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A Perfect Dream

by Sindewell

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© Copyright 2002 - Sindewell - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; mum; susp; tape; cons; X

This is a dream I had - it was so real and it felt like it was really happening to me.  I hope that one day (soon) it does!

I was brought down into the basement, naked except for a blindfold.  Leather wrist cuffs are locked onto my wrists and I am strung up to the hooks in the beams above me.  I form a perfect Y balancing precariously on the balls of my feet.  You gag me with the ingenious bit gag you made for me for Christmas.  The straps are pulled tightly around my head, causing me to moan slightly.  The eye hook that you have screwed into the front of the bit is attached to another eye hook that you have screwed into the beam above me.  This forces me to arch my head back, rendering me completely helpless…and I love it!  I feel you playing with my asshole and the feel the tip of the lubed up butt plug against the entrance of my ass.  You slowly and gently push it up into my ass.  You are pleased.  It will come in handy later, you think wickedly to yourself.  I hear you take a picture with the new digital camera…that’s good, because I want to see this when all is done!

You stroke my tautly strung body.  Being stretched only enhances my sensitivity.  Your nails scratch lightly down my sides in a half tickling feeling.  My feet dance trying to get away, in a futile attempt.  Your hands caress my breasts, your fingers lingering on my nipples, pinching them harshly, knowingly.  I again moan aloud in ecstasy.  I am in heaven.  But you are not done with me yet, not by a long shot.

I feel you apply your latest weapon - a breast press.  You are cautious not to allow my breasts to get pinched in the threaded rods and you continue to tighten the wing nuts, pressing the dowels further onto my tits, causing them to bulge out.  Once satisfied that they are sufficiently secured, you add my clamps to the now very sensitive nipples.  My boobs are already beginning to turn a nice shade of red…on their way to purple, you hope.  Again, another picture is taken.  I get the feeling that you are doing a step-by-step view of things…

You begin to wrap my ankles tightly with pallet wrap, pulling it severely around my legs.  Around and around it goes up my legs.  When you reach my hips, you tell me to “suck it in” and I obey.  Tightly the wrap is pulled across my stomach, causing my belly to disappear.  I continue to hold it in as you continue to corset my waistline with pallet wrap.  I am certain that you have just managed to shave a couple of inches off my waist and I would love to know the measurement.  You continue to wrap until you are just below the press.  You cut off the wrap and secure it with a strip of duct tape that compactly encircles my rib cage.  Another click of the camera.

My tits are now a light purple and throbbing from the press.  You remove it and blood rushes back into them, causing an incredible sensation of pleasure/pain.  You remove the clamps as well and I moan again at the sensation.  You continue with your wrapping up over my tits, squashing them mercilessly against my body.  You go around four or five times, ensuring that they are completely compact.  I am now wrapped from my ankles to my armpits.  You again encircle me with duct tape, this time above my tits, ensuring that the wrap doesn’t move.  My wrists are released but I am still held in position by the bit gag attached to the eye hook in the beam.  You steady me and then instruct me to place my arms at my sides.  You wrap each arm individually first, up to the shoulder, making sure that my fingers are tightly bound.  Then they are wrapped to my body, the wrap pulled tighter and tighter each time.  I am being compressed and loving every nano-second of it.  Finally, you are done, for now at least.  Click of the camera again.

I am released from the bit gag and gratefully drop onto the soles of my feet.  You pick me up and move me just a few feet away.  I feel the support pole behind me.  You have removed the mattress cover from it so that it is just the bare pole.  I  am standing on a stool and you tell me to once again, stand on my tip toes.  I again, obey and you commence wrapping  me to the pole from my ankles all the way up to my shoulders again.  You go around my body at least 5 times, guaranteeing that I am snug against the pole.   You tell me to lift my feet and I do.  You pull the stool out from under me and I suspended.  You kiss me hard and I am certain that this must be heaven.  You remove my blindfold and I smile at you, telling you this is the most awesome experience I have ever had.  You tell me that we aren’t quite done yet with a wicked smile on your face.  More pictures are taken, wow; I can’t wait to see these!

You place the stool beneath my feet and carefully cut me away from the pole.  Once I am free from the pole, you pick me up and strap me to a fridge truck and hoist me up the stairs.  It was   easier to do it this way that to try and carry me up, you tell me.  I am brought into bedroom and stood up beside the bed.  You begin to wind duct tape around me, starting at the ankles.  You do the legs, stopping short of the crotch and then resume just above the pubic line up to just below the tits.  You take a piece of duct tape about 5 inches long and make a small incision in the middle of it.  You force the green tube through the incision, leaving about an inch and a half sticking out on the sticky side of the duct tape.  You insert this into my mouth and pat the tape firmly against my cheeks.  You take smaller strips and secure the tube.  You pinch my nose, forcing me to breathe through the tube, checking for any air leaks.  You find none and continue on your work.  You begin to wrap my head, allowing my breathing tube to flop about.  With my head now totally wrapped, you tell me to try and breathe through my nose.  I can’t and you are satisfied.  I am euphoric.  I can feel the wetness between my legs dribbling down.  I am completely at your mercy.  I know that you are taking more pictures.

I hear duct tape being torn away from the roll and feel it wrapped around my head, blindfolding me.  It isn’t pulled tight, but it is just enough to guarantee that I can’t see or breathe through my nose.  You ask if I am OK and I nod and let out a moan of content.  You make the necessary incisions at my nipples and apply my clamps, fastening so that they are on the tightest possible setting, knowing that I love it.  Another incision is made at the backside and I feel you squiggle your fingers in, feeling my incredible wetness.  I think that you are probably a little shocked by the amount of love juice there is.  You tip me onto my stomach onto the bed making sure that my hose doesn’t kink.  You mount your mummy from behind.  You can’t decide which hole should be invaded first.  You delicately pull out the butt plug, which leaves my ass hole wide open to be taken.  “Why not start there?” you think to yourself.  You roll a condom over your cock and then gently coax your hard-on into my ass.  I moan and try to raise my hips to meet you but I am so severely wrapped that any movement is almost impossible. 

You begin to fuck my ass hard and I am excited by all of the sensations; being tightly wrapped so that I can’t move, the nipple clamps biting into my nipples, my breathing tube that I know at any second you will block off, the feeling of your hard cock pumping my ass…it is all overwhelming, so much so that it causes me to overload and have a mini-orgasm myself.  I am so caught up in the rapture that I don’t notice at first that you have screwing my ass.  It isn’t until you slip yourself into my drenched pussy that I realize this.  You lay down on top of me, telling me, as you block my airway, that I don’t get air until you cum. You furiously pump my pussy and I can feel the friction which drives me to another orgasm, this one more intense than the one before.  My lungs are screaming for air and finally I feel you give that final plunge and I can breathe again as you spurt your cum into me. (Apparently you had removed the condom.)  I shudder and moan as the waves overcome my body.  You collapse upon me and I am the most content I have been in my life.

You withdraw and clean yourself off as I wait for you to undo me.  Then I hear the duct tape again and feel you tape up the incision at my ass.  I am confused.  We’re done, so now you undo me and I go take a shower…or at least that is the way it’s always worked.  But you have a little surprise for me.  You roll me over onto my back and position me in the centre of the bed.  You strap me down to the bed, pulling them tight.  You pull on my nipple clamps until they are taut, causing me to groan out loud.  You have connected them to something because there is a constant pull on my very sensitive nipples.  Then you make an incision at the crotch and I feel you slide my vibe down into my wetness below.  You position it just so that the tip is pressing directly against my susceptible clit.  You tape it into place and, in doing so, pull it back a little more, ensuring that the clit will receive the full brunt of the vibrations.  You turn it on the low setting.  You tell me that you are going to go play a game of cards on the computer, leaving me to stew.  You take another picture of my latest predicament.   You leave the room…leaving me to endure the vibrations and to enjoy the sensations of my confinement.

“Ross!” I yell out in a muffled call, but it is ignored and I know that you will be back to check on me….soon, I hope!

The End


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