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Storycodes: Solo-F; airbase; abandoned; discovery; capture; M/f; drug; latex; catsuit; gasmask; bodycast; plaster; encased; cell; sendep; isolation; enslave; cons/nc; X

Margo was searching a old army base in the centre of the Oxfordshire countryside. She was an urban explorer and enjoyed looking round old buildings like factories. She loved the history of abandoned structures and the ghostly feeling of them. She was a 26 year old with a out going look at life. Her long bright red hair was matched by her red lips. She had soft brown eyes and a fresh face. She was tall with an hourglass figure and had perfect curves. Her ass was stunning as was her breasts as they completed her sexy look.

She was working her way through a barb wire fence as she entered the area of the base. Margo planned her trips in detail and was well prepared for getting into the area. She was wearing yellow rubber boots with tight blue jeans. A thick superdry raincoat covered her whole upper body. Under it was a white t-shirt and below that was a black bra and panties set. She had a bag filled with equipment, like a camera, torch, knife, maps, gas mask, gloves and a lock picking set.

Margo was wrapped up against the cold and the rain as she walked across a large field towards the base. Maybe November was not the best time to be outside in the middle of nowhere. With the wild whipping around and the rain driving into her face. She had a quick look back at her blue mini and thought about going home. But she wanted to keep going and was hoping to get some cool videos and pictures. The weather was a pain, but nothing she couldn't handle.

She moved quickly across the field and headed straight for the closest building which was a large hanger. A broken window was her way in as she worked her body through it. Margo soon had her camera out and was taking picture of the huge dark space she was in. It was daytime so light did creep into the open space. In front of her was a load of boxes and metal poles. To her side was a line of oil barrels and old air-plane equipment. Against the other wall was a build up of engines and tools. She was loving the cool army stuff as she walked into the centre of the hanger.

Margo was shocked to find a very old helicopter hidden under a cover. She could see the outline of the blades and cut away the cover. The skeleton of a helicopter was waiting for her and it looked amazing. She turned the flash on and filmed a bit of history. She could not believe something so cool was locked away in a place like this. She spent another 10 minutes looking around the hanger and found a door to a long hallway and was shocked to find it unlocked and slowly opened it.

The hallway was long and dark with locked doors on her right hand side and boarded up windows on the left. She walked passed pictures of battles and aircraft as well as lists of names and places. It had to have been the office part of the base, the control and nerve centre for planning. It was very cool, but she was thinking about where the hallway went. She found a broken door at the end of the corridor as the office area ended. She could see the door on the floor with kick marks covering it. Bits of wood and glass had been pressed into the carpet. She slowly stepped through the door and entered the control room.

The room had metal walls and ceiling with lots of computer equipment in the centre. The floor was covered in wires and the walls covered with screens. She once again took pictures as the sound of the rain hitting the metal roof echo through the air. She saw some lockers in the corner of the room and had an idea. She was going to look in them for an umbrella or any photos of the people who worked at the base. The umbrella would be great for the walk back to her car. Any photos would be great for the story of the base. She had four lockers and found the first and second to be empty. Hidden in the third was an umbrella and that made her laugh a little. What are the odds of that happening. Behind the last door was something to blow her mind.

The back of the locker had been pulled off and behind it was a vertical staircase. The metal was covered in darkness as Margo looked down into the pit in front of her. God she thought it was a secret room in the base. Plus someone had already been there, as the door to the control room and now this secret door had been kicked in. She had seen no evidence of any recent activity i.e wet footsteps. Her curiosity got the better of her as she found a light switch. The lights flickered at first, before a warm glow showed her the way down. She got her camera ready as her rubber boots descended the stairs.

The dirty concrete walls on all sides seemed to be closing in on her as she walked down to the bottom of the pit. A small lake was waiting for her at the bottom as she saw a long hallway which mirrored the one she had walked down to get here. Just like the corridor above her head the hallway had doors on one side. Some still had signs on them which told her what was inside. She was taking pictures at whatever she could. She saw signs for a backup control room, map reading room, radio room. Right at the end of the hallway was a heavy metal door which was unlocked. Behind the heavy metal door was another one with a key code needed to open it. Next to the key code was a note with the code on it. Margo did not know if she wanted to enter the code.

Who had been here before her and what had they found out.

What was the worst that could happen if she opened the door. She entered the code and heard the  door click open. The air within the room had a odd smell to it as she found a light switch. The room was suddenly covered in bright light from overhead bars. In front of her was lots of medical stuff as well as bondage equipment. Maybe it was a army prison or hospital as the stuff in the room was very odd. Maybe enemy solders got help here. She slowly walked through the room as her camera flashed with each step. Her heart was racing as she moved to the back of the room.

She saw a couple of large metal prison cells. The metal was reinforced and looked very thick. It was for prisoners of war and needed to be inescapable and keep them in isolation. Margo wanted to know if they were against the law and what human rights the people who got locked inside had. She would record the cages and put the video on the internet. The room was like something out of a black site and it a huge story for her. She set-up her camera and walked over to the first cell. The cage had a front facing door which was very well secured. It was made from thick and strong metal with three lock holes and a key pad. A small window was in the centre of the door and was covered by a metal panel. She could lift the panel and look inside the cage. She did just that and had a look inside.

She could see another cage inside and a shitload of bondage equipment. The prison cell had a metal bar cage inside it about the high of the normal person, it was the same size and shape as a single bed. She saw something which told her why. The back of the metal cage was padded with rubber and restraints. It was to keep with them within the cage. She saw a hydraulic system at the base of the cage. The cage could be moved from vertical to horizontal. The prisoner could sleep in the vertical cage and be feed and watched in the horizontal position. It meant they could be kept in total bondage at all times.

Along all the walls medical equipment had been placed, it was to control all parts of the prisoners lives. She wanted to know if the one next to it was any different and opened up the window. A small part of her just knew someone would be trapped in that horrible looking cage. But she still screamed and slammed the window shut. She turned and quickly ran out the room, she needed to get herself safe and then call for help. She bolted down the long corridor as it underwent a vertigo camera shot effect, in her eyes. She could feel her heart jumping out of chest as she zoomed up the stairs.

She was breathing heavily as she reached the control room. She had a quickly look behind her as she feared the worst. But the staircase was empty and it looked like no one was following her. She didn't stop running and was soon in the hanger, where she started her trip into the darkness. She found the broken window that she entered the building with and jumped back through it. She was now outside in the rain and wind as she struggled to find her car keys. She slide the key into the door lock and just as she turned it, a hand covered her mouth and the other hand reached round and injected something into her neck.

Someone had been waiting by her car the whole time. They knew she would find the cages and the helpless prisoner. She had walked into a well placed trap and would be kept for god knows how long. She was thinking this as her eyesight turned to black and she tried to scream for help. She don't see any part of the person who grabbed her. She had not see them as she parked her car. That was because they were wearing a full ghillie suit and laying down in the corner of the field. The road was visible from their location and they could stay still all day and night. They had already imprisoned one beautiful young girl and now had another.

The image of the tortured and bound prisoner was burnt into Margo's mind. She had put up very little resistance and had been taken with ease. It was again part of the master plan. She had run about half a mile to get back to her car and that was with the feeling of being followed pushing her on. But her guard was down the second she could see her car. She thought she was safe and alone. But she was right in the centre of the web and the spider was right next to her. Hiding on the other side of her car with the needle in hand.

She was now being dragged back to the cages. She would be filling the empty one.

The next morning.

After what seemed like a life time of darkness, Margo opened her eyes. She knew she would be inside the cage she had seen and would be in some serious bondage and she was right. She only had a small window of vision and beyond that was a plastic lens. She knew it was from a gas mask and was the outer layer of her face bondage. She then heard someone speaking to her and considered the possibility she was wearing head phones under her gas mask. She had not even tried to move as the image of the helpless girl continued playing in her mind. The sound seemed to be live as she could hear rain in the background. Just the audio was disjointed and was filled with different emotions. It was almost like they had turned the headphones on by mistake.

As it happened the headphones were bring tested. All the other equipment had been tested and she was ready for the torture. The sound cut out as the testing finished. She could now hear nothing as she tried moving for the first time. She was not shocked to find her moments almost non-existent as she waited for the audio to come back to life. Why would they put live sound if they did not plan to talk to her. She was taking her kidnapping very well and had kept herself calm. She had accepted her fate and knew the second she saw the last victim, she would join her.

The sound clicked back to life as the testing was done with. Margo waited to hear what had happened to her and what would happen to her in the coming days.

"Hello and welcome to my prison. I have no idea who you are and I don't care to know anything about you. You are just a play thing or pet to me and we are going to have some fun. You must have seen the empty cage, which you are now in. Plus you saw the cage being used for another nosey urban explorer, just like yourself. I knew people would come to this isolated placed to look around. I put down a trail of breadcrumbs for you lot to follow. Do you remember anything you saw in that cell?"

"I will talk you through each part of your bondage as you may have missed something. Layer one is a full black rubber suit with built-in sex toys and tubes at your shoulders, hands and feet. The thick rubber covers every inch of your body and the plugs have been pushed deep inside your ass and pussy. The suit has a shoulder entry design and is very tight against your lubed and moisturised skin. The suit also has built-in rubber tubes which let liquids in and out of the suit. The rubber is waterproof so only your skin and the inner rubber gets wet. The tubes are just below the locked zip of the suit and at the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. I can put whatever liquid I want into the suit and I can close and open the tubes."

"Over the black catsuit is a transparent one without latex covering the hands and feet. But the suit is double the thickness and has a built-in corset. You should feel it squeezing against you. Now latex catsuits are not keeping you tied to the bed are they. So what bondage are you in?"

"Well have you ever broken a bone? Because if you have you will know what it's like to be in plaster. I put it over every part of your body and entombed you inside it. A couple of tubes and wires leave through small holes, but apart from that it has no gaps. Bondage stocks keep your hands in-line with your stomach and your feet apart. Together they make the system rigid and you will be unable to move. But as a back up I have placed leather cuffs over your body and chained them to the bed. I have doubled your bondage and made escape something to dream of."

"Your head is enclosed in a rubber bondage hood with limited vision and padding over your ears. A heavy rubber neck corset has been laced tightly around your lower head and neck. Oh I should talk about your gag first. It's a muzzle gag with a huge bulb pushing your mouth apart. The gag has a tube through the centre of it and that is for your liquid food and drink. The bulb is inflated at the moment and the tube is trapped in rubber. The bulb will deflate and free the tube, so you can still live. You should find talking through it hard work and I will pour anaesthetizing cream down your throat. Which should numb your mouth and stop you from making a sound. The muzzle covering your stretchered mouth is padlocked in place and pressed tightly against your lips."

"The neck corset goes over the top of the gag and will keep your head completely still. The bottom part of the neck corset rolls down over your shoulders and has been covered in plaster. It's the joining piece of bondage equipment for your body and head. I still have a couple of items to talk about in regards to your head restraints. As you had one in your bag you must know you're wearing a gas mask. This one was two air tubes and the feeding tube. The air tubes link-up to a breath control and odour machine. You should enjoy the smell from the machine and if I give you air at all. The last thing is your earplugs and headphones. They cut off sound amazingly well and let me talk to you live. The gas mask also has a microphone in it so I can hear you. It should be hell for you. I will let you get your senses back and I may have missed a couple of things. Which you should find fun."

The headphones went dead as the words echoed through Margo's mind. She was somehow not in a blind panic as the meaning of the words drilled into her brain. She was bring controlled and played with and could do nothing about it. She just knew it was going to happen to her, the second she saw the other girl. Now she has a matching bondage outfit. Responsibility had been taken away from her and she had already started to break. Maybe she wanted to be broken and live a submissive life. She was breathing slowly through the gas mask as he watched on.


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