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Jess in the Box

by Stricter

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© Copyright 2002 - Stricter - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; rubber; encase; legbinder; shirt; hood; gag; cocoon; sendep; enclosure; boxed; cons; X

It was starting out to be a bad day.

My girlfriend/slave Jess was sitting on a chair next to me with that defiant glare of hers. I was looking at a credit card bill for $500. Now it wasn’t the money I cared about but it was the audacity. Jess was supposed to be a “slave” but she spent all her time topping from the bottom and making my life miserable.

Why didn’t I dump her you ask?

Simple. I was crazy about her. We had met by accident where she was secretary at the firm that handled my trust money. One look and well, I was hooked. Luscious dark hair, a killer figure, and her voice. Oh my lord was it smooth and sexy. Like Kathleen Turner but better. We had been together in a sort of kinky sort of vanilla relationship for almost two years when she started begging me.

“Please Stricter, Teach me to be a slave. I want to learn.”

“Jess” I had said, “You would make a very poor slave, you are OK as a submissive but as a slave, No. That’s a serious commitment I don’t think you can make.”

But she wheedled and begged and like the fool I am I relented. We negotiated good terms, she would be my part time slave and if she liked and I agreed she could move on to full time. On the First of July she started.

The first few months were great, I got an amazing amount of oral sex and a neat and clean house. After a few months I began to regret allowing it. Not only was she deliberately incompetent, she was such a masochist there was nothing I could do to punish her. Whipping, Long Hard Bondage, Denial of Privileges. Nothing worked. She kept insisting she was my slave and I could get rid of her. I had reached the end of my rope. I couldn’t really get any harder without injuring her and while I am the Stricter, the ultimate evil Head Master I am not really that cruel. I was just seething right at that moment and while I wanted to fuck her until she screamed, I also wanted to throw her out in the streets with two changes of clothes and one hundred dollars and never see her again.

“Jess I am not going to punish you for the little spending spree today. I am really angry with your right now and it just isn’t a good idea to punish someone when you are angry.”

She was pouting, but, mercy me, she managed to keep her mouth shut without a gag.

“I am down to my last idea.”

She looked at me puzzled “Stricter”

“Don’t give me that Stricter shit Jess, you just want to goad me into giving you a severe thrashing. Well Sorry dear I am in charge now and that’s not an option for this little game.”

I looked at her with my patented stricter glare, guaranteed to cow schoolgirls and unruly submissives, or maybe not.

“I have had it up to here with your games, there are only two options left.”

I took a dramatic pause and continued in my “you have been a bad girl” voice.

“First you can quit as my slave. I may take you back as a girl friend when I have a chance to clear my head or I may not. If you choose to quit, you leave with a change of regular clothes, the contents of your purse and get the hell out of my life for a while.”

She hissed, “You can’t get rid of me I am your responsibility and you have to keep me or sell me!”

I laughed “It doesn’t work that way and its not my job to non consensually cater to your neurotic whims.”

“Here’s your second option. The Box’

“The Box” she asked

“Yep, follow me upstairs”

We went into the bedroom and I flipped the lights on.

I could hear her intake of breath. “Oh my god”

What she was surprised about was my ultimate bondage toy, a hideous devise I had spent about a year and close to ten grand on. It was a gloss black plastic and fiberglass form fitting long-term bondage. Fiendishly designed it was half Sarcophagus and half Iron Lung. Used properly it would create ultimate experience in long term mummification, sensory deprivation and immovability. Sophisticated electronics gave me an unparalleled margin of safety. Ok it’s a bit of hyperbole but the box was one hundred and one percent pure evil. I loved it almost as much as Jess

“Jess, Being a submissive is about putting yourself aside for a while. That’s what you wanted to learn I think. With this box I think even you can be punished. It’s safe and secure, but horrible. Especially for a hyper active subby like you.”

Surprisingly Jess stumbled over her words “You want to put me in there, how long?”

“Until I feel like letting you out. I can keep you for days if I feel like it. Here's the deal, this device is brutal and while its safe, it is irregular, so I am offering you a choice. A Hobbsian one true, but a choice. Say no and leave or say yea and I'll mummify you in the box. You have till tomorrow 8 am to decide. Tonight though, you are free.”

Morning rolled around.

I doubt I slept much more than my Jess did. Breakfast was eggs and bacon with toast and jam and of course orange juice. I kept Kats plate at my place. If she were going in the box it would be cleaner if she just had nutra-shake instead of solid food.

“Did you decide?” I asked hoping the tension in my voice wouldn’t show.

“Yes. I have decided Yes, I will accept the box…” there was a slight pause as she added “Stricter”

I wasn’t sure rather to laugh or to cry.

I handed Jess a nutra-shake and glasses of water and juice. “Here’s breakfast.’ Jess looked like she was going to complain but I cut her off. “Not a word I will increase your box time. After your Breakfast hit the bathroom and then come out nude.”

I was considering giving her an enema just to be nasty but I decided not to. I was planning to take her out after about four or five hours anyway. Anyway I already did her dirty. The water was that nifty extra strong caffeine laced stuff you can buy, with no-doze added.

The inside of the box had form fitting lining, rigged up with my sensors and cooling stuff. The black foam would add to the feeling of helplessness. Of course the lid would lock. I was ready and Jess was as ready as she would ever be. I stopped to look at my gal again for the hundredth time and Jess was just as breathtaking as always, my god her nipples. Well let’s just say she was hot and leave it at that.

When I built the box I wished I had some kind of wonder rubber to make a whole suit but I but I didn’t, so as I worked I used good old-fashioned ace bandages and medical tape to secure the sensors to her body. Of course I felt her up while I was doing it, wouldn’t you? The sensors would monitor breathing, temperature and blood flow. A small camera mounted in the box would let me keep an eye on her. As mad as I was a Jess she was still precious to me.

“Spread your legs slightly” I ordered

When she did I strapped some pads to the inside of her thighs. This would prevent chafing as her legs were put together. Next time I would use a chastity belt too. Then came a leg binder, rubber that covered her up to the waist in a single neoprene sleeve. That thing was covered all along the inside with tubes that would allow a little air in and me to regulate temperature. I had lubed the inside of the binder with a jell lube so it went on pretty easy. I buckled it on with a locking belt. She gasped, I have cold hands and they were busy. Her hands were buckled into slim cloth mittens that prevented her fingers from moving at all and locked her wrist rigid with a metal reinforcement.

So far so good

Next came the shirt. She wriggled into the shirt; its sleeves were really arm binders and like the leg gear were set up with sensors galore. Her arms were tight against her side but I added some straps to be sure. All that was left was her breasts, feet and head. The breasts were easy, I could have put them in the suit but I wanted to play with them for a bit. After I was done with a little rough play and had my fill of watching Jess twitch, I locked her luscious globes into my knobby little rubber bra and locked it on. The bra was a little too small for her but that was OK with me. It adds to the feeling of helplessness.

Carefully I picked her up and carried placed her in the box. She gasped but it was comfortable enough. I slipped her feet into shoe mittens that would prevent from even wriggling her toes and locked them on. One last thing, the hood.

“Ok Jess, this is your last chance for a safeword. Once the gag goes I won’t stop. Yes or No?”

She was breathing a little fast so I kissed her head gently and calmed her for a moment. I think was figuring out what she was getting into.

She whispered “Yes Stricter, Please Stricter. ”

I inserted the gag. It was designed like a breath play gag. It would muzzle her thoroughly. The gag had a non-jam able opening and a clever mechanism to wick away droll so there was no choking risk. It was designed for long-term wear. Other gags were designed to allow feeding and watering but I wasn’t using those. The lock clicked and the gag was on.

Her eyes were wide with fear and something else, something very submissive. I was getting pretty hard.

Then came the ears, before I inserted ordinary cheap earplugs I whispered, “I love you”. Than I taped a pad over the ear and slipped on an electronic muff that would help shut out the sound of her own breathing. The nose clip went on. It was a little uncomfortable but it would keep her nose from wriggling and make sure the airflow was ok.

Lastly, I secured the hood. It was made of soft black plastic and was heavily padded on the inside. Like the other parts of my set up it was equipped with usual cooling gear, especially around the top of the head. There was a small slot for the gag to stick out of and small area for the nose clip to fit into. I closed up the hood, tightened the buckles and it clam shelled shut. I paused a moment, in a metaphorical way Jess was gone. I felt, odd. I was still aroused but I felt darkly spiritual and more than a little spooky. I would soon be helping my girl into rebirth as a submissive.

I locked a posture collar around her neck. It integrated with the hood and functioned to secure her head. Then I adjusted the various straps and buckles that would hold her down and snapped the collar in place. There was no way she could move. She was perfect mummy, a cipher. I closed and locked the lid.

With the cameras activated I returned to my study.

Jess was secure.


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