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Tight Wrap

by Surfinbirds

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© Copyright 2001 - Surfinbirds - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; wrap; mum; cons; X

Normally, I like to set up my stories with some background which paints a picture for the exciting scene to follow. This time, I will flat out tell you that I got wrapped up in Glad Wrap! And it was so exciting, I will go into great detail. I had been wrapped up before, and I had even mentioned that I had been done up by a client at Heather's Dungeon in Colorado. I enjoyed it, but it was relatively short a session compared to what Joyce did to me.

I met Joyce while shopping. I was in a hardware store getting some of the usual stuff you need to set up a new household. Joyce had just off-handedly mentioned that I seemed like I must have been building a basement with all the stuff I had. My rejoinder was that I was very handy with tools, and I probably could build a basement; but--I started to chuckle--I was in a rush to move in. We traded more small talk, and she seemed like such a nice person.

This lady was a pretty redhead with short cropped hair. Her hair was stylishly short, in fact--sorta punky! It was cut very close around the sides and back with just a short bob on top. She looked like maybe a young college Freshman. Imagine my surprise when I found out she was 32! Her body was slim and pretty; she was about 5'5", and had a modest figure, but she could have been a super model if she had wanted. Before I even mentioned that, she said she was a little self-conscious of her freckles! Imagine that! She was so young-looking! It happened that she liked to jog and work out, and so that would explain her vibrant look.

Joyce and I happened to check out at adjacent registers, and we exchanged a last smile as the credit card scruncher made its sound, and I left the store. I was racing to beat a nasty rain shower that was trying to beat me to my car. I won--barely! Joyce was not so lucky, as she got wet loading her station wagon. 
Nice lady, I thought. As I started up the car, I noticed Joyce's car balking terribly! It started, but the engine did not wind up; in fact it chugged and fussed. I decided to wait, to make sure she got along OK. She didn't! I opened the window enough to avoid getting drenched.
"You need some help?" I screamed.
"Yes! This damn heap doesn't work when it rains!" she groaned.

Ah ha! I bet her distributor cap was wet. I invited her into my car to dry off for a while. I told her that I would take a look as soon as the rain let up. The skies started to lighten, and sure enough, the rain subsided. I got out and grabbed a screwdriver from the trunk of my car. I popped the hood and took off the distributor cap. I wiped it out with a rag, and set it back down. I twisted it and noted that the cap went down a little farther than it had come up. I bet it wasn't seated properly to begin with! Theory triumphed, as Joyce's car fired up like new. I followed her home to make sure she was OK. It turned out she lives only a few miles from my place, and it was on the way home.

She invited me in to clean up. She thanked me for helping, and after a string of more chat, we exchanged phone numbers. It was wonderful to find a new neighbor with whom I had so much in common. We made a "date" to jog together the next day; since I like to run farther than she, I just started out and planned to rendezvous with her down the road a spell. It was starting to get to be a cool autumn evening, so I had on a spandex body suit to keep the chill away. I wore a light blue one so it would reflect as night got closer--the days were starting to get shorter.

We jogged out and started back when the rain hit again. It was soooo cold! Joyce invited me back in again to wait for the rain to stop. I agreed as I was a mess! The cold rain had me chilling and shivering. Joyce took me in and gave me a sweatshirt to wear to keep warm. My buxom self made the fit a little tight, but it did its job. I actually felt a little silly, and we laughed about it. The subject came up about working out and sauna sessions. Joyce didn't have a lot of money to invest in a spa, but she told me that she wrapped up in Glad Wrap as a makeshift sauna. Now I knew how this worked, but I was afraid to tell her that I did it to be a B&D submissive!

We talked about it some more, and she offered to give me a "wrap" sauna. As it was still raining, and I could use some heat, I agreed. Joyce went into a cupboard and came back with three huge rolls of Glad Wrap. She urged me into her rec room which had thick, shag carpet.
"Uh, well, dear, you will have to strip to your underwear now," Joyce intoned.
"Ummmmmm," I started, "I, uh, don't wear a lot!" In fact, all I had on under the suit was a Jogbra which was covering a lot of skin and would stall the sauna effect.
"Well, I hardly know you, but do you mind stripping naked? I'm sure you will love it, Michelle!" she said excitedly.

The chemistry was there, as I was impressed with her so. I decided, why not? So I unzipped my body suit, and the wetness from the rain rung out as I gathered the spandex fabric. Joyce told me to stand with my feet apart as she opened the first box of Wrap.

Now, I want to say here that if you do this, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VICTIM ALONE! You can get very hot and mess up your body temperature. Please be careful, and know what you are doing!

Joyce started by wrapping up my left foot, ankle, leg, and thigh. She then ran the roll behind my back and resumed down the right leg the same way. Next she came back up and put some material on my belly and chest and started down my left arm. She wrapped the left arm, as I held it out, and she ran the roll well past the fingers, as if to form a mitten. Back again up the arm, to the shoulders, and down the right arm. She started to wrap my torso, and the feeling was becoming quite pleasurable!

"How do you feel, Michelle?"

"This feels GREAT! It makes my skin feel so tingly!"

"Well, this is just the first layer. You should put more layers on to keep your body heat in. This will make you sweat and force all those free radicals out of your body."

"How many layers do you put on?" I asked.

"As many as you can stand. A lot of people freak out from the wrap, as if it were 'bondage'. I have to make sure they can tear themselves out if they become unsettled."

Oh, she said the magic word: bondage! And I so wanted to be mummified tightly!

"Joyce, I am not afraid! I bet you could wrap me up to the max, and I'd be OK."

Banter of this manner went back and forth as she wrapped my limbs with extra layers. Finally, she said, "You asked for it!"

The next time she was working around my shoulders, she told me to lower my arms to my side and put my feet together. She rolled a few layers up high around my neck and then started to cocoon me in the wrap, pinning my arms and legs together. The first roll finished as I was pretty well wrapped and pinned. Joyce smoothed out the flaps of material that didn't quite conform to my body.

"How much more, are you going to put me in?" I asked.

Joyce smiled, and said, "As many as you want."

She started in on the second roll, and as she worked, Joyce seemed to start pulling it tighter and tighter! "You seem like a bondage slave, Michelle!" (The magic word again!) I made instant eye contact with her, and found myself at a loss for words. I mustered what energy I had available that was not being focused for sexual energy and whispered a submissive, "Yes" to her.

The second roll seemed to take longer, but it must have been because of the tightness she used on me. It felt divine, and I was so glad it had progressed this far. I looked in the patio door--it was now dark, and the door made a good mirror. All I saw was a true mummy: the outline of my body was all that was discernible. The tan of my flesh was almost a blur in the myriad of layers. My breasts were so taut! They were pressed so completely against my body.

"Michelle, I don't think we will need a third roll. But to keep the material from slipping, I am going to add some security measures."

Joyce left the room as I stood motionless, standing in the center of the room. I could feel the sweat of my body pooling, but it was still so erotic! Joyce returned with some duct tape! The realization hit me, and I started to wriggle.

"No, Michelle! You don't want to spoil this now, do you?" I wanted this to continue, but I could not fathom letting on my private life to her after we had only met the day before!

Joyce ran two or three layers of tape tightly at the ankles, knees, thighs, waist--like that mattered!--above and below my breasts and at the neck. She told me to remain rigid, and then she grabbed me by the shoulders and lowered me to the floor.

"Now, you may try to wriggle, but I don't think it will do you any good!"

My utterances were no longer sensical. I was fighting the bondage and at the same time, working myself to an erotic climax. This felt soooooo goood! Joyce put a pillow on the floor under my head and told me to lay there for a while!

She sat down and started to read a "Cosmo" while I lay there. My eyes were taking in the decorating job she had done--no wonder she spent time in that hardware store! 
As I wriggled, I could feel the sweat just seeping in and around the layers of my bondage wrap. I was happy that she kept my head clear; that could have created some really bad heat problems.

Ever so often, Joyce would say, "Doing OK?" And I would nod yes. I wriggled harder and faster it seemed. I was working up a terrific sweat, but I was almost able to chop through a layer, but no! No luck! My efforts gave forth a grunt now and then, but it was usually spun with some erotic gasping as well.

This went on for a while, when Joyce put down her magazine. She came over to me and started to stroke my brow. It was such a wonderful touch to be sure. Then she played with my hair, and I just closed my eyes and took it all in. Joyce reached into a nearby drawer and produced a pair of scissors. 
At last I would be free! Guess again!

Joyce poked holes in the wrap next to my breasts and cut around them. This freed my ample bosom into the ambient air, but I was still bound! The cold air against my breasts turned them into veritable lightning rods for erotica! Joyce then tore down all barriers between our respective secrets. She leaned down and feasted on my tits which just sent me into waves of hot pleasure! I was just cooing like high-school girl as she worked my up into a froth!

I started to gasp and giggle hysterically! I was totally out of control! I was now drawn to this woman, but I was in no position to do any bidding. Her hands ran all over me, and as I felt the seepage of the sweat, I am sure there were other liquids present! Her touches and sucking just drove me to a final climax and I screamed out in total joy.

I awoke after a while, and Joyce was now cutting the tape and wrap free from my legs. The cool air hit my sweaty body like a brick, but Joyce led me to her bathtub which contained a nice warm bath she had drawn while I was asleep. That's right! My orgasm knocked me cold! When I was able to stand, I noted by the clock that I had been wrapped for over three hours! My finger tips looked like prunes!

After the bath, Joyce gave me back my jogging clothes which she had nicely washed and dried while I was her prisoner. As I was getting my shoes on, I could ask only, "Joyce, how did you know?"

Joyce smiled, and said, "You didn't flinch when I said 'bondage" and 'slave'" You must be a sub! You would have complained after the first roll."

I hugged her, and as a tear formed in my eye, I said, "Thank you!"

We didn't exchange too many more words while we were in her rec room, but because it was still raining, she offered to drive me home in that same "Water Wagon" car of hers! Then I gabbed like a magpie! I told her of all the scenes I have done, and how I enjoy the beauty of B&D and all the people for whom I have written stories. I told her about the computer bulletin board I am on, and she wondered if I'd write up our scene. Friends, I couldn't wait!

Now, being wrapped is truly a lot of fun; but be careful if you do it. Use short sessions at first. There is a danger of being dehydrated or getting overheated. Have scissors nearby for a quick release. And by all means, do not go father than you can handle. Remember this scene requires trust!

And it is nice to have a jogging partner!


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