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The Volunteer

by rbd101

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© Copyright 2002 - rbd101 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; mum; wrap; tape; nc; X

Ned was out of luck. He was out of a job and out of money. He was also three months behind his rent. The day had been yet another fruitless job search. Ned was desperate enough to try anything at this point. On his way up, he opened his mailbox and reached in, pulling out the usual junk mail. On any other day, Ned would have thrown them away without a second glance, but today, he scanned through them in hopes of finding a job offer, any job offer. Nothing.

He was about to give up and throw the whole stack into the bin when something caught his eye. A slip of paper with the heading, “Volunteers Wanted.” On further reading, Ned started to get interested. The place was a little out of the way but what the heck. So long as he gets money at the end of the day. With a weight off his head, Ned went up to his apartment.

The next day, Ned headed down to the specified location on the slip of paper. It was a large warehouse that looked a little rundown. Maybe he could get a permanent job here Ned thought to himself. With high hopes, he went in. The warehouse was deserted. Ned’s hopes started to sink. 
 “Hello?” Ned called. “Anyone here?”

 “Yep!” came a reply from somewhere at the back of the warehouse. “I’m back here!”

Ned headed in the direction of the voice. “I’m here about that volunteer job? Mr errrrr..”

 “Oh the job ay?” the voice replied. “Well come on back here, we can’t keep yelling like that!”

 Ned found the man just as he was coming out of a back room. “Hi,” Ned smiled. “I’m Ned, so what’s the job about? I really need the cash.”

A muffled sound came from the room behind the man and he hurriedly shut the door. Turning, he grinned at Ned. “Come on lets talk in the office.” Ned followed the man into another room. The man motioned Ned to sit and poured him a glass of juice out of a small fridge. “Well, let’s have a look at you then,” the man said, putting on a pair of glasses. “Hmmm...”

Ned nervously drank from his glass, a little intimidated by the man’s scrutiny. He glanced nervously from side to side.

“I think you’ll do just fine,” the man finally concluded. “When can you start work?”

“As soon as possible,” Ned blurted out. “Today if it’s okay with you Mr errr.... sorry sir you didn’t give me your name.”

“Sir?” the man laughed. “None of that. Call me Dave. I’ll be right back.”

Dave got up and left the room. Ned couldn’t believe it. He got a job. Finally. Maybe he could ask for an advanced paycheck to pay for his rent. It’ll be asking too much from a new employer but he had to ask. In his mind, he started to think of how to ask Dave. Then he started to feel a little dizzy and sleepy. That was when Dave came in with several coils of rope in his hand. Confused, Ned started to stand up but stumbled unsteadily on his feet.
 “I see the relaxant is working,” Dave said. “Guess what Ned? You can start work today.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Ned backed off unsteadily as Dave advanced on him. “Get back.”

Dave made a grab for Ned. Now though Ned was under the effects of the relaxant, Ned however was a big man and quite toned. Ned grappled with Dave on the ground and Ned would have won but the relaxant took its toll and Ned started to lose conscious. Everything faded to black and the last thing Ned felt were his wrists being tied together.

Ned opened his eyes groggily. Everything was dark. Realization slowly dawned on him. His wrists were tied over his head, fastened to the ceiling. His feet were tied together too. A blindfold covered his eyes and a wad of cloth gagged his mouth held in place by some tape. Ned yelled and struggled to no avail. Then he heard a familiar voice. “Oh you’re up. We can start work now then.” It was Dave.

“Mmmmph mmmmph!”

“Guess what job you took?” Dave’s voice floated close to Ned’s ear. “You have volunteered yourself for my pleasure. That is the job you took. I’ve had my eye on you a long time Ned. That’s why I sent you that slip of paper. I knew you were desperate for a job.”

“Let me go!” Ned yelled into his gag but only a muffled sound same out.

The blindfold came off and Ned could see clearly. The room was dimly lit. And judging from the way it was built, Ned guessed that he was in the basement. Dave was dressed differently now. His chest was bare and he wore only a pair of tight leather pants. Leather gloves covered his hands. Terror gripped Ned’s heart. What have he gotten himself into!

“Let’s get you ready for you first task then shall we?” Dave said, ignoring Ned’s muffled cries of release.

He picked up a pair of scissors and started to cut off Ned’s T-shit, exposing his well muscled chest. Ned struggled some more and yelled into his gag.

“You better stay still or I might cut you,” Dave said in a matter of fact tone.

Ned froze When he realized that Dave was going to do the same thing with his jeans as he did with his shirt. The scissors was very sharp and made short work of Ned’s thick jeans and underwear. When all was done, Ned was tied to the ceiling, naked, gagged and shivering with terror and cold.
 “Don’t worry you’ll be warm in a while. Now I don’t have time to play with you today so I’ll just have to leave you here for the night.”

“Night?” Ned thought. “How long was I out? Is he gonna leave me here like this?”

Ned started to make muffled protests again and Dave frowned. 

“I’ll have to pack you away then. Can’t have you running hanging around like that.”

Dave picked up something from a nearby table. As he came closer, Ned saw that it was a syringe. Instinctively, he shied away as far as his bonds would let him. Dave came closer. “You don’t want me to break the needle in you now do you?” Dave said.

Ned knew he was right. There was no escape. Rather not risk breaking the needle in him and causing more pain and trouble than he was already in. Reluctantly, Ned relaxed and let Dave inject him.

“Good I knew you’ll see it my way,” Dave said putting the syringe away. “Now I’ve just injected you with another relaxant. It won’t put you to sleep but it’ll numb your muscles. You’ll be conscious but you won’t be able to move a muscle. That way I’ll be able to do what I need to do without you wriggling about.”

Panic well up in Ned’s throat when Dave brought out rolls and rolls of plastic wrap and duct tape. “Oh god he’s gonna suffocate me!” Ned screamed into his gag and struggled violently, but the relaxant was working. Soon he felt heavy and despite all his best efforts, Ned couldn’t move a muscle. With terror in his eyes, he watched as Dave untied his feet and proceeded on to wrap each leg in plastic wrap. The plastic was pulled so tight that Ned thought that the blood wouldn’t flow down to his feet. Even his feet were wrapped.

When both feet were done, Dave started to wrap Ned’s loins up to his chest. Even his penis was wrapped separately and then wrapped up against his abdomen. His arms were the next to be wrapped then his shoulders and neck. Ned started to sweat. It was getting hot under the plastic. But Dave wasn’t finished yet. With another roll of plastic wrap, he started to wrap both Ned’s legs together. That’s when Ned realized what was going to happen to him. He started to yell again and struggle but the relaxant was still at work. All his efforts resulted in muffled sounds and a slight swaying.

Dave wrapped tightly all the way up to Ned’s waist and then untied Ned’s arms from the ceiling. With some effort, Dave carried Ned over to another part of the room where his head was clamped in some device that held him upright by his head. Placing Ned’s arms at his sides, Dave started to wrap them to his body as tightly as he could. By this time Ned started getting some feeling in his muscles. He then started to struggle again but he knew he was helpless. He was totally encased in plastic and even if he have full use of all his muscles, he still wouldn’t be able to break out. He slumped in defeat.

But Dave wasn’t through yet. He picked up a roll of duct tape and started to wrap Ned again. From his toes up to his chest, tightly and without a single crease. Every muscle was on Ned’s toned body could be seen through the tight tape, even the large bulge of his hard on. “We’re almost done here,” Dave said, unclamping Ned’s head from the device and carrying him over to a full length mirror. “How do you like my handiwork?” Ned stared. He was entirely wrapped in duct tape. Not a bit of skin showed except for his head with was already dripping with sweat.

“Now I’m going to take the gag out and I don’t want you to yell. No one’s here anyway so nobody will come to rescue you." Ned nodded. Dave smiled and removed the tape gag. Reaching somewhere behind him, Dave produced a bottle of water.

“Must be hot in there,” he said “Don’t want you to dehydrate now do we? Drink up as much as you can.” Ned gulped down the cool water and soon finished the whole bottle. The water had a slight cooling effect and it gave Ned some relieve from the incredible heat building up under two layers of plastic wrap and another layer of duct tape.

“Now we’ll finish the job,” Dave said, stuffing an inflatable gag into Ned’s mouth.

Before Ned could yell, Dave strapped the gag in place tightly and started pumping into the gag. The balloon on the other side of the gag started to fill with air, firmly pressing Ned’s tongue down, effectively gagging him again. Ned moaned in despair as Dave lay him down on a work table. He knew what was coming next.

Plastic wrap was wrapped around the lover part of his face, just under the nose. Then another thinner strip went over the bridge of his nose. Then another layer of wrap went over his forehead, leaving eye slits for him to look through. The rest of his head was wrapped in plastic then a layer of duct tape, this time tightly. When his entire head was duct taped, Dave poked a hole at the inflatable gag’s valve and inserted the pumping tube again. This time, he mercilessly pumped air into the gag. The balloon inside Ned’s mouth squeezed his tongue down and forced his mouth open as far as the duct tape would let it go then Dave stopped.

Carrying Ned over to the mirror again, Dave marveled at his work while Ned could only stare. He was a silver mummy. Totally encased in duct tape. Terrified, Ned remembered what Dave had said earlier. “I’m leaving you here for the night.”

“Oh god!” Ned thought and started to yell and struggle. The rubbing and the heat got his penis to an epic hard on, but without his hands to manipulate it, he couldn't get any release. It was torture. Sexual tension without release. Inability to move or speak voluntarily. Ned wanted to cry.

“Now lets go meet your new roommate,” Dave said.

Ned was carried into another room that was dark. Dave flicked the light switch on. What Ned saw stunned him. In the room were three tables. On two of those tables, each lay a single mummified figure. A tag at each of  the tables head indicated the mummified person’s name. Leaning Ned against a wall, Dave went over to a black taped mummy and pealed off a strip of duct tape across the eyes. He did the same to the other mummy which was taped in red. He then carried Ned over and introduced him.

“Boys,” Dave said. “This is Ned his new here so be nice to him okay. I’m gonna leave you guys here for the night. I’ve got an appointment tonight. Ned say hi.”

Ned yelled into this gag and struggled. Dave only laughed. Ned looked at the helpless captives. They were staring at him, their eyes filled with lost hope. They started to yell too and managed no better than Ned.

“This is Jordan,” Dave said pointing at the Black taped mummy. “And Steve,” nodding to the red mummy.

He lay Ned down on the empty table and replaced the tape over Jordan’s and Steve’s eye slits. He then came over to Ned, a strip of silver duct tape in his hands. “Goodnight Ned. See you tomorrow.”

The strip went over Ned’s eyes and totally cut him off from the world. The only part of him connected to the world was his nose. He screamed for a long time. Ned didn’t know how long he screamed but he fell into a deep peaceful sleep he had never slept in years. 


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