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Sleep Sack Bondage
by The Tkm
© Copyright 2003 - The Tkm - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; D/s; hood; leather; bodybag; enclosure; susp; bdsm; cbt; nipple; tease; torment; cons; X
Sleep Sack Bondage by The Tkm F/m; D/s; hood; leather; bodybag; enclosure; susp; bdsm; cbt; nipple; tease; torment; cons; X

The leather sleep sack, tailor made to fit the sub, was in the bright red box sitting on top of the steel bondage cage in the mistresses dungeon. The sub waited. Standing facing the wall, on a stone flagged floor, shivering, more in anticipation than cold, as his mistress approached. Running her tight fitting leather clad glove round his chest she found his nipple and squeezed it. The effect was predictable, his penis grew and pressed against the wall. 

The mistress ignored it and placing a posture collar round his neck tightened the three buckles, then put padlocks through each one. This was not coming off unless the mistress took it off. The leather hood with its' blindfold closed, was pulled over his head and laced tight from behind, secured to the posture collar. Turning the sub round the mistress then pushed the leather penis gag into his mouth, pulling the strap to the last hole.

Taking each wrist in turn the mistress put on a leather cuff, then pulling on rope attached to each stretched him on to balls of his feet. Swinging there the sub waited.

The mistress reached down to the subs scrotum and slipped over a stiff looped cord, pulling it tight so that it squeezed the balls in the sac. Then she began wrapping it round and round the flesh of the sac towards the base of the cock. With ten windings of black cord separating his balls by three inches from his cock she tied it off and admired the finished work. His cock straining to push through his tight foreskin, jumped each time his pulse pushed blood through his member. He groaned with pleasure into the gag.

The mistress hearing this picked up a small riding crop and hit the end of his penis several sharp thwacks. He jumped at the unexpected pain, pulling ineffectually against his cuffs.

The mistress laid down the crop and picked up one of her favourite implements the nipple clamps, the tightening variety. Pulling each one of his nipples in turn, she placed the round pads just behind the nipple and let go. The pain felt bearable for the sub, until she connected the chain fixed to a third clamp to his forskin. The chain was not quite long enough to allow the penis to drop down fully so held it out from his body.

Gradually the pain on his nipples increased, just as the mistress intended...

Ten minutes later the mistress returned to the sub, taking the heavy Fetters sleep sack unfolding it and laying it on top of the cage. The strong white cord used to lace up the front placed beside it. Releasing the subs arms, the mistress allowed them to fall to his side easing the pressure on his nipples.

Attaching two steel eyelets on the sleep sack to two cables, suspended from a motorised pulley connected to the ceiling, the mistress then led the sub to the sack. Placing his arms into the two long pockets inside the sack, she pulled it over his shoulders. The sub then stepped into the base of the sack. The mistress raised the sack by the pulley, so that it was taught, then pulling out his penis, she did up the zips, trapping it and his balls outside. The high leather collar was done up over the top of the posture collar sealing the sub inside. 

Taking the white cord the mistress crisscrossed it through the many eyelets from his neck down to his feet, pulling tighter and tighter as it wound down his body. Tying it off, the mistress put the remaining cord through an eyebolt on the wall pulling the sub backwards off his feet used his own weight to tighten the restriction on the sleep sack even more. Each movement he made pulled the cord even tighter, making the leather fit his body shape even more snugly.

The sub, facing the ground with his feet out behind him, struggled for a while, before acknowledging he was completely and utterly secure.

The mistress was not finished with him yet, taking down a 5lb. sand filled ball bag from her wall, she attached it to his exposed balls, tightening the straps over the cords, to the last hole, putting on a small padlock as final security.

Inside his cocoon, the sub could barely hear the outside world but his world was concentrated by the pulling on his balls and the near vertical position of his cock with the nipple rings attached.

With her lips pressed near to his ear the mistress told the slave today he was going to be there as long as she felt like it perhaps over night....


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