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One Stiff Wrap 2

by Smutmeister

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© Copyright 2007 - Smutmeister - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; mum; wrap; blankets; anal; cons; X

Part 2

Morning came and Jim awoke with a raging hard on. But that could wait for a bit. First to make sure Jerry was OK after a night of immobile encasement. First he started unwrapping each blanket one at a time. When each blanket came off he would take the time of folding it up and putting it onto a pile on the floor.

Jerry did not sleep as well as Jim had for it had been a warm night with a frustrating forced immobility. Now he could begin to relax as he could feel Jim begin to unwrap him. When the last blanket that was wrapped around his body was removed he could feel the nice cool air and it felt great. Then Jim began untying the straps holding the blankets on his left arm. Then Jim began unwrapping the blanket around his left arm. Next Jim folded that blanket and put the rod away. Jerry still couldn’t go anywhere because his legs where still wrapped and immobilized.

Jim then began untying the straps on Jerry’s right arm and then began unwrapping Jerry’s right arm. Once he was done he folded the blanket and added it to the pile on the floor. He then put the rod away. Next he folded Jerry’s right arm over his left arm across his chest. Then Jim went to the spare bed room and came back with a wool blanket with satin edges. Jim then folded the blanket length wise to a length equal to the inner positions of Jerry arms. Then he slipped the blanket under Jerry’s folded arms. And Jerry was surprised by it and felt the warm blanket begin wrapping around his arms and thought what’s he doing now? This ain’t done.

When Jim was done wrapping the whole blanket around Jerry’s arms he began tying straps around the blanket near the elbows. That only left the arms above the elbows unwrapped. Next Jim sat Jerry up on the bed. Then he brought out another Wool blanket only this one was a much heavier one with a sewn hem. Next Jim folded it to a width from Jerry’s shoulders and his waist. Then Jim lifted Jerry’s arms and placed one edge under Jerry’s armpits. Placing a short length beyond Jerry’s body. Then Jim let Jerry’s arms back down and folded the bottom edge up over the arms up to his neck. Then Jim took the short end and brought it around to Jerry’s back then holding it there Jim began wrapping the rest of the blanket tightly around Jerry’s upper body pinning the arms in place. When Jim was done he took more straps and began tying them around and across Jerry’s body holding the wool blanket in place. Jerry tried to struggle his arms free but it was like he was now in a wool straight jacket made out of blankets. He once again was totally helpless.

Next Jim laid Jerry back onto the bed. Then went and got some stuff out of the medicine cabinet and he grabbed a soft fleece blanket from a pile. Jim went back to the bed and rolled Jerry onto his side and slowly spread his ass cheeks then he began to lube up his anus with KY gel. Next Jim grabbed Jerry’s hard on and began wrapping it with the soft fleece blanket. Next he started slowly stroking him and as he did this he rubbed his own cock with the gel . Then he pressed his raging manhood up against Jerry’s anus and began to press. Jerry was caught between coming and getting penetrated the helplessness put him over the edge and he began thrusting against Jim’s hand and the blanket. Jim then thrust his manhood into Jerry’s anus and slowly stroked Jerry while at the same time he slowly fucked him. Jerry was going crazy and even Jim was heady with the power he had. They both exploded about the same time. Jim lay there next to Jerry for a bit. Then he got up and removed the blanket from Jerry’s crotch and ever shrinking cock.

Jerry laid there panting. Sated yet now wanting to be released. Jim came back and began pulling Jerry over to one side of the bed. Then he laid out seven more heavy wool blankets with the sewn hems. Jerry could tell more blankets were being laid onto the bed and began to shout and shake his head no.

Jim leaned over close to his head and said, "Oh no you don’t you’re my toy for the whole weekend. If your nice I’ll please you like I did just now."

Then Jim began wrapping each blanket around Jerry one at a time. When he was done Jim took a large amount of blue and white nylon rope and began tying it on at Jerry’s Feet. Then in a style reminiscent of Japanese rope art he began tying the rope around Jerry. Jerry could feel something slowly pressing the wool blankets firmly against his body. When Jim was done Jerry was now a beautifully encapsulated wool mummy. Then Jim dragged Jerry off the bed and into a soft chair. Then Jim placed a set of head phones onto the outside of the sweater sleeve over Jerry’s head. As Jim left the room he clicked the mouse starting a program.

Jerry sat there unable to move wondering what Jim was up to since he couldn’t hear anything. Then he heard a male vioce through the layers of wool wrapping his head.

"What you are now listening to is a computer generated voice program that I created using Read Speak 2003 and a text file. It is speaking what I wrote. So by now you have guessed or told that you are not going to get free for at least the weekend. So while I go get some errands done today your going to sit like you are unable to do anything about it. But if you have to relieve yourself just go ahead and do it. The blankets will wash and come clean. Now when I get back I will unwrap you after awhile and then wrap you back up into another position. We’ll also have some more sex. This is both a reward and punishment. For I know it drives you wild to be helpless but also a punishment for escaping all those times before. Don’t worry about over heating while your siting here listening to this I am putting a fan on you to help take away excess heat. I know you probably didn’t sleep too well last night. In fact you probably won’t be able to sleep too well all weekend. There will be times you just have to squirm and scream so go ahead no one is going to help you. You are totally dependant upon my whims. Don’t worry I won’t starve you or totally dehydrate you. I’ve thought of that. Since it’s going to take me some time to do my errands I have record some of your favorite sexually explicit scenes for your listening pleasure enjoy."

Then the voice was gone and was replaced by the audio from scenes Jerry knew all to well and aroused him greatly. Jerry tried not to listen but hearing was all he had and soon he was getting aroused again and all he could do was wait......




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