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Mummy Accident

by Russ

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© Copyright 2010 - Russ - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; cast; wrap; mummy; tease; sex; climax; rescue; hum; cons/reluct; X

Hello! I am Janine. Since everyone likes to have an idea of how people look in these stories, I will get that out of the way…. I am 25, I weigh around 140 pounds and I am 5’-6”, I have 38D breasts, shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Not a super model, but not ugly either.

I work as a medical transcriber from home entering peoples medical records and charts for several area Doctors. I live with Mike, my boyfriend now for 5 years.  He is also in the medical field as an orthopedic technician. This helps out with many of our supply needs in our bondage fetishes. We enjoy most all types of bondage but neither gets into torture or pain at all. We like being tied, immobilized and teased. In 5 years we have got to know each others likes and dislikes and have complete trust in each other. Mike tends to be a bit more introverted, liking short term sessions. I tend to be the type to push the bounds “pun intended”. Going for longer sessions and more uncomfortable scenes.

When it comes to mummy sessions, as I said, Mike’s job keeps us in supplies quite nicely! He does not steal items, but many things like wraps, bandages, plaster and fiberglass materials have a shelf life. When it is time to re-order and clean out the supply room, Mike makes sure he volunteers….and none of the old stuff makes it to a dumpster! What we need in excess of this is always available on the internet stores.

OK, enough history and boring stuff about us. I am going to tell the story of an accident that happened to me in one of my recent full mummy sessions. I will briefly tell you what the prep and session were like and then get to the details of the accident. I should mention that Mike and I live in a four story apartment complex in the city on the 3rd floor because that weighs into the story…..boy does it!

It was my turn to be mummified, and I wanted a full body (including head) cast that I could be in for the weekend and be teased and have many orgasms. Mike is very adept at casts and wrapping. With our medical knowledge and friends input we can do what is needed for longer sessions safely. We had the supplies needed and were all set for Friday night. Now I won’t bore the reader with all the prep and getting wrapped up. It has been written about many times and I do not want to be repetitive. In a nutshell, I stopped eating solids on Thursday night; Friday was protein shakes and liquids. Just before being wrapped I was given two enemas (which I hate) and Mike inserted a catheter in me. Catheters are uncomfortable going in for me, but the body adapts quickly and once wrapped and in the mummy bliss it all but disappears.

The bed is covered with plastic sheeting and I am laying with my legs off the end resting my heels on a support stand. Mike gets my lower body in the stocking material from waist down and then using padding and fiberglass cast tape, wraps my legs up to my hips. After 15 to 20 minutes of warming and setting my legs were immobile, no bends at the knees and ankles at 90 degrees as if standing. He then used small pieces to cover my toes (I like everything immobile!).  Now I am slid off the bed further with legs on support at about the knees (This is the hardest part because I have to keep my hips up level until wrapped and hardened). Mike wraps around my hips and lower tummy, being careful to not kink off catheter. He takes extra time around my sex so that no sharp edges are present and there is access room. He works quickly though and then helps hold me aloft with my legs about 30 degrees apart until this section hardens. We are both excited now and my juices are flowing! We take time for a quickie sex session which is great! We both burst in orgasms in mere minutes. Even with just half my body immobilized it is amazing feeling. After a little clean up and recovery the wrapping continues.

Mike stands me up now on my casted feet, we have a support device Mike crafted from a walker and some scraps of steel. With this I am able to balance and not fall over. He makes pretty quick work of my torso, chest and shoulders. Soon I am rigid up to my neck! He now places a soft cervical collar around my neck. This keeps the casting tape from choking me in anyway. He now gives me a long passionate kiss and says “I love you”. I return the comment. This is the “point of no return” so to speak. I will not be able to hear, see or talk for the next 2 days. I will be able to grunt through my nose a bit. He places ear plugs in my ears and proceeds to begin applying the cast over my head. I have a shudder as the world goes silent and dark!! I love it!! I stand a bit longer as the cast again hardens. Then I “Feel” myself picked up and layed back on the bed.

The final casting is my arms and hands. Mike wraps first my right arm and hand connecting the top to the shoulder of the body cast and enclosing my fingers and thumb (after placing a roll of gauze in my fist for padding). He does the same on left arm and I am now a complete fiberglass mummy.

He checks that all systems are working and gives me the signal (2 taps on tummy) asking if I am ok. I hum an “Uh huh” through my nose, and he taps again. I feel him adjust me on the bed; there is no need for pillows or covers. I am comfy and warm in my cocoon. Mike leaves me in my bliss and I float and drift for awhile. It is weird that when I am mummified like this I am never really sure if or when I sleep. Obviously time stops with no clues from light or sounds. I know when I am awake for sure especially if Mike is playing with me! But, the bliss and dreams kind of meld together.

I am snapped too as I feel the bed move and Mike taps again. I respond positively and so does he. I feel the bed wiggle and know he has come to bed. I can guess it is around 11:00pm, but really have no clue.

I awaken to the smell of bacon and coffee. I again assume it is morning and my tummy gives a little rumble at the smell of food. After what seems an eternity I get the tap on the tummy and respond. His checks are random also so I cannot tell time by them. I have also tried counting heartbeats or breathe, but after a few hundred your mind will get tired of it and either lose track or quit. I feel a rubber tube being slid in between the cast and my upper lip toward my mouth. It is my hydration/breakfast time! We have tried a nasal tube but my gag reflex is so sensitive I am not able to use one without sedatives. I open my mouth as much as I can and get the tip of the tube in. I get a quenching drink of water and then what tastes like a chocolate ensure.

Mike taps again and I respond “Uh Huh” this is followed by 3 taps. This means Mike is leaving to do something. I do not know for how long or what. I ponder for a moment to see if I will be stimulated during this absence or not. After several minutes I realize I am left to myself and the bliss this time.

I think I drifted off. Was having wonderful dreams/illusions of being a mummy in Egypt and watching the funeral proceedings and entombment of myself. The bed moved and I got the taps again. Mike was back and ready for action! He started kissing my nose and doing some breath play and also rubbing my sex. I was immediately ready and he knew it! He backed off and teased in varying ways for what seemed like hours, with me right on the edge!! Finally he allows me to go all the way and have several massive orgasms!! It is so frustrating and yet erotic not being able to move a muscle!! He then gets on top of me and with a little work gets in and lays me hard! We both orgasm again. I sense he is still on top of me although I do not feel his weight. We are both spent and I drift off into bliss again.

I am awakened by Mikes tapping again. I assume it is Sunday morning, but have no clue. I also am not aware of how long he has been tapping and pausing. I do my “Uh Huh” and get a feeding again. I am a bit achy now after our sex but it is still good. The cast is padded as a normal one would be and is soft and warm all over. After feeding I get another tease session from Mike, but this time I am left on edge and receive 3 taps! He is going out again and not going to let me finish!! “Pay backs are Hell buddy, I think!” I know he is gone because of no movement of the bed. I try to wiggle and find someway of pleasing myself but it is no use! I can kind of rub my breasts inside of cast just a little which only frustrates me more. With nothing over my sex I can just barely rub the edge of the cast next to it which does little either. I am stewing for some time like this when I suddenly feel my vibrator inserted into me with a quick push. I am shocked and arch my back as much as I can! He has been standing and watching me the whole time I know now!! I am slowly building now and again struggling inside cast for more stimulation when I get the 3 taps again! Now is he really leaving or what?? I have no clue. I continue to build until I burst again. This cycle continues over and over… I am lost in complete bliss.

I feel the bed move and the vibrator is removed. I lost count of orgasms! I get a couple of pecks on the nose and then the 2 taps. I do a long “Uhhhh Huh”. I then get 3 taps! He is leaving again?? I wait and nothing moves and I receive no surprises this time. Just immobile and in bliss!! I drift off again for some time.

I awake to the smell of smoke! Not cigarette smoke, but the burning house smell! I immediately begin to panic! What the Hell is going on now?? We have never done nasty tricks like this to each other while mummified, and I can’t believe Mike would now! Although the alternative totally freaks me out!!! I attempt to scream out my nose, but realize that is senseless. I try calming myself but fail. This can’t be happening! Where is Mike! I swear the smoke is getting worse!! My heart is pounding and I am scared to death! Am I actually going to burn to death in a body cast unable to move? I attempt screaming again; at least I feel I am doing something!  All at once I feel the bed move and myself being slid toward the edge!! I do not get any signal taps! I am lifted and feel I am being carried, still in a horizontal position. Whoever is carrying is at least two, and I have the feeling, not Mike! I feel myself shift a bit to an angle, stairs! I am being carried down the stairs! Oh my God this is real! I am really scared and freaking out now! All thoughts of sex or bliss are long gone!

The next sensation is of cool are on my sex and fresh are in my nose! My God I am outside the apartment! I am lowered and I can only assume am now laying on the ground outside in public! A rush of total embarrassment consumes me! Are there people around? What are they thinking or saying? Jesus!! Time passes and I have no clue of anything, just my rampaging thoughts! All of a sudden there are 2 taps on my tummy. Oh Thank God! Mike!! I do our safety of 4 snort sounds, pause, 4 more. He taps once for “No”!! What the Hell! I want out, and now!! I feel a grinding scraping near my left ear. It is not what I expect. I wanted to feel the vibration of the cast saw as I have many times releasing me from the cast! I feel the cool air on my ear as the cast, padding and ear plug is removed! I am inundated with sounds! Radios, scuffling, water, voices. Then Mike speaks…..

“Janine, honey are you ok?”

“Uh huh”

“OK, if you haven’t figured it out there was a fire in the building”

“Uh huh”

“The fireman got you out, you are now outside on the yard”


“I know, I know, I am so sorry! I had no way of knowing!”

I hear the honest distress and emotion in his voice, I “Uh huh” again. Then do the safety again, 4 grunts, pause 4 more.

“I know you want out! I want to get you out! But our cast saw is in the apartment! The firemen checked your breathing and determined you were OK as is and they needed the ambulances for others with injuries and burns! They have no tools that will work as a cast saw, so we have to wait for an ambulance to return and get you to a hospital!”

Oh Jesus!! How much worse can this get?

“I will stay right here with you! Promise! I know what you are thinking, and yes people are looking at you laying here. Most are more interested in the fire though, I think” “Snicker”

“Uh Huh!” I snort. Easy for you to say and find amusing! I could have been killed! I hear him snicker again!

“You know we will laugh about this someday!!”


“Oh here come paramedics with a stretcher! Looks like we are on our way.”

I am lifted again and lay on a stretcher. I hear some whispers I can not make out and feel myself rolling and then clunking into the ambulance. The ride is short it seems, and then clunk again and rolling. More voices and a few laughs, giggles and “Oh my’s”. I hear Mike trying to explain it all, and basically stumbling all over himself. To my relief, I hear and then feel a cast saw begin its work! Normally I enjoy this part, the tickling, vibrating and slow return of freedom. This time I just want out and to run!!!!

Of course this does not happen; it does take time to remove a full body cast. They did my head first which I wish they would have left for last! Now I can see them all and their looks!! The catheter is removed now so I think I am done. Just to add insult I think, after I am sitting up and free, the Doctor insists on doing a check of my vitals and breathing! After about 1 ½ hours I am released and free to go. They give me 2 hospital gowns to cover up, and Mike has called a taxi. On the taxi ride back to the apartment (Why we went there I have no clue) Mike realizes we will not be able to stay there! He calls friends of ours across town, and they agree to pick us up and let us stay at their place as long as needed.

When the taxi drops us off, some of the crowd and fire trucks have cleared and left. The remaining are busy with clean up and mumbling about the fire. Mike asks a fireman if they have an idea how it happened, he says it was in an apartment at the other side of building and was an electrical overload. Then he kind of does a double take and says “Hey, you are the one who was……” looking right at me! I half smile but say nothing. He has a smirk on his face as he turns and resumes his duties.

Our friends arrive, except for the fire; they are clueless yet as to what has gone on. They have similar interests however and we will tell them. Just to put an exclamation point on the evening, as we are entering the car. I hear applause, cheers and whistles from behind us, we turn to see the remaining firemen, and most of the crowd looking at us and sending us off!!! Epilogue

Yes it was very embarrassing! Worst in my life! After several days at friends (and telling them about it all) We were allowed to get our things (including cast saw and supplies) from the apartment. There was little damage to any of our things; mainly clothes just needed cleaning and deodorizing. We did have to get a new apartment however, a. because ours was damaged near the fire badly and condemned until repaired and b. because there is NO way I could live around those neighbors now!

As the weeks past we have laughed about it. And, by no means has it stopped us from doing bondage!!!!

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