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Self Bound Mummy

by R U Latex - Bound

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© Copyright 2006 - R U Latex - Bound - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; straitjacket; wrap; plastic; sleepsack; bagged; cons; X

2006 Shadowplay Imaging Mummification Story Contest Entrant

This is the tale of being caught out during a self bondage session. My wife, Anne, will join in my games occasionally, but not as often as I would like, and is more playful as a sub in bondage, rather than enjoying my taste for rubber and bondage. Although she is quite understanding of my self bondage sessions; while she is out at work, she likes to know when I am up to my solo pleasures.

However, on this occasion, the urge took me after she had already left the house.

I have quite a selection of latex restraint clothing, but my favourite, which I can use by myself, is a specially made catsuit / straight jacket. It is a full catsuit, in heavy black latex, with a high collar which has a couple of small straps that fasten at the front over the zip - a little intimidating the first time I tried it on, as this feature was not on my specification for the order! Now the sleeves, these are the special part, the sleeves are long and hand enclosing, closed at the end with a D ring attached to each - SJ style, but they are also fitted with zips from the finger tips, along the length of the palm, to the wrist. When these zips are open, the sleeve ends fold back, and can be clipped to my upper arms to leave my hands free - SJ - catsuit / catsuit-SJ, just like that!

So, to this story, on went my open face hood, elbow length gloves, and the catsuit, and to make the enclosure complete, a mask, which is actually from a breathing apparatus, rather than a gas mask. That was my enclosure completed. Now I went down to the kitchen and collected the roll of cling film, and returned to the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed, I then wrapped my feet and legs together up to my waist.

Now came the more difficult bit, my arms are fastened with a short, slim leather strap, put through the D rings, and cinched as tight as required behind my back to complete the strait jacket. I can just manage to loosely fasten this strap, zip up the sleeve ends, and swivel my hands around over my head, and wriggle them down my back. As usual with S/B, not inescapable, but good for some rolling around!

So that is what I did for a little while, getting nice and hot and worked up.

I was just about to roll over onto my belly, so that I could hump the bed and climax, when I realised that Anne had come into the room and was stood watching me! I found out later that there had been a problem at work, and she had been sent home again!

I didn't know where to put myself, but then, I couldn't put myself any where!

After a few moments of tense silence, with us just looking at each other, she told me to roll over, and she would sort me out. Well she did, her mischievous streak had surfaced, and she climbed onto my back, and pulled up the cinch strap to its tightest - I was now bound until she let me out! She rolled me back onto my back, and proceeded to cut the wrappings from my legs. She quickly grabbed our leather ankle cuffs, and spread my legs to the corners of the bed; this might be fun thought I, let's see what happens. What happened was that she told me to be good, as with my legs spread so wide, I couldn't create any movement to allow me to come, and she was going to have a cup of coffee while thinking about what to do with me!

Around half an hour later, Anne returned to tell me that she was going fulfil some of my fantasies that I had explained to her previously. Little did I know at that time that it would be several at one time, which would actually become a test of endurance, as a punishment for 'playing' without her knowing.

So at this point I was quite excited, when she said that she would release me for a moment, so that she could also fasten me up in my Pod Suit (Bondage suit from above knee to neck, enclosing my arms inside, in an internal sleeve across my belly) as a second layer. I agreed by nodding my head, and muffled voice through the mask.

I was released from the bed, and my legs were eased in the pod, and as I stood up, my arms were released, to be pushed through the internal tube, and then again wrapped around and fastened at the back. As she zipped up the back, which was always a bit of a struggle as it is Super weight latex, and very tight, Anne explained that she had not fastened my straight jacket as tightly, as she did not want me to be too uncomfortable, and with the pod suit, I wasn't going anywhere! Again I nodded.

Now things got a bit more interesting, she picked up my Sleep sack, again Super weight, and very tight. I had only once before been in both my pod suit and sleep sack, and said afterwards that I now knew what shrink wrapped bacon felt like! I was now led into the spare room that we were in the process of decorating; in the middle of the room was a plank on two trestles. My fate became clear to me, or so I thought.

I was led to the plank, and as I was leaned against it for support, my feet were guided into the foot of the sleep sack, and again, with a fair amount of effort, Anne zipped it up. The internal sleeves were, of course useless, as my arms were already totally confined. With my strait-catsuit on underneath these two items, shrink wrapped bacon was a poor second! I was extremely hot, soaked in sweat, and had an erection wanting to explode, but I must hold it until she has finished to gain the maximum enjoyment and pleasure. I was expecting to be placed on the plank, and wrapped to it with film or similar. Wrong!

To my astonishment, Anne started wrapping me from toe to head with the cling film, perhaps I was to be double wrapped - things were very tight as it was! When she had covered every inch of my rubber encased body, she left me propped against the plank for a couple of minutes, and returned with our son's sleeping bag. She explained that I was going into that as well, as she didn't want me to get cold! Ha Ha!, and had wrapped me so that it didn't smell of rubber when we had finished! After she had unzipped the bag, it was quite a struggle to get me balanced so that she could get it over my feet, but managed it without me going all my length in the floor. Now this is a proper sleeping bag, mummy style, with a high Tog rating, not a weekend campers job, and Anne zipped it all the way up, and pulled the drawstring at the top, until it was held around my masked face. Now I was helped up onto the plank, and I did know what was coming next, but wasn't sure that I wanted this to continue, as the heat and pressure was getting to my limits. But - who was I to argue at this point in time!

Yes, Anne started again with the cling film, and she worked her way up my body, pulling it as tight as she could around me and the plank, until I was totally immobile; but, when she got up to my chest, she paused, only to re-tighten the sleeping bag draw string, so that I completely disappeared inside it, into total darkness, with only the hose connection of the mask protruding for air. I heard her explain not to panic, of course she would not leave me like this or harm me, and as I could actually make a noise, if I screamed loud enough and long enough through the mask, she would release me! Then the wrapping continued, up over the rest of my chest, neck, and I then felt the mask being pushed further into my face, as my head was also secured. I tried to shout "Stop, that is enough", but was ignored. I was unbelievably hot, the only thing I could move was my toes, and I was lying partially submerged in my own sweat in an incredibly tight rubber prison. Horror, something else was coming, I later found out that it was duct tape, spiralled tightly up my mummified body; it was just unbelievable that she could do this, this was about four fantasies rolled into one, this was no longer pleasure in any sense of the word! Before over wrapping my head, I heard her enquire, "Are you alright in there? Is the reality as good as the fantasy?". I didn't do the screaming bit, but tried to make it clear that I wanted out! But no, just one more thing, I was told.

Hell, I couldn't move a muscle, what more could she do, and with that thought, I felt the earth move, or that is what it felt like, Anne was actually rolling the plank over, so that one minute, I was on my back, the next my side, then I was face down, hanging in my cocoon from the plank.

This was a totally different and intense thing, just for a little while the pleasure came back into the situation, and I was conscious of my erection, throbbing for a climax - but as immobile as I was, there was no way was that going to happen!

In the darkness, I then heard her voice saying that she was going to pleasure herself, while being as close to me as she could get, and the timing of my release would be dependant on that pleasure. Heaven, how my erection was throbbing, what a situation. With that, I felt the plank move again, it bowed slightly, and my bindings tightened as it moved. Anne was climbing on top of the plank to wank herself off, she could do what she wanted, so close to me, but I couldn't do a thing, except suffer! Each time she moved, I knew, by the small movements of the plank above me. I didn't know exactly what she was doing, but my imagination was running wild, my feelings and sensations were indescribable; but then, when she came, after what seemed an eternity, she bounced on the plank so much, a ripple effect seemed to set in - it was happening, I hoped, that bit of movement, that bit of friction, Yes Yes Yes, I exploded with her, oh it felt brilliant, fantastic, unique, unbelievable.

Then it was over, I was back to being the most uncomfortable, hottest, sweatiest, tightest bound person in the world - LET ME OUT!

After what seemed like an eternity, I felt the plank bounce as she climbed off, I was being turned back over, the tightness of the bond to the plank started to ease, it was over, I was being released.

I will never, ever do self bondage again without explicit consent!



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