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Mummy Attacks!

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; wrap; bandages; F/f; bond; cons; X

2006 Shadowplay Imaging Mummification Story Contest Entrant

It all started as a bit of a joke. We had been watching some old B movies in the common room and several of the girls had shown signs of being genuinely frightened. We thought it was hilarious of course. The idea was to try and take it one step further by bringing one of the monsters to life.

The first attempt at making myself into a mummy nearly ended in disaster. We got the bandages too tight and I could hardly bend my legs or arms. It may have been funny but that was not the reaction I was looking for. So we had to start all over again. James threatened to leave me like it anyway but I'm bigger than he is so the threat of revenge was enough to start him unwrapping me and trying again.

The idea was for me to be completely in bandages from head to toe but with full movement in the arms and legs so I could chase them The fact that my hand movements were severely restricted so I could not do anything if I caught one of them never entered my head.

My entrance was suitably dramatic. To my surprise Jan and Sue jumped up screaming. This was priceless! I chased first one then the other giving my best growl. Then one of the bandages started to unwind and I tripped headlong, arms flailing. Suddenly I was descended upon by two furious females. I could not defend myself and everyone else was too busy killing themselves laughing.

It did not take much imagination to work out who was inside the bandages. Everyone else was present and accounted for. With two irate women sitting on my chest I was now stuck. The group started to dissipate but Sue and Jan stayed put. I wasn't worried, like I said I'm quite a big lad and was convinced I could hold my own against two women, even with my hands tied behind my back. I never thought I might have to prove it though. I guffawed a bit but the bandages were interfering with my speech.

"Into bondage are we Brian?" Sue asked. Her voice seemed a little sinister.

I tried to shake my head but this had not been a consideration. Where the hell was James? The truth is I'm a simple sort of guy; doggie style is about as outrageous as I get.

"Well you picked the wrong girls to mess with this time." Jan stated her hand pushing a little to forcefully at my chin. I suddenly felt worried. Still, we were in the common room, a public area, they were not going to be able to do anything. How wrong can a man be?

"I wonder what he's got on under all those bandages?"

I think it was Sue but by now my head was spinning. I had removed most of my clothes to make it easier to put the bandages on. I only had my jockey shorts on and they don't leave much to the imagination.

"Let's find out shall we." I know it was Jan this time. "But not here."

They were not going to get me into one of their rooms! I'm bigger than they are!

I had not bargained on the ingenuity of women. Jan sat on my chest, her legs on my upper arms. I could not see Sue. I struggled manfully to evict her but she put a hand on my face.

"Do that and I will suffocate you."

I didn't believe her but when her hand closed on my face I went limp rather quickly.

"That's better." She cooed, "now just wait here. Sue will be back in a minute."

Who were these two? I thought I knew them. I was learning that some secrets are kept well hidden.

Sue returned pushing a sack trolley with a holdall on it. I was slightly bemused. My legs were pulled together with what I later found was a couple of belts. I was now getting worried. They were going to do this! With her hand over my nose I was told not to move while some more belts held my arms to my sides. It took them several attempts but they eventually got me upright and onto the trolley. I was wheeled unceremoniously through the corridors to Sue's room. I'm sure someone must have seen us but no one interfered.

"Stand still." Jan commanded.

To be honest I had little choice. I was curious what they would do next. Once they unwrapped me I was out of there!

We had used several rolls of bandages. Each limb was done separately then two rolls did the torso and head, changing around the top of my chest. Sue started to unwrap my head. At this stage I was not sure how to react so I stayed placid as the first bandage came off.

"Hmm," Jan licked her lips. "Bare chest."

"Now wwwait a minute," I stammered

"Shut him up," Jan spat.

"Wha mphhhhhhhhh!"

These girls were too well prepared. You don't just pick up a ball gag from the corner store. I knew about such things of course but this was my first introduction and I had a unique perspective. I glared at them but unfortunately looks do not kill.

"We are into bondage," Jan informed me. "And now so are you."

I shook my head.

"You started it.".

I was sure they were going to have to release the belts around my arms to get the next bandage off and was preparing myself to bang their giggling heads together, but they were way ahead of me. I felt something tighten on my wrist, a leather cuff as it happened, the same on the other wrist. I was determined not to allow my hands to go behind my back but two girls are stronger than one man. I lost. I cursed them but all they did was giggle some more.

"At least they're not boxer shorts," Sue complemented, I hate boxer shorts."

By now I was beginning to think that, despite my lack of dignity, and the girls distinct lack of respect, my luck might still be in. This was becoming sexual. Why else would they want to get inside my pants?

"I've been wanting to try this ever since my ex refused." Jan told Sue.

If I had any say in the matter I would have refused also. My proud member was now mummified in leather up to the hilt. The straps at the base encouraged him to swell but the encasement yelled of frustration.

I must have looked a bit of a twit with my arms and legs still in bandages, a ball gag (I now know it was red) in my mouth and a leather harness on my prick.

"Smile please."

It was inevitable I suppose. I would love to get my hands on whoever invented digital cameras. That picture would have never got past the developers.

"That our insurance, " I was told. "No one will ever see it........"

From then on I would have to do everything they said. This was becoming less of a good idea again. I stood placidly while they released my legs from all their restrictions. They even undid the bandages off my arms. Something to do with aesthetics I presumed. I was made to sit on a chair and strapped down with my legs apart. They then took great glee in shaving off my pubic hair. Suddenly Jan's attitude changed.

"You've had you fun now strip!"

She could not be talking to me, I was already butt naked. I looked at Sue who had jumped like a scolded cat.

"What now?" She looked uncomfortable. "In front of him?"

The look on Jan's face said that there was going to be no argument. Sue's confidence wilted, her whole demeanour became subservient. She meekly took off all her clothes. I must admit she has a great body and I was treated to a fine view. My poor penis was straining at the hilt.

"Hands!" Barked Jan.

It was obviously a ritual. Sue's hands shot behind her and she stood with her head bowed. I thought I saw a shiver, but maybe I was imagining it.

With practised ease Jan bound Sue's hands behind her. There was no sign of struggling or resistance. Jan then lashed her ankles together cinching it neatly in the middle. Sue's head raised and there was a puzzled look on her face.

"Seems a shame to waste all these bandages," Jan mused casually picking one up and rolling it up. Sue now looked agitated.

"What are you going to do? Your not...... No!" Her voice had raised to a squeal.

Jan had obviously warmed to the idea. Sue was now struggling to release her wrists but it was clear that she had little chance of succeeding, at least in the short term.

"Please, no," Sue whimpered.

All I could do was watch.

Jan was very slow and methodical, she had all the time in the world. Sue was shaking and struggling but even just the two ropes were enough to subdue her. As the bandages crept up her legs it looked like the poor girl would pass out with fear. Jam was oblivious until Sue almost toppled over onto her. Despite the extra support her legs were starting to give way.

"Don't you trust me?" Jan's voice had softened. She stood up and stroked the frightened girl's head. "I wouldn't harm you my love. I just want to see what you look like. Now stand still for me. It will all be over soon."

There was a tenderness that I would not have expected. I could see Sue wanted to please her mistress, but she really was scared. Jan continued her work and Sue stood stoically her eyes closed.

The bandages reached her neck. Jan stopped for a moment and pondered. She rummaged inside a box in the wardrobe and produced a posture collar. Sue did not fight this extra imposition. I was actually impressed. The collar would prevent any restriction of the wind pipe. Jan was a good mistress.

The camera came out again. Sue was oblivious in her cocoon. I must admit the sight seemed a little strange to me. Jan laid the mummified girl on the ground.

"What do you think Brian?"

I could not answer. To be truthful I did not really like what I saw, I preferred her naked. If the leather thing had not been around my cock I reckon it would have shrivelled in disgust.

"I was going to make her suck you off...... You'd like that wouldn't you?"

I nodded my head with possibly a little too much enthusiasm.

"Shall we unwrap her?"

More enthusiastic nodding, as much for her as for me.

Looking back it was like opening a Christmas present. As the bandages came of so my excitement grew. Sue looked relieved as the covering left her face. As the unveiling continued I noticed her nipples looked very prominent. I would have loved to get my mouth onto one of them. Eventually Sue was left with just the two ropes that had bound her from the start. She looked hot and bothered but here was no more sign of tension or unease. I suspected this girl spent quite a lot of time bound in some way or another.

I wondered whether Jan would free Sue completely. With the leather encasement my member was not fully accessible. I also wondered if there were any other members of this bondage fraternity? I had no desire to sign up but it might be nice to put one over on Jan though. To see her squirm.......

Sue proved beyond doubt that she was experienced with the male anatomy. With all limbs at her disposal she engulfed me in her soft flesh and did to my nipples what I wanted to do to hers. It is to my shame that the performance lasted less than five minutes and much of my seed went on the floor before her mouth could even reach it.

I was given a pink dressing gown to go back to my own dorm in. It was not designed for a six foot male so I was careful not to be seen. Unfortunately I had to get my key off James. He really shouldn't have laughed. That black eye will hurt for some time.

This is one mummy who will not be making a repeat appearance.



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