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Adam has always been a little odd

by Tyrannos

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© Copyright 2007 - Tyrannos - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m: latex; wrap; saran; palletwrap; tape; bfold; cocoon; insert; toys; cons; X

Adam has always been a little odd. He never was good at expressing himself and his girlfriend Ashley was always really understanding of this fact. One day Adam made the mistake of dumping Ashley during a fight that was his fault anyway. Well we all know how the saying goes; you don't know what you have until you've lost it. Adam became really depressed and had noticed what if felt like to be without her. No one could make him feel like Ashley had, no one made him feel whole. So one day he got the courage up to talk to her again, and this is where our story begins.

Adam had first talked to Ashley and he had expressed how sorry he was for making her sad after he had abruptly ended their relationship, and he also had to apologize for being so mean to Ashley's friends, even though they were really nice people and they always were nice to him. Adam tried to express how sorry he was but he knew words could never show how sorry he really felt, so he thought it best that he be punished, and rightfully so. He said that Ashley should show no mercy in his punishment, and his astonishment she actually knew just how to do so. She had explained to Adam that the only way to be truly forgiven was to drop his status, but in an interesting way. He was to drop his status as a human and become her pet, and in some instances, her toy.

This could be done in a few ways but she decided it best if she started simple early on, with maybe a few surprises in between. She had ordered him to come to the house, in which he would become her property. He had come in, wearing his usual skull shirt and corduroy pants, not knowing what to expect, and boy was he in for a surprise. First she ordered him to strip completely, leaving him bare of all his earthly belongings. This first step was quite easily taken, in which Adam was still quite aware this was not all there was to his status' degradation. The next step was mental preparation, in which Ashley told him that there was no turning back for him no matter how much he pleaded if he let her make him her play toy. Adam, who was beginning to be turned on by his lack of power in the situation, said he was comfortable with her taking total control of him and him not being able to do anything about it. Ashley then ordered Adam to kneel where he was, while she changed into something more comfortable.

After a few minutes Adam was starting to get worried about Ashley and why there was no noise coming from the room she just walked into, just then she came out, clad in a latex suit, in which covered about three inches below her waist, up to the top of her nipples, in which would sometimes briefly peek themselves over if she bent a certain way. She ordered him to stand, in which he did without pause. She then moved behind the door she had previously come in, and dragged a large black vinyl gym bag out from behind the door. The first thing she produced from the bag was a large white ball gag. Adam saw this and was pretty sure that would eliminate all his verbal capacities. She then ordered him to open, and once he reluctantly did, she shoved the gag in his mouth and quickly key locked it behind his head. She gave him a few minutes to feel the gag and the lock. He had become quite engrossed in feeling his new attachment, she quickly dangle a large key ring with keys of every shape and of every kind. She then tossed the key ring into the bag, leaving Adam with the feeling that he wouldn't be seeing those for a little while.

She then led Adam to a long black table, in which he was ordered to stretch out upon. She then pulled a long roll of saran wrap, in which she started to wrap his legs individually, which she did so flawlessly. After she had finished she wrapped both his legs together up to his upper thighs, still leaving his sexual section uncovered. She then quickly wrapped his chest with saran wrap along with each individual arm. She then proceeded to wrap his arms together, leaving no room to spare. To top off her work on the chest area, she wrapped the arms to the chest for reduced maneuverability.

The only things not now wrapped were the head and the sexual equator. Adam had been a great sport about all of this and was wondering what he would look like when he was done. Ashley then put down the saran wrap, wanting for stronger bindings. She produced a gigantic industrial roll of duct tape. She then wrapped every inch of Adam's body that had been previously wrapped in saran wrap, Adam giving little resistance. Ashley decided it was time that Adam not hear or see anything, because the next part of his transformation would be much more fun with him blindfolded and deafened. This being realized, she then put a pair of earplugs in his ears, which got rid of almost any noise he could then perceive. She then added cotton pads to his eyes, securing them by wrapping his head in saran wrap, only poking two holes for him to breathe. She didn't want him peeking, so she then wrapped all showing saran wrap on his head with duct tape.

By now Adam had lost all sense of reality, and from then on most things were a blur. He was left with only one sense, touch, in which Ashley took advantage of. She slowly ran her hand on her newly acquired toy but decided it wasn't finished yet. Adam felt Ashley's hand run over his now hard cock and was eager to find out what she was going to do. He felt her leave him for a few seconds, and then all of a sudden he felt her mouth engulf his bulbous member, getting it to its peak point in mere seconds. Just as Adam was about to climax he felt a cold metal ring close over the base of his shaft, trapping the blood inside. He then felt her turn him over, which puzzled Adam at first.

He thought she had left him alone for a few minutes, but a touch on his ass had shown him that she was still there. He then felt something cold and oily rub against his rear, which had made him curious. Then his curiosity was dismissed when he felt a large cylindrical mass being forced up his rectum, which was very cold to the touch. He then felt its end touch the outer limits of his hole, in which he was glad that was as far in as it was going. He then felt Ashley fiddle with this mass for a second, but then almost jump as it came alive, vibrating with the utmost amount of power. His penis was then pushed down, which was secured by saran wrap, as was the vibrating butt plug Ashley had used. She then duct taped up what saran wrap was showing on his sexual equator.

She stood back to admire her work, and there was much to behold. The tape was almost seamless, leaving Adam with absolutely no ability to move. He was now restless and was making futile attempts at moving any part of his body that he could, but the most he could manage was a mere twitch. She could hear him moaning through the gag, but it was his punishment, and he had to serve it to be forgiven. Ashley was extremely pleased with her new toy and decided it was time that she is rewarded for her hard work, in which she slipped a vibrator into her panties and went to go lay down and relax after her first of many long punishment sessions with Adam.

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