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Nimrod's Novelty

by Stavros

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© Copyright 2003 - Stavros - Used by permission

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G'day, Gromet,

Thanks for your terrific site. For a long time I thought I was the only person like me in all the world - but now I'm one of the Gromet group! Your galleries and stories have been a real eye-opener and turn-on, and I'm always learning new tricks.

The latest one is Nimrod's "Inflatable Mummy Sack," an inflatable mattress rolled like a burrito, with pump attached. I have to tell you, it works! What a great idea.

Having read last night about this inflatable sack, I was on edge all day at work today, but finally got away to the shopping centre and bought a queen-size (largest they had) double-tough inflatable mattress for outdoor use ($59.99), and an electric pump with adapting nozzles ($29.50). Expensive, perhaps, but not if it lasts even two or three sessions.

When you get new toys home, you try them out? I couldn't wait for this one. Here are the details:

I laid the deflated mattress out on a large sleeping bag, folded it over so it overlapped at the back, and then zipped the sleeping bag along the side, leaving it open at the bottom edge. That was the end with the inlet valve and air escape. I tied several thicknesses of fishing line around the outlet plug, and then to the end of the bed, with about three feet of slack. I would have to move around a lot to pull it out, but it would work as an emergency escape - although in my arrogance I assumed I would be able to slide out of it whenever I wanted to.

Then for the electrical additions: air pump plugged into the mattress inlet, and connected to a timer, set to give me five minutes to get ready; 5 minutes inflation; 5 minutes break - last chance to escape? - 10 minutes inflation; 10 minutes off; then random on/off for 30 minutes to compensate for air-leaks. That would take me through until 7.30 p.m. An hour or two to gradually deflate, and I would have had my first Nimrod experience :)

I'm into bondage, too, so a few final touches - feet tied before they disappear into the cocoon, a vibrating butt-plug, a ball gag. Then I slid down into the cold tube of the folded mattress, wriggling down until the sleeping bag was just over my shoulders - on with the vibrator - struggled and heaved to get my hands behind my back - a quick loop of rope - and I was ready. Just snuggling around to get comfortable when the air pump turned on. Nothing seemed to happen for a while, then there was a general increase in pressure - and the pump turned off. Should have given it longer, but this was the first try. It felt good so I snuggled in some more, and the pump came on again. This time the pressure was more obvious, and within a few minutes the mattress was a solid column of air. The pump kept going and the pressure strained the sleeping bag; but both it and the mattress could hold a lot more than that.

Inside, I was getting squeezed from the toes to the shoulders. It was terrific! The mattress is six inches longer than I am (yeah, but I'm nicer!). It inflated beyond the sleeping-bag cylinder, starting to bulge at the top under my chin. Semi-strangulation was being added to the experience! I tried to move up or down, or sideways, but couldn't. Couldn't shift anything but my head. So I put my head back, and eventually the mattress popped over my face. Smothered instead of strangled. This is fun!

Wow! I must say, Nimrod's description of a big hug is spot on. The pump cut out, but I was totally encased and there were obviously no leaks in the mattress. I could roll over with a lot of effort, but that simply let the air rush into other parts of the mattress, and then I was totally immobilized, and squeezed all over.

The next hour was great. Total surrender. For half an hour the pump went on and off, stiffening the mattress to its limit. Then it stopped altogether, and there was nothing to do but lay there and enjoy the sensation for an hour or two. I assumed that would be enough time for some air to escape from the uncapped valve and give me some wriggle-room.

The heat started building up inside my cocoon. My chest was compressed. The mattress pressing on my face made my nose hurt :(

Time passed. Obviously I had bought the only air mattress in the world that doesn't leak any air at all through open valves. Thankfully I could "pull the plug". But could I? The cocoon was so solid I couldn't bend or move - couldn't pull my knees up to pull on the line, or roll around on the bed. Totally stiff and immobilized. I would have to get my hands loose and out of the cocoon to open the sleeping bag. Easier thought than done. I got my hands untied eventually, but I couldn't get my arm up to the top of the bag. Blast you, Nimrod; what have you got me into?

I would have to roll over somehow, risk falling off the bed onto the floor, and get that damn plug out. I rolled once, and managed to move my feet a short distance. Whew. One more roll. At last; the plug flew out and I could hear the air escaping.

It still took a long time to get free. I could now move a bit to help expel the air, but there was still a lot trapped in the mattress and I couldn't sit up - or get my arms out. I got my right hand up to the left shoulder and managed to unzip the sleeping bag a few inches, but that didn't release the mattress, which was completely wrapped around me. Finally I had to pull the mattress down inch by inch into the sleeping bag and loosen it around my shoulders. It seemed to take forever, but at last I got my arms out! Release. Off with the ball gag! Turn off the vibrator!! Slump!!!

Wow. What an amazing experience. Thank you, Nimrod. That's an idea that really works :)

Next time: all night - and I think I'll try that elastic-net-webbing stuff that people use on car-racks: lighter than a sleeping bag, stretchable to a point, and the kind I've got is six feet long - just the right size for full-body cover. (Leather straps at the feet, thighs, and chest will ensure a snug fit). Escape should be easier, too - if I can position the overlap at the back so I can get my right hand through it and reach the webbing clips, I should be able to release enough of them to be able to work my way free - when I'm ready. I won't be in a hurry to escape. The ultimate body hug is an experience to be enjoyed!

Well done, Gromet; and my blessings to all fellow Grometers.



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