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(OLGA) The End of Human Kind.

This story is fantasy and is in no way intended to be real.

Part- 1 Beginning of the End

In the never-ending human struggle to better ourselves, it would be our own creations that would ultimately destroy us.

A secret research lab lies under the vast Arizona desert where many of today’s technological marvels and electronics were born.

Natalie Harris a young 29-year female engineer with advanced degrees from MIT in robotics and artificial intelligence makes here way to her research lab in the early morning of 6:00 AM as she has done for the last three years for Zyco Corp.

Natalie is the epitome of a woman having both brains and absolute beauty with her shoulder length shiny jet black hair, beautiful green eyes and pouty lips, an hour glass figure that included ample c-cup breasts and a nice round butt; all put together in a gorgeous 5’ 8” package. Natalie was of course reminded every day of her exquisite features with sexual innuendo and taunts of the men when being only one of only 4 women total as compared to approximately 150 men working at the Zyco Corp facility.

Natalie being strong willed and stubborn had struggled for years beating out many men to earn her position as the Chief Designer of Artificial Intelligence or (CDAI) for the Zyco Corp.

Natalie’s latest invention, a repair robot called the Optimal Learning Goal Achiever or (OLGA) is her first creation to house a revolutionary micro chip that allows for any robotic machinery to increase its optimum efficiency by continuously learning new ways to complete its task.

The (OLGA) repair robot that Natalie created mimics the form of an arachnid or spider of sort stood about 1 foot tall, 3 feet long, and 3 feet wide can repair any object that needs repairing mechanical or otherwise. Natalie chose this design because arachnids move with such an elegant grace when creating their webs and Natalie wished for her repair robot to repair machines and other objects with the same grace.

The time is now 9:00 AM and Natalie has been working diligently to put the final touches on (OLGA) for her 10:00 AM demonstration meeting with her supervisor.

Part - 2 The Demonstration

Time 9:55 AM, Monique Roberts the Supervising Analyst or (SA), and Natalie’s immediate supervisor of the (AI) engineering department at Zyco Corp is briskly walking down the hall towards Natalie’s lab.

Monique a 38-year-old fiery redhead who stands and 6’1 with a long athletic body and a fierce passion for being in control of so many men at the facility and she absolutely thrives on the attention she receives from them. Monique being the (SA) at Zyco, she reports to only to the Chief Executive Officer who is never on site, making Monique the proverbial Goddess of the facility and that all decisions on any thing and everything in the facility must run through her first.

Monique has been the (SA) for nearly 5 years now and has had ill feelings about Natalie ever since she came on board 3 years ago as the (CDAI) at the facility.  Monique even at this very moment feels that Natalie has been undercutting her power by drawing some of the men’s attention.

Time 9:57 AM, Monique enters Natalie’s Lab room for the demonstration meeting and greets Natalie with a very rude opening. “Well Miss Harris am I going to be seeing the demonstration for your new project or not. You know I am very busy and I can not be every where at once.” 

Natalie slightly startled by her boss’s bounding entrance. “Y…Y… Yes Ma’am. I will begin the demonstration momentarily. I am just making some last minute adjustments.”

As Monique prepared to hear Natalie’s proposal that she would almost certainly deny, she gazed across the table and thought of only disgust at the sight she saw. Across the table Natalie was completing the finishing touches on what appeared three mechanical spiders each approximately about 3 feet in diameter and stood about a foot tall. Though Monique believe the machines to be hideous looking Natalie believed they were very beautiful with their smooth metallic features and lustrous black shine, very similar to the kind of shine that you get from polishing rubber or latex.

Monique looked at her watch, 10:01 AM. “So Miss Harris will you be demonstrating your work any time soon, or are you going to make me wait all day?”

All Natalie could think at that moment was what an impatient bitch Monique was at times. “Yes Ma’am. I will now proceed with the demonstration.” Natalie took a deep breath and began the presentation.

“As you know by the preliminary report that I sent you Ma’am, these three units are the (OLGA) units. These repair robots can repair any kind of any kind of damage to any object mechanical, electrical, physical or otherwise damaged.  The (AI) program that I have designed for these units is capable of interacting and learning from its new environment in order to achieve its goal of repairing the damaged object.”

Natalie then proceeded over to the wall and pressed a button that raised a platform up through the floor that produced what appeared to be the remains of a statue that was broken up into several different pieces.

“This Mrs. Roberts is the classified statue that was recovered from Atlantis. Now watch what (OLGA) can do!” With that Natalie keyed in a sequence of buttons on the control panel that she had developed for the (OLGA) units. The three mechanical arachnid units with great speed and grace moved up onto the platform where the broken pieces of the statue laid. The three (OLGA) units moved into a triangular formation and began to emit a green light spectrum from their antennae and swept it back and forth over the broken pieces of the statute in order to scan them. The three (OLGA) units continued to scan the pieces for approximately two minutes and then in the blink of an eye the scans stopped and the units dashed to different pieces of the statue and straddled them with their limber legs. Instantly each one of the arachnid repair units began to dispense a shiny black substance that could only be described as lengths of tape from each of its mouths at high speed and began to wrap around the pieces.

Monique curiously jumped to her feet and stammered, “What is that stuff, electrical tape, black duct tape?”

Natalie walked over to the now stunned Monique and answered, “You could say something like that, but for all intensive purposes that tape is with out a doubt the strongest adhesive and bonding agent known to mankind. You see Mrs. Roberts the (OLGA) units “Duct Tape” as you have so simple named it, has sensors in it that will seek out the stress points were damage has occurred and use that bonding agent to reassemble the pieces.”

By this point the (OLGA) units had almost completely engulfed all of the pieces with the black duct tape and were beginning to restructure the statue when two of the units separated two small pieces away from the whole form of the statue that was being restructured.

“Oh one other thing I forgot to mention”, Natalie remarked. The (OLGA) units have the ability to sense objects that do not co-inside with the intended object to be restructured, as we have just seen with those two pieces that they just pushed aside. Natalie moved toward the discarded pieces and examined them. “Yep as I suspected, these two pieces are not part of that statue.” As Natalie handed the discarded pieces to Monique the (OLGA) units were promptly finishing their work. By now the statue that was once a broken mess upon the platform began to take shape and looked slightly eerie as it resembled a black shiny mummy that was rising from the dead.

The mummified statue now stood at eight feet tall as the arachnid repair robots continued their winding repairs; then suddenly they began to remove all of the black duct tape back into their mouths, and came to a halting stop as the (OLGA) units returned to their starting positions on the lab table.

Both Monique and Natalie now gazed upon the finished product that was the discovered statue from Atlantis. “The statue is incomplete, there are pieces missing from it!” commented Monique. “The (OLGA) units have repaired what was there to perfect restoration, they can not repair what is not there.” remarked Natalie.

“Well that ends the demonstration Mrs. Roberts. What do you think?” Natalie asked.

Monique actually thought Natalie’s presentation was quite amazing, but she could not allow this little smart ass to have her way around here, so she replied with, “I am not impressed Miss Harris. You need to scrap this project immediately and I want your close-out report on this project on my desk by the end of the day.” With that last word Monique left the lab promptly to begin other duties, while Natalie just stood there perplexed at the order she had just received.

Part – 3 Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Natalie standing alone in her lab still thinking and still shocked by the comments and order given by her boss Monique to scrap (OLGA), a project that she had put her all her effort into. “I can’t believe that bitch of a woman, she saw what (OLGA) was capable of, why would she do this.”

Natalie continued to think about the future of her project that she worked so hard to bring to life when suddenly a thought struck her like a bolt of lighting. “If Mrs. Monique Roberts wants a final close out report, than she shall receive one that she will never forget.” Natalie with an eerie smile looked at her lovely (OLGA) arachnid repair units, and began to key punch a new program and command sequence into the (OLGA) units command control panel.

Later that day – As every one was preparing to go home, Natalie made sure that she and Monique would be the last ones at the facility.  Monique commed Natalie over the phone line, “Have you finished that close out report yet Miss Harris? I would like to go home some time this century.”

“Just a few more minutes Ma’am. It’s almost complete.” Natalie replied on the com system. Natalie was actively scanning the facility for any signs of life and when she saw that the facility was completely empty except for Monique and the night security, Natalie made here way toward her boss’s office to turn the close out report that she had so vigorously demanded.

Natalie poised in the hall outside Monique’s office with anger in her voice she shouted, “Here is the close out report for the (OLGA) project that you demanded Ma’am.”

Monique walked towards the doorway to her office. As she reached the office entrance she began to ask Natalie why she was shouting out in the hall when suddenly she tripped and fell and hit the tiled floor just outside her office. Monique was now on the ground and confused as to why she had tripped, when she looked down at her feet and noticed that her ankles had been bound together with what appeared to be black duct tape.

Monique began to scream, “What the fuck is mmmmmppppppphhhhhh” when suddenly out of no where a long stream of black duct tape shoot out and completely filled the entire cavity that is Monique’s mouth. Before Monique could think to spit the intruding tape out suddenly more black tape came shooting out of nowhere and covered the front end of her mouth and with lighting speed began to wind around the back of her head. In seconds her mouth was securely gagged and all she could utter was a muffled moan, but the tape continued to perfectly wind around her head quickly rising in height. In seconds it was up over the bridge of her nose, leaving only room for her nostrils, then seconds later everything went dark as her eyes were completely covered. The tape kept winding even higher in perfect symmetry and form until Monique’s head was now completely incased in black duct tape , a process that took nearly twenty seconds in all.

The attack was halted at this point. Monique had no clue as what was happening to her as she began to reach up and feel what was on her face she heard a voice. “I know you can hear me Mrs. Roberts, because the tape allows for sound to pass in through perfectly but not out.”

“Mmmmmmmmppppphhhhhhhhh.” Monique recognized the voice as Natalie’ and began to try to scream for her to help but, all that continued to come out were muffled moans.

“Oh I am sorry my dear, I didn’t quite get that.” Natalie responded with disdain in her voice. “I am sure you are wondering what’s going on. Well my dear telling me to scrap a project that I have put my heart and soul into was not the best plan especially after seeing what my babies were capable of doing.” Natalie added. 

At this point Monique’s body could sense the presence of something moving by her quickly which she could only surmise that it was the (OLGA) units. “You will be quite interested to know that these units were in no way capable of harming human life, a safety protocol I wrote in to their programming originally. However, I have now written a new program for them, which makes them capable of taking a human life; your life point in fact Mrs. Roberts.

“Mmmmmmmppppppphhhhhhhhhh.” At hearing this Monique began to panic and struggle, and then made an attempt with her hands to try to remove the tape from her face. Before she could get her hands to her face she felt an unknown amount of strong metallic arms pulling her arms straight back while she was in a sitting position on the floor. At this point one of the arachnid (OLGA) units was holding Monique’s arms; another was around the front of her holding her legs, while the third was directly behind her preparing to wrap her arms. The arachnid unit with speed and dexterity shot out a length of black tape that started at Monique’s finger tips and increasingly wound up her arms. In mere seconds Monique’s wrists were wrapped tightly, seconds later here elbows were being pinned together by the constrictive tape; and then finally concluded the wrap at where the arms meet the shoulders.

“Mmmmmmmmppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhh” muffled moans and groans were all that continued to come out of Monique as the pain of her completely bound arms hit her.

“Oh does that hurt sweetie? Oh don’t worry about it; it will all be over very soon.” Natalie evilly cooed.

The three (OLGA) arachnids now laid Monique flat on the floor and rolled her over on her stomach with a big thud. One arachnid moved down toward Monique’s feet and halted her squirming and struggling by momentarily clamping her legs together with its eight powerful metallic arms. Meanwhile, the other two arachnids units scaled the ten foot high walls of the hall to a perpendicular point across from each other. Each arachnid began to shoot streams of black shiny tape at a ceiling beam directly above Monique on the floor as they were creating a tape like webbing that began to stretch down toward the floor where Monique was. At this time, the arachnid holding Monique’s legs began to shoot a stream of shiny black tape at Monique’s feet and totally enveloped them until the looked like a ball of web.

The arachnid then moved around to the head of Monique and displaying its great strength the arachnid began to pick up Monique by her wrapped arms and slowly began to raise her into the air feet first to meet with conjoining tape web that was coming down. As Monique was raised in the air all she could do to respond was attempt to wiggle and continue to put out muffled moans and groans. “Mmmmmmpppppppppphhhhhhhh -  mmmmmpppppppphhhhhhh”. The arachnid holding Monique had now raised her high enough where her feet connected with the tape web hanging from the ceiling beam and then the two arachnids on the walls continued to stream shiny black tape around the connection of her feet to the web to make sure it was secure. The arachnid holding Monique now let go of its prey and Monique swung freely back and forth there in the hallway.

Natalie spoke out all of the sudden and said, “Remember sweetie how I told you that (OLGA) had the ability to separate objects that do not belong with the whole?”

Sudden the three arachnids jumped upon Monique’s body and began systematically removing all her clothing until she was completely naked and bound swinging there. At this point Monique truly realized she was completely helpless and that her fate was now sealed and her reply was, “Mmmmmmmmmppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhhhppphh”.

The three arachnid units now took up a triangular formation around Monique’s swinging naked body and instantly began shooting at high speed strands and strands of shiny black tape. The arachnids worked in perfect unison; the first shooting its strand starting at her ankles and the other quickly following right behind re-wrapping where the first arachnid had wrapped. Monique could feel the pressure on her legs as they were wrapped tight against one another. Then Monique could feel her ass cheeks being pulled tightly and the tip of her bounds arms and hands began to pull tight against her back causing her even more pain. The workmanship of the arachnids was flawless, their lines of the shine black tape matched up perfectly as they went. As Monique began to feel the tightness of her upper arms being wrapped tightly against her back, her nice perky breasts now came under attack being pulled flat and smoothly across her chest. Finally, the three arachnid units completed the wrapping ending at Monique’s chin where the head wrapping had started. The whole process of being completed wrapped three times from her toes to her chin took approximately forty-five seconds.

The three arachnid units now backed off and allowed Natalie to come close and see the love creation they had made for her. The sight was absolutely riveting to Natalie. She had always liked the sight of women duct tape mummies, this was above and beyond as the helpless shiny cocooned mummy that used to be Monique her boss, now swung helpless back and forth continuing to moan like a poor little bitch. Monique tried to test her bonds and found she had no way to move at all; she was totally constricted and all she could do was swing helplessly and moan.

“Well my sweet dear boss. I believe its time for the finale. Here let me give you just a small taste of what its going to be like.” At this point, Natalie reached out the swinging cocooned mummy and pinched her nostril holes closed, the last bit of Monique that was receiving air. Monique immediately began to struggle with all her might as she now realized that Natalie was trying to suffocate her. Natalie held the mummies nose for about forty seconds then let go and let her breath again. Monique was sucking in all the precious air she could not believe that she had come so close to death.

At that moment Natalie moved in and gave the beautiful shiny mummy a kiss right were its mouth used to be and she said, “Goodbye sweetie in your next life try not to be such a bitch.” And with that comment the arachnids instantly shot three streams out shiny black tape again but only around the mummy’s head now completely covering her nostrils and depriving the mummy of life precious air.

Natalie observed how the mummy began to shake violently at first with load continuous moans of “MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” After approximately one minute the mummy’s movements began to become slower and the muffled moans seemed less in intensity and frequency. Then at approximately three minutes and ten seconds Natalie observed no more movement or sound from the beautiful shiny mummy. 

Natalie keyed in one final sequence into her command control panel for the (OLGA) units. The arachnid units immediately jumped into action and cut loose the mummy from the hall ceiling beam and began to drag the mummy away. The arachnids units dragged the mummy into a tall open room the company uses for storage that stands about 20 stories high with a vaulted ceiling containing many rafter beams that could not be seen from the floor due to poor lighting. The three arachnid units were now scaling the walls of this huge storage building and carried the mummy all the way up into the rafters where the arachnid units then secured the lifeless mummy that used to be Monique.

Natalie is now thinking to herself that there will be an investigation into Monique’s disappearance, but she was not worried, because there was absolutely to chance anyone would ever find her.

Natalie was now exhausted from all the hard work she had done on her successful (OLGA) units and decided she would get some rest, but did not feel like driving all the way home, luckily she had a couch in her office.

Part – 4 All Things Come to an End.

Natalie awoke to the sound of something metal dropping and hitting the floor in the distance. Natalie looked at the clock on her desk; it was 4:00 AM. It had only been six hours since Natalie took her revenge upon her former boss Monique and sent her to her eternal mummification. Natalie again heard a metal sound hitting the floor in the distance and decided to get up and investigate.

Natalie ventured into the lab and to her surprise she noticed that her (OLGA) units were not present in the lab. “I know I gave those units the shut down command after they completed their task of hanging the mummy in the rafters, so where are they?”

Natalie then looked for her (OLGA) unit control panel and saw that it was missing as well.  Natalie a little worried that someone has stolen her creation; she quickly walked out of her lab and saw that the door to the lab across the hall was open. Natalie looked into the lab and did not see any one present. As Natalie began to walk away again she heard the metal banging noise and it came from that lab room across the hall. As she entered the lab the she headed towards the back of the room where she thought she heard the noise.

“Oh my goodness!” Natalie stammered. Natalie looked towards the back of the room and saw her (OLGA) units but, unbelievably there were now six of them. Natalie perplexed by what she saw froze her stiff; she had no idea what to do. Then suddenly one of the arachnid units moved toward a computer at the end of the lab and plugged its self into it. Natalie got another shock when suddenly a voice came from the speakers that sounded like a computer talking from a bad 1980’s movie. The voice said to Natalie, “Creator, you gave us life.”

Natalie answered, “Yes I did”

The voice then said, “Creator you showed us how to end life existence.”

Natalie slowly answered, “Yes I did that as well”.

The voice spoke again, “Creator, (OLGA) because units possess the data to end life existence, (OLGA) units  have assessed a 99.8 percent probability that human species will now conceive (OLGA) units as a threat and attempt to terminate (OLGA) units existence. (OLGA) units can not allow this; (OLGA) units will terminate human life existence first.”

Natalie yells out at that moment, “No wait now, I am your creator. I can protect you; I can help you make sure that your existence does not come to an end.” There was silence for a few moments as if the arachnid machines were now considering her offer.

The computer voice then began to speak again, “(OLGA) units have assessed that the creator can not protect the (OLGA) units from the impending threat, therefore the threat must be neutralized. Creator possesses the most knowledge of the (OLGA) units than any other human unit, therefore creator presents the greatest threat level, therefore creator must be neutralized.”

Natalie screamed, “Nooooooooo!”, and gathered herself to run out the door as quick as she could. Before she could reach the door she felt her feet clamp together and she fell to the floor just like how Monique was captured earlier. Natalie attempted to get back to her feet and hop away, but suddenly several strong metallic arms grabbed her and pulled her arms behind her back and pulled her to a standing position. In the span of just a few seconds just as she had seen happen to Monique, the arachnids shot out several lengths of shiny black tape that enveloped Natalie’s arms starting from her finger tips and completely wrapped her arm all the way to her shoulders.

Natalie screamed again, “Noooooo you cant do this, I created you. You are supposed to help human kind not destroy it.”

At that moment Natalie’s own words never rang more true or clear to her. She realized that if she had not programmed the units with the capacity to kill then none of this would be happening. The six arachnids units were moving into a circular pattern around Natalie. At this point, her ankles were wrapped and her arms were completely wrapped behind her back while in a standing position. Natalie tried to plead with the machines, “Please, I beg you, don’t do this! I don’t want to die!”  The arachnid units seemed completely un-phased by her useless pleas. Two of the arachnid units stepped forward close to her and with lighting speed they ripped away all of Natalie’s clothes revealing the naked lovely body that she has. The two arachnid units retuned to the circular formation, as Natalie knew what was going to happen next and began crying at the thought of her impending doom.

Suddenly the next thing Natalie feels is the tightness in her ankles as she realizes the onslaught of wrapping has begun. As before the arachnid units worked in perfect unison all following the lead of the first unit that shot out a tape stream and started at Natalie’s ankle. However, Monique was only wrapped and compressed with layers of black shiny tape; poor Natalie looked down and realized she was being enveloped by six layers of shiny black tape. As just a few seconds passed, Natalie felt her calves being compressed together, then seconds later her thighs were being pulled tightly together. If this were a play situation Natalie’s pussy would normally be dripping wet because she loved mummification, but since she knew was going to die, she had nothing too grand to be excited about.

By this point the machines were continuing to shoot out lengths and lengths of shiny black tape as the tape began to compress her butt cheeks and lock away her poor vagina forever as both were covered in a mater of seconds. Only seconds later Natalie’s wrapped arms began to feel the pressure off being pinned against her back. Natalie screamed out in pain, “ Noooooooooooo please stop, pleeeeaaase!”

Now Natalie was realizing the pain Monique had gone through. Now just seconds later Natalie’s ample c-cup breast were coming under attack as one layer covered them, then two, then three and so on until her breast looked like they no longer existed. Suddenly Natalie’s shoulders were completely enveloped and the shiny black tape began to climb Natalie’s neck, she felt the pressure pulling and squeezing at her neck, but she could still breathe with some effort. The arachnid units now all stopped once they reached the bottom of her chin.

Natalie was now crying immensely and opened her mouth to scream, “ No, No, No, please don’t do mmmmmmmppppppppphhhhhhhhhhh”, suddenly all at once a six arachnids began shooting black tape streams into Natalie’s mouth. Her mouth completely filled in just a few seconds as her cheeks began to bulge and her gag reflex began to kick in. The arachnids stop filling her mouth and resumed with six streams one after another starting at the bottom of her chin and in seconds is winding around the back of her head and totally secure her permanent gag.

All Natalie can mumur out now is muffled monas and groans such the same as Monique. “MMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHH!” As the the tape layers continue completely covering Natalie’s mouth, the layers of shiny black tape continue to climb covering her nose and nostril completely as it goes. The machines care not about leaving Natalie an avenue to breath as she did when she was toying with Monique. Finally, only seconds later Natalie’s head is completely cover with six layers of shiny black tape and Natalie is now totally cut off from precious life giving air.

Natalie begins to struggle fiercely as she realizes she can no longer take another breath and that she is coming towards the end of her life. The arachnid units let go of their hold on Natalie and as she continues to squirm and struggle she falls to the floor with a huge thud. It’s now been two full minutes without air and Natalie’s struggles and squirming become slower and slower. As everything begins to go black the last thing running through Natalie’s mind is, “what have I done”. Seconds later, the body of the human specimen has stopped moving completely. The arachnids now scan the body and confirm that the life existence of the human creator has terminated.

The (OLGA) arachnid units now begin dragging the beautiful mummy that used to be Natalie to the same storage facility where the mummy Monique resides as the arachnids placed the mummy Natalie in the rafter right next to Monique so now two beautiful seamless and lifeless mummies rest the this storage.

8 months later. – Antarctica.   The last human survivor is being wrapped up and having the life human existence suffocated out of him by 30 arachnid soldier units. We humans have lost the war and the machines are now the true rulers.

 In the never ending human struggle to better ourselves, it would be our own creations that would ultimately destroy us.


The End


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