by wall mounted lamps, and a mosaic rug covered the hardwood parquet floor. Mid way down the hall was an intricately carved gold framed oval mirror, hung above a small table by a stool. Sitting on the stool, was a white cat. It stared at me as I passed, then jumped off the stool and ran down the hall.

The last door on the right, next to the end of the hall, Linda opened, and showed me inside. This too, was decked out in the Full Monte of interior design. A four poster bed, with canopy, and a bathroom, two-headed shower, and whirlpool tub. My clothes were laid on the bed, folded. 

"Be ready in twenty minutes." She said politely, and closed the door softly.

"Thank-you!" I shouted at her thru the closed door. I started the shower, and stepped in. Water soothed my muscles. I was exhausted from the long night and the morning's events. I took longer than I should have in the shower, so I had to rush to get dressed. I had just finished dressing when Linda came knocking at the door, and she escorted me to the opposite end of the hall, to the dining room. This dining hall had a table for eight, but just food was on the table, with paper plates on the end, buffet style. There were bagels and locks, eggs and cheese, doughnuts, fruit, but no bacon or sausage. I looked it over, as I stood to the side of the room, Linda walked past the table on to the door on the other side of the room, which I assumed led to the kitchen. 

"Go ahead and get a bite, I have already eaten." She said as she left.

I picked up a plate and filled it over, I was famished. The walls had portraits hung of women, old women, but I found one in the center that had a male portrait, this seemed strange to me. Almost as if this was a nuance of hierarchy. All of the portraits were oil paintings, and they seemed to be done of the same artist, by the style, but none seemed new or old. They seemed current. I found it most peculiar. I sat at the first side chair to the left of the head seat. I began to feast on the food. My cares melted away, and a pain in my belly subsided. The tension inside my head faded. I did not realize how hungry I was until this moment. I finished my plate and started back for seconds when Mistress Elaine strolled into the dining room from the kitchen.

"Eat all you like dear," she said, "I know you must have an appetite." Her voice was soft, and low, and sexy, she was flirting. I said nothing and smiled as I sat down to take another bite.

"I know I told you that you did well last night, but I don't think you know quite all of why that was so important to us." The mistress was pouring a glass of grapefruit juice, not looking up, but concentrating on the glass between her fingers.

"Last night was a ball for the Elder Lorain. He was visiting, and wanted to check on me, I am newest in his clan and as such considered to be- rogue in nature. He is not as liberal as I, but he is somewhat old fashioned. I wanted everything to go faultless, and everything did. You performed beautifully. That is why I gave you the bonus." She looked at me finally, her long hair falling slightly over one eye, her glare giving me a chill, in a seductive mysterious way. She could deliver a bite to my heart that could kill me. She had experience that flowed from within, and it rang out when she spoke. I was both engaged and frightened by this.

Still staring at me without looking away, she asked in a whisper, "Did you enjoy it?" she was toying with me now and I knew it.

She knew me better than I knew myself. She knew I would be embarrassed by her prying, and wanted to see me squirm. I looked down at my plate, swallowed the last bite, and took a deep breath. I felt now as if I had just gone over the abyss, as a puppet of evil, with no soul of my own. Somehow her question touched a spot deep in my private mind, where things that I think are never spoken, and I suppress all outward existence of such things. She was asking if I had liked taking advantage of two helpless women, which were offered to me. I did not feel as thought this was something I could share with her, it was an experience that I had given them, the two, and would never share with any other, I knew it was me, but they had a fantasy fulfilled, for me to taint the purity of it, to belittle the essence of it by chumming up to a Mistress, to brag of how I did this or that; claimed me as an idiot. This was a question I would not answer, for my very soul could be lost, if I gave her the key, or anyone for that matter. I began to sweat. I did not want to offend her. I felt weak.

"I would hope that you would never kiss and tell, so why should I break your own standard?" I barely managed to force the words past my lips. There was a dry place in my throat that cracked as I spoke these words, giving away my fear.

Nodding at me, she took a sip of the grapefruit juice, swallowed, and professed, "You are very enlightened for a man with so few experiences." She smiled and then got up from the table, "I will have you back again, John, when I need you."

Just then Tricia appeared with the two Helpers, and they joined us for brunch. I sat and drank orange juice while they ate, we exchanged viewpoints on how we saw the party, and how the cast made us feel. There was a lot I did not want to say, and I don't think that the girls knew that they had been used by me, the closest they came to saying anything was about how totally helplessly vulnerable it made them, and as they said it, they gave a toss of their hair and rolled eyes, while letting out a slight sigh. I knew they where referring to a penetrating experience.

Then Mistress Elaine sent Linda out with a silver tray, upon which three envelopes were placed, labeled Helper #1, Helper #2, Helper #3. Each of us took our envelope and said our goodbyes, then left one at a time, escorted by Linda and Tricia. 

I left last, and when I reached the parking deck, my car was parked in the same spot. I looked around, knowing the other two had gone, but I still looked, not knowing why. I climbed into my car, and started home. It would be tonight that I looked Kelly up on the net for a very long, intimate chat.


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