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The Volunteer 2

by rbd101

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© Copyright 2002 - rbd101 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; mum; latex; wrap; tape; reluct; X

Part Two
The Volunteer written by rbd101

Ned awoke at the sound of a door opening. Panic seized him by the throat when he found that he could not open his eyes. He couldn’t even move. Even the yelled he made were muffled by an inflatable gag that filled his entire mouth. It was then that Ned slowly started to calm down and access the situation. He remembered yesterday. He remembered Dave and his mummification. He even remembered Steve and Jordan, another two unfortunate who fell into Dave’s trap. Light suddenly flooded into Ned’s eyes. With a muffled grunt, he squinted until his eyes grew accustomed to the bright light. A smiling face hovered over him. It was Dave.
“Thirsty?” Dave asked.

Ned managed to nod slightly. With the layers of plastic wrap and duct tape around his neck it wasn’t easy. Nodding, Dave peeled off the piece of duct tape covering Ned’s mouth. He removed the inflatable gag and placed a tube into Ned’s mouth. 

“Suck,” he instructed and Ned did. “Finish every last drop.”

Ned needed no prompting. He was dead thirsty. As he gulped down the cool sweet liquid, he managed to turn his head slightly. He saw the black and red mummies, Jordan and Steve. Both were sucking on tubes like he was.

Dave returned a short while later, that smile still on his face.

“All done boys?” he asked. Not waiting for an answer, as if they could answer, Dave removed the tubes from all three mummies and replaced the inflatable gags. “Let me fill you in on some things today,” he said rubbing his hands together. “I’ve already solved Jordan and Steve’s problems. All that is left is Ned’s. Guess what Ned?”


“I’ve spoken to your landlord and paid him what you owed. I had your stuff packed and sent off to the Salvation Army. You’re utterly mine now.”

Ned started screaming into his gag and struggling with all his might. This only made him flop around on the table. Unfortunately, he struggled too hard and flopped himself off the table. He landed on flat on his face. The force of the fall knocked the wind out of him and stunned him. He just lay there.

“Now, now, that’s no way to behave,” Dave reprimanded. With strong hands, he picked Ned’s mummified body up and lay him on the table again. “You all start work today. I’ll just have to transfer you to the dungeon.”

With that, Dave replaced the duct tape over Ned’s eyes. Ned felt himself lifted up and carried off. It was not long when he was set down again this time on a cold hard surface. He could even smell the exhaust fumes of a vehicle.

“This is it. I’m screwed.” Ned thought. But even as the pondered, he was consciously aware of the hardness of his manhood, wrapped under layers and layers of plastic wrap and duct tape. It had not shrunk all night. He knew. The ache of release had dogged his sleep all night but mummified as he was, there was no way he could release himself.

There came a thud beside him and Ned knew either Jordan or Steve was next to him. A few minutes later, another thud and a door slammed shut.  The engine rumbled to life and the vehicle moved off. The rocking of the vehicle relaxed Ned and the heat under the layers of plastic wrap eased his mind. His last thought as he drifted off to sleep was. “Why am I feeling this way?”

Ned awoke as he was hoisted up again. He was carried again to somewhere where he was set down again on a flat surface. He lay there, afraid of what Dave had in store for him. What was this work he talked about earlier. Ned didn’t have to wait long. A door slammed shut and Ned started at the sound.

“Ned, let’s get you ready for work,” Dave’s voice said.

Ned felt something penetrate the thick layers that held his body immobile. The cold metal slid up the small gap between his two legs and came dangerously close to the base of his groin. Ned flinched involuntarily. Dave chuckled. The layers were roughly ripped open and cool air flooded in. With this new found freedom, Ned started to struggle and kick furiously.

A stinging slap struck Ned on the face, though the impact was lessened somewhat by the duct tape that still covered his face, it was enough to stun Ned for a split second. And that was all it took. In that split second, Ned’s left leg was seized and pinned down on the table. A metal ring closed over it and held it in place. Ned’s right left soon followed. Ned yelled and tried to struggle some more but it was useless. with both his legs chained down wide apart and his upper body still totally encased in plastic wrap and duct tape, the most he could manage was to sit up. A needle pierced Ned in the left thigh. 

“You make things hard for yourself Ned.” Dave said. “Just do as I tell you and you’ll be fine. I’m taking care of you now, You have no life outside now. Here is all you have left. I’ll provide you with everything you’ll possibly need in exchange for your obedience.”

Ned wanted to scream and struggled he wanted to kill Dave but deep down, he knew. Dave was right. He really had nothing. All he had to do was obey Dave and everything would be provided for. Reluctantly, Ned managed a nod of consent and Dave grunted approvingly.
“That’s the way.”

Leaving Ned’s legs chained to the table, Dave removed the rest of Ned’s plastic cocoon. Naked and cold, Ned clutched himself and shivered violently. Dave gently dried Ned with a towel and powdered him. Soon, Ned was feeling better. 

“Now I want you to behave,” Dave said, unlocking Ned’s legs from the table.

“Y..yes,” Ned mumbled.

“Good. I’m going to get some stuff. You stay here till I get back.” Dave started moving off. “I’m warning you. You better not disobey me. I’m all you got left.”

Ned sat on the table and glanced around for the first time. He was in a dungeon. On the walls hung implements of torture. Hoods in leather, rubber and nylon. Head and body harnesses. Whips and paddles. Cages, bondage tables. Suspensions racks, mummy bags and even more things in the darker parts of the dimly lit room. 

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?” Ned whispered. 

Something shiny caught his eye. It was the mummified form of Jordan, encased entirely in black duct tape. Not far from him was Steve immobilised in red tape. Ned got off the table and shuffled over to Jordan and peeled off the piece of tape covering his eyes. The eyes snapped open and stared pleadingly at Ned. “Help me,” they seemed to say. But before Ned could do anything, Dave returned.

“I didn’t say you can touch anything,” Dave said quietly.

Ned jumped back, startled.

“No matter,” Dave said smiling again. “Come here.”

Ned hesitated. He started to replace Jordan’s blindfold.

“No, no. He can watch.”

Ned dropped the piece of duct tape and went over to Dave apprehensively. A roll of plastic wrap appeared in Dave’s hand.

“Not again,” Ned backed off.

“Remember what I said,” Dave said.

Ned stopped and sighed. This was it. If he did this, he wouldn’t be able to back out ever again. But yet that strange feeling he had when he was in the vehicle. That peace and calmness he never felt before. He wanted to feel it again. He stepped forward. Dave nodded and started to wrap each of Dave’s legs separately. Tightly he wound the plastic wrap up each leg and the further up to his chest, leaving his groin and penis free. Each arm was wrapped likewise. Even each finger was wrapped separately. Ned’s penis went even more erect than before and Dave nodded approvingly.

He produced a cockring and clipped it around the back of Ned’s scrotum, ensuring that the erection was staying for a long long time. Then he started to wrap Ned’s shaft and balls in plastic wrap as well. All the while Ned watched in horrid fascination, consciously aware that another pair of eyes were staring at him. A whimpering sound came from Jordan. When Dave as done, he proceeded to thinly coat Ned’s plastic covering with lube, then he handed Ned a rubber jockstrap with the cock sheath.

“Put it on. You know you want to.” Dave smiled.

“I want to! God this is crazy!” Ned thought. With some difficulty, he slid the tiny thing on and slipped his rock hard penis into the cock sheath, encasing his plastic covered penis in a tight rubber tube. It felt strangely good, his cock sheathed in black rubber and his balls nestled safely below in a tight rubber bag.

Another item was tossed to Ned. It was a rubber catsuit and it was obviously too small for Ned’s muscular frame. Without a word, Ned pulled it on. Again with some difficulty. But with more lube and some struggling, Ned managed to get it on and Dave zipped him up. The suit was skin tight and accentuated every muscle on Ned’s firm body. The front of the catsuit where the crotch was, was instead a small hole where Ned’s manhood and family jewels were pulled out off. Ned was handed another item to put on. This time it was skin tight rubber chaps and these had an in-built cock sheath as well. This was harder to get on by again with lube and some help from Dave, Ned got it on. 

Thick skin tight rubber gloves were added to his hands and after that, heavy black leather boots that reached up to his knees. These were laced up tightly and Ned was secretly getting very horny. His hands longed to reach for his aching hard on for release but with Dave’s steady gaze, he didn’t dare.

“Now the final touches,” Dave said. Walking over to Ned, he shoved a gag into Ned’s mouth. It was a rubber gag that held the mouth open and the tongue down with a hold in the centre, allowing breathing or feeding. A thick rubber hood with a tube attached was placed over Ned’s head. The tube fitting perfectly into Ned’s gag. The hood had eyeholes covered with darkened plastic and Ned could see quite well through them.

Dave started to tuck the hood’s skirts into Ned’s catsuit and zipped it up the rest of the way. Dave then led Ned to a full length mirror. Ned was a life sized rubber doll. No a hint to skin showed. His penis locked away in layers of plastic and rubber. He felt great. He was in heaven. A moan left his throat before he could stop himself.

Dave smiled. “Now hang on a while I’ll be right back.”

Dave left the room. Ned was still feeling extremely horny. He had to get himself off. He thought, “My entire dick was encased in rubber. There no way Dave will know if I jerked myself off.” With that, Ned gripped his rock hard shaft and started to jerk himself off. It was not long when he exploded. Wave after wave of sensation hit him. A day and a half of pent up sexual tension burst from his gagged mouth. Ned moaned in ecstasy. Then he saw Dave staring at him with hard eyes.

“Bad boy,” Dave said. “That will be the last time you cum without my permission. I’ll have to punish you now.”

Dave snapped a collar around Ned’s neck and led him to a dark room. There his heavily booted feet were strapped apart to an iron bar. His arms were inserted into a leather straightjacket and were strapped down tightly. Ned’s rubbered cock was seized next and the rubber was pulled away from his cock’s head and cut off, leaving a small hole at the tip of the black shaft.Then Ned was hoisted up into the air and suspended upsidedown. He struggled but only made his body sway in the air. Dave loomed before his face.

“I don’t do this to the newcomers but you’ve been very bad.” Dave flicked a switch.

What Ned saw shocked him. He was a in large room and there were about twenty other bodies, bound in the same way he was, suspended upsidedown in the room. They all had tubes that lead from their mouths to somewhere up in the ceiling. They each also had another tube that led from their rock hard penises to a large machine in the centre of the room. Ned turned to Dave, horror in his eyes. Dave simple placed a blindfold over Ned’s eyes. 

“You now have my permission to cum. As many times as you want. In fact. I want you to drain yourself dry.”

With that a metal tube was inserted over Ned’s rubbered cock. There was a force that sucked and released continually, almost like a vibrator. It aroused Ned. It wasn’t long when he shot his second load.

“The tube that lead to your mouth will bring you food. When the time comes. I’ll make sure you’ll never cum again without my permission.” With that Ned heard the door close.

And so Ned was left to himself. Alone again except for the sucking sound that came from above him. How many times he shot his load he didn’t know. He started to get exhausted. And he was lulled into a deep sleep by the rhythmic sucking sound of the milking machine. His last thought was, “I must listen to Dave.”

To be continued? 


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