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Virtual Bondage

by Russ

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© Copyright 2002 - Russ - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; bond; mum; cocoon; vore; vr; reluct; XX

Chapter one: “The Web”

How on Earth had this happened? Cindy wondered.  To be stuck literally like a bug in this huge spiders web! She struggled against the sticky web to no avail. The more she struggled, the more filaments from the web entangled her arms and legs. She couldn’t move, she was just not getting anywhere! The web strands were actually soft on her skin, but they were as strong as steel. They were coated with a sticky glue substance that once touched by anything would not let go. No amount of struggle or pulling would find release. 

All she remembered was falling from somewhere up above. It was like one of those dreams where you are falling and falling and cannot stop. Except she had stopped, like hitting a huge trampoline from a hundred storys up. The web had caught her and flexed up and down. But, unlike a trampoline she did not bounce off of the web surface. Once she had made contact with it, she was held fast. After the web had stopped moving up and down she had attempted to move. After several minutes of fruitless efforts that only entangled and glued her down more, she now was just hanging. Stuck near the center and not knowing what to do.

What an ultimate bondage theme! What a way to be bound! She was surely not going anywhere. None of her bondage adventures had ever provided this much immobility. She again tried to break loose from the web’s hold. She tried her arms, she could move them slightly, and the web did have some give to it. She tried her legs and torso, same result. Even her head and hair were stuck, again with only slight movement. Her fear was abating to some extent and she felt the familiar warm glow between her legs. She had no way of satisfying the urge that was growing. She lay there for sometime trying to formulate in her mind again what had happened and what to do now.

For the first time she took in as much of her surroundings as her limited head movement would allow. She could see parts of the web off to the sides extending up and away from her. One of these terminated on what appeared to be a huge leaf of some kind. She could see the blue sky above and fluffy white cumulus clouds. These were also huge. Above her and to the sides were huge trees or plants, she could not tell which. Everything appeared to have grown to maybe 50 times what its normal size should be. Or, she herself had shrunk! This was all like some intense dream, but it did not feel like a dream. It felt real! Everything was clear and crisp, not like most dreams. The sounds of birds filled the area that she was in. She occasionally smelled familiar scents as if she were in a meadow or forest. This was too weird!

She lay still now feeling a slight breeze and watching the clouds float above. It was actually kind of peaceful! She started to focus on her sexual urge again when a slight vibration in the filaments of the web where they touched her broke her thoughts. What in the Hell was that? She wondered. She waited and held perfectly still.

Silence……then a vibration again, a bit stronger. She strained her neck attempting to turn to the sides to see anything. She could not.

Silence again……vibration………silence…….vibration. Was something or somebody else caught also? “Hello? Is anybody there?”

Silence……………vibration. And then she caught site of something from here peripheral vision just to here left. She focused on the object as best she could. What in the Hell is that?? A twig, a branch? It looks hairy……Oh my God! It’s a leg!

Cindy thrashed and struggled in sheer terror for what seemed forever. She screamed until she was hoarse. The leg did not move away or advance. Her mind was racing; she had to get away, but how? As she fatigued more and more her struggles slowed and stopped. Sweat from struggle and fear was pouring from her body. This is not good! Her heart was pounding and she drew in ragged breaths. Why was this happening? What was happening?

As her struggles stopped the leg moved again closer to her. She saw it raise, move forward and again lower to the web. 

God help me! How can I stop this? Was her first thought, but really inside she did not want it to stop. The terror, the unknowing, the helplessness was more erotic than anything she had ever experienced!

As the leg moved a few more times toward her, she could see more and more of its owner. She had never seen such a horrific sight before! The spider’s body was huge! Bristly hair protruded all over the creature! It was dark brown all over and her eyes fixed on its eyes! All six of them. Black, shiny, unblinking orbs atop the massive head. She stared and it stared back as it moved slowly forward. She continued to struggle, for what reason she did not know. It was just animal instinct. Predator and prey. And she was obviously the prey! Her eyes dropped from the spiders and now focused lower under its head. Two huge curving fangs twitched in front of moving mandibles! Shiny black and dripping venom!

Her mind drifted back to when she was maybe eight years old. She had seen this before from a different perspective. At her Aunt and Uncles farm in late July she had sat for hours watching a spider work in its web in the corner of two posts in their barn. How fascinating it had been to watch the intricacy of the spiders weaving, the perfect symmetry of the finished web was beautiful. The patience of the spider as it worked and then waited unmoving near the webs edge with one leg resting on a filament as a sensor. The fly that had flown into the web and struggled until its energy was sapped. The spider moving slowly toward its reward, patiently and unhurried, knowing that the struggles were to no avail. That its web was strong and reliable. The quick loops of filament that had pinned the flies legs and wings securely to its body almost in a wink of an eye. Then the spider had slowly lowered its head and injected the fly with venom, within seconds the fly no longer moved. The spider then carefully began wrapping the fly from top to bottom over and over in its silk until it was a perfect cocoon. Had the fly felt pain? Was it dead? Or, just immobilized and left for future needs? Being only eight, and having a typical attention span, she never knew. She left in search of new adventures never to return to find out.

Was that how her fascination with bondage had started? Good one for a therapist! She thought. It was her first exposure that she could remember to anything being immobilized or held against its will. And there were times, as now, that she had thought back to that experience while being bound. But, those times were enjoyable, and the thought of the fly being completely encased and helpless had only stimulated her more. This time was different. This time seemed real! This time it was her!! But, how could it be? How could any of this be……….

The huge brown body was directly over her now, looming above her. Through the terror the feeling of intense sexual arousal broke through. It was almost as though she had slipped into a state of euphoria, a slave state. Where all hope and control is lost. She sensed her body and appendages reeling against the bonds. It was no longer terror but the need to release her sexual desires and plunge over that waterfall of intense pleasure. Her arms were grasped by the spider’s legs which had small hooks at the ends. They were brought toward her body and then filaments of soft silk from the spider’s spinnerets wrapped them secure against her body. Her legs were grasped next and one at a time folded at the knees back against themselves and her body and the wraps were again applied. 

She then saw through the haze of her euphoria the spiders head lowering toward her abdomen. She screamed and again struggled. As the fangs pierced her stomach she came with an intensity she had never had before. Her body writhed and twisted as the waves of pure bliss ran through her. She moaned from the pleasure and rode the final wave to a peaceful shore.

There was actually little pain from the injections, but she now felt a growing sensation of heat radiating from the site through every inch of her body. Was she being dissolved from the inside? It did not feel like it. She remained awake and conscious. She could still feel all of her body, the injection sites, the radiating heat and the soft wraps of silk around her. What was the bite for? Then in moments the heat sensation changed to tingling and a sensation she had never had before. She could not move any voluntary muscle in her body! A level of panic began to rise again in her, this was too intense! Now she could not even struggle! She was completely helpless and trapped! 

The spider quickly snapped the filaments that held her to the web with its mandibles, lifted her from the web with several legs and she was held aloft under its abdomen. The spinnerets began working and she was moved forward and backward under the spider spinning like a bobbin in a sewing machine. Cindy began to feel dizzy and light headed. Wrap after wrap of the silk was applied from about her mid torso down and over her knees. The silk felt slightly wet and sticky where it touched her body. After what seemed like an eternity of wrapping, her body was flipped over and now the top of her torso was being wrapped. She felt the silk being wrapped around her breasts as they were compressed against her chest.

It flashed in Cindy’s mind as the wrap proceeded up that her head would be covered soon! Panic again arouse from deep inside her, but at the same time the pleasure again. As the silk reached her neck and chin she took in a deep breath. It may be my last she thought, and closed her eyes. The wrap inched its way up and over her head. She waited and spun. Her lungs were burning from the need to have new air! She tried in her mind to struggle, to break free, to live! She exploded again in orgasmic heaven even more intense than before! She screamed into the wrappings exhaling all of her air and blacked out……..

How much time had passed Cindy did not know. As she awoke she had that moment of unknowing confusion. What a dream! God that was intense! She stretched her body and yawned. But, nothing stretched, her arms were held to her sides and her legs were folded under her and held! What the Hell! Her mind reeled! She opened her eyes and all she could see was white!! A smooth white silky wall in front of her! But this can’t be!!! She could feel the silk against all of her body, holding softly yet firmly. It was dry and very soft now against her body. Is this a dream or what?? She took in a breath of air, it almost seemed filtered. So, she could breath! She was alive! 

She assessed her situation. The spinning had stopped; she seemed to be lying again, motionless. She tried moving and everything worked again! But even though muscles responded no amount of strain would produce more than very small movements. She lay there in silence praying to God that something would free her and swearing she would never even think of bondage again if He just would get her out of this. Whatever this was! Time was warped to her, without hearing or sight beyond her white prison she had no idea of how long she laid there. Then a movement startled her back to awareness! Something had moved her! It happened several times more! She was being rolled and moved, but why? Then a sharp blinding pain shot into her back and a searing burning. She again screamed into her cocoon! She felt the fangs sink deeper and deeper into her back, the pain was unbearable! Her head began to spin, flashes of white appeared in her eyes! So this is the end? I am now the fly in the spiders’ web? I am next on the menu!! Eaten alive!!! The dizziness got worse and her vision dimmed. Everything faded away as she felt her body begin to liquefy and be sucked away……..

Everything was black and silent, peaceful and serene. Cindy felt as if she was floating on a cloud in nothingness. So this is death? I am aware, but nowhere, just floating forever?

“Cindy? Do not try to move yet, just relax and keep still. Your session is now over; we will have you out in a moment.” Out? Out of what?

As she thought that, there was a metallic sound and a crack of light appeared above her as if a lid was being removed. As her eyes adjusted and the crack grew larger she could tell she was in some kind of a box or container. Something was over her face, she could see but it was blurry and unfocused. What in the Hell is going on?

The lid moved away to the left above her. A hand passed beside her head and behind it. She was gently lifted into a sitting position. A gooey substance like Jell-O slid from her head and upper body back into the box. She could see clearer now, the hand was joined by others that wiped the goo from her hair and head. A strap was released from behind her neck, and the mask that had covered her face was removed.

“How are you doing, Cindy? A bit woozy? That is OK; just take your time until you come back to Earth.”

“What the Hell happened?” was the first words out of her mouth. “Where am I, and who are you?”

“Slow down, Cindy! You are fine, everything is fine! You will remember everything in a bit! Let’s get you out of the VR unit and cleaned up. First time users are always dazed and confused for a while.” 

VR unit? First time user? Cindy was definitely confused!

Cindy was helped out of the unit and sat on a chair beside of it. Towels were produced and the remainder of the Jell-o was being wiped away. She began looking around the room. It was large and brightly lit. There were six of the units  in a straight row centered in the room. All around the walls were consoles, computers, machines, monitors, flashing lights, and gauges. It looked like a mix of Star Trek and ER. Three of the other units stood open as the one she had just emerged from now did. The other two were closed and people watched the consoles that obviously went with them intently. There were EKG and other tracers humming, all bodily functions of the users were being monitored. One of the monitors above each console looked like a camcorder screen, showing blank screens with a flashing REC in the upper corners.

Cindy for the first time actually noticed her “nurse” standing in front of her, smiling. She also noticed that she sat there now completely naked! She covered her breasts out of reflex. 

The nurse handed her a towel to cover up with and giggled. “Coming back to Earth now?”

“Yes, I guess so, but none of this still makes any sense. I….I was having an intense dream….trapped by a spider….it was all so real!”

“Spider huh? Wow! I may want to try that one!” the nurse giggled. “OK, let us refresh your memory.” 

Try it? Was it a movie or something?

“My name is Sasha, and this is Gloria, my assistant” Cindy turned to see the other girl behind her, also smiling. “Hello” said Gloria.

“Hello” Cindy replied.

“Gloria is a technician and I am an RN and systems manager here at “VR World”. You saw our ad in a pornographic magazine, and came to us for a session. This is Friday, July 16th, 2008. You have been here for just over two hours in our VR simulator. Ringing any bells?”

It was actually, as Cindy heard all of this and her mind cleared more, it all was coming back to her. She had seen the ad in the magazine, called the number and set up for a session. Having just broken up with her steady of three years a month ago, she was getting horny and bored with her sex life and meager self bondage attempts. The ad had promised an experience like never before! And, if this was the result, it was absolutely correct!

“I do remember it now! This is what a session is like? How does it all work? Where did the spider idea come from? Man! This is wild!”

Sasha and Gloria were both giggling now and smiling. “Good, you are back with us now! Yes, this is what our sessions are like! It was all explained to you when you arrived here earlier, but I can refresh the details for you. The computer does induce short term memory loss at the start of each session so that the “adventure” starts from scratch with the user having no idea what is going on or how. That is what causes disorientation after the session. It all works with computers and your mind, the spider idea came from you, and our scanners pick up ideas or past experiences from each clients brain through the sensors that were attached behind your neck. It then tailors a scenario from that. The VR unit you were in is connect to the computers and the jelly is actually a form of liquid silicon semiconductor that not only picks up your movements and solidifies if needed to impede movements and injuries, but also sends appropriate stimuli to every part of your body. So, I take it you enjoyed it?”

“God yes! At times anyway, as I said it was so real and intense! I went from ecstasy to terror!” 

“Yes, we know. We monitored all of your vital signs and brain waves throughout. You had two good orgasms, if I remember correctly. And, also some very high pulse and breathing from fear at several other times. Must have been a wild fantasy! We will have to review the recording after it is processed, if you let us?”

“Recording?” asked Cindy.

“Yes, you requested that we record the experience you had. It is one if our extras we offer. Your thoughts are recorded and processed through a brain sensor and then compiled and translated by one of our VR programs into a digital DVD format. We would love to watch it if you do not mind? Not now of course, but later.”

“Sure, I guess? Sorry this is still a bit overwhelming.”

“We understand completely! Actually for a newbee you have recovered very quickly!” 

“Thanks! I think!” 

“Would you like a shower and a whirlpool bath? It’s included in the price, as well as wine or champagne.”

“Yes,” said Cindy. “Please!”

“OK, follow me. Our goal is to make your experience here the best you have ever had!”

Cindy followed Sasha into another room that contained several showers, saunas, whirlpools and massage tables. There was also a large table along the far wall with a banquet assembled. 

“Take your time and enjoy! After you shower, use anything else you wish. If you need anything, push any of the yellow buttons located around the room and me or Gloria will return. If nothing is needed, when you’re done, you will find your clothes in locker number 3 over there.”

Cindy showered and collected her thoughts and emotions. The remainder of the Jell-o stuff washed off, she eased into a bath. She let the water relax and soothe her body and mind. Her muscles actually ached. Was it from the struggling and imagined bondage? Imagined! That was no imagination, it was so real! God what an experience! She noticed a bottle of champagne next to the tub on ice. She filled the glass and drank it down, filled again and started to lean back again. Next to the champagne was a clipboard and pen. She picked it up and looked at the form. It was an evaluation form like many places use. She was to rate all of the questions from 0 - terrible to 10 – exquisite! She answered them all with 10’s! At the bottom was a spot for comments. Cindy simply wrote: WOW! In huge letters.

The last paragraph stated that any recordings ordered would arrive in 6 – 10 working days. That will be really interesting, she thought. She soaked for about another thirty minutes or so, drank 3 more glasses of bubbly, got out of the tub, dried and dressed. She walked to the door with an exit sign above it and opened it. She was in the reception area that she now remembered from earlier. She walked toward the outside door, a voice from behind the reception window said, “Have a nice weekend! We hope you have enjoyed your visit to VR World! Please come again soon!”

“I will, said Cindy…….I definitely will!!!!

To be continued...
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