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Self Mummification Gone Wrong

by S Bright

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© Copyright 2003 - S Bright - Used by permission

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I just thought I would send you this true story of a self mummification gone wrong.

Basically I had been mummifying myself for a few years, almost exclusively with cling film, but I had never really managed to get myself completely sealed airtight. I was lucky enough to come across a huge roll of pallet wrap where I worked and I managed to hide it in my car. I decided that this was my opportunity to do a full wrap. I realised that it was going to be very difficult wrapping myself with such a large roll of plastic, so on my way home I purchased a 250 metre roll of cling film from the supermarket.

I started in a manner similar to your suggestions on your website, although I had not seen your site at the time, I arrived at the best method by trial and error over a few years. I managed to wrap my arms, feet and legs separately so that I could still move around, kind of like a cling film catsuit. I then put on a pair of rubber gloves to make sure my hands were sealed tight and then I proceeded to wrap my head, leaving a small hole over my nose so that I could breath. I was now wrapped as well as I had ever been wrapped before but I could still feel small amounts of air getting in under my armpits and around my neck. This is where the pallet wrap came in and this is also where I made my mistake. I had checked the pallet wrap to see how difficult it would be to tear but I had not taken into account the fact that 2 layers of pallet wrap are about 4 times tougher than one layer.

I was still unsure as to how I was going to wrap myself as I had assumed that I would be unable to wrap my arms. I started at my ankles and worked my way up, putting about 5 layers around my legs. I then wrapped up my torso and then decided to try and wrap my left arm to my side. This was actually easier than I had imagined and the sensations it produced were amazing. While doing my left arm I realised that if I leaned against the wall I could hold the roll while I reached behind myself with my right arm to bring the roll around for another layer. I figured that I it could work for my left arm maybe I could also wrap my right. I positioned myself close to the wall and trapped the roll of pallet wrap between my chest and the wall. I then slowly shuffled in a circle keeping the pressure on the role of wrap and keeping it forced against the wall. Eventually I managed 4 layers over my right arm, they were surprisingly tight, before I dropped the roll and obviously could not pick it up again.

I was now completely immobile. This was the best wrapping I had ever done. I decided to hop over to my bed and fall on it and then shuffle into position so I could spend a few hours in my cocoon. I let the roll of pallet wrap unravel behind me as I hopped over to the bed. It was here that I made my biggest mistake. I assumed that I would be able to manoeuvre myself around quite freely once I was on the bed but I had never been this heavily bound before. I stood to the side of my bed, just a small single bed and allowed myself to drop face first onto it. I was now laying across my bed, my feet dangling off one side and my head and shoulders hanging over the other side. To my horror I realised I was sliding forwards! I was about to slide straight off my bed and land full weight on my face. Considering how heavy the fall onto the bed had been I really did not fancy going full weight into the floor.

At this point I found out just how strong pallet wrap can be when you have multiple layers. My left arm, which had 8 layers on it, was completely immobile. Not a bit of movement was possible. The fact that I had wrapped my arms in cling film first meant that the pallet wrap was sticking to the cling film so I was even unable to move my arms under the pallet wrap. I did have a tiny bit of movement on my right arm however and I was relieved when I realised that I could get my hand out from under the pallet wrap. The problem was that I had not torn the wrap, just forced my hand out below the line that I had been able to wrap. This caused the pallet wrap to roll up over my wrist and I am sure you are aware of how strong even cling film can be when it is rolled in this way.

Still, I was relieved to have a hand free with which to hold onto the bedclothes and stop my slow slide onto the floor. At this point I relaxed a little bit and started to enjoy the mummification experience. I was still unable to move and reposition myself so I had to make do with being on the bed the wrong way. I figured that I could lay back and enjoy myself now as I had averted the danger.

I had only been laying there for a few moments, face down, completely airtight when the thought struck me about how the hell was I going to get out of this. I had figured that I would be able to tear myself out easily as I had done in the past with cling film but my struggles so far had failed to even tear into it. The panic started at this point and more and more problems started to fill my head. The reason I couldn't tear the pallet wrap was because I was wearing rubber gloves. The fact that I was face down meant that the sweat that was building on my body was trying to escape from the only hole in my cocoon, the breathing hole, and I was having to struggle to get air. Nobody knew what I was up to and nobody would find me for 2 days if I was unable to free myself. Even if someone did find me, how the hell was I going to explain this. The next 2 hours were spent wrestling with the pallet wrap, trying to stretch it enough so I could get my elbow away from my body and get some leverage. Finally, over 3 hours from starting my mummification I had my right arm free. I was exhausted and lay for another twenty minutes trying to get my breath back. The first thing I did was make my air hole a little bit bigger. I then reached for my scissors and began cutting myself free.

It was only a few days later that I realised just how stupid I had been. I was lucky not to kill myself.

The thing is, it didn't put me off mummification, far from it. I just knew that when I found someone willing to wrap me in a safe environment, I wanted to be wrapped in pallet wrap as escape would be impossible and the feeling of enclosure unbeatable. I am now very cautious when wrapping and only use cling film with duct tape in some choice places.

After reading lots of information on the internet regarding self bondage, I now feel much happier performing these acts of self mummification, but it will always be in the back of my mind just how dangerous it can be.


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