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Show and Tell

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2003 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; mum; enema; enclosed; nc; X

Mary had been babysitting the Johnson children for three days.  Dr Johnson and his wife had flown to Europe for a second honeymoon and would be gone for four weeks.  It was fortunate that Mary had secured this position, as it fitted in with her university timetable quite nicely.

Mary had spent the better part of four years studying art at university.  She was now half way though a two year diploma course in education.  This combined with her middle class appearance and easy manner with the children, were all contributory in securing her this position.  The chance to work with young children during the summer holidays would not, Mary felt, hurt her CV.  Also, she had her room and board paid for.  She had the chance to save money, allowing her to start her final year without too much hardship.  She could also work on her dissertation.  All things considered, this was a nice job.  Once it finished, she would have to look at the usual option of waiting on tables, or temporary work in a factory.  But she would do so from the comfortable position of having built up a nest egg.

The Johnson's children were no trouble either.  Peter and Kate, the sixteen year old twins, were perfect.  Peter was good looking and athletic.  He was captain of the school soccer team.  But unlike most "Jocks", he was intelligent, well spoken and constantly achieved good grades.  However, despite his good looks and charm, there was, Mary considered, desperation behind his desire to succeed.  She could not place the reason for this.  But she felt that Peter would do anything, or use anyone to achieve his goals.  Mary would not like to be the person who stood in Peter's way.

Kate, being a twin, shared her brother's good looks and height.  She was also very intelligent and a high achiever.  Her passion being science.  She had been awarded several prizes for her school work.  Again Mary found Kate had an almost fanatical desire to win.  Unlike her brother, she was much more scientific in her approach, targeting each problem with cold dispassion, while somehow maintaining the persona of popular girl around school.

The most recent addition to the Johnson clan was Stacey, a bright, bubbly seven year old, with distinctive curly blond hair.  When she grew up, Mary could picture the girl developing in to a heart breaker.  She shared the twin's good looks and charm.  She was tall for her age, but had avoided the lanky gangling appearance of a swan in the making.  Like the rest of her family, she was also focused on success.  She is deeply enthusiastic about history and her teachers sing her praises whenever questioned.  Unlike her elders, however, Stacey manages to retain an innocent charm that wins over all but the most cynical.

The Johnson's lived in an old farm house, just outside of town.  When the Johnson's had brought the house, it had stood in a rural location.  But urbane expansion was beginning to catch up with them and they were now only a half a mile from the town.  This brought certain benefits:  Shops, a school within easy walking distance, cinemas and all of the usual trappings associated with twenty first century life.  Despite all of this, the farm retained its rural charm.

Although Mary got on with the Johnson children, she could not help feeling a little frumpy around them.  Mary considered herself good looking.  She was, after all, a very slim 5'10", with waist length brown hair, fair complexion and deep blue eyes.  Even so, being surrounded by six foot tall, slim, elegant, beautifully tanned blond perfection can inspire a small inferiority complex.

For some weeks, the twins had been helping Stacey with her school project for "Show and Tell."  This was the last show and tell before the summer break and the theme chosen by the class teacher was ancient Egypt.  Lessons had been geared to this theme for some time now and the best examples would be exhibited in the school for the rest of the week, while the school had also offered a cash prize for the best display.  Competition was fierce and the Johnson's efforts reflected this.  The twins had built a sarcophagus out of plywood, which Stacey had decorated.

The sarcophagus stood six foot high and made clever use of wooden strips to give the impression of bandages.  Mary had helped, using a plaster of Paris moulding kit and epoxy resin, to create a face for the sarcophagus.  This, like the rest of the sarcophagus, was painted in gold, with black trim.  A representation of "Nut", the sky goddess, was emblazoned on the front casing, while the front and sides bore the cartouche of a princess from the second dynasty.  The female nature of the mummy being reflected in the casing, which showed definite breasts, made from plastic clay, under the wooden bandages.  Finally, the sarcophagus had a sheet of Perspex fitted as a screen, so that while the sarcophagus was open, it would act as a display case for the various exhibits that Stacey had planned.  Although the body was a little deep, all in all, in Mary's opinion, a very impressive piece of work.

The other artefacts, created by the Johnson's, to be displayed within the sarcophagus were varied.  Using the Egyptian mask mould, Stacey was able to create another mask which would have been worn on the face of the dead princess.  By virtue of a file, this was smaller than the face that adorned the casing.  Also, Stacey had placed three large bolts in to the plaster of Paris, so that the octagonal end was embedded in the plaster mask, the inside of which having been hollowed out.  This would allow the mask to be mounted in the sarcophagus at head height.  Once this had dried, Mary had helped Stacey to paint it in gold and black, after first applying a coat of epoxy resin, so that a high gloss effect was achieved.

Having created mock ups and making plaster of Paris moulds, Mary used liquid resin to create small items of jewellery, which would have been placed within the mummy wrappings.  These were painted in bright primary colours and gold, using enamel paint by Stacey.

Finally, Mary helped Stacey to create pottery jars in the shape of various Egyptian gods, using plastic clay.   Once dry, these were painted in bright enamel paint.  

All of the artefacts, while impressive, were a little too big for Mary's small, one litre car.  Although the Johnson's car was a larger five door, it was still too small to transport everything to school on Tuesday morning.  Mary had therefore hired the services of the local handy man, or to be more precise, the local handy man with the pick up truck.  He would collect the display on Tuesday morning and return it to the Johnson residence on the Friday evening since, Mary felt, it was a unlikely that the display would not be chosen to remain in school for the week.

Finally, by Monday evening and with a day to spare, the mammoth undertaking was finished.  Mary considered that, although thorough, the Johnson's had indulged in a little overkill.  It was impressive.  But for a school "Show and Tell", a little too much.  However, Stacey seemed happy with the results and, unlike other teenagers, the twins had been eager to help their younger sister with her homework.

Mary turned on the television as she collapsed in to the spacious armchair with the best view of the screen, taking the occasional sip of her, or rather Dr Johnson's, glass of whiskey; which had become her nightly, ritual, indulgence.  She pulled her feet up, under her bum and covered them with her dressing gown.  Finally comfortable, she turned her attention to the television.

Flicking through the channels, Mary did not find much to interest her.  The usual parade of talk shows, sit coms and adverts flicked by in quick succession, as Mary thumbed the remote.  At last she settled for a cop show.  But after a while she found herself getting drowsy and so turned off the television and retreated to her bedroom.

Mary took off her dressing gown and discarded it on the floor, as she staggered towards the bed.  She didn't make it.  Mary pitched forward towards the floor.

"My face is going to hit the floor," Mary thought and then it did.

Mary watched, too tired to puzzle her exhaustion, as the empty whiskey jar span across the floor, in to the corner of the room.

Mary resisted waking, coming to slowly, like a bubble rising to the surface of a treacle lake.  She heard bird song and could detect the bright rays of early morning sunlight attempting to batter their way past her eye lids.  It had been, Mary decided, a deep sleep.  She was still tired and was working on a headache.  Images from the night before replayed themselves, as she recalled the feeling of exhaustion and of staggering to bed.  Had she made it?  She could not recall.  But she was in bed now. 

Her limbs ached, especially her joints and were in a very odd position for sleep.  She was on her back and her limbs were flung out, away from her body.  Her mouth was dry and felt like it was coated with sand paper.  Her jaw ached and pulled as she tried to move it.  She was obviously coming down with something.  However, it was time to get up.  She had to get Stacey ready for school.  A ritual that would only last another five days, before her school broke up for the summer.  Like Mary's university, the twin's school had already broken up and once Stacey had been fed breakfast and walk to the bus stop, she would have to supervise activities with the two teenagers.

Mary made all of the right movements for getting up, but found that she couldn't.  Pain erupted in her wrists and ankles as she tried.  This was not right and so Mary tentatively opened her eyes.

The room looked normal.  The same room she had gone to sleep in.  The curtains were open and Stacey sat, asleep, on the bedside chair to her left.  It was still early in the morning, perhaps six, or seven am.  Mary tried to ask Stacey what she was doing there, but only a muffled grunt came out.  Again Mary tried to sit up, but was greeted with the same immobility and pain.  Craning her neck to look up she saw rope.

"My god, I'm tied to the bed"; Mary thought as she saw that rope was firmly wrapped around her wrists, securing them to the bed posts.

Looking down she saw that, although she was still wearing her nighty and that the duvet was covering her body, rope could be seen around each bed post, disappearing under the duvet to her ankles.  She tried to scream.  But was again rewarded by the grunting sound.  

"I'm gagged.  Bound and gagged", Mary screamed in her head.

This was not possible.  How could she be tied to her bed?  Was there an intruder?  Why was Stacey on the chair next to her?  Was the intruder holding the twins hostage and forcing Stacey to watch his prisoner while he did things to the twins?

These thoughts flashed through Mary's brain in an instant and panic set in just as quickly.  Mary writhed and bucked against the bed, which creaked and groaned in dramatic protest, to no avail.  After a few minutes, because of the gag, Mary found that she could not draw enough air in to her lungs and was soon collapsed in a sweating, panting, heap on the bed.  All that her excursions had achieved was to tighten her bonds. 

All of this activity had woken Stacey, who looked on in horror.

"Um I ee.  Acey.  Um I ee", Mary demanded of the stricken child.

Instead of untying her, Stacey ran from the room, like all of the demons in hell were after her.  Mary caught the excited murmurs of conversation from down stairs.  After a couple of minutes Stacey re-entered the bedroom.  But instead of bringing an intruder, Stacey was followed by her brother and sister.  

"Eter.  Ats aenin.  Um I ee.  Et ee oe,"  Mary shrieked in to the gag.

Peter reacted instantly.  But instead of untying her, Peter checked that all of the bonds were secure and that the gag was in no danger of coming undone, before joining his sisters at the foot of the bed.

"No way she's getting out of there," Peter concluded.

Stacey's face lit up.  She bounced up and down singing:

"We've got the baby sitter.  We've got the baby sitter."

Stacey was so overjoyed that she ran over to the bound Mary, jumped on to the bed and gave her a big hug, followed by a kiss on her taped cheek, before leaping off of the bed to rejoin the others.

Kate watched this display dispassionately.  Once it was over she intoned:

"We still have a few bits to finish off before we are ready Stacey.  Why don't you stay here and watch her until we are finished."

Without waiting for a reply, Kate and Peter left the room to continue with their preparations.

Mary was stunned.  The truth of her situation had slapped her in the face like a wet towel.  There was no intruder.  She was the prisoner of the children.  The product of a childish joke.  Her inactivity did not last long as Mary seethed with anger and visions of righteous retribution when she was eventually free.  She renewed her struggles with the bonds, but again found herself out of breath and exhausted.

This had a profound effect on Stacey who, for the second time that morning, wore the expression of a frightened rabbit.  This did not last, as it dawned on the child that the grown up could not escape.  Feeling a little more confident, Stacey attempted to console the obviously distressed Mary.

"You must be hungry, you have been asleep for a long time.  If you promise not to scream, or anything, when I take the gag off, I could make you some breakfast.  Would you like that?"

Mary considered this.  Although she was not able to effect an escape by herself, perhaps with the gag off she could talk Stacey in to letting her go, or at least find out what the children had planned for her.  After a moment or two, Mary nodded acceptance.  Seeing this, Stacey smiled and ran out of the room, leaving the baby sitter alone for the second time that morning, although her pondering did not yield any easy answers.

Mary spent her time seething at the children.  She was brought out of her self indulgence by the distant ping of the microwave.  A few minutes later Stacey returned, bearing a tray, which she set down on the bedside table.

Stacey leant over and unpeeled the tape covering Mary's mouth, pulling the strips away in quick, staccato, bursts of pain.  Once this was done, Stacey pulled out the rag that had been jammed in to Mary's mouth, before turning her attention to the soup that she had prepared.

While Stacey sat down, placing the soup on her lap and got the spoon ready to feed her, Mary explored her dry mouth and lips, working moisture back in to them with her tongue.

The first spoon full of soup was savoured with relish by Mary.  She had not realised how hungry she was, or how dry her mouth, until now.  However, after four or five spoons of soup, Mary was ready to question her captor.

"So why have you tied me up?  What do you expect to accomplish with this?"  

"It's for the Show and Tell," Stacey replied.

As is common with children, this was given as a statement of fact and after several moments silence, interrupted by the delivery of soup, Mary felt compelled to push further.

"What do I have to do with the Show and Tell?"

Stacey considered this for a while, as if not sure how to answer, or how much she should say.

"Last week I found out that the Jenny Duggan is also making a sarcophagus display.  Her mums an art teacher, so she's bound to win.  We have to win, or else dad will be very upset and so Peter said we needed something special to make sure that I win.  We talked about it and we need a mummy for our display.  We are bound to win and mum and dad will be so pleased.  Peters been on the internet and has been studying dad's medical books, so we can make you comfortable and."  Stacey trailed off at the look on Mary's face.

A call from down stairs interrupted what Mary was about to say.  It was time for Stacey to get ready for school.  Stacey quickly placed the soup on the side and reached for the gag.

"Stacey, you can't do this, I won't Mphh," was as far as Mary's protest went before the rag was stuffed back in to her mouth and the tape re-applied.

Mary began to panic as the child rushed from the room.  She was not happy about being mummified.  Mummies tended to be eviscerated before the bandages are wrapped.  All of their internal organs are cut from the body and placed in jars.  Jars that, she realised, she had helped Stacey to make.

Mary squirmed uselessly as tears rolled down her cheeks.  She doubted that her muffled protests would be heard outside of the room.  Eventually however, she regained some control, staring blankly at the ceiling as she imagined herself being gutted and wrapped in bandages.

Cries of protest from Stacey's room indicated that, even though the baby sitter was tied to the bed, the twins were keeping up the appearances of normality by brushing the seven year olds hair, ready for school.

Mary's panic was fuelled by the realisation that the Johnson's would not be back for another month.  The rural location of the old farm house meant that, even if she could work the gag loose, no one would be able to hear her.  Her only hope was to get out of the bonds that secured her to the bed and somehow avoid re-capture by the twins.   Mary continued to stare at the ceiling.  Her panic gradually being replaced by despondency.

Mary listened to the noises from down stairs.  The casual observer would here the normal breakfast noises.  The clash of dishes.  The occasional reminder to hurry up, or not to forget this, or that.  The same observer might be shocked to learn that this normal family activity was conducted with the knowledge that their babysitter was bound and gagged in her bedroom.  Very surreal.

Her musings took another route as she replayed the conversation that she had had with Stacey.  Her mind skipped over the medical references and focused on one sentence:

"We have to win, or else dad will be very upset."

Parents underline what they acceptable behaviour from their children with punishment and reward strategies.  Usually parental love is never in doubt.  However, in extreme cases, parents will withhold their love if the child does not measure up to their high standards.  The fact certainly fit this scenario.  All of the Johnson children were perfect in looks and behaviour.  They were all high achievers and would, it would appear, do anything to gain their parents affection.  Could it be that the children were so terrified of falling out of favour with their parents that they would do anything to meet the standard expected?  Was that why they had gone to such extreme measures in order to secure success, for what was only a Show and Tell?  Or was it that the children were only motivated by the cash prize?  Mary could not tell, but it was definitely an area worth exploring.  In war, information can be the greatest weapon at a general's disposal.  Know your enemy.  Hopefully, she might be able to push the right buttons to secure her release.

Mary heard the front door slam and a brief flash of hope rose to the surface of her consciousness.  Had they left her alone to take Stacey to school?  The answer was definitely no, as Kate entered the bedroom.  She removed the gag and offered Mary some water.

Mary was grateful to learn that she would not be gutted like a fish, as Kate explained that she would only be wrapped in bandages.  Because her imprisonment would last for four days, the Johnson's would need to take certain medical precautions to ensure Mary's survival.  The body, Kate proclaimed, can survive for quite a long time without food.  But you would only last two days without water.

The conversation was interrupted by Peter's return an hour later.  Upon entering the room, Kate asked if Mary's would like to use the bathroom.  Now that she thought about it, Mary considered this a very good idea.  God knows how long she had been in bed, but her bladder was filling up nicely.

Going to the bath room was not as easy as simply untying her however.  Firstly, each arm was untied, only to be re-tied to her side, wrapping rope around her wrist and elbow.  Once secured, the procedure was repeated with her other arm.  Next the legs were untied and re-fastened with a short hobble at her knees and ankles.  Peter rode a motorcycle and the bag that he usually kept his helmet in was pulled over Mary's head and the drawstring pulled taught around her neck.  Another length of rope was then secured around her neck as a leash.  She was then allowed to slide off of the bed and be led to the bathroom by the twins.

All of this effort made Mary smile.  All of this time and effort, just for little old her.  She must be more dangerous than she thought.

Although both twins guided her to the bath room, only Kate entered to help her with her ablutions.  Once done, she was led back to the bed and re-tied.

Although Mary tried to gain more information, Kate and Peter were evasive.  The most common answer when asked "Why," was always:


This appeared to be the extent of what Mary was to be told.  After a while the twins grew bored with this and re-gagged her.  To make matters worse, Peter replaced the hood so that he wouldn't have to look at her accusing eyes, or so he said.  So Mary settled down, none the wiser than her first talk with Kate, to await her fate, tied to a bed, gagged and hooded, while the twins got on with their preparations.

Mary dozed and dreamed of ancient Egypt.  She could not remember much, other than the feeling of fear that the images created.

Finally, at four O'clock, Stacey returned from school.  While Peter cooked supper for the Johnson's, Kate spooned soup in to Mary.  Once tea had finished, the real business for the evening could commence.

The Johnson's entered Mary's prison carrying several bundles, which were set down at the foot of the bed.  Taking a pair of scissors, Kate bent over Mary and began to cut away her night clothes, taking care to cut along the seams of the garment, so that they could be re-sewn later, or so Kate insisted.

Mary watched in fascinated horror, as Kate cut the shoe lace straps on her nighty.  She then cut the seams along the sides so that she was able to pull the garment clear of Mary's body in one smooth motion.   Mary shuddered as her breasts were exposed to the cool evening air.

Next, Kate cut the sides of her knickers, pulling them clear of her body.  Mary was now naked.  Mary looked at the faces of the Johnson's, daring them to make a comment, or remark.  Kate looked back at her coolly, as usual.  Stacey held her hands over her mouth, suppressing a giggle.  She had probably never seen a naked adult and obviously found Mary's boobs and thatch a great form of amusement.  But Peter.  The look in Peter's eyes scared her.  There was a hunger there that she could not qualify.  She wasn't sure she wanted to as a shudder erupted up her spine.

The actual mummification was performed with clinical precision.  First she was bed washed, using a disinfectant soap.  Then a needle was inserted in to her arm, on the inside, near the arm pit and secured with surgical tape.  This, she was informed, would allow them to attach an IV line, whatever one of those was.

A strange object that looked like a medical dildo, with a flexible pipe attachment on one end was shoved up her ass hole and secured with tape.  Another needle, attached to a thin plastic pipe, which was attached to a clear plastic bag, was then pushed in to her body.  Mary gasped as she found her bladder emptying its contents in to the bag. 

"A catheter," Mary thought.

Next bandages were wrapped tightly around her limbs, which were untied and then re-tied to allow the bandages a smooth progress.  Wrapping started at her feet and progressed up her leg until the role was used.  The procedure was repeated on her other leg, before moving on to her arms.  Her hands were encased in tight mittens, before the bandage progressed down her arm, to be attached to her shoulder.

Next, while Peter lifted her hips, Kate wrapped bandages around her hips and pussy so that her lower half was now encased in wrapping.  Her legs were then untied, forced together and secured with more bandages.  She now looked like a mermaid who had been in a fishing accident.  On top of this, two thick rubber belts were secured around her ankles and knees.

With peters help, her upper body was lifted off of the bed and more bandages were applied in a cross formation around her bust and back.  Once done, another roll of bandage was used to wrap her tightly from the waste to her neck.  A thick rubber belt was then passed around her waist and secured at the back.  Her arms were then released from the bed and secured to her body with yet more bandage.  Now Mary looked like a mummy.  All of the bandages were applied very tightly, causing Mary a little trouble forcing air in to her lungs.  As if sensing her discomfort, Peter explained:

"The bandages have to be this tight.  You may lose some weight over the next few days and we have had to compensate.  We don't want our mummy to be able come alive and frighten the children do we?"

The gag was removed, and Mary was offered water.  Something for which she was very grateful.  Sitting her up, so that her legs dangled over the bed, Kate bundled her long auburn hair up and tucked it in to a rubber swimming cap, which was placed on her head and secured with surgical tape.  A fresh wad of bandages was then stuffed in to Mary's mouth, filling it completely.  Surgical tape was then wound around her head in several layers, forcing the gag tightly in to her mouth.  Tape was then applied around her jaw and over the top of her head. Once this had been done, Mary found that she had even more trouble breathing.  The bandages around her body acting like a tight corset and the gag almost chocking her.  It was so tight in fact that her eyes took on a bulging, watery appearance.

Next, two rubber tubes were forced up her nostrils.  These were taped to her cheeks and fed behind her head.  Wrapping was then applied, starting at the neck and working upwards, until Mary's face disappeared.  Another thick rubber belt was wrapped around her mouth and fastened behind her head.

After wrapping her feet in yet more bandage, the twins stood the mummy upright, beside the bed. They then continued wrapping the mummy in several layers of bandage, keeping small squares clear of additional wrapping, at the rear of the mummy, so that the rubber belts could just be accessed.  In to the wrapping, the twins inserted the jewellery that Mary had helped Stacey to make, building up several layers of jewellery encased by bandages.  As each layer of wrapping was applied, Mary was tilted back on to the bed, in order to allow her feet to be wrapped, before being tilted upright again.  Backwards and forwards, the mummy was rotated, with each new application of the bandages.

Mary did not consider herself claustrophobic.  But she felt the first twinges of panic as she watched the first layer of bandage cover her eyes.  Her panic was heightened as she was tilted upright and she felt her prison tightening, in gradual increments, up her body.  It was a real effort for Mary to slow her breathing enough to prevent her from passing out.  Even so, she had trouble controlling her fear and, she felt, would have wet herself several times over, if not for the catheter.  The rising tightness and heat, caused by more and more layers being applied, combined with the occasional tilt, from vertical to horizontal and back again, did not help.

Finally, the mummy was finished and all traces of the needles and pipes that had been inserted in to Mary were obscured by the bandages.  Their presence only being advertised by the connections protruding from the back of the mummy.  Using a jar full of cold tea and a sponge, Stacey and the twins coated the liquid over the surface of the mummy, giving the appearance, once dry, of aged bandages.

Picking the mummy up between them, the twins lifted the mummy up and transported it, with Stacey's help with the doors, in to the garage where the sarcophagus was kept.  Placing the mummy most of the way in to the casing, Kate inserted the various tubes in to corresponding holes in the back panel of the sarcophagus.  A needle attached to a thin rubber tube was then pulled out of its hole in the wooden panel.  This was inserted in to the IV connection protruding from the bandages, under Mary's arm pit.

Finally, the catheter tap was turned off and disconnected from its bag.  This was passed, along with the pipe connected to Mary's anus, through a hole in the casing, just below Mary's crotch.  With all of the pipes fed in to holes, or plugged in to Mary, the mummy was finally lowered by Peter, to rest in its sarcophagus.

Kate then walked around the back of the sarcophagus and opened a hinged door.  She was greeted by a collection of wires, tubes and bottles, hidden behind the false ply wood back.  She then used a claw hammer to grab the rubber straps, which could be seen through small square holes in the panel.  As each one was clawed and, with no small effort on Kate's part, pulled back.  A steel bar was then fed under the belt so that, when the claw hammer was pulled clear, the bar was held in place by the rubber belt.  After pulling all of the straps, connected to Mary's ankles, knees, waist and head and securing them to the ply wood with the steel bars, the mummy was tightly secured to the false plywood back.

Peter then placed the burial mask over the mummy's face, feeding the three bolts through holes in the ply wood panel.  From the other side of the sarcophagus, Kate placed washers and nuts on to the bolts and tightened them with a socket spanner.  Mary was now very securely secured to her new home.  Any hope of movement that may had been entertaining, in order to attract attention while on display, were now thoroughly crushed.

Kate then connected all of the pipes, which she had pushed through earlier, to their respective bottles and jars.  The air lines were pushed in place over steel nipples screwed in to the side of the sarcophagus.  The catheter was plugged in to another line, which fed in to a large, five gallon, plastic fuel can.  The Hoses which came from the weird metal dildo in Mary's ass were connected.  Once to an empty jerry can, the other to a pump, which fed to another jerry can, this one full of water?  She then checked that all of the pipes, especially the IV line, which was attached to a series of five, liquid filled, bags.

At last satisfied that all was in order, and that the car battery connected to the pump timer was not in danger of being soaked with liquid, she over rode the timer on the pump to clean out the mummy.  She then stepped away from the sarcophagus and watched the pump do its work.

Mary had managed to control her panic and was gradually accepting whatever the Johnson's were doing to her.  She was, in fact, becoming quite drowsy.  This, unknown to her, was due to the infusion seeping in to her from the IV.  Mostly saline water, with additional minerals, filched by Peter from his fathers' medical supplies, along with several other items now being used by Mary, the solution also included a sedative that had been injected in to the bags.  She had just started to relax, thinking that, despite the tightness and the uncomfortable position, that she might be able to manage this after all, when a stream of ice cold water was delivered in to her ass.  Her stomach cramped at the ice cold intrusion and she shuddered at the indignity and discomfort as her colon filled with water.  Unknown to her, she would have to undergo this indignity once, every twelve hours.

Kate watched as the home made colonic irrigator did its work and the contents of Mary's colon worked their way in to the empty jerry can.  Once the liquid ran clear, Kate reset the timer, replaced the partially full jerry can with an empty one and re-filled the water in the reservoir can.  Finally satisfied, she closed the back of the case and walked around to the front of the case, where Peter was admiring his handy work.

The Mary mummy was now a very creditable museum exhibit, complete with informative plaque, behind her Perspex fronted sarcophagus.  After one final look, the Johnson's closed the case on the sarcophagus and left the garage to enjoy the rest of their evening.

Thanks to the sedative, Mary actually had a good nights sleep, finally coming back to consciousness when she was lifted by Peter and Steve, the handy man, on to the back of a pick up truck.  A large box containing the pottery jars and a number of photographs and information cards that would inform Stacey's fellow students about ancient Egypt and the life and death of a second dynasty princess was then placed beside the sarcophagus.

Assured that their load was secured, Peter climbed in to the truck, next to Stacey so that they could help Steve move the mummy in to Stacey's class room.  Steve started the engine and the pick up moved off, ready to deliver Mary to her first day at school.



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