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Revenge of the Mummy

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/mf; wrap; bandages; fibreglass; encased; permanent; nc; XXX

This story is a warning to those dastardly males who while their poor female partners are entombed in mummification, they are having a bit on the side, it could all end in tears so be warned of the mummies curse!


To a stranger if would appear as if they had been transported back to the time of pharaoh's, the walls of the room were covered in Egyptian Hieroglyphs and in the centre of the room was a table with a bound body of a mummy lying there showing no sign of movement. Downstairs Len was helping Paula to pack her bags, they had been having a mad passionate four days of love while Jenny had been bound as a mummy and left upstairs.

Len Kissed Paula goodbye and helped her with her bag into the yellow sports car and watched her drive away, he thought to himself, "Well I’d better let Jenny out before she becomes a real mummy!"

He re-entered the house and tided up hiding all traces of his affair then after cleaning up he wandered upstairs. He looked at the mummy that had been lying there for the past four days, he had dribbled drops of water down the breathing tube to keep her going, she could survive without food but she had to have the odd drop of water. He now removed the death mask that was a copy of Tutankhamen's mask then started to remove all the binding, soon the naked body of Jenny appeared. She had been mummified for four days, she had slept most of the time, when she was being bound Len had told her it was just for the night and he had not mentioned Paula was coming to stay, of whom Jenny knew nothing.

Jenny now lay on the body board still bound above and below each joint of her body; Len now picked up a knife and slit the final bindings. Jenny was in a daze as the light hurt her eyes and with being held rigidly for four days her body refused to move, it was as if all the joints had seized up. Len left the room leaving Jenny to recover by herself, at first she could only move her wrists and ankles after a while she managed to move her legs, she half rolled on the table trying to swing her feet off the table but she was so stiff that at first she could not stand but half crawling, walking and stumbling she made her way to the bathroom. Once there she began drinking from the tap to get her insides working, Len came in and announced she had been mummified for four days quite proudly, Jenny had by now realised she had been bound for more than a day but four days that was a record.

Later Len left for work Jenny came downstairs she wondered to herself why he had left her for four days, as she entered the lounge something glittering in the carpet caught her eye, she bent down picking it up she found it was a women's diamond earring, she knew instantly now why she had been left for four days - the rat was having an affair! The following day Jenny mentioned to her friend Jean that she thought Len was having an affair behind her back and planned with Jean's help to try to find out who the female whore was and also to work out a plan of revenge that neither would be able to forget!

Jenny announced to Len the following day that she was going away for a week on a course so he would have to look after himself, Len just nodded and said, “No problem! I to have a lot of work this week to do anyway.” 

The following day Jenny said goodbye put her bag into her car and drove away. Within half an hour a yellow sports car pulled into the spot that Jenny had vacated earlier and a young girl got out letting herself into Jenny's house with her own key. Unknown to her in a small blue van across the road sat Jean who dialled on her mobile phone to Jenny to let her know the girl had all ready taken up residence and was in the house. 

At that Jean started the van and drove back to her flat were Jenny was waiting, the two women discussed the plan for the coming evening. Jenny told Jean that every evening as the ten o’clock news started Len always had a double brandy and watched the news regardless of what else he was doing, but this time it was going to be a little stronger than he anticipated as Jenny had mixed in a large dose of crushed sleeping tablets into the brandy. The two girls then went out to a local restaurant for a meal and wasted a little time till just before ten, enjoying each others company.

It was 9.45 pm, as the two left the restaurant, they parked just down the road from Jenny's house, both girls got out of the little van and walked around the back of the house. Standing part hidden by the bushes in the garden they could see Len in the lounge he had just entered and had just switched on the TV to watch the ten o' clock news as he did every night. As he sat down he reached over and picked up the three quarter full bottle of brandy and began pouring himself a large double, Jenny smiled at Jean and said, “I told you he was a creature of habit.” 

Both women made there way into the house through the back door, Len was slumped in his chair, Jenny smiled and said he will not wake till morning! Jenny asked where is this other women its so quiet, both women searched the lower rooms to no avail, now they made there way upstairs searching each bedroom one at a time but still no sign of her. The only room left was the small back room were Jenny kept the bondage gear, as the two women looked in there was the missing female on the table in the centre of the room, bound above and below each joint unable to move a muscle, the two women stood over the naked girl and looking down, they could see the look of horror appear on her face. She was unable to speak due to a piece of bodge tape securely placed across her mouth, her eyes flashing in terror from one to another, obviously she was going to be the second course after Len had downed his brandy and watched the news. 

Jenny smiled at Jean, “Well we will not have to worry about her leaving unexpectedly!”

The two now returned to the lounge were Len lay unconscious Jean asked, “What are you going to do with them now? You’ve caught them red handed playing around what more do you want?” 

Jenny thought for a moment, “I see no problem there as they seem to like playing mummies, give me a hand with Len I want him upstairs next to that whore!”

At that they proceeded to drag Len upstairs to the small back room, after striping him naked and binding him securely next to his terrified girlfriend Jean commented, “I think we have deserved a drink after all that exhaustion.” With that they left the room containing the two bound bodies and went downstairs.

Next morning after a mad passionate night of love making both Jenny and Jean sat around the breakfast table discussing what to do to the pair of lovers upstairs over a hearty breakfast, after formulating a plan Jean nipped out to town to buy some bits and pieces for the forthcoming job.

Meanwhile Jenny went upstairs to where the pair lay, she smiled as she entered the room, “What a pair of fools you two are! If only you had waited two more days Jean and myself were planning on running away together but as you decided to jump first, I am afraid the problem is going to be all yours as we have great plans for the pair of you.” 

At that moment Jean came into the room carrying several carrier bags of bandages and two one-gallon tins of fibreglass resin. “Got what you asked for,” said Jean a bit out of breath after climbing the stairs with all her goodies.

“Good we do not want this pair of lovers worrying about their fate so we had better get on with it.”

With that Jenny walked over to Len who was mumbling behind the bodge tape attached to his lips, Jean commented perhaps he is trying to say  "its not what it seemed" or something like that!

Jenny laughed, “Right lets bind them up with the bandages you bought, we will start with Len.”  Jenny looked at Len, “Right we are going to stand you up, if you do not comply with our wishes completely we will take it out on your girlfriend do you understand?” Len nodded. “I hope you do not think we are joking as we are deadly serious about this,” added Jenny. 

She starting at the feet while Jean started to bind up his body with the bandages, on reaching his genitals Jenny held them out away from the body while Jean continued up the body, soon the whole body was covered leaving just his head and genitals clear. Now the two girls emptied half a gallon of fibre glass liquid resin into a bucket adding the hardener and then proceeded to paint over the bandages allowing the resin to soak into the bandages thoroughly, soon the bandages became solid as the resin quickly penetrated and dried, leaving him standing there as ridged as a board.

Jean flicking his penis said, “What are you going to do with these bits hanging out here?”

Jenny smiled walking over, “Oh yes, I have plans for them!” 

She started to work him up with her hand and soon he had a very large erection, just as he was reaching the point of ejaculation she stopped and slipped an O ring over the penis allowing it to snap tight around the base, soon the veins swelled out and the erection was trapped in all its glory, his testicles hung down, he had a magnificent pair of which he was justly proud.

Jenny now produced a three fingered tool, on the ends of the fingers she slipped on a very small thick black O ring, on squeezing the handle it opened the O ring wide she lent forward manipulating the tool so the testicles passed through the hole in the centre of the rubber ring then letting go of the handle the O ring was left attached around the top of the scrotum squeezing it very tight and isolating the testicles. Len squirmed a little as the O-ring clamped tight in its deadly embrace. Jenny explained to Jean the device was really for sheep the farmers would slip the O rings over the balls of the animals and after a week or so the band castrates the animal as the balls wither and drop off!

“With our plans for him he will not be needing then anyway!” The pair now proceeded to fibreglass his penis so capturing its size in all its splendour for all eternity, Len was now left there groaning behind the tape gag.

The girls now turned their attention to Paula; the same warning was given to her about moving. She stood trembling with fear as the pair proceeded to bandage her body, on reaching her vagina Jean slipped in a vibrator, she was surprised to see Paula was quite moist all this work was turning her on even through she was frightened. The vibrator would run for a short while then switch off allowing her to cool down then it would start all over again hopefully not quite fetching her to orgasm. To stop the vibrator slipping out a piece of bodge tape was pressed over the entrance of the vagina and the binding continued up the body. She really did have a magnificent pair of breasts with no sag at all and they stood out well under the bindings, there would be no doubt, which was the female when the pair were finished.

Now the bandages were coated with fibreglass resin and allowed to set, both victims stood ridged in the centre of the room unable to move entombed in their new skins. The heads were now bound leaving a small hole just below the nostrils for them to breath through. After coating the heads with resin they were sculptured to look like Egyptian pharaohs. The pair were now painted gold and covered in Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphs. After a bit of a struggle they manoeuvred the fibreglass encased pair downstairs and stood them either side of the hall, it certainly would be a talking point when entertaining guests in the future and they would last forever as statues.

Jenny now nipped upstairs returning a few moments latter with a packed suitcase some papers and her passport, she now picked up the phone and dialled the company that delivered the milk and papers, A voice the other end answered, Jenny replied she was the owner of the large house in Abby Lane and she would be away for the next three months as she was going on holiday with a friend touring the pyramids in Egypt and the house would be empty till they got back.

Jean and Jenny locked the front door behind them; the only sound in the house was shallow breathing coming from the two statues in the hall. The two girls climbed into the yellow sports car that once belonged to Paula who would not be needing it any more as she was rather tied up, the two sped away towards the airport looking forward to their exotic holiday in the middle east that they had planned some time ago.



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