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The Sisterhood's Revenge

by Robjx

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© Copyright 2006 - Robjx - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; kidnap; bond; wrap; entombed; nc; XX

2006 Shadowplay Imaging Mummification Story Contest Entrant

Marie woke to find herself strapped to a padded table with her legs held firmly in gynae stirrups, her tender areas open for treatment. She could not see or speak. A fully packed mouth and heavy tape over her lips and eyes accounted for that. Her wrists and arms were strapped tightly to the metal pole at the head of the table. Wide leather straps crossed her body at her forehead, neck, shoulders, chest, waist and hips. Movement was impossible.

'She is ready for stage 1'. The high Priestess declared the start of Marie's ordeal. 'She is to be mummified alive but following as closely as possible the particular rituals followed by our sect in Ancient Egypt. She is to have all her orifices packed full. She will be immobilised by severe hemp bindings over which we will apply adhesive bandages. Once mummified, she will be entombed'.

Marie struggled at this proclamation. She knew why but that did not comfort her. A big mistake to cross the sisterhood of Isis with the insults that she directed at them in the magazine article that she wrote for. To her it was a satirical piece about quirky sects. To the sisterhood, it was deeply insulting and something that they could not, would not tolerate.

Her capture had been easy. She left a bar late one evening and was approached by two very attractive women. Dark eye make up and deep red lipstick along with stiletto heels, stockings and short skirts made them look like sexy tarts out on the prowl for men. But they were practiced in the art of kidnap. One wrestled Marie's wrists while the other chloroformed her. Into the van and off they went, stopping only to bind, gag and blindfold Marie. Arriving at their temple, Marie was quickly transferred by other members of the sisterhood to the table where she now lay immobile, silenced by a heavier gag and terrified at the prospect of being mummified to death.

Marie sensed the intrusion in her anus as the first length of cotton packing was thrust inside with a probe. Deeper and deeper it was forced right into her colon. More followed causing pain as her bowl was distended. Still more was crammed in. Then she felt the burning begin. The cotton was soaked in hot chilli juice! Once fully packed, her rectum bulged.

Then the intrusion into her vagina began. Chiili soaked cotton was packed and wadded into her until she bulged. A chilli soaked pad was held over her vagina and anus by a wide strip of very strong adhesive tape.

Pairs of hands held her legs as the restraints were released. They were brought together and bound with thin hemp cord. Toes, feet, ankles, calves, below the knee, above the knee and thighs; all were lashed together with a force that caused the cord to cut deep into Marie's flesh. As ankle ground on ankle and knee on knee, the pain began. As if the cords were not tight enough, each set of coils were cinched even more severely. Her legs were then strapped down and her waist released.

The waist coils were designed to reduce Marie's waist to a ridiculously tiny dimension. Tighter and tighter they were pulled, taking Marie's waist to just 16 inches. The effect of the hemp around her breasts was quite different. The tight loops around the base of each of her DD globes caused them to grow, to swell and to turn red then purple.

The speed with which the sisters released Marie and turned her on to her belly left Marie no time to resist. Her arms were quickly pinned together behind her back, wrist to wrist, palm to palm, forearm to forearm. But that was not enough for the sisterhood. The hemp that was coiled around Marie's upper arms was designed to get her shoulders back as far as was humanly possible. The pain level rose a notch as each coil at wrist, forearm, below and above elbow and upper arm was first tightened by two sisters each pulling on an end of hemp and then tightened further with severe cinches. Thee was barely any gap between Marie's upper arms and her forearms were crushed together.

Then the taping began. Some sisters worked on her arms while others worked on her legs. Each roll of very sticky stretch elastic tape was applied just as tightly as possible over the bindings. One, two, three, four layers. Marie knew that escape was impossible. By the time they had finished, her arms and legs felt numb from the constricting tightness of the tape. Then she was lifted and her torso wrapped with the tape. Again, four tight layers tightened around her hips, waist and chest up to her neck.

More hemp rope was used to bind Marie's immobile arms to her torso. Coils around at the wrist, forearm, elbow and upper arm, each cinched to prevent any arm movement took Marie's helplessness to another level. More tape followed covering the hemp.

The high priestess declared, 'now gag her properly, silence her squeals and moans, make her silent'.

Marie's immobile body was re strapped to the table but her head was held up in supports that cupped her temples, leaving the lower portion free for treatment. The temporary gag was removed, six strips of tape pulled away, the cleave removed from between her teeth and the huge wag of cotton pulled from her gaping jaws. A jaw spreader was inserted and used to prise Marie's mouth as wide open as was possible.

Long nasal tubes were threaded up each nostril and down into Marie's trachea. Air flow through the gag would be impossible so this device was essential to ensure that she lasted a few days. She was horrified as she fought the gag reflex as cotton cloth was pushed down her throat and into her stomach. More and more filled her gastric cavity and then once it was crammed, more filled her oesophagus. More was packed into her throat and then her mouth. Each crevice was packed; around her gums and into her cheeks. The wad in her mouth protruded between her lips but it was soon forced back by a cleave that was applied with such severity that it pulled back at the corners of Marie's mouth. Cotton wool filled what space there was around the nasal tubes. More went into her ears, pushed hard up to her eardrums. Now she could not hear. The blindfold was removed, cotton pads placed over each eye and tape followed to hold them in place. For a brief moment Marie was able to glimpse the sisterhood. Each with flowing white robes, heavy, dark winged eye makeup and thickly applied deep red lipstick.

It was the last thing she saw as her head wrapping began. First tape circled her mouth, sealing it shut. More around her eyes and ears. Vertical loops crushed her jaw onto the packing in her mouth. Then layer after layer after layer encased her head. Only the breathing tubes protruded. The heaviness and tightness of the gagging was more cosmetic as the ultra severe packing prevented any sound at all from emanating. This was about revenge for disrespect and Marie was suffering.

Were they serious about entombing her? She pondered this as she felt her constrained body being laid into the sarcophagus. She did not hear the lid fall into place or the latches catch and lock.


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