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by Ramitnow

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© Copyright 2001 - Ramitnow - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mum; cons; X

Here is something I worte do not know if it is any good or not and you can post  if you think it is worthy....  You can use my email address so others can tell me if it is also...  But i do not think that it is too bad for my first crack at it.  Let me know.



My girlfriend and I were getting ready for bed one night.  I was just getting in the shower when she told me to make sure that I shaved.  I thought that this was odd but oh well.  I took my shower and dried off and climbed naked into bed with her. 

As we lay in the bed talking about the days events she brought up that she had talked to her friend Joan today.  Joan is the type of women who likes to use men for what ever she needs whether it be money or a place to stay, sex or what ever else she needed..  She said that they were talking about sex and wanted to try something with me..  I thought what the hell why not "OK" I said.  She said I had to do what she said and I again said "OK" what the hell..

She first gagged me and then blindfolded me then told me to stand up.  I did as she said.  Then she told me to put my hands on my inner thigh.  She started to wrap something around them fixing them there.  Then she had me put my legs together and started to wrap me up the legs and the rest of my body all the why to the top of my head..  Then she pushed me on the bed and said "You are going to listen RIGHT!".  Like I had a choice right now... 

She got up and I heard the door open and close then she came back and started to suck on me (she left that part out). I came so fast that I shot my load all over the place.  It felt like I had not came in months...  Then she climbed on top of me and fucked me again and again oh good at this rate she is going to kill me..  After she made me come a couple more times I must have fallen asleep. 

I woke up to the taste of her juices dripping in my mouth.  She had removed my gag and had her pussy there waiting for me to eat it as she sat down on my face.  Like I have a choice here so, I started to lick and suck furiously to please her. After a couple of minutes and a couple of GOOD licks she CAME furiously.  I could smell and taste her all over my face, she grabbed me again and said that was the best cum she ever had and that I better do it again and fast.  Yes, Mistress.... 

So I went back to work and she came quick and fast and a hell of a lot more than the last time.  As she climbed off me she kissed me deeply and long and said that I have another surprise.  You can thank Joan for all this it was her ideas to do this to you.  "Yes, dear" I said.  She withered her way down my totally cocooned body and stopped at my dick.  She started sucking and licking and playing with it like she never did before.  I thought that I had nothing left to shoot but when I shot my load, it was so much that she had no choice but to swallow or gag on it and she took it all down.  She told me to lie back and take a nap.

I must have been in a deep sleep because when I woke up I was unwrapped but still wearing the blindfold. And I knew better than to remove it before she told me.  I could feel her body pressed against mine (god it felt great!!)..  She started to stir and awoke also.  I said thank you for that lovely and explosive night Ma'am..  She said that you are most welcome but I am not done yet.  OH great I thought I am going to have to call into work on Monday. 

She took my hand and stretched it out, I felt some plastic under my touch and as she slid my hand down to what ever she was trying to show me, she was giggling now..  What are you giggling at?  I said.  As she removed my blindfold I saw the body of a women in front of me.  As she stopped giggling she said "You like?" "uuh hmm" is all I could utter.  "Who is it?" I finally managed to say.  "It's Joan, I finally decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. I got her here on the premise of taking care of you and she did very well, you seemed to be enjoying yourself.  Then when you passed out, we unwrapped you and I said I wanted to try it to her while you were out, and she let me wrap her up.  That will teach her to screw me over.  Now she is yours to do with as you want!" As she got out of bed and left the room closing the door behind her.

Well, what happened next is another story and another time but, I think you get the idea.  But as a side note Joan now lives with us and is happily taking care of things in the house and my wife and me when my wife lets her....  Ahh life is sooo sweet pussy sweet that is....


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