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The Jealous Type

by Sketch Zeppelin

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© Copyright 2001 - Sketch Zeppelin - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; furry; latex; drug; wrap; bandages; ducttape; gag; encase; bond; pole; straps; entombed; oral; sex; climax; denial; cons/nc; X

This story contains acts of bondage and mummification preformed by furry (anthro) characters. If you do not like that sort of thing continue no further however if you do or are just curious by all means continue. This is one of my first stories hope you like it. Any comments please send to Id love to hear from you.

"It's OK, Liz."

Jen tried once more to comfort his vixen girlfriend but without much luck. "I know you don't want me to go, but it's Chicago's School of Arts -- one of the best schools in the U.S.! I've got to go."

"And what about me!?" Liz yelled, her stinging red eyes on the verge of tears. "What am I supposed to do?"

Jen put his hand on her small shoulder. "You'll find somebody else." She looked up at him. He was a well-built athletic fox a few inches above her height. Long black hair, brown fur and deep brown eyes.

'I don't want to find somebody else. I want you!' She thought, and started crying. Jen spent the next two hours comforting her and telling her things would be fine. She pretended to cheer up but deep down she was hurt.

'You told me I was the love of your life that we'd always be together. But the first mention from Chicago and it's: I love you, but I'm leaving - find someone else.' She went from hurt to mad and then to something more. She began to think. 'If he thinks I'm going to just let him go, he's wrong.' That's when she started to form a plan to make sure he stayed.

The next day she called him up saying that since his plane left tomorrow she wanted their last night to be special. "That would be great," Jen said. "I'll be over around 8." Liz hung up with a smile on her face. She'd make tonight special all right.

When 8 rolled around, Jen was knocking at Liz's door. As the door opened Jen's jaw dropped. Liz stood in the doorway wearing nothing more than a silk nightgown over her slim, silver furred body. As she struck a seductive pose, her eyes flashed like fire behind her shoulder length silver hair. "Are you going to stare all night or are you coming in?" She said, a sly smile crossing her face. Jen collected his eyes and ventured in. The house was lit by dozens of candles. On the dining room table was the Champaigne Jen had gotten her for her birthday.

"I hope you don't mind" Liz said as she embraced Jen. "I thought it would be nice to share it with the one who gave it to me."

"I'm glad you're taking this so well." Jen said giving her a kiss on the cheek. A smile crossed Liz's lips and she returned the kiss. More hugs and kisses followed and it wasn't long before the bottle was opened and the bubbly liquid flowed into their glasses.

The Champaigne was excellent, though as they drank Jen noted a rather tonicy aftertaste. This did little to keep him from drowning 3 or 4 glasses with Liz. Before long they were both a little tipsy and the emotions were running high. The kissing and caressing grew bolder. Half a bottle later Jen's shirt was off and the thin cords of Liz's negligee were resting on the joints of her arms. The tops of her fair breasts were exposed just above the nipples. Liz smiled hazily "Maybe we should continue this somewhere more comfortable." Taking him by the arm she led Jen to the bedroom. The Champaigne had stared to numb Jen's senses, but he still felt himself begin to grow hard when Liz let her gown slip to the floor. She stood there smiling as the sudden coolness on her body hardening her luscious nipples. "Like what you see?"

A gaspy "Yeah" was all that Jen could utter. She crossed over and kneeled in front of him and before he could ask, she unbuckled his pants and slid them and his boxers down to his ankles. Liz stared at the large erect penis before her and licked her lips. She softly took hold of it and nuzzled it against her cheek, breathing in its musky male aroma. She let her tongue slide up and down the shaft and lightly dance against his balls till the member was fully hard and erect. Jen gasped as she suddenly plunged forward and devoured his penis to the base. She began a piston like action, up and down, up and down, along the shaft - wrapping her tongue around the head every time she pulled back.

Jen was breathless. He never knew Liz was so skillful at oral sex. His body was becoming hot all over as Liz's head bobbed faster and faster. Just as he thought he would burst. Liz pulled back and let his cock slide from her muzzle.

"God, don't stop now!" Jen groaned. He was so close to orgasm his testicles ached painfully for release.

Liz firmly griped Jen's throbbing balls and slowly stood. "Not until I say" she growled. "Now follow me." Still clutching his balls she lead him over on to the bed. "Lay down" she commanded. He meekly obeyed, being careful of his seized package. It wasn't till he was completely lying on his back that Liz released his (now blue) balls. More than a little alarmed, Jen reached down to rub them. "Don't you move!" she yelled, her hand threatening to once again seize his organ.

Jen froze. 'I've never seen her like this,' he thought. 'Who'da guessed that little Liz had such a commanding presence hidden under that meek exterior'

His thoughts were interrupted as Liz bent over and began licking Jen's nipples, every now and then giving them a little nibble. Jen was getting really hot now and it was becoming hard to think. While Liz worked he reached up to touch her and she would always push his hands away. After teasing him for awhile, Liz spread her legs and straddled Jen above his cock. She played with herself for awhile, stroking her breasts and sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy until it was good and moist with love juice. Then, ever so slowly, she lowered her slim body onto Jen's throbbing pole. "Get ready" Liz said in a husky voice, "cause this is gonna blow your mind." She began humping Jen's shaft hard and fast. 'Slow down!' Jen tried to say, but his mind wasn't working right and all that came out were pants.

Liz massaged her breasts, rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger and moaning in delight as she continued to ride Jen. Fire was building inside both their bodies and their moans grew to growls. Liz gritted her teeth, her fur becoming matted with sweat while she pumped ever faster. "Oh god!" She screamed, her orgasm coming close. Jen's body, however, was now starting to tingle all over. He couldn't move or talk and his mind was spinning faster and faster.

'What's wrong with me,' he thought? Then Liz's orgasm hit and in the height of her scream, the revelation came as well: 'The drink!'

Then it all went black.

At first, it was just clouds and haze. Then, slowly things became clearer. Eventually Jen could make out fuzzy images and he became aware he was in some kind of a gray room and that it was dusk or late afternoon. As the haze began to lift, he felt a small sting at his neck and a warm feeling flowing through his body. When his eyes finally focused, he recognized that he was in Liz's basement, lying on a large wooden table she used for laundry. Above him were two small windows that were level with the ground outside. Light was streaking down on his body and for the first time he realized he was still completely naked. He tried to sit up and cover himself, but he couldn't move. He tried as hard as he could but couldn't move a finger. All he could do was shift his eyes and blink.

'What the hell is going on?!' Jen thought. He was beginning to panic. He wanted to cry out, but his throat just wouldn't work.

"Last night was amazing," came Liz's voice from behind him. "It's a shame we won't be able to do this again."

She moved around him and he could hear a strange padding noise every time her foot hit the floor. As she came into his field of vision, Jen's heart skipped a beat. She was clad from neck to toe in a black, shiny, skintight suit that looked like it was made of rubber. She smiled at the sign of recognition in his gaze. "You like it? It's my latex catsuit. I never told you about my love for latex. When you were away and I felt the urge, I would slip this on, slide a vibrator in and spend the day walking around and just letting the feelings bring me to orgasm after orgasm. It really is a shame you were so eager to leave me. I was planning on introducing you to my wild side. Oh well, you're probably wondering what happened to you. I had your glass lined with a slow release tranquilizer. It takes affect in a little over an hour."

She saw his eyes focus on the syringe in her latex clad hand. "Oh this?" She chuckled. "Don't worry. I injected you with a chloroform derivative I borrowed from the school chemistry lab. It is truly great stuff. The subject stays conscious but are unable to move and best of all they can still feel everything." She traced a circle around his nipple causing it to harden. "But unfortunately it only lasts for about an hour and a half. So I need to get started if I'm gonna' finish you in time."

She sat a plastic bag down next to Jen and began rummaging through it. "I'd like to show you another fetish of mine." She held up a large, thick roll of white bandages. "It's called mummification." With that, she grasped Jen by the ankle and started winding it around his foot, starting at the toes and working her way up. She was wrapping tightly, stretching the bandage fairly taunt before winding further. She also overlapped each layer several times, insuring that no fur could show when and if he regained the ability to move. When the roll ran out as she reached his knee, she simply churred softly and grinned, producing another roll from her bag. "Don't worry, I brought more than enough."

She continued up until his whole left leg was totally sheathed in white. She then moved right, working with the same thoroughness. Soon both legs were covered and Liz stopped. "Before we go any further it's time to add a little something." She reached into the bag and pulled out a large bullet shaped object. "Know what this is?" Jen's eyes widened at the sight of the butt plug.

"That's right! Oh, and don't worry about it being too big. While you were out, I gave you several enemas to test your... um.... limits." She took a tube of K-Y from the bag lubed up the plug. Without hesitation, she turned Jen on his side and inserted the plug into his defenseless tailbud. Before going all the way she rotated the bottom and it began to vibrate. "The batteries are good for 72 hours" she smiled seductively as she teasingly rubbed the tip of the bulb against his rosy pucker, then rammed it home, the base disappearing into his anus.

Once again, the vixen started wrapping, going over his buttocks and pelvis, but leaving his penis untouched. With an unnatural determination, she worked her way up over his torso. Bandages were alternately looped over each of his shoulders and between his legs, wedging the plug even more mercilessly inside. Every time a roll ran out, she produced a new one from her bottomless bag. Once she got to his armpits she began crisscrossing over his shoulders and around the back and front of his neck. From there, she worked her way down his right arm. Once reaching his hand she wrapped each finger separately. Then she wrapped them together. Finally she closed his hand into a fist and wrapped over it again. Finished with the appendage, she immediately set to giving the left arm the same treatment. Jen was now entirely covered in uniform tightness from neck to toe in white bandages.

"Now for the fun part." She returned to his feet placing them together and began wrapping them into one solid column. She continued up his legs, up to his waist. Once again she took care to avoid his penis. From here, she crisscrossed Jen's arms over his chest and began wrapping again, pinning them down under several layers of intricately woven bandage. Jen's body now looked like a fresh Egyptian mummy - with the exception that this one was still very much alive.

Jen tried to get a better look at his bindings and found he could tilt his head ever so slightly. "Uh oh" Liz frowned, "the stuff must be wearing off. Looks like I'll have to get going with the rest." Without hesitation, she took a small fold of bandages and placed them under his tongue and stuffed two more large wads inside each cheek. This done, she wrapped over Jen's tongue and down under the chin of his muzzle, effectively binding his tongue down. She closed his muzzle and wrapped over the bridge of his muzzle and under the chin till it was clamped shut and started wrapping over the front of it. Soon, the bottom of his face was pure white.

"There now - an affective gag."

"Mpph!" Came a very muffled yell from behind the bandages.

The vixen merely posed and admired her work. "Looks like I finished just it time."

And so it seemed. Jen began struggling in his bonds, but it was clear he wasn't going anywhere. "Time to finish up" She took the bandages and finished wrapping his head, binding his pricked ears down against his head, leaving only his terrified eyes uncovered. Jen was now a helpless living mummy.

"Mmm... you look so cute like this."

That's when Liz noticed Jen was trembling under the wrappings. "Oh poor baby, let me comfort you." She griped Jen by the cock and started massaging it, stroking up and down till it was rock hard. She then bent over and began another blowjob on Jen using the same techniques as the night before; sucking hard and twirling her tongue around the shaft and head. Jen moaned and grunted through the gag. Before long, Jen was on the edge of climax and just as he was about to go over the edge, Liz pulled away and snapped a thin metal band around the base of the shaft. Then she did the same with similar bands just below the head and again around the top of his sack. Jen screamed in pain as his cock swelled under the bondage.

"Sorry Jen, I'm afraid you've enjoyed your last orgasm." Liz then took the roll of bandages and mercilessly wrapped his cock and balls in several tight layers of the stretchy material. When she was finished, she forced the engorged prick down, pressing it against his abdomen underneath so many layers of bandage that the bulge virtually disappeared.

She went back to the bag and pulled out another roll. This time it was silver - Duct Tape! "You should have loved me when you had the chance. Now it's too late." She said coldly as she stripped a length from off the roll.

She once again went back to his feet and started wrapping, working her way up Jen's body as thoroughly as she had with the bandages. With a strength that defied her small size, she was able to lift the shiny column of her boyfriend's lower body enough to wind the tape up to his lower thighs. When the roll ran dry, she produced another roll. It seemed she had an endless amount of these as well, much to Jen's dismay. She continued upward, making the roll of tape scream with the frenzy with which she sought to tightly wrap every inch of his body.

Once she reached the neck, Jen was sure she would wrap him to the point of strangulation. But to his surprise she proceeded quite gently around his neck. Once she reached his head, however, she resorted back to wrapping ruthlessly tight. Again she wrapped around his muzzle and then wrapped over it. And again she left the eyes untouched. Soon Jen had gone from a white mummy to a silver one and the basement now reeked with the aroma of the duct tape's strong adhesive.

Sitting herself up on the wooden table, Liz cradled Jen's head like a child and smoothed her hands over the tape cocoon. The silvery-gray tape covered absolutely everything, leaving not even a tiny thread of bandage visible. She peered into his beautiful brown eyes - the ones now griped with absolute terror. "I've had fun playing with my new toy, but I'm afraid its time to put you away." At that, she set Jen's head down and dismounted the table. With a little effort, she managed to pull Jen's cocooned legs over the edge of the table and onto the floor. The fox was so securely wrapped that his encasement would not allow for bending in either his knees or even his waist! As his base touched the floor, his entire body took on verticality.

'My goddess!' Jen murmured, 'I can't even feel the floor underneath my feet!'

Then, grasping him by the waist, Liz drug him over to a corner of the basement where part of the wall was unfinished. Sitting beside the unfinished wall was an innocuous wooden pallet covered by a neat stack of bricks. Looking beyond the opening in the wall, however, revealed a tall, narrow, and shallow space where an 8-inch wide steel pole ran from the ceiling and to the floor. Jen did not want to think the thoughts that were now shrieking in his mind, but the terror could not be quieted. The cocoon began to squirm, writhe, and twist frantically, using what limited strength the body enclosed within still possessed.

Unimpressed by her boyfriend's nearly imperceptible struggles, the latex-clad vixen dragged his protesting form inside and stood him against the pole. She produced a menacing leather muzzle and tightly lashed it over his head and around the pole. As she buckled it into place, a small click was heard as the buckle locked. She soon produced many thick leather straps, crisscrossing one over his shoulder and down his torso and then another on the opposite side forming an 'X' pattern across his chest. Another was added horizontally around his chest and waist. Straps were then added to his thighs, above and below his knees, and another at his ankles. Jen could no longer move anything save his eyes and these began to fill with tears as Liz took the bricks and plaster and slowly started to brick him inside the tiny claustrophobic cavity.


He tried pleading through his bondage that he was sorry, that he loved her, to please not do this, but the muted mews that escaped fell deaf to Liz's ears. When Liz had bricked him up to his armpits, she stopped and dragged several pails over to the opening. They were full of quick drying plaster. Jen openly wept over the course of an hour as she poured bucket after bucket into the cramped space, slowly filling it up till it reached the edge of the bricking. Within 10 minutes it was hard as stone and Jen was truly stuck. As Jen wept, Liz reached inside and, grasping her lover's head, kissed his leather, tape, and bandage-covered lips. "Goodnight luv. See? Isn't this better? Now you don't have to go to Chicago and we can be together forever."

With that, Jen watched in horror as Liz smiled and calmly bricked in the last of his tomb, the last brick sliding home over his eyes and sealing him in total blackness. He listened desperately as he faintly heard Liz covering the whole wall in putty, effectively removing any trace or clue that there was, in fact, a hollow area with a young male fox mummified and buried alive within.

As Liz climbed the stairs of her basement, she took one last look at the wall and thought, 'Today was a busy day. Time for my reward.'

She slipped a vibrator into her latex-lined vagina, turned it on, zipped it in, and headed upstairs. Once she reached the landing, she calmly turned off the lights of the basement by yanking a thin chain, and closed the door quietly behind her.

The moral of the story?

Fuck with a vixen and you're bound to be fucked.



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