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Second Adventure

by Sindeewell

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© Copyright 2002 - Sindeewell - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; mum; toys; cons; X

“Are you ready?”  He asked softly.

I nodded.  I needed this so badly.  With my padded leather blindfold securely fastened behind my head and collar and leash attached at my neck, I began my trepid walk with my hands firmly bound behind my back, to our bedroom with him pulling at the leash.

I felt the coolness of the fresh air circumvent my freshly bathed body.  My nakedness shuddered a little. 

“You needn’t worry, you will be warm soon enough.” He said with I am sure, an evil grin on his face.

I felt the leash being tugged up, strangling me ever so slightly and causing me to balance precariously upon my tiptoes.  I heard him moving things around and I once again, began to feel the stirring between my legs, the juices slipping from between my pussy lips.  He moved around me, caressing me slightly, sending shivers through my veins.  He plucked at my protruding nipples, pinching them harshly, pulling them cruelly.  I moaned with contentment.  The leash loosened and I was lead to the bench, his gift to me for my birthday. 

“Lay down on your back.”  He commanded.

I did as I was told and the leash was wrapped around the padded top, securing my neck to it.  And then he began.  He started at the top of my leg, meticulously wrapping the strong clear pallet wrap around my leg.  When he reached my foot, he instructed my to point my toes to a ballerina’s “en pointe” position.  He wrapped my foot in this position and then commenced wrapping back up the leg.  Tearing it off at the top, he then secured the wrap in play with a clear boxing tape.  Two rounds at the top of the thigh, and then wound it candy-cane style down the leg to the foot.  At this point he paid particular attention to my foot. 

Feeling certain that I would surely be able to release my foot from the “en pointe” position, he proceeded to take a single strip of tape and stuck it to the top of my foot, pulled it tight over my tiptoes and back to my heel.  Then he wound a number of rounds of tape around the foot, encasing it completely to the point the there was no chance of moving it.  He repeated this arduous task on the other leg, performing the same meticulousness about the foot as he had done the other.  Once both legs had been completed, the leash was released and I was instructed to sit up, straddling the bondage bench.  My arms were unbound, but my left arm was quickly tied at the wrist and cruelly wrenched up the middle of my back and tied off to the D-ring of my collar, again, slightly strangling me. 

“Hold your arm out.”  He instructed.

With the same intent as with my legs, he wrapped my arm, starting at the shoulder and working his way down the hand.  He wrapped my hand and then told me to make a fist.  I did as I was told and it was soon wrapped tightly in a ball.  Then the used the same clear tape as before and wrapped it around my arm down to the balled fist.  He paid particular attention to my fists, wrapping them tightly with the tape.  He then released my other arm and wrapped it in the same manner. 

He roughly pulled the two arms together and wound a strip of tape at the wrists.  He then told me to bend over and my arms were pulled up into a strappado position.  I began to feel the wrap draw my arms together into a single sleeve.  Again, tape was used to secure it in place, ensuring that there would be no coming undone.  Then, my arms were let down and I was pulled back up to the straddling of the bench.  He began to wrap my upper body, locking my joined arms to me.  I was then told to swing my leg over the bench and with his help, I was bent over it onto my stomach.  My en pointe feet were barely touching the floor.  I felt him stroking my freshly shaved pussy.  He licked at my juices.  His tongue flicked at my ass hole, teasing it open.  His finger, greased from my own cream, parted the opening.  Slowly, he inserted his finger into the forbidden hole.  I tried to squirm, but there was little I could do.  Then, I felt something else.  My muscles instinctively clenched.  He pushed further, delicately forcing open the hole.  The butt plug finally found its nesting place.  With me bent over like that, he couldn’t resist sliding himself into my love canal.  He pumped furiously, bringing me to the edge and then viciously pulled out, leaving me deprived of any satisfaction.   He moves my legs together and begins the task at hand, the ultimate reason for being here, to completely mummify me in plastic.

My legs are now wrapped from my ankles to my thighs.  Now comes the hard part.  He pulls me up until I am standing on my pointed toes and then leans me back onto the bench, my arms crushed beneath me.  I must hold myself in a straight position until he has completed his wrapping.  Thankfully, he wraps me quickly, pulling the plastic very tightly around me.  Then, as he has done all along, he wraps the clear tape all around me as well.  I am half lifted, half dragged to the bed where he flops me down onto my stomach.  My head dangles off the edge of the bed. He removes the blindfold as he grabs a handful of hair and pulls my head back, causing my mouth to open.  He slips his hard-on in and begins to fuck my mouth.  There is little I can do.  There is little I want to do.  I am bordering on euphoria, helplessly mummified, content on my predicament.  Already my body is beginning to perspire.  I try to wiggle, yet there is no give to my encasement.  Without reason, he withdraws, leaving me slightly bewildered.

I am rolled onto my back, leaving my arms pinioned beneath me.  He looks deeply into my eyes, knowing full well and good that this is what I want.  He has finally figured it out.  He smiles and leans forward to kiss me.  His kiss is soft, warm and gentle, his tongue delicately probing my mouth.  I ache for this, for him.  Quietly he pulls away and before I can say a word he slaps a piece of duct tape across my mouth.  He pats it down, securing it to my face.  I look at him furiously…this wasn’t part of the plan.  He softly laughs wickedly.  “Ahhh, you can’t have everything your way my dear.  But I am sure that you will get just as much out of this.  Now, don’t move.”

Swiftly, he makes a small incision in the duct tape, just enough to feed a breathing tube into the entrance of my mouth.  Once in place, he secures it with more duct tape.  He pinches my nostrils shut, forcing me to breathe through the tube.  Satisfied that there are no air leaks, he proceeds with the next implement of torture.  Carefully, he inserts the soft, gum like earplugs into my ears, blocking out any defined sound.  I can hear myself breathing; I hear muffled noises, but nothing definite.  He looks at me, mouths the words  “I love you.” And then blindfolds me once again.  I take deep breaths through my nose, calming myself, knowing now what he has planned.  I feel him tenderly lift my head and begin enveloping it with the pallet wrap, cutting off the air supply to my nose.  I can now only breath through the tube protruding from my mouth.  I have lost all of my senses, depraved of what is going on around me.  I feel tape being wrapped around my head as well, secure the wrap and alleviating any chance for air to emerge. 

My arms are now numb from laying on them, and I am rolled over onto my stomach.  I cannot move at all and must depend upon him to adjust my positions.  I have no way of telling him is I am uncomfortable.  I moan and am rewarded with him laying upon me, squashing me beneath him, making it very difficult to breath.  Suddenly, I have no air at all through the tube.  I suck in but there is nothing to suck.  My lungs start to burn from the lack of oxygen when just as quickly, I have fresh air once more.  Deeply I breathe in as he lifts himself from me.  I lay there momentarily, hearing myself breathe, knowing that the more he does this, the more excited I get.  Already a pool of my juices are running between my legs.

Gently, I am rolled back over onto my back, however, this time, he has propped up pillows so that my full body weight is not resting on my arms pulled tightly behind my back.  I feel him fiddling with the wrap, pinching at my nipples, and then cool air hits them, causing them to pucker and stiffen.  Both are severely yanked out of the wrap and quickly clamped with clover clamps.  I yelp but there is barely a noise audible enough to be heard.  I feel something cold against them and then I quickly realize that it is ice being applied to my pinched nipples.  Inwardly I shiver at the sensation.  Almost immediately following the ice I recognize a different sensation.  The iced nipples are now being tortured with searing heat from hot wax.  I try to shake the feeling away, but I cannot move.  I moan, but again, it is barely heard.  His hands begin caressing my plastic encasement, sending a wave of sensations throughout my body.  A paradox is brewing within me.  As much as I want to be mummified, I so desperately now want, no, wait, need to be fucked.  I feel him holding me, touching me, his warmth transcends through the wrap.  I am calmed by this and begin to slowly breathe through my tube, my lifeline so to speak. 

Again, I sense him pinching at the plastic, this time though it is at my crotch.  He slips his fingers in and feels the sheer wetness that he has caused.  I know that he is proud of himself.  He has done well to make me this excited.  He stimulates my clit, rolling it around and around, driving me to the edge of euphoria.  He stops and then climbs on top of me, inserting his hardness into the small opening.  There is no way that he can enter me from this position, but with my thighs so tightly drawn together along with the wetness, it simulates a wet pussy.  He pumps away, blowing his load between my legs and then withdraws, leaving his juice to mix with mine.  I lay there quietly, wondering what will happen next and almost afraid of will.

I feel something being pushed into the hole he has made and it is pressed deeply against my clit.  Tape is applied to whatever it is and secured into place.  At the same time, my nipples are being tautly pulled up, the clamps dig deeper into the sensitive nipple.  It seems that there is continuously more and more pressure being put on them.  I moan allowed at the sensations.  Suddenly, without warning, my clit is attacked by huge vibrations emanating from what I now realize as the plug-in model massager.  No batteries to fail on this one.  I am doomed.  I feel the approach of the orgasm and just as I am about to explode, the vibrations stop and my air is cut off.  I try to scream with frustration, but nothing comes out.  I feel more weight pulling on my nipples, I have no air, and my clit feels as if it wants to explode.  I shudder and shake, trying to somehow get off but knowing full well and good, that I will not climax until he deems it. 

One click and the massager is on again and good vibrations are resonating throughout my body. Fresh air is once again restored momentarily as I take only two or three deep breaths before he puts his finger back over the hole.  This sends me over the edge and I feel the thunderous waves overtake my body and soul.  I explode with volcanic eruption.  My body convulses with spasmodic rhythm as each wave hits.  He allows me to breathe once more and I am grateful.  The fresh air allows me to come down from my exhilaration.  The massager is shut off.  I feel him get off the bed and I detect the door being shut.  Am I alone?


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