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One Stiff Wrap

by Smutmiester

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© Copyright 2006 - Smutmiester - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; mum; wrap; blankets; cons; X

Once he came into the bedroom he was shocked to the bed covered in several layers of soft wool blankets. Arranged on the floor along the walls were several piles of blankets in one pile was velux blankets, in another pile were fleece blankets and yet in another were thermal cotton blankets. Jerry's partner was standing in the room wearing a pair of grey fleece sweat pants and a grey fleece hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up and a pair of aviator sunglasses. 

Jim said "Tonight I am the una wrapper." 

They both laughed. 

Jerry went over and got onto the bed as he was already naked. Jim began folding a thermal cotton blanket so it was a little longer then Jerry's leg. One he had it folded he slipped the end under Jerry's left leg. Then he reached under the foot of the bed and brought out a two inch dowel rod the length of Jerry's leg. He laid it down on the blanket next to his leg and began wrapping the blanket tightly around the leg and the rod. 

Making sure every wrap was tight and once he was done he took three short straps made out of old blankets and began tying them around the leg. Jerry's leg was now totally immobilized and he was beginning to realize what Jim meant by this time he would be immobilized. 

Jim then began doing the same with the right leg. Jerry tried to concentrate on the soft warmth of the wool blankets he was laying and forget about the slowly growing predicament he was being put into. When Jim was done with the right leg he then put both legs together and began wrapping a third thermal blanket around both legs so that he couldn't pull them apart. Then he tied that blanket on. 

Then Jim started folding a velux blanket and placed it under Jerry's left arm. Then he used another rod the length of his arm. As he had done with the legs he tied the blanket on. Jerry could no longer bend his arm. Jim then proceeded with the right arm and this time Jerry realized he wasn't going to squirm out of this. Once Jim was done with the right arm as he had done with the left arm Jerry brought out an inflatable butterfly gag and shoved it into his mouth. 

"There that will keep me from hearing you protest while I finish the job." Jim said as he then slid a velux blanket under Jerry's body. 

Jim placed Jerry's arms at his side. Jim then rolled Jerry onto his right side and placed two dowel rods behind his back then let him back onto the dowel rods. Jim then began wrapping the velux blanket around him and by the time Jim was done the only thing he could move was his head. Then Jim brought out a piece of rubber tubing and placed it into his nostrils and around his head. 

Jim then took out some small wool strips made out of a wool blanket. Jim wrapped all of the strips around his head totally encasing him in darkness. 

Next he took a small wool blanket and began folding into a small thick scarf. Then he wrapped it snugly around Jerry's neck. Jerry's head movement became even less. Now Jim pulled him over to one side of the bed and began laying the remaining blankets on the bed. Then he began wrapping Jerry up into the blankets layer after layer. 

Once he was done Jerry couldn't roll over, couldn't bend anything and couldn't call for help. Nor could he do anything about the raging hard on he had. He couldn't see anything or hear anything. He could smell rubber from the breathing tube. He could also feel the soft firm warmth that encased him. But that warmth was beginning to build and soon he was sweating. But there was nothing he could do about it. 

He tried to relax but since he was immobilized he soon needed to move and began to struggle. Soon he was screaming at the total helplessness he was in and panting through the breathing tube. Jim barely could hear the scream under all of the layers of blankets and knew no one else would hear him and so he would pay for all those times he escaped before he could get back. This time he would spend the whole weekend immobilized. 

Jim then undressed and laid down next to the soft warm wool body pillow and went blissfully asleep...


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