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The Just Punishment

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

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Mary Brown stood there naked thinking of how she had got into this position. She was a hard working girl from a middle class family who had decided to go to college. All the other girls were from rather richer families than her and they did not have to work to pay their way. Not like Mary who had to work all the hours she could to repay the student loan. Mary did not have any friends. She was not that popular with the boys who she thought would hang around anything in a skirt.

She had been stealing from the other girls to make her money up and selling what she could in another town. All the girls complained and held a meeting. Mary had sold one of her jackets and told everyone at the meeting that she had been robbed as well. But one day, when she thought everyone had gone out, she let herself into one of the girls room. On the way out, she was caught by some of the others.

Mary had been given a choice. Either submit to the punishment they handed out or they would call the police in. The latter did not appeal to her as it would demolish her family. She agreed to accept their punishment.   As it happened the summer dance was coming up and it had been agreed that the theme this year would be an Egyptian one. The arts and crafts block had made a sarcophagus out of concrete and had painted it to look like stone. They had also put Egyptian heiroglyphics on it to give it an authentic look. It laid on the stage on its back in full view of everyone who will be at the dance. It had holes in it to allow air into it and more holes to allow the sealant to work its way around the lid and sides to seal it forever. 

Mary listened as they told her she was going to become a mummy for the dance. Mary loved to dance and moaned because she would miss it. They told her she would be there really so she would not miss it. She stood on a 2 foot square of cotton sheeting and this was pulled up to encapsulate her feet. She watched as 12 inch wide strips of cotton sheeting was wrapped around her feet holding the square of cotton up.  The sheeting was wrapped around and around her legs. Two of the girls wrapped her arms individually. At least they were not going to make her fold her arms and make them ache because of cutting the blood off to her hands. She was made to lift her arms.

The sheeting by now had reached her breasts. They told her to lower her arms. She did as she was told and they wrapped her arms by her side, and then her shoulders followed. The whole wrapping was pulled tight. She could not feel her body as her arms and hands had been wrapped separately and were now pinned by her sides. They put some tape over her mouth and got some smaller strips of sheeting and wrapped her head.  All that could be seen now was her nostrils and eyes. Then they started all over again using proper bandages. This time they criss crossed them to make them look like it was an Egyptian mummy they were binding up. When they had finished she stood there rigid. That is when she saw the girls come in with the buckets. They dipped paint brushes into the buckets and started to paint Mary's bindings. She was told that it was PVA glue to hold the bindings. Mary had agreed to let them do what they liked to her.  

They got some hair driers and quickly dried the glue. When it had dried, the girls walked off laughing, leaving left Mary standing there. She felt as if she was going to fall over and although she swayed quite a bit, she remained upright. She had to, as she could not stop herself falling flat on her face. Soon Mary heard the band practising for the dance. It would not be long now, she thought.

Mary watched as the girls came back into the room. They were dressed as priestesses and were carrying a stretcher made of rushes. They laid Mary on it and she saw the head of the arts department enter the room dressed as the high priest. One of the girls put a piece of cloth over her eyes so the "High Priest" could not see her. They lifted Mary onto the stretcher and the high priest turned his back on them. The piece of cloth was removed and the girls lifted Mary high on their shoulders.  The High Priest had been told that they had put a tape recorder inside a mannequin along with an electric motor to make it look as if it was "squirming".  He hit the ground with his rod and they all started walking slowly, the stretcher swaying on the girls shoulders.

They left the room. Mary watched as she passed under the door frame. They entered the dance hall to a thunderous roar of applause. Mary could sense where she was heading. She had seen the sarcophagus on the stage. She started to wriggle and tried to scream, but the thunderous round of applause drowned her out. The girls stopped and the "High Priest" told everyone that this was the punishment for one of the virgin princesses who lost her magic. She would be entombed alive forever. He started to say some made up Egyptian prayers. No one knew what he was saying. Come to that, nor did he. It was gibberish, but effective. It wasn't even Egyptian, let alone ancient Egyptian. The girls lowered the stretcher and lifted Mary off of it. They picked her up and lowered her into the sarcophagus and she watched in horror as the lid was slowly lowered onto the top of the sarcophagus. The light went out for Mary. Then the band started up. She tried to scream, but the band was too loud.

Mary got bored and went to sleep. She woke up when she heard the music stop and the head of the college ask for a round of applause to the arts and crafts department for making the sarcophagus and the girls for giving a realistic display of entombing a mummy. "Most realistic. You would think it was a real person in there!" he said, continuing, "In the morning we will put some photos of tonight in it and some things to remind us of this year and seal it up permanently for future generations to come!"  More applause reached her ears. 

Soon she fell asleep again. She woke up when she heard a noise on the top of the sarcophagus. It was a couple making love. She heard the man say, "as one life ends, another begins!" The girl laughed. Mary tried to scream, but the girl said it was only the tape recorder still working. There was no other noise as the couple walked off leaving her there, so the dance must have finished. Mary was stuck in the sarcophagus.

The next morning one of the girls woke up and looked at the clock "My God" she called out, "We forgot to release Mary and they will seal her in today!"  They raced down to the dance hall and found the sarcophagus gone. They raced outside to see the head master and the caretaker and some of the boys looking at the sarcophagus. "We need to open it" the girls screamed, but they were too late as the sealant had been injected and the whole thing was now one piece. They were told even the air holes had been filled in as well. The girls looked at each other.

What they did not know was that the sarcophagus was too heavy to move, so they had opened it up and found Mary lying there. They had released her. But they did not tell the girls that. The girls rushed off to their room and discussed what had happened. They decided to keep quiet. No one would know it was them that did it to Mary. Nor did they know that Mary had been watching them and their reactions. She would get her own back when the college went back after the break. Several of the lads said they would help her to get even. Mary had suddenly become popular with the boys. One even took her home to his parents farm for two weeks.  In fact it was the boy who the ring leader of the girls fancied. He turned to Mary and said "You can tie me up any time!" Mary told him she would hold him to that. Life was to be very different for Mary now.

Part 2 - Mary's Revenge

The break went by all too quick for Mary. She had stayed at one of the boys (Jim Channing) families farm. He had rescued Mary. It was him who suggested they took the lid off of the sarcophagus to move it and found Mary.

But this holiday Mary had a great time. She had gone home to her folks, but when she had met Jim's parents, they said they were glad to see her and made her feel welcome. She had seen pictures of a girl and was told that was Jim's sister Anne who had gone hiking for the break. So after a couple of weeks with her parents she went back to the farm.

Jim was standing there bare chested when Mary arrived. The sun beating down on him. He had a lovely tan. The sight of him took Mary's breathe away. He rushed up to her and gave her a long lingering kiss, full on the mouth. Mary loved being made speechless like this. Jim's parents had gone away to visit his brother in Aberdeen, so she would be okay. "We can have some fun now Mary!" he said.

Mary went into the house and put her clothes away. Jim told her that that Saturday night, the young farmers club were having their annual dinner and dance. He asked if Mary would love to go. "Would I? I missed the last one!" she replied. 

"Well yes, you were a bit wrapped up!" said Jim with a laugh in his voice and a big grin on his face, He continued, "I was silly there releasing you. I should have brought you home still wrapped up and I could have kissed you at any time and anywhere, well not anywhere as you would have been going nowhere!"  

Mary laughed and replied, "Not only kissed, if you had only removed the wrappings in certain area, I could not have stopped you from helping yourself!" 

"That would have been rape Mary, and I don't do rape!" Jim said and went into the kitchen to make Mary a cup of tea. 

Mary followed him, "Perhaps I should have wrapped you up, I could have used your body. A man can't be raped!" she said. 

"I don't know about that, but the thought is nice, but I am saving myself until I get married. It is a family tradition!" Jim told her. 

"That's handy, I am still a virgin. I so want to lose it, but  at the same time I want to keep it for my husband!" Mary replied. 

"Oh well, we will have to wrap you up and keep you safe and warm for now. Out of harms way!" he said. 

Mary never replied, but thought of her being lowered into that sarcophagus, She remembered how she had panicked when the top of the sides went past her. How she had struggled and the mocking grins of the girls as they laid her in the sarcophagus. She had panicked even more when the she saw the sides going up over her head, hiding her from the crowd, and how the girls grinned as they ever so slowly lowered the lid onto her tomb as the master had read the enchantment. When she had heard the bolts sliding home locking her in she had thought they had intended to leave her there. She had to get her own back.

Jim volunteered to let her wrap him up like a mummy. Mary tried several times, but just could not get the thing right and the wrappings kept slipping off. Jim volunteered to wrap Mary up and told her to put a bikini on. Mary did and went into the barn with Jim. She saw the mass of bandages on the floor. Jim told her to stand still. He started with her ankles. She was puzzled, why not the feet? But she soon found out as Jim sat her down. Her feet were well and truly stuck together. Jim started to tickle her feet. Mary struggled and nearly fell off of the stool she was sitting on. "Stop it," she managed to get out between laughs.

Jim grinned and started to wrap her feet very carefully together. Now he took off the ankle bandages and used these to continue the wrapping of her feet and ankles. He had to do this in order to make the line as smooth as anything. There would have been a lump where the ankle bandages were covered by the new ones. Mary held the bandages while Jim rushed off and brought back a  full length mirror and told Mary she could watch as she was slowly being wrapped up. Mary stood up once more. Now she could see what to do. Jim continued and as he went around her.    

"What the hell is going on?" It was Jim's sister Anne. Jim didn't think she would be coming back home this holiday. he thought she had gone off back packing.  Jim explained to Anne what had happened and he was helping Mary get her own back. 

"You have got it all wrong Jim. I'll show you. Undo these bandages to the feet. They are all right. But you have gone wrong from there!" Anne told him. Jim unwrapped Mary and Anne got some of the bandages. She told Jim to hold the bandage he had on the front of Mary's left leg. She taped it to her leg. Now she taped a bandage to the back of Mary's left leg. She repeated the performance on her right leg. One bandage taped to the front and one to the back.

Now she started. She told Jim to pass each bandage to her as the bandages are really tight, or they will slip off" Anne said. Mary watched in amazement as the bandages slowly criss crossed in front of her. She noticed that they were crossing at her side as well so they must be doing the same at her back.  The  bandages now reached Mary's waist. Anne taped them up and left them. Now she got Jim to wrap Mary's left hand and arm while she did the right.  

Mary watched as the pair of them took two bandages each and criss crossed them over her arms. When this was completed, she took Mary's wrapped right arm and told Jim to get Mary's left arm. She crossed them in front of Mary over her chest and started wrapping from Mary's waist upwards, trapping her arms in front of her. The bandages had now reached her shoulders and Anne taped them off. Now she went back to Mary's waist. She took off the tape and put more bandages around Mary. She taped these to the others, like she had every time they had run out, But now she had reached Mary's chest. Mary felt her breasts being flattened by the bandages on her arms and those wrapping her arms to her body. 

With her shoulder wrapped, Mary watched as Anne got more bandages. "I have to do this" she said to Mary and stuck some duct tape over Mary's mouth. Now she wrapped Mary's head. She left Mary's nostrils free and her eyes. But you could see nothing else of Mary. Now Anne went back to the original bandages she had taped onto Mary's legs and undid the tape. She pulled on the bandages around Mary's feet until they joined the bandages on Mary's legs and taped them together.  Anne and Jim stood back to look at their captive.

Mary looked in the mirror. "Beautiful" she thought and tried to give her appreciation. But all that could be said was "mmmph!" 

"That says it all Jim" she loves it.  Jim gave Anne a hand to move Mary against one of the thick wooden beams holding the roof up of the barn. 

"We can't leave her here like this, she could fall over" she had told Jim. Jim said they should lay Mary down, but Anne had pointed out that with Mary's struggling, the bandages would work loose. "Unless you coat them with glue!" she said. Mary remembered the buckets and the girls painting her with the PVA glue.

Jim held Mary against the beam and Anne got some more ropes and took them around the beam and back and wrapped up Mary to the beam. She fastened her shoulders to the beam and then her waist. Now she wrapped more ropes around her legs and then her ankles. Mary was tied tightly to the beam and could not move. Anne put the mirror in front of her so she could see what she looked like and Jim and her walked off leaving Mary there to stand all alone. She watched as Anne closed the barn doors and saw the smile she had on her face. Mary heard the bar drop into the holding brackets. She was alone once more and all wrapped up.

Anne went into the house with Jim. They had coffee and Jim told her that he fancied Mary something rotten 

"Well, she can't run away from you can she!" Anne said laughingly. Jim told her who had wrapped up Mary and Anne said, "My god. They have been my best friends at the college for years. I didn't know they had it in them" she went on, "Why did they do it?" she asked. Jim told her the story. "Well we had better leave her wrapped up then. She can't steal anything like that can she! I knew that someone was stealing things, but I was in hospital for the dance and I never got to find out about this. I would never had suspected Mary" she said. 

"You rotten cow. Mary has apologised and paid them every penny back that she had taken. Plus interest!" Anne said nothing. She went to her room.

An hour later Anne came back down and apologised to Jim. "I think it is time we prepared you Jim!" she said. 

Jim looked at her and she told him to go and put his swimming trunks on. Jim went and changed while Anne went back to the barn and sorted out some ropes. Jim eventually followed her in and and Anne told him to lie on the floor. Face down. Jim lay on the straw on the floor and Anne took some of the rope and wound it around Jim's wrists. She pulled it tight and asked if it was okay. Jim told her it was. Mary watched the performance from her standing position against the beam.

Anne tied some rope between his wrists causing the ropes around them to contract and make a circle. Jim could not escape. Now she started on Jim's ankles. She looped the rope around Jim's ankles and pulled the rope between them. Jim could not walk now. She sat Jim up and got some duct tape and formed a cross from besides Jim's nose down to his chin. She started with the left side of his nose and ended it under his chin. Now she did the same with the right side of his nose. The tape formed a cross over Jim's mouth She then she got some more tape and quickly wrapped it around Jim's head holding the cross firmly against his mouth. She wrapped the tape three times around his head to make sure he could not talk. Now she laid him down again. 

Then she took the rope that she had tied between Jim's ankles and pulled the free end clear. She lifted Jim's legs and held her body against them while she pulled his wrists down to meet his ankles. When she could not make his arms go any further, she tied the rope to the ropes around his wrists. Now Jim was hogtied and speechless.

Anne threw a rope over one of the cross beams of the barn and tied the two ends to the rope from Jims hands to his ankles. She pulled the rope tight and tied it off. Jim was now stuck face down. He was going nowhere. 

"Oh well, now I have you both well and truly in my power, all immobilised, I am off to the pub for a drink with the girls. I might bring them back. I wonder if I should phone the crowd from the college?" she said and left the barn closing the door and putting the bar into the brackets once more.

Mary softly murmured. "mmmppphhh". Jim strained to look up and saw her wriggling body trying to escape. But she couldn't. Jim came out with what he thought was "are you okay?" But Mary heard "rrr ooo o a?". "mmmppphhhh  I o a" was the answer. Jim and Mary lay there all night struggling in their bonds. Night time crept up and the shadows started to fall. Soon the barn was in complete darkness. Nothing moved except Mary wriggling in her cocoon and Jim struggling against the ungiving ropes. Anne certainly knew how to tie someone up.

Daylight came and Mary saw the light though the gaps in the barn wall. She had no idea of the time. But soon Anne came back. "Sorry, she said, "but I got drunk last night and they had to bring me home and put me to bed"

With that she untied Jim and between them unravelled Mary. Mary was bursting to go to the toilet. The pain was getting unbearable and she rushed off and went. It was a good job Anne had released her when she did or she would have wet herself.

The week went by and Anne, Mary and Jim went to the farmers ball. Anne paired off with a farmer for the evening. Mary looked resplendent in a long wine coloured evening dress. The only thing was that the it was a bit tight where her legs were and she could only hobble with just over a foot step at a time. A farmer came up and Jim introduced Mary to him, "My, she is a lovely filly Jim, you should hurry up and trap her. If I were you, I would wrap her up in a carpet and hold her there until she agreed to marry me!" Mary blushed. Jim laughed. He thought of Mary all rolled up in a carpet with duct tape all around her. Mary sensed what he was thinking. "Not tonight!" she said. But the dance soon came to an end. Jim took Mary back to the farm and kissed her goodnight.

But all too soon, the holiday was over. Anne, Mary and Jim went back to the college. The girls saw Mary with Jim and were astonished. They thought Mary was still in the sarcophagus outside. the ring leader said she would split them up. She asked Anne about them and Anne told them that they eventually planned to get married when they were a bit older. The girl told Anne about Mary stealing from them and Anne said she knew. But what they had done to Mary was beyond a reasonable punishment.

 Jim and Mary remained friends and got engaged a few years later. Anne turned up with her friends from the college and the ring leader said "He was supposed to be mine! I will fix her" She glared at Mary all night.

The date of the wedding drew close and it was decided that as they met over an Egyptian theme, the wedding would be along those lines. They cleared it with the vicar who agreed, as long as he could come to the party afterwards as a high priest. Mary and Jim agreed.

Mary asked Anne if she would see if the college girls would be handmaidens for her. They agreed. It was a chance to stop the wedding. But Mary realised this and asked if they would not mind being mummified to welcome all the guests as they arrived. Not thinking, the girls agreed.

The day of the wedding arrived. Jim had gone to stay at his best man's house. Mary's parents had turned up and stayed at the farm with Mary and Jim's parents. Anne slept in the living room on the sofa.

Mary got up early with Anne. They quickly got dressed and rushed to the church. There were a load of other farmers wives there already. And the college girls were waiting. They were stripped down to their underwear and the farmers wives started to wrap them up in strips of cloth about a foot wide. They started by getting the girls to stand on the square of cotton sheet and pulled it up around their ankles. Then the strips of sheeting was wrapped around their legs trapping the cotton square against their legs. The girls were told to fold their arms in a cross shape in front of them. The did and the farmers wives wrapped up their chests trapping their arms against them. Then they wrapped another layer of sheet strips the other way round so they covered all the other strips up.

That is when Mary told them that they looked nice and thanked them for doing it for her. The ring leader thought "You will regret this Mary. I will ruin your wedding!" 

Mary went into the vicar and said  "The girls will at some time start to murmur during the ceremony. This is to give the whole thing a sense of reality" The vicar agreed and went with Mary to talk to the girls. He asked them if they were okay going along with the plot and they all said they were happy with it. The vicar went back to the vestry to get changed. 

Mary stood there and looked at the girls. She gave the signal and the farmers wives took strips of duct tape and pressed it firmly across their mouths. Then they wrapped up their heads so only their nostrils and eyes were showing. That was when they saw Mary and Anne come out with the buckets. They put a bucket down in front of each of the girls and the farmers wives started to paint the wrappings with PVA glue. The ring leader realised what was happening and "mmmpppphhhed" .One of the farmers wives said "That is good. Anybody would think you were trying to stop the wedding my dear!" They finished the painting of the glue and waited for a half hour for it to dry and the girls stood there like six statues.  The girls were picked up and laid at the back of the church in the last pew.

Mary, Anne and all, the farmers wives took the buckets and Anne said "Well, that is the decorating done then, now just for the ceremony!"  They all left and went to get changed.

Anne's wedding dress was a white dress that wrapped around her waist. It had a gold trim around the edge of it. The top matched and it left Mary's midriff bare. Everyone said she looked lovely as she came down the stairs. Anne put the headdress in her hair for her and they waited for the cars to arrive. Mary's mother took another look and started crying. "Stop it mum, you will have me in tears soon" Mary said. "I can't help it. I have never seen you look so lovely as you do today. Anybody would think you were an Egyptian princess who has been wrapped of like a mummy for years and has come to life!" she replied. Mary and Anne looked at each other and laughed. If only they knew. But Mary's parents would not go along with the theme, but her mother did wear a broach shaped like an asp. Her father wore a fez.

Her mother got into the car with Anne. The other bridesmaids dressed as handmaidens were going to meet them at the church. Mary's mother said that is not the usual thing, but because of the awkwardness of the theme, she would go along with it. 

The best man got the two ushers who were dressed as eunuchs and  stood the six college girls up. The girls started to murmur. The glue had set fast now and they could not move. The best man told them to be quiet. The ceremony had not started yet.  They stood the girls up at the back of the church by the doors and went outside to await the bride and groom.

The groom turned up in a wrap around sarong, gold in colour, with a bare chest. Across his chest was some ornaments hung around his neck. These he had from the college dance. "They came in handy after all!" he thought. He had an arm band shaped like a serpent on his left arm, and a head dress to match on his head. The best man and Jim took up positions in the front pew. The guests started to arrive and the two "eunuchs" handed them their button holes. As they walked into the church they saw the girls standing their with their eyes ablaze in helplessness. All except the ring leader. She was furious. But everyone admired the girls. The guests all took up their places in the pews and the organ stated to play. In walked Mary and her father. Everyone gasped at what they saw. The six girls started to squirm and the vicar noticed that they may fall. He went over to the best man who left Jim and with the Eunuchs laid the girls back down on the rear pew. The best man hurried up back to Jim. Mary stood there looking at the girls and smiled.

She walked slowly down the isle followed by her six handmaiden dressed bridesmaids. She stopped and Jim stepped up beside her. The vicar started. When he got to the bit "If anyone here knows of any reason these two should not be married, they should say so now!" The ringleader of the girls heard this and tried to murmur. But she could not be heard from that far back. Some of the guests did but were told that was part of the act. They were supposed to be handmaidens who were going to be interned alive.

The ceremony finished. Jim kissed Mary and everyone clapped. Mary liked this applause. Soon they headed out of the church to hear the bells ringing. Everyone followed them out of the church for the photographs. It was a beautiful day and the birds were singing. The photographer finished and the congregation headed for the reception. The vicar turned up dressed as a high priest and explained that he wanted to do the ceremony dressed like that, but the bishop would not allow it. Food over the dance started. Mary said there was something wrong, but she couldn't put her fingers on it.

Back at the church the six girls lay on the rear pews wriggling and trying to get someone's attention. In the excitement of the wedding, they had been forgotten. There was nobody about. The vicar had locked them in the church. Churches can seem awfully eerie at night with strange noises coming from nowhere. Or would that be imagination!

The evening went well for Mary and Jim. The guests had given them loads of presents, but the one they liked best was the one from Anne. It was a full size sarcophagus that had been especially made for them. It was drinks cabinet. But Anne looked at them and winked "But the shelves do come out!" she said.

The party over, the guests left. Jim said to Mary. Come on, let's wrap this up and scooped her up and the taxi took them to their new home on the edge of Jims parents farm.

The next day the cleaners went into the church and found the girls still wrapped up. "Shall we untie them!" One of them said, "No I have an idea. Let's give the vicar a shock! He likes a joke!" With that they walked off and left the girls to stew in their imprisonment, hearing the cleaners hard at work, but knowing they would not be released by them. They also did not know the time the vicar would come into the church.

The vicar woke up with a hangover. He told his wife he was going to have a lay in. He got up a half hour later and got washed and dressed. Then he left for the church. The cleaners showed him the girls which shocked him. He remembered what had happened, but it was too late to release them now. In fifteen minutes he had to do the Sunday morning service. He had the girls put in one of the cloak rooms. They were laid down to prevent themselves from falling over and the vicar locked them in. The congregation entered the church and the vicar started his sermon. 

"I was going to talk about the gospels, but after the fantastic wedding we had here yesterday, I would like to talk about the three wise virgins. In ancient Egypt, if a handmaiden of the gods lost her virginity, they were mummified and put in a sarcophagus alive to die slowly with everybody walking around them knowing they were there!. Today it would be like me having some girls wrapped up in bandages and locked in one of the cloakrooms and bricking it up so they cannot escape!" He went on. The girls heard what he was talking about and squirmed even more. They all "mmmmppphed" together, but the congregation was now singing and could not hear them.

But the vicar eventually unravelled them and gave them their clothes back. The girls rushed off, never to see Mary, Jim or Anne again. But Mary did send each of them a postcard from her honeymoon in Egypt. On the front of the card the picture was of a sarcophagus. On the back Mary wrote, "Wish you were here?"



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