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The Rolling Duct Tape
by Insider
© Copyright 2005 - Insider - Used by permission
Storycodes: Other/m; mum; nc; XX
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The Rolling Duct Tape by Insider Other/m; mum; nc; XX

It observed him for the whole day. Hours by hours it waited for the moment in the shadow of its box, immobile, in silence and with a growing excitement. Then he felt asleep while he was watching tv and he was naked because he liked the sensation of rubber couch on his bare skin.

The roll of duck tape that was observing him made a sinister grin and then it jumped out of its box. It rolled on the floor in order to reach him and then it jumped on the couch, near his head. He was laying with his belly down and it smiled when it looked at his innocent and quite expression on his face. Then it unrolled part of itself and it attached that strip over his lips. It began to wrap his face, passing more and more over his mouth. The roll passed over his nose, living his nostrils untouched and it continued over his forehead. It made other loops and then it ran from the head to chin. In few minutes he was gagged securely with his entire head wrapped, except for his eyes and nostrils.

Then it jumped on the floor and it waited. It wanted him to see the whole procedure, it wanted to look in his terrorized eyes loop after loop and observe the pathetic creature, trapped and helpless, while he was dying.

It didn't wait long and few second later he awaked, slowly. As soon as he realized he was gagged his eyes opened wide in terror and he tried to stand up. He put his feet on the floor, but for his misfortune, he was near to the roll. Rapidly it unrolled itself again and it made a pair of loops over his ankles and made him fall on the ground. 

With shock and fear he looked at the alive roll of duck tape and then desperately he tried to reach with his hand a pair of scissors. Again the roll was faster and it trapped his fingers with many tight loops, covering his hand completely. For a moment he looked to the unbelievable tape, then he tried with the other hand, but it reached his wrist and it obliged him to join his hands. Merciless it began to tie his hands together in front of him, covering any inch of his skin. In few minutes he was tied and gagged securely, even if it was only the beginning.

With a strong shove to his arms it forced him to stand up and then the roll attached itself over his low body and it began to wrap, ever more stricter and tighter. It started under his navel and it continued to his pubic region. Strip after strip it reached his penis and then the roll noticed his cock was standing erect, even if it didn't understand why, it knew this happened when men are excited, but it tied and gagged that stupid creature in order to eliminate him and surely there was nothing excitable in that.

So the roll changed its plan and began pitilessly to tightly wrap his penis, in order to trap inside the blood and make it erect for all eternity (or until he died). Then it forced the prick down against his stomach and it wrapped again, passing over his buttocks. His cock disappeared under miles of silver tape and he knew it would be a permanent solution, such as his hands wrapped, tied feet and his silenced and gagged mouth. When it reached his upper legs, it pushed him on the couch and it began to tie them together them while he was squirming and he tried to get free. 

But the roll continued rapidly and in few seconds it reached his knees and it continued down to his ankles. When the roll began to tie his feet he stopped moving and he looked more and more terrorized and hopeless. When the roll finished to wrap his toes it came back to his torso and it started from his pelvis upwards, covering everything in the silver tape. It tied tightly his hands and arms to his body, making a unique block. 

When it reached his neck it slowed down and it completed its work with precision and tranquillity, while its victim followed it with his eyes, more and more terrorized and now completely paralysed. The roll arrived on his head and, after it enforced the gag, it placed itself near his nose and it waited, looking at him.

In that moment he realized what would happen next and he began to squirm furiously: cruelty and with satisfaction the roll covered his nostrils with many passages, and it finished with his shocked eyes. In a few seconds he was not able to breath again and he tried desperately to get free or to scream. But inexorably his movements became more and more slow, until he didn't move anymore.

With satisfaction the roll observe the completely wrapped and immobile figure and then it went back to it’s box.


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