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Adam's Birthday Encasement

by Jester

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© Copyright 2011 - Jester - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; M/m; straitjacket; toys; chast; rope; hood; cuffs; bond; cocoon; sleepsack; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest


As instructed, my preparations for tonight started with a thorough cleaning, inside and out. After the water ran clear, Brandon's instructions next required me to insert a wireless egg and a vibrating butt plug. The plug was chosen because it was large enough to stay in place through some action; The egg, because its frenzied vibrations drove my prostate to spasm. The remote controls for both devices were each M.I.A, presumably in Brandon's possession.

My next instruction required me to climb into last year's birthday present, a darlex straightjacket purchased online from Winter Fetish. The fit through the legs was purposefully snug, and as I zipped the suit past the top of my hips, the material clung tightly against my skin, sealing the anal intruders within the suit's taught material.

Feeling the darlex hug my thighs and hips, the urge to touch myself was almost overwhelming. But maddeningly, it would have to go unfulfilled, since Brandon had seen fit to cage my cock in a steel cocoon 7 nights prior.

In his words, he wanted tonight to be "extra special". And to him, "extra special" meant that i'd have to be fully on edge.

With thoughts of unattainable release banging around in my head, I continued down the list of instructions, pulling out some lengths of rope and various other items that were designated for use. I laid on the bed, and folded the length of one rope in half, then wrapped the folded end around my right ankle 4 times and routed both ends of the rope over and through the rest of the coil, creating a cuff with an exposed loop and a tail of rope a few feet long. As instructed, I wrapped the tail around the right bedpost and fed it through the cuff's exposed loop, cinching my leg firmly against the footboard before tying it off, and repeating the process on my left leg.

Reaching the end of my instructions, I inserted a ballgag into my mouth and covered my eyes with a blindfold. I pulled the straightjacket's attached hood over my head, and felt the material stretch taut as I straightened myself out.

Finally, I zipped the suit up as high as I could on my own before slipping my arms into the attached sleeves and resigning myself to the fact that i was now a completely helpless object of my boyfriend's desire.


I couldn't help but rush home, knowing the package that awaited me. As soon as I got in our appartment, I dropped my rolling duffel in the front hall and slinked my way into the bedroom as quietly as I could. I stood at the foot of our bed, and roused him from his slumber with a faint tickle to the bottom of his right foot. His body shifted, aware of my presence.

"You did an okay job of tying yourself down, but I think there's just a little too much movement in your upper body. That's easily addressed, though."

I reached behind Adam and finished zipping his straightjacket to the nape of his neck. I then dug into our toychest and pulled out a thick neoprene posture collar and a lengthy tiedown. i fit the collar to my captive, forcing his chin high, pulling the taut darlex hood even tighter across his face. I ran the tiedown under the mattress and laced it through the D ring at the back of the posture collar before ratcheting it tight, pinning my captive's neck against our bed.

I dug into our toychest once again to pull out an 80' long length of nylon rope. i doubled the length of rope over itself, and ran it under my captive's waist, leaving the loop in the middle over the front of his stomach. i ran the tail end of the rope through the loop and began winding it back and forth around his body, nesting lark's head over lark's head, forming a corset that hugged his chest from waist to rib.

After tying the corset off, I moved to Adam's lower body. Using the same method as with the corset, I wound a 1/4" thick nylon rope firmly around his legs, nesting lark's head over lark's head, but being careful not to tighten the wrap to the point that it would cut off circulation and end the scene prematurely.

With both legs covered ankle to hip, I went back into my chest and pulled out another, thicker length of rope and again wrapped each leg in its own rope stocking covering my captive in a second, thicker, layer of braided nylon.

Confident in his legs being securely immobilized, I unwound the cuffs that held his legs to the posts of our bed, and repurposed the ropes by using them to tie his legs together at the ankles, below and above the knees, and at his upper thighs.

Looking over the work of art laying on my bed was a rush. Adam's head was encased in a damp hood. His neck was encased in a neoprene posture collar that was threaded to the bed underneath him. His arms were encased by the straightjacket, which at this point, like the hood, was damp with sweat. His chest was encased by a corset made of 1/4" thick nylon rope. His legs were encased by rope stockings, and were tied together, preventing movement.

Coming out of my haze, I tapped his crotch, hearing the darlex covered chastity cage rap against my finger. I reached into the material covering Adam's crotch and found the lock. I used my other hand to unlock it, and I pulled the steel cage off and out from the jacket. I squeezed his manhood, lightly scratching his engorged head, feeling it throb with my touch. "Consider this your first gift of the weekend."

I went out of the room to fetch my rolling duffel, and brought it back into our bedroom. Adam couldn't see it, but from the duffel, I pulled out a massively thick 100' long, 2" diameter nautical rope. I'd already tagged the center of the rope, so finding it was much easier than trying to begin the process of wrapping this massive line around my boyfriend's captive body.

I began the wind at adam's feet, starting the exhaustive process of wrapping the entirety of his body in this thick rope. Just like the rest of the bindings, I nested the lark's heads one after another, working my way up his body, and then down it, covering him twice with the unwieldy line.

I knelt down by his head and stroked his face, putting my lips to his ear. "I know you're enjoying this, but there's one more surprise."

Knowing how much Adam appreciated his Winter Fetish straightjacket, I'd gotten him a matching sleepsack. With the blindfold over his eyes, he couldn't see it. And with the massive amount of rope around his body, he couldn't feel it either, as I worked it over his feet and then up his body. The darlex was stretched to its limit as I worked it over Adam's rope covered form. As I stretched it over each inch, I made sure to zip the material, for fear of it snapping off, otherwise. Working it past his knees, over his hips, and up to his shoulders, my vision was complete. Adam's body was pressed at every inch by some kind of rope or darlex.

I took pictures (both mental and digital), and just as I was about to let him rest in his solitude, I finished his bindings with a pair of headphones, setting my MP3 player to random, caressing his face one last time, and setting the remote controls for the vibrators in his ass to their max.

As his body jerked to life, I fell to the bed in exhaustion after a hard night's work with the only thoughts banging around in my head being the fun I had planned for the rest of the weekend.



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