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Knight’s Armor I

by Russ

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© Copyright 2007 - Russ - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; wrap; cast; plaster; mould; encased; steel; armor; mast; denial; climax; cons; X

Jessica and Steve had had been married for 2 years. They had shared many of their fantasies in that time. They both were into bondage, mummification and whatever else they could come up with. Most of the stuff they did was short term, a few hours tied up, or wrapped. They were both in the medical field, Steve was an orthopedic doctor, and Jessica was an RN at a local hospital. Much of their bondage and scenes were therefore of the medical type because they had access to many supplies and devices. As they explored more and more on the web and in magazines they were finding that most scenes were of the same scenario. You get bound, tied, mummified or whatever. You stay that way for a period of time and then are released. They wanted to come up with something new, something that nobody had come up with, at least that they could find. So they both began thinking, thinking of a new (or old) type of bondage that was not in many if any stories.

Halloween was coming up and they were planning a party. It would be very cool to do something along the costume line for the party. Mummy’s had been done, dolls, slaves, objects of furniture, all done and done again. The wheels were turning and Steve came up with the first idea. It had to do with medieval attire. More specifically a Knights suit of armor. Jessica listened and was immediately excited! The plan was of course to have her in a suit of armor for as long as Steve desired, but also to be on display for the party guests to admire, touch and ogle at. Of course nobody would know a person was inside the suit! It made Jessica wet just thinking of it!

Steve called his brother; he and his wife were also into bondage and scenes. They had never got together on any projects except for when his brother needed medical supplies. Well it was time for his brother to give back; he worked at a metal tool and die shop. And, obviously they would need metal for this idea. They discussed what would be needed and how long it would take. It was decided they had time if they got right on it. The first thing needed was a mold of the person who was going to be in the suit. In order to make the suit as close fitting as possible.

Steve got to work on this that night. They had tons of older plaster bandages and they would work perfect as a mold. He got Jessica into the basement on their “work” table and started casting her up. He did not use any padding or even stockinette; he wanted the inside of the cast to be exactly the size of Jessica. This was not going to be long term or need comfort; they were just making a mold.

The casting went quickly as he did each section of her body. Feet and legs, torso and hips, arms and shoulders, neck and head. The only part not molded was Jessica’s face, this was not really critical for the mold. Each section was allowed to dry and then cut off with cast saw. The pieces were set aside for assembling together later. Once all sections were complete, Jessica went to shower to get the left over plaster off, and Steve set to work on the mold.

Each piece was carefully coated with mold release on the insides and seams. He did two coats just to be sure. He also roughly bent pieces of aluminum rod he had purchased to fit inside the mold pieces for reinforcing. These were roughly held in the center of all limbs and the torso with wire. Jessica joined him again now and they worked together, she holding pieces in place and he using strips of plaster bandage to secure them. Within about 45 minutes they had a life size plaster mold of her all in one piece.

The next night after work and dinner they carried the six 50 pound bags of plaster to the basement. In a five gallon pale they began mixing plaster and then pouring it into the mold through the open face. After four bags, and some nasty remarks from Jessica about how Steve thought she weighed three hundred pounds, the mold was filled to the neck. Steve got out his palm sander and ran it for five minutes up and down all parts of the mold, vibrating any trapped air up and out. They left the mold for one hour to allow it to dry. They then returned and lay the mold down on the table. Mixed a final small pail of plaster and filled the head.

The following night they went to the basement and began removing the outer mold. The mold release worked perfectly and the mold pieces once cut along the seams all but fell off the statue. They were left with an all but perfect statue of Jessica. This amazed them and they both were “feeling up” the statue from head to toe until they caught themselves and went into laughter. Steve’s brother was on his way to pick up the statue. When he arrived the three of them carefully hauled the statue up the stairs and into his SUV. He kept looking from the statue to Jessica the whole time. She imagined it was sort of a shock seeing “her” naked. She winked at him and his face turned eight shades of red. He drove off into the night.

Halloween was only two weeks away now, and every time they called his brother about the armor it was the same answer. “Almost done just tweaking some final details”. They both were getting anxious to see the suit and Jessica especially to try it on. The party was all set and invitations were sent. Of those, forty people had accepted. They had made up a story of Jessica needing to be out of town, so she would not be “attending”. Of course she would be, but they would not know.

Finally, two days before Halloween, Steve’s brother showed up with the suit. He had obviously worked extremely hard on his creation. There in the back of his SUV was the shiniest, most fascinating piece of armor either of them had seen! The suit was in several pieces, the feet, legs and hips, the torso and arms, and the head and neck. They carried it all in the house and examined it further. All joints were hinged, with tight fitting molded steel plates, hinges. The sections were also hinged vertically  to allow opening and closing, they came together perfectly at their seams, to connect them metal bands fit around the pieces which would be fastened together with a tension bolt at the rear of the suit, much like a pipe clamp. Once tightened the sections would be held together tightly. The only way out was for someone to loosen and remove all these bands. This was truly a work of art and craftsmanship!!

“You would not believe the story I made up for this one at work!” Steve’s brother laughed. “If anyone asks I subbed out some work for a movie studio.” They all laughed. “Actually I did most of the fitting and hammering out pieces at home, the hinge work and some added features I will explain I did at work. It is made out of 304 stainless steel; it will not rust or corrode.”

“It is truly amazing!” Steve and Jessica said almost simultaneously. “I can’t wait to try it out!” said Jessica. “You sure it will fit?”

“Well it is made to fit the statue within 1/16 inch, What I did was use marker clay on the statue after the initial fit, and worked out all tight spots as the clay showed them. So, unless you have gained weight or have any new bumps, it should fit like a glove. If not, we have two days to adjust it before the party.” Steve’s brother was the only other who knew Jessica was going to be in the suit at the party. His wife did not know. “Well it is all yours now, everything is labeled, and you should not have any problems.”

“You are not gonna stay and help?” Asked Jessica.

“No, I would rather see the finished product at the party.” He was blushing again!

“Oh by the way, the one thing I added”, he picked up the leg section “at all major joints there are pins at the bending points. I got to thinking of how Jessica would remain stationary at the party for so long with the weight of the suit. So, if the person outside does this”, he snapped the spring loaded pins into place at the knee, “the joint is locked in position. Each joint has several settings from straight, to bent depending on the joint.”

That was amazing and something they had not even thought of! It would be very hard to hold this all still for more than a few minutes without aid. They thanked Steve’s brother and he left. They promised any medical supplies in return for this one!

Now left alone, they smiled and practically ran back in the house! Jessica was already wet and turned on extremely! They carried the suit and parts up to the bedroom. Steve told Jessica to go to the bathroom and make sure she was ready. She did and came back to the bedroom. “OK enough delays lets try this out!”

They began at the feet and legs; they carefully spread the feet at the seam to allow the foot in. She put her feet in and Steve placed the first two bands around her ankles where labeled and tightened the bolts. Jessica was amazed! Her feet were almost perfectly held by the steel. She could wiggle just a touch but that was all! They proceeded with her legs, and hip sections. Each one fit perfect and Steve tightened the bands around all. The hip section closed in a way that left no openings at all at her butt or sex. This may need modifying in the future. All of the joints had a nylon lining material adhered to the inside over the bending points. This was also added by Steve’s brother, it would prevent any skin from getting pinched when the joints flexed.

Working up she entered the chest and torso piece. She had to bend over to get her breasts to fit into their molding without pinching or being squished. But once adjusted it all came together and she stood up, holding the halves shut while Steve banded them closed. This was beginning to get really interesting. Next came the gloves, if you could call them that! They were more metal mittens. The four fingers on each were one and straight, the thumb was solidly molded into the hand and fingers. Her hand would be in a “parade wave” position. The gloves on and banded next were arms, these attached to shoulder section with a special hinges and likewise to gloves. You had to align the hole parts of the hinges and then slide long pins into them, thus locking the pieces together but allowing flexion. Bands again held all closed at seams.

Jessica was now encased in metal from toes to shoulders. She was being very good and not moving as Steve got the suit on her, but it was driving her nuts! She wanted to move around and experiment. Steve had the head and neck piece ready, but paused when he saw the look on her face. “What’s wrong?”

“I am just getting antsy” she said. “It is OK though, go ahead and get the head on then I can play around.” 

“OK, here we go” Steve placed the head and neck piece around her head, the seam here was in the rear. The head piece had a visor shield that could be raised or lowered, and also locked closed if wanted. Steve placed the head and neck piece over Jessica’s head closed the back and applied the bands around neck and forehead. The final bands went around the seams at the neck/shoulders and waist/hips. This locked the three large assemblies together into one complete suit that only bent at major joints. Jessica was in heaven! Steve stepped back and admired her, “You look fantastic!”

“Well go ahead and try it out, see what you can do.”

Jessica moved her arms about first. They moved remarkably well, she could almost do full motion except it really didn’t work to get arms behind back. Just the way the hinges were made did not allow it. Of course her hands and digits were held rigid in the mittens; she could not grasp or hold anything.  She then tried her head and neck, both were held rigidly to the shoulder piece allowing no up/down or sideways movement. That was interesting! Now she bent at the waist, she could go almost to a toe touch. She tried bending back, nothing, this was rigid also. Sideways bending was also very limited. This was going to take some getting used too!

She now tried a tentative step, and then another. Again it was amazing how well it all worked. After twenty or so steps she was doing quite well. Stairs may be a problem or an uneven surface, but flat was working! The only hindrance was the boots held toes, feet and ankles rigid, but it was not any worse than walking in a cast which she had done. Next she made her way to the bed and shifted her weight back and bent. She sat down with a bounce. She steadied herself and then tried getting up… no such luck! She could not get enough leverage to get her and the suits weight back up standing. Steve came into view and was grinning.

“You having fun?”

“Whell I wuz unil ow!” She had not tried talking yet! She could do it, but could not move her jaw! The head piece fit so well all the way around that it did not allow her to open mouth other than lips! “Whell cwap!” They both laughed. Steve helped her back up and let her practice walking and moving some more. He was enjoying just watching her. He let her go around the bedroom for some time. It was getting late though.

“You about ready to get to bed Jess?”

“Yeah, prolly shoul get ou of his an ooh ded”

“Who said anything about getting out of the suit?” Jessica stopped dead and silent! “What? You are not up to a night as a Knight?” Besides it is Saturday, no work tomorrow, and getting you out will take some time.

Jessica thought about it for like 10 seconds, she walked to the bed and sat again. Then let herself fall back with a bounce. She tried a few attempts at getting around the right direction on the bed but only got part way. “I ink I eed elp ere” Steve went and grabbed her ankles and spun her slowly around 90 degrees so her head was at the head. He got rid of her pillows also, flat on the back was about it in the suit as far as he could see.

“How is that?”

“Wery ice, omfy actually!”

Steve got undressed and ready for bed. As he was doing so he could hear tinks and clinks coming from the room. Jess was trying out the suit more, testing what she could do in it no doubt. He returned to the bedroom and climbed in beside her. He hugged her and gave her a big long kiss. Amazingly the steel was warm to the touch, for some reason he hadn’t thought it would be, he was expecting cold. “Hey you feel nice and warm!”

“Yeah, it iz omfy in ere, ut I an’t each anyfin!” “oove”

Steve moved off of her and watched as she clanked her hands at her sex and then moved up and did the same on her breasts. “Zee?”

“Yes I do and that is a bummer, after Halloween we can see what my brother can come up with to modify those areas. For now I am afraid you are stuck… sorry!”

“Ha ha!” She laughed.

He tapped her over her sex and breasts a few times. That would be the pits he thought, to be all excited and not able to do anything. “Well, I can’t get to you either, so I guess it is truly bondage with no release for now.”

He rolled back to her and kissed her again passionately! “Would you mind if we do what we can? I am about to burst!!”

She smiled “At iz ine, I ill elp all I an!”

With that he began rubbing what he could of her face and kissing her. She began rubbing his legs with hers as best she could and his body and face with her hands. He grabbed his erect member and stroked it loosely and slow at first, increasing steadily. It did not take long for him to erupt. His cum splashing all over Jessica’s metal belly and chest. He collapsed on her breathing hard and spent. She hugged him as best she could, she wanted release also, but none would come tonight. After 10 – 15 minutes he got up and cleaned her off. “That was great!”

“Oood, I am app!”

“You all set for bed now?”

“Yeah I an, ooh soo?”

“Yes, there is just one more thing…”

With that Steve put the visor down over Jess’ face and snapped the locking pin in place. The eye slot had black one way optic plastic on the inside, Jessica could see out but no one would see in. Before she could react to this, or actually as she was, he quickly snapped the pins at her shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees as fast as he could in the straight position.

She was now totally immobilized and could do no more than wiggle. She could still see straight up to the ceiling but her hearing was all but cut off with the visor now closed. She also realized her limited speech would also be more muffled now. The visor did not close air tight, she could breath fine, but that was about it. She felt Steve testing her locked joints and tapping here and there a few times. Then she felt the bed move as he lay down and got comfy. All at once the light went out and she was in total darkness.

She had been this way before so there was no panic or fear. She just had never been this way in steel armor. She tried moving a bit and everything was held all but completely rigid. She allowed herself to settle into the peace and go into the zone. Steve had better be ready in the morning for some serious sex…


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