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Accommodating Dom

by Domn8dlady

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© Copyright 2007 - Domn8dlady - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; wrap; bag; susp; piercing; needles; clothespins; nipple; bdsm; crop; stocks; insert; toys; fist; sex; anal; cons; XXX

I am an accommodating Dom as most go. My sadistic streak is couched in the psychological side of BDSM and is thus more subtle appearing than my counterparts. But, I assure you it is well developed. I spend a great amount of time and energy researching the psyche and libido of a submissive. This submissive in particular was always astounded when one of the fantasies she had confided to me became a reality. On this particular occasion, the fantasy she had conveyed to me appealed to my sense of ritual. I had been mulling over the details of how to pull it off for several weeks before the scene coalesced in my mind.

I proffered the possibility of doing a scene together in the near future. I dangled the carrot of prolonged orgasm still fresh in her memory from our last encounter. Being the slut that she is, she immediately consented, oblivious to the wall of consequences through which she would have to pass to achieve that reward. Perhaps that is why I am fond of this submissive. She, in reality, enjoyed the ordeals as much if not more than the reward.

Throughout the ensuing week, I primed her with the possibilities both within and beyond our usual play limits. As the day approached, her mind was racing over these tortures in overwhelm mode. Sleep came hard; and usually well past midnight. On the appointed day, she arrived exhausted from the anticipation, yet giddy at the prospect of being tested to her limits. The final psyche-out began. “Do you surrender your mind and body completely and totally to my will? Do you agree to do what pleases me and to obey my commands without hesitation?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied willingly.

“Are you absolutely sure?” I continued the interrogation.

“Yes, Sir!” she replied meekly. I smiled. “Good girl, now remove your clothes for me.”

I held her as I sent her deeper into submission. “Tonight, there is no safe-word. You will rely completely on my knowledge of you and your body to know when you have had enough and I do intend to extend your limits!” Her eyes widened at my words; revealing a seed of terror, or was it anticipation? I was not sure which. At this, I produced a blindfold and reduced her senses to four. I led her to the basement playroom. Her skin sensed the slight temperature change as I left her standing in the middle of the room to ponder her fate.

“Spread your legs, slut!” I whispered in her ears. This evoked a quick response, ensuring that she had heeded my instructions and that brought a slight smile to my lips. As she complied, she felt a firm, slippery pressure as I forced the bullet vibrator into her yielding ass. I teasingly tweaked her clit as I slid the second bullet vibrator into her now sopping pussy. The capper was yet a third vibrator - THE SCORPION, which I strapped over her hips. I slipped the tail into her ass as I covered her cunt lips with the main body. The tantalizing little antennae positioned themselves neatly on either side of her clit beneath its hood.

“Now put your feet together, you cock coveting cunt.” I had let a harshness seep into my voice that she had never heard before. It delivered the desired effect as she visibly tensed before obeying. Deprived of sight, my submissive squirmed as the saran wrap enveloped her legs. She whimpered at the realization of her impending helplessness. She was as powerless as the mouse hypnotized by the snake’s reptilian stare as it is about to be devoured. The butterfly, being returned to its cocoon, to emerge transformed in some as yet undefined manner to be decided by myself.

As the mummification proceeded, her wings were pinned to her sides. Her body sagged. She had resigned herself to the fate I now fully controlled. A puzzled look appeared on her face as she realized that her breasts were free and vulnerable. I watched as her nipples hardened intuitively sensing the impending attention. The bondage covered her shoulders and she was now completely immobilized. I paused.

I lifted the blindfold and she blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light. A chill ran down her spine at the sight before her. There in front of her was a surgical tray lined with malicious and menacing implements. Scalpels, sharp probes and surgical clamps surrounded four hypodermic needles aligned along the cardinal points. The realization of my intentions crystallized behind her eyes. She still hoped it was just a psyche, but hoped to be able to eroticise the pain if it was not. The wrapping continued about her head. It distorted her vision and muffled the sounds coming to her ears.

She was conscious of her heartbeat echoing back into her ears off the film that now encased her head. I had left her nose and mouth uncovered, a small concession to her claustrophobia. My devious attention to detail allowed her to witness from a distorted reality while magnifying her own screams within her membranous shroud.

Her encasement complete, I added yet another dimension to her predicament. An odd sensation of vertigo overcame her as I pulled her back into a single point suspension hammock left over from my climbing days. She felt an enclosing pressure as her body was compressed by this sheath; compounded by the disorienting swinging of the suspension. I pulled the material to enclose her feet and adjusted a few straps and what little movement she had enjoyed under her wrapping was eliminated. Her view was reduced to the haloes of candles spinning by as her head panned back and forth in the wind of my whims.

Her mind had started to adjust to her new situation almost conquering her claustrophobic angst; when all of the sudden the jolt of the vibrators all fired at once hitting her panic and pleasure buttons simultaneously. Her panic subsided. She focused on the inescapably, inconsistent sensations emanating from her pudenda; almost forgetting the claustrophobia which had earlier engulfed her. The delicious tension of a heightened erotic state began to build in her loins. She responded with a moan and was rewarded with a sharp reminder of just who was in control, as my lash caressed an exposed breast.

Simultaneous flashes of pain shot to her brain reporting from the end of each nipple where clothespins had been snapped quickly into place. She arched her back desperately trying to eroticise the pain until it diminished to the familiar ache of compressed tissue. I seized the moment of spasm to release her head from the hammock. It fell back, straightening her throat for the onslaught of my now pulsing cock. I pushed her swinging prison away to line up the approach. I hesitated only an instant before pulling that defenceless orifice inexorably back over the entire length of my rigid cock. She gagged slightly but recovered as I exited to line up my next thrust. I drove it to the hilt forging a rhythm with her powerless, swinging form.

Abruptly, I pulled out savouring the pleasure at the precipice of orgasm. I had reached that apex of top-space that a submissive does not understand, that where there is more pleasure being there than actually Cumming. I was now ready for the coup de grace. I spun her nylon prison giving her yet another distraction as I made my final preparations.

I soaked a handful of cotton balls in a bowl of alcohol. I pulled on a pair of surgical gloves and rinsed them in alcohol. I unsheathed the needles and skewered each one into a sopping alcohol swab. All of this was done within the swinging distorted view of my submissive. Her whirling womb had come to rest. I deftly removed the clothespins evoking another paroxysm as blood flowed back into the deprived tissue. Life brings pain. Her nipples stiffened as I bathed them with alcohol. I noticed the panic evident in her eyes behind their translucent covering. Her mind was racing. One part still hoped it was only a rouse, the other contended with the imposing reality. It then became a certainty. I grasped a still tingling nipple, stretched it up to her saran-warped vision. She caught a flash of light from the needle as it approached her defenceless bud.

Her eyes slammed shut as the needle made contact. A small pinch, then pressure and release followed by burning pain as the alcohol traced the path through her flesh. Then another sensation of pressure as the needle stretched the skin on the opposite side seeking an exit. She flinched as I stretched her second offering skyward.

Now well aware of what to expect, she quaked uncontrollably in anticipation. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Then it came, that second searing pain. Her mind clawed its way into the zone at the zenith of subspace, breaking free of the pain into the rainbow of light engulfing her mind. It did not matter that I continued to skewer her nipples with two more needles perpendicular to the first forming a pair of crosses. I stood back to admire my work; a first for both of us in pressing our limits. To reward her stoicism, I pressed yet a fourth still larger vibrator into her now over-stimulated clitoral region. I pushed her to several orgasms in quick succession. She collapsed limply within herself held tightly in my artificial womb as I rocked her gently. Her mind engulfed safely in the folds of subspace.

When she returned from her endorphin high, I adjusted the straps to raise her head. I used the surgical shears to cut away her plastic visor. She now confronted my handiwork. She resisted at first but eventually her curiosity got the better of her and she took a glimpse. She whimpered at the sight and retreated to subspace.

I reached to extract her tormentors, but a salacious idea slid lubricously into my head. Instead of removing them, I gave them each a vicious tweak. Her eyes snapped open as she let out a shriek. I repeated the evil deed, which elicited another verbal response. “You suck, Sir!” To which I replied with a third repetition.

I slowly cut away her cocoon exposing her moist skin to the cool basement air. She moaned in relief at her release. I slowly brought her to a sitting position. A glance into her eyes revealed that she was still deeply in subspace. I eased her to her feet and took full advantage of her weakened condition; I led her directly to the pillory. I locked her head and hands firmly between the stocks. Her ass protruded invitingly, the result of her being bent forward at the waist. Her legs, spread wide, were tethered at the ankles to hooks in both walls. Thus, she found herself perilously vulnerable. Every sensitive place in her body was exposed to my malicious ministrations.

I sat back and watched her squirm toward some unattainable position of comfort. Her anticipation of my next move intensified her anxiety the longer I waited. How much more could I do to her? I had already pierced her nipples. Her mind whirled at the possibilities. She felt a strange tickling at her right breast and a little twinge as something tightened behind the needles. The sensations repeated themselves at her left breast. It was bearable, but what was it?

The pain hit both nipples at once, as they were pulled earthward. Epithets flew as I added more weight to the dental floss loops encircling her penetrations. She had no sooner begun to manage her discomfort when; I began adding clothespins to her exposed labial folds. Her ass dropped and her back arched trying to relieve the ache emanating from her pussy lips. I stepped behind her and drew the entire braided shaft of my riding crop slowly across her exposed clit. She moaned and raised her hips in an effort to escape.

In response, I lashed her with the shaft of the crop hard across the top of her thighs. She yipped and flinched. I began a persistent tapping motion on her clit with the tongue of the crop. A moan escaped from her lips as her arousal started to crest. I increased the force of my blows with each moan. She begged, “Please, don’t stop!” Of course I did so immediately causing an impassioned plea for more. I had taken a position at her side and began to torment her now painfully ponderous piercing with the venomous viper tongued flagellator.

This brought renewed vituperation from a very distraught slave. With this, I brought my bare hand to boar on her upturned ass. I swore it hurt me a lot more than her; but refused to offer her this bit of information. I persisted with my hand spreading my blows over a plethora of vulnerable sites. As the blood rose to the surface and reddened her cheeks and upper back, I switched to a moose hide flogger. I began by trailing it sensuously around her neck and across her face giving her a nose full of the sensual leather scent. I drew the tails across her back letting them slide off her ass and down the back of her legs.

With a slow swinging motion, I slapped the tails between her legs tickling her inner thighs and tormenting her pinned pussy. I started with easy strokes on her ass and back building in intensity with the flogger. I switched to a dastardly device of my own invention. Essentially it is three-¼ inch dowels wrapped in electrical tape and then taped together in a grip at one end. It delivers a stinging blow times three. I could tell she really liked this one because her ass popped back up to the ‘I will receive’ position in relatively short order. She was moving deeper into the zone with each stroke.

Spasms quaked through her body with every other stroke. I switched to a leather belt for several strokes concentrating on the sweet spot where her ass cheeks meet her upper thighs. The blows brought renewed moans of pleasure. I suspected she had become air born in her mind. It was time for the flogging finale, so I gave her a little break. I had what amounted to an oversized paint stirrer, wider and slightly thicker, that produced a satisfying, stinging slap. To complement this, I added the Hitachi Magic Wand. I started with the paddle popping a rapid tempo with the music. As she began to respond to the stinging sensations, I pressed the vibrator into the pinioned folds of her cunt lips and slid it up to rest against her clit.

This evoked an immediate reaction as she went ballistic.

“Oh my GOD!!!! NO! NO! NO!”

I increased the force and the tempo with the paddle. After several minutes, her toes began to curl, her back arched as she had risen to the super nova of an endorphin driven orgasm. Wave after wave of sexual spasm raced through her body as I kept rolling the vibrator back and forth while I kept up the tempo with the paddle. She was well past her previous record for enduring my torments. Her body was no longer in control. I felt like a puppeteer as I controlled the jerking spasms. Mercifully, I relented and she collapsed as much as anyone could who is confined in a pillory. Tenderly, I released her and she dropped to the floor. I tried to help her to her feet so she could be more comfortable on the mattress as she recovered.

There was no getting her to her feet, so I helped her as she crawled. It took a while for she was farther in subspace than she had dared venture to at this point. As she reached the mattress, I rolled her on her back and slid a towel under her ass. She meekly protested since she was on her period. But I reminded her of her previous consent. She fell weakly back into submission. I quickly plucked the clothes pins from her cunt lips. She yelped and flinched. Her head rolled back while her body shook uncontrollably. I liberally lubricated her pussy and my right hand. I began with two fingers in her pussy while my left thumb worked her clit, which was still very sensitive. She rolled her hips back in anticipation making my job just that much easier. I slipped a third finger into her quickly relaxing tunnel. It was not long before I had a fourth finger as well as my thumb pulsing in and out of her quickly dilating cunt. Her hips were rocking to and fro with my strokes as I reached the bridge.

When she took a breath, I rocked forward and my hand slipped past her pube and slipped into the warm wetness of her now hot, slippery hole. I began pumping my fist stretching her further to groans of “Oh my God, this is driving me crazy!” I quickened the motion of my thumb on her clit setting off a spontaneous orgasm. Her cunt muscles gripped my wrist and rippled in spasm. It was an incredible sensation. As her grip loosened, I pumped my fist deeper into her steaming pussy, increasing my tempo until she again clamped my hand into place. I continued pumping and turning my hand inside of her producing a rhythm of orgasms that became almost continuous.

I finally relented and let her fall back totally limp and slid my now bloodied fist from her flaccid pussy. I encountered no resistance as I rolled her over and raised her hips to expose her relatively inviolate ass hole. I forced my straining cock deep and hard into her waiting ass surprising her. She soon relaxed and rose to meet my thrusts. I commanded her to finger herself as I continued to fuck her ass. I began slapping her still warm buns alternating with full deep thrusts. She groaned as she started to cum and that was all that I needed to go over the top. I pulled free, shooting my cum on her freshly reddened ass. I collapsed totally spent, with a cat that ate the canary look on my face. I reached over and smoothed her golden hair back from the face of her limp form lying next to me. It would be awhile before she returned to the here and now and that gave me immense satisfaction. I slipped my arm under hers and pulled her close. I dozed in a light reverie waiting for her to stir.


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