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My Plaster Box

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2010 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; wrap; tape; plaster; encase; stuck; mast; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 1: The Frame

I have been looking for a better way to make myself totally immobile, without the help of someone else. I haven’t had many gains in the past few months, but I have established a fairly cheap and reliable way to use plaster, and get it to stick to my body. The thing about plaster is that it is not a ready to use product like clay, or Sculpy, it must be mixed. After mixing, it presents another problem, getting it onto the body. Having no helpers, I have no way to apply layers onto myself, so I must make the entire cast in one pass. This is not ideal, but it is the only thing that I can do at the moment. I have had many lofty dreams about making a frame in the past, a frame to enclose a small space big enough to fit my body into, and hold the plaster. I often imagine that if I had a nice wooden frame such as this, I could line it with plastic, and reuse it many times. The plaster could be dumped into the middle, filling the frame. Then I could dump the water into the frame, mixing it by simply rolling around in it. The great thing about this plan would be that as I mixed the plaster, it would be getting all over the wrappings, the mesh tape and sticking to me as well. Then once the plaster is well mixed, I could just lay down into the pool of wet plaster and wait for it to set. I have estimated that at least four 80lb bags of plaster would be necessary to achieve the depth of plaster that I desire. 

Fortunately for me, I have not yet had the time to do this. I feel that some desires lead to somewhat dangerous consequences. In the back of my mind, this idea screams: Danger Will Robinson! If I did do this, the plaster would certainly get hot. If I where submerged into 320lbs of raw plaster, I might not be able to get out. The heat would certainly bake me as the plaster sets. Now if we put aside the heat issues, then there is the problem of getting out. It only takes about one and a half inches of plaster to make a really hard casing. If I was inside of 320lbs of plaster, surrounded by a heavy wooded frame, the plaster would totally cover me up to my chest, (lying down of course). About three inches of plaster would be all around my body. This would make escape very hard, if not impossible. I would not be able to move at all. That is after all the goal. 

I have not really been one to play things safe in my life, I like good adventures, and I enjoy the excitement of not knowing if I will be able to escape or not. I went to the hardware store today and bought enough two by eights to make the heavy wooden frame that I so much desired. The boards are thick and tall, so that when I lay inside of it, the top of the frame will be about an inch and a half taller than my chest. This means that if I fill the frame up to the very top, my body would be totally submerged under wet plaster. This one thought alone excited me greatly. 

I started to make the frame, measuring my own body and cutting the boards to fit. I wanted the frame to be as snug as I could make it, so that less plaster would be necessary. The inner dimensions would have to be at least an inch over on each side to allow for the ‘wiggle’ room. I placed all the boards down in position before screwing them together. I stepped inside the frame and lay down, testing the fit. I could just barely wiggle left and right. This frame was going to be really good for what I had imagined. It might even use less plaster than I had first thought. I went around the outside of the frame drilling the pilot holes for the screws, and then sank each screw in turn. The frame started to take on a rigid form, I stood it upright to look at my work, and saw it was going to hold up just fine. I needed to place a backing on to the underside of it to hold it steady, and keep the inner walls from getting pushed out when the plaster is poured into it. A simple piece of plywood tacked onto the back would do. Making another trip to the hardware store and I have enough plywood to cover the back easily. I tacked the plywood into place, and then trimmed the excess away using a jigsaw. Placing the frame back onto the floor, I felt that it was more than a little bit sturdy, the feeling of excitement built up inside me. I now know that the frame would be just as rigid as the plaster, if not more so. 

I once again got into the frame and lay down, testing the strength of its construction. Everything was rigid and unbending. I could knock my hands against the side walls or bump it as hard I as I could without moving or changing the shape of it. This would be a great frame I thought. 

I picked up the frame and set it up next to the garage wall, and put a drop cloth over it, hiding it from view. While the frame just waited, I don’t want it to attract unwanted questions. I would have the time to test it with plaster sometime in the future, but for right now I felt good just knowing that I have a plaster box. 

A couple of weeks went by; I slowly acquired four 80 pound bags of plaster. My first thought was to get even more, but I had no need for this much. I just wanted to get into a plaster pool and sink… I don’t really know how to describe the need for this- except that the thought is obsessive. I tried hard to fight the urge; my desires would surly lead me into trouble on several levels. I didn’t want to become a pack rat of plaster, nor did I want to answer the questions that the supplies might suggest. There is the trouble I might get into if I had more plaster too. I might just go over board with the desire to become totally stuck; and become so totally stuck that it would be hard for even someone else to free me. That would be very much exciting, but also very much embarrassing. 

Thinking of these things lead me to ponder the problem that I have held in the back of my mind for a long time if I were to wrap myself up- inside of several layers of wrap- then tape over that, add mesh tape, and then start mixing and pouring the plaster into the frame; would I be able to mix all of the plaster before the first batch set? This was perhaps the only thing that had stopped me from going ahead with this plan long ago… fear that the plaster would set before I could get all of it mixed, and into the frame – then get into it and roll around. I also wondered just how full to fill the frame. Obviously my body would take up space inside of the frame and push the level of the plaster up. I didn’t want to overflow the frame. I just wanted the frame to be full. For the last week I had thought about all of these things, and come to some revelations. 

It takes plaster 10 minutes to start setting, and a pool of wet plaster that is not moving 20 to 30 minutes to set fully. If I were to mix the plaster inside of the frame, I would run the risk of puncturing the plastic liner, and it would spill out, however little. I did not want this to occur. However, if I mixed the plaster to fill the frame outside of the frame in buckets, then poured it into the frame; I might not get all of the plaster mixed in time. I would have to plan on using the frame as the bucket. 

I would need to use a thicker liner, not the usual thin painter’s drop cloth. I see how this could be done very effectively now. If I pile the dry plaster into the middle of the frame, I could then sit on top of the pile, and pour the water over the pile with me sitting in it already. As the water mixes with the plaster, my body would help to mix the plaster and help minimize the time of mixing and stirring the plaster. I could have a batch of plaster standing by in a bucket next to the frame, in case my estimate for the amount of plaster fell short. 

Now I have only to prepare myself for this event. I would need to place the frame in the garage, placing it onto a carpet, so the cold cement floor doesn’t chill me. Then put the plastic liner into the frame, and surround the area with drop cloth, to guard against spills. Lastly, fill the frame with plaster, and fill the buckets with the appropriate amount of water. After all of this, I will start to wrap myself up, making my body less mobile and more rigid by layers upon layers of plastic wrap, tape and mesh tape. I can almost feel it now, just thinking about it. 

My house is fairly small, but the garage area provides more than enough working space, even though it has many tools and storage items lying about. I have everything that I need to put myself into a bondage that I may not be able to escape from. I made the frame, and it is so well made that it almost scares me; it represents a part of my ego that is dangerous to my own self. I would have to wait for my courage and obsession to overcome my fear. 

Next I need window of time for me to execute my plan. I don’t want the wrong people dropping by and “finding” me frozen inside a plaster block that I had obviously made for myself. I needed to also have a failsafe, in case I couldn’t get loose. As a matter of fact, I plan on this encasement to be quite inescapable. I know about how much plaster that I need to use, I only need to find out the appropriate amount of water to fill the frame, so I can mix the plaster at the right proportions. I have decided for my day to fall the day after Thanksgiving Day, so that I may have all of the privacy that I desire. Any women will be out shopping the whole day, so they won’t come around knocking. I will have ample time for this; however, I will need for someone to help to get me out. 

Trusting people is not something that I like to do- especially when it comes to bondage. I would really like to have someone who understands the desire to be mummified, just so that I know they are truly interested in helping out. Someone that just wants to help out so they can see how ‘freaky’ they might find me is not my idea of a ‘helper’. I decided that I would not need a helper, despite the advice of some of my online friends, (they know who they are) and I proceeded to make plans for the mummification. The day drew closer, and I can’t really tell you how numb about it that I felt except to say that I wanted it badly.  That Fateful Day 

I awoke the day after Thanksgiving and started immediately to work on the things in the garage. With my roommate out of the house, and any other distraction now gone, I moved forward with my plans. My roommate left for home on Wednesday evening, so I would have at least 24 hours of uninterrupted privacy. I figured he would stay for at least three days; it’s a 4 hour drive to northern Virginia. 

The night before, I had made all the preparations that I could for this next big day, today. I laid out the plastic, and put the frame down, placing the plastic inside it. I placed the plaster into the frame, measuring it out into clear trash bags, about 25lbs per trash bag. I placed one bag into each section of the frame; one for each leg, arm, torso and head. The bag for the torso, I filled up more, for the extra space. I also measured the water into buckets for each bag, so that I would not have to worry about the right amount, it was already measured. Knowing from prior experience, I placed an extra bucket of water, and an extra bag of plaster out, just in case that I need more to fill in any gaps that may be left. I looked over the materials and surveyed the surrounding area of the scene. Everything seemed to be there, fans, blow dryers, the space heater, everything. 

I worked on connecting the three old blow-dryers to a pole, which extends about two feet above the frame, running behind the head of it. I took work clamps and pinned the dryers to the pole so that they pointed down at the frame. Next I plugged them all into a strip outlet plugged into a timer switch. I would set the switch for 30 minutes after the time that I mix the plaster, to run for one hour. The space heater would run the entire time. It was sitting on the steps leading door of the house. I turned it on, and then left for my bedroom inside. 

The bedroom is where I would put on the plastic body bag, covering every part of me. No part of my skin could be in contact with the plaster. By the same token, none of the fluids could be allowed to leak out either if there was a hole allowing sweat combine with the plaster, it could become trapped against the skin and cause a chemical burn to occur. That is the primary reason behind making sure that the bag is sealed and wrapped very carefully. 

Taking off all of my clothes, I slip into a pair of old sweatpants, and a old sweatshirt. The sweatpants I pull down at the front to expose my penis, and tuck the sweatshirt into the rest. I tape the two together to keep them from moving around, and then step into the bag. For now I just pull it up halfway, and begin wrapping my feet. 

Carefully and slowly, I wrap the plastic wrap up to my knees, and then tape it with packaging tape to hold it into place. I make sure that every part of my body is well protected, and taped over twice. As the wrappings reach my torso, it all gets harder to reach the back. I have over the years solved this problem. I tape strips of packing tape to the bed, overlapping them in a row. Then I pull them off and have a giant strip of tape that I hang on the wall- sticky side out, and press my back onto it, then roll it flat across my back. This probably looks strikingly similar to a bear trying to scratch itself on a tree. This method of taping also saves time. I can place the tape around all of the hard to reach areas of my body and not worry about bare spots. 

Once my entire body is taped over- the plaster will not penetrate to the plastic wrap- and even if it did, the plasticwrap is just another layer before the body bag. I know this may seem excessive, but it is all very necessary for safety’s sake. Besides, the stiffness of the wrappings is quite exciting as well. Now as I finish the tape, inside the bag I am starting to sweat. Sweat drips from my forehead as I work on my wrapping. I wrap and tape my shaft so that it sticks out, exposed. 

I make my way slowly to the garage, where I will wrap the final layers of drywall mesh tape to my body. I am walking stiff legged; the wrapping is restricting my motion greatly. I have a mirror in the garage that I can see myself in while I wrap the mesh tape over my body. I have three rolls, and I will use about half of it up. At 200ft per roll, that is a lot of mesh. Finishing up the mesh tape I turn to the frame and look at it with the bags of plaster sitting ready for the water. I circle around to the timer, and set it. Then I put rubber gloves on, taping them to my forearms, and sealing them tightly. Now I am ready to pour the water into the plaster. 

I quickly pour the pre-measured buckets into each bag accordingly, mixing each as I go. Next I dump the bags one at a time into the frame, filling it up to about halfway. This is the moment of truth. When I get into the plaster, I will start a chain of events that may not be broken. I could be trapped beyond escape, or not. Excited by the thought, I pressed on. As I could not bend my knees, getting into the frame would be a task to itself. I tried to bend as much as I could, but it wasn’t nearly enough. I would have to utilize a ‘controlled fall’ to the sitting position. With my feet at the base of the frame, I squatted down and ‘fell’ to the middle on my ass. The plaster was sent splooshing out as I did so, all over the plastic around the base. I wiggled into the frame settling in, and started working the wet plaster into the mesh tape, totally saturating my stiff body with plaster all over. As I worked it into the mesh, the cold plaster felt nice, my hot body needed cooling. 

I turned onto my side and began to soak my chest areas, and cover my head, with exception of my exposed face of course. Now I lay my head onto the head rest I had made out of an old paint can, and sank into the plaster face up. I looked at the levels and had to move the plaster around some. The plaster covered my leg totally, and just the tops of my feet stuck out. My torso and chest was just above the level of the plaster, so I decided to sit back up and mix the extra bucket. Working quickly, I took the extra bag and heaved it up to sit on my chest as I laid back into the wet plaster. I smoothed out the plaster around me again then took the bag, and dumped it onto my chest area, letting it fall all over the top of my torso. This extra amount of plaster was more than enough, and I was very happy with the uniformity of it- it was a stiffer mix, so it would harden fast. Placing my arms into the plaster at my side where the special arm spaces are, they disappeared into the plaster pool. I tried to mash my body as deep as it would go into the pool, and I see the level of plaster is right at my chin, with a large rounded mass for a chest, flowing into a pool of plaster somewhere around my stomach. The only thing protruding out of the plaster beyond that is my toes, and my shaft, wrapped and cast. 

I could finally sit still, and just wait. I knew this part of the job would be one of patience; having to wait for the plaster to set. I was exhausted. I closed my eyes and waited for the timer to come on, starting the blow dryers. If I moved, the plaster could crack in spots, so being still was important. By this time, it was about 4:00 in the afternoon, the sun was streaming into the garage, thru the top windows on the garage door. The thick plaster was heavy, but still wet, and cool. I knew that soon it would firm up and harden, warming up as it did so. I watched the light change, moving up the floor to where my frame is, I waited maybe 20 minutes before the timer suddenly switched the blow dryers on, and I felt the rush of warm air on my face. I knew the dryers would speed the process up. 

It has been about 20 minutes now, and the sun has reached the frame, and is now blinding me. I shut my eyes and feel the warmth of the plaster starting to reach my body. It feels good. I decide not to focus on it, and just relax. I resist all temptations to move, or even test the plaster. 

I must have dosed off, because when I opened my eyes, the windows are dark. The sun has gone down and it must be at least 6:00. The plaster is really warm now, and the blow dryers have cut off. I gently test the plaster with my hands, there is no give. I try to move my shoulders, but the encasement is hard and unyielding. My legs are frozen into the plaster at the bottom of the frame. I can just wiggle my toes inside the cast. All other motion is not possible. I try to move my head, but the plaster is rock hard around it and I cannot budge. This was incredible! Finally, I had achieved a good result that I so much desired! The encasement was firm, and rigid, holding all of my body in check. I tested further, moving my legs, and straining the muscles in my arms, but no give at all came forth. I tried to thrust my hips, but very little play was allowed. I began to get horny as my every test met with rigid denial of motion. 

I could really feel helpless now, because I am. I began to think that if I really wanted to, I could break the top of the plaster. I could crack the shell and break the parts off till I escaped. But I had no way to know of how long I was asleep for, was it an hour, two? At the most it could have only been six hours… I really didn’t know… but for the moment I would enjoy this time I have inside the plaster. I don’t know how long this plaster has been curing, but it was really hard at this point. I couldn’t stop the excitement from growing as I thought about all of these things. I thrust inside of the cast, and felt the rigid shell holding me down, inflexible. This was more plaster than I have ever used before, and it not only held the bottom of my body in place, but the top side is encased too. The plaster is rigid all over. By the feel of it, it has been sitting still for about 3 hours or more. I began to wonder if I have gone past the point of no return. 

The point of no return, as I like to call it, refers to the final hardening of the plaster as it dries out, when the innermost layers of plaster reach a certain point, the water retention is lost, and the crystallization occurs rapidly, causing the extreme rise in temperature. After this heating up, the plaster has set, and is now wet-set, or green so to speak. The water is still retained but is slowly evaporating. As the water leaves the plaster, further crystallization occurs, but at a much slower rate. This slow and steady drying crystallization process has a shrinking effect on the plaster, very minuet but definite effect. During this time, the plaster gains most of its lasting strength as the water leaves. The plaster becomes denser and stronger, harder to break. If I have missed this point, and the plaster has gone into firm set, I will not be able to break it up, or at least the cracks will just be cracks, and the rigidity of the blocks of plaster will still hold me down. 

Warm sweat sloshes within my plastic suite as I struggle. I cannot move at all. My hips are so firmly trapped that I cannot hope to get a good thrust far enough to crack the plaster. I am now trying to break out in fear, but deep down the hopelessness turns me on, and the pushing and struggling only helps to excite me even more so. I feel an orgasm building, and I push harder, but nothing moves. I cannot get free, I tell myself, and then my cock swells up and starts to throb. I am going to cum, and there is nothing that I can do about it now. I try to pull my arms in instinctively to grab at my shaft, but no motion is possible. I gasp as the cast does what it should, and my cock explodes. I stiffen up all of my muscles, but nothing gives. I know that this involuntary contraction is the strongest that I can offer, and even it didn’t even crack the plaster. I am really stuck. I sink back into a relaxed and happy warm feeling. 

My toes feel flush, and my face starts to warm now, and I want nothing more that to escape. I am rocking back and forth inside the encasement, but I cannot weaken the plaster. I grunt furiously as I try with all my might to lift an arm out of the plaster. There must be four inches of plaster over my arms. Another two inches a top of my chest and stomach. The pool of wet plaster is now a solid rock around my body. I am feeling rather foolish now. I have gone too far, and I must have slept for a long time for the plaster to be this strong. 

I wondered what would happen now that I cannot get out. Who would find me here? There are only two possibilities: my roommate, or my girlfriend. If my roommate gets back on Saturday night, he would find me. If he doesn’t come home then, I have plans for lunch on Sunday with my girlfriend, who would be very surprised to find me this way. Neither one of them knows the full extend of my fetishes. 

This means I will be here for the weekend. I know that I will be getting dehydrated over the duration, so I try to be as still as possible, and save my energy. This will be the ultimate test of my life. I am for the first time in my life truly out of control. The plaster will continue to dry, and as it does, it will become even stronger. There is no way for me to get out on my own. 

As I sit locked in place, I think about what could happen. Would my girlfriend be the one to find me? Will she think to search the garage? I have a plaster cast over my mouth area, so I cannot shout for help. I cannot even hear outside of the room. All the sounds are muted to me. The cast over my chest is firm and will not allow me to take a deep breath, so I am forced to breathe shallow. This is a constant reminder of how helpless I have become. I will wait for someone to decide my fate now, locked into a block of solid plaster, like an insect caught in amber. 



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