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Alana's Boutique

by Peter Knottedtale

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© Copyright 2017 - Peter Knottedtale - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; naked; wrap; saran; cocoon; facemask; blindfold; captive; kidnap; enslave; femdom; transport; cons/nc; X

Molly was stressed out. Working a full time job while simultaneously taking night classes tended to have that effect on people. With the little time off she had, she often spent it cooped up in her apartment watching TV or browsing the web. During one of her searches, she came across a nearby boutique that had just opened in her area that claimed to specialize in a new facial scrub and body wrap combo that was guaranteed to be unforgettable. To Molly, it sounded like the perfect type of thing to get all the stress out of her system. If only she had the time...

A few weeks passed, and Molly continued about her busy routine. One Friday evening she was just finishing up her work for the day and checked her email. Her professor had sent out a message that there would be no class that night due to illness. This is exactly what Molly needed. She immediately pulled up the nearby boutique on her phone to check the hours they were open. They would be closing within an hour, cutting things a little close, but maybe they'd still have an opening Molly could squeeze into. She called the listed number, and a domineering woman answered.

"Alana's Boutique! This is the owner Alana speaking. How can I help you?"

"Hi! I apologize for this being so last minute, but is there any chance you'd be able to squeeze me in for one of your signature wraps and facials I read about? I know you're about to close for the day, but some rare free time just opened up for me and I would kill for some relaxation."

"Not a problem at all! We actually do have an opening right before closing for the week. Could I just get your full name to mark you down for the reservation?"

"Molly Hinks."

"Perfect, Molly. I'll see you soon!"

"Great, thank you!"

The two hung up. Molly smiled to herself, for she finally had something to look forward to in her busy life. Alana smiled to herself, for she had something to look forward to as well as she pulled up photos of Molly online.

"Perfect," they each said to themselves.

Molly soon arrived at Alana's Boutique and noticed she was the only person in the front reception area.

"Hello...?" she called out.

Suddenly a strikingly beautiful woman strode out  from the back room.

"Oh, hello! I'm Alana, the owner of the boutique. I apologize for things looking so sparse. We just recently opened, so business has been a little slow to start."

"No problem at all! Are you the only one running the place?" asked Molly.

"Yes, of course. I'm giving new clients my own personal touch and hoping word of mouth will get business picking up over time so that I can hire more staff. Believe me, after I'm through with you, you'll be begging for more," Alana said with a wry smile.

 Molly merely blushed. Alana began striding over toward Molly and flipped the sign on the door from "Open" to "Closed."

"You got here just in the nick of time," said Alana. "You'll be my last client for the week, and I'm so glad I got to squeeze you in. Shall we?" Alana lifted her hand toward the back room, indicating where they were headed.

"Oh, uh, of course," replied Molly.

Alana followed the plucky woman into the main boutique room. Molly scanned her surroundings. The room was rather sparse, with a few padded benches and padded chairs all lined up in a row. Alana walked up from behind Molly and handed her a white fluffy towel.

"For the full wrap procedure, I'll need you to take off all of your clothes to get the full effect. Go ahead and change in the back room." Alana pointed toward a changing room in the back corner. "Don't be shy! It's just us two girls."

Molly blushed again. A few minutes later she stepped out of the changing room in nothing but a towel.

"Right this way! Go ahead and have a seat," Alana cheerily said and pointed toward one of the padded benches. Next to it was a wheeled tray carrying rolls of what looked like a green coated saran wrap along with various bottles and tools.

Molly stepped  over and sat down on the bench. It was surprisingly comfortable.

"That's it, dear. Just relax. Let your mind at ease. I'll walk you through the whole process as we go. First we'll start with my signature wrap mix. Unfortunately I'll need you to remove that towel so that the wrap can have its full effect all over your body. Again, dear, please don't feel nervous. It's just the two of us in here, and I'll be the last to judge. Besides, once we have you wrapped up you'll practically be clothed again."

"A...alright," whispered Molly. She felt very shy about showing off her body like this, but this was just another woman after all. And this was Alana's profession. She probably deals with this stuff all the time. So, after taking a deep breath, Molly stood up and removed her towel.

Alana smiled to herself and grabbed one of the wraps sitting next to them on the tray.

"This specialized cellophane wrap is infused seaweed extract along with various other minerals that help exfoliate the skin. I designed it to be used specifically for the human body so that it does not overheat the user. Wrapping oneself in cellophane would overheat someone pretty quickly, but with my new wrap a person can lay back and relax for as long as they like and remain at room temperature the entire time. Normally it just takes one thin layer, but tell you what. Since you seem like a nice person and are my last client of the week, I'll give you a few layers to give you that extra exfoliation."

This, of course, meant nothing to Molly. However, what Alana was saying was nonsense. While she did normally just use one layer on her clients to get the full body exfoliation effect, adding extra layers did practically nothing. Nothing, that is, except restrict the client even tighter.

"Now you may feel some tightness, but that's completely normal. Just close your eyes, let go, and be taken away," said Alana as she began wrapping Molly at her legs and working her way up her supple body. After covering her entire naked body from neck to toe in four layers of her signature exfoliating wrap, Alana was pleased.

"There we are, dear. Now you may notice a little tightness. This is perfectly normal. I'll just ease you back like this and gently get you settled onto this comfortable bench," Alana said, helping Molly lay down on her back on the padded bench sitting next to them.

Molly felt tense at first. This really was tight. In fact, as she tried to wriggle around, she noticed the only thing she could really move was her uncovered head. But as she was laid down onto the comfortably padded bench, she slowly started easing into this whole relaxation thing. She could get used to this.

"Perfect. Feeling alright? Good. Now to apply my facial exfoliating mask. This will do wonders for your skin. Just relax as I apply this to your face," said Alana. As she talked, she began mixing a green goo of some kind in a bowl from the ingredients readily available on the tray next to them. Molly turned her head and saw that it looked like and had the consistency of what appeared to be guacamole. Alana turned toward Molly, now holding the bowl along with a small brush.

"I know it might look a little strange, but you'll just have to trust me on this one. Although, all wrapped up like you are now, I suppose you have no choice," Alana chuckled to herself.

She proceeded to dip the brush in the concoction and lightly brushed Molly's cheek with it. Molly closed her eyes. It may have looked weird, but it felt warm and the brushstrokes felt nice and soft on her face. Alana continued brushing the rest of the mixture onto Molly's face until she was completely covered. What Molly didn't realize was that now, with the mask completely obscuring her face, no one could really tell who was under all that wrap. Oblivious and relaxed, she continued keeping her eyes closed, nearly drifting off to sleep.

"You're doing excellent, my sweet. Now for one final touch," said Alana as she reached over toward the tray and produced two cucumber slices. She placed them over Molly's eyes. Unaware to Molly, this mask mixture was particularly sticky, holding the cucumber slices perfectly in place and preventing them from being removed. There was only one specific liquid solution that could remove this mask. And Alana had it.

"Alright, Molly. We're all done. Now I'll just leave you to your own thoughts and allow you to relax for a bit while the mask and wrap take on their... full effect," Alana mused. Molly couldn't see the cheshire cat grin on her soon-to-be captor's face because of the cucumbers sealed over her eyes.

Alana then exited, leaving Molly truly alone and unknowingly trapped. Had she known she was already passed the point of no return, Molly probably wouldn't have felt as relaxed as she presently did. But she was none the wiser and soon found herself happily drifting off to sleep.

"Wake up, Molly. Or should I call you slave now? Oh, I like the sound of that. From now on, you will only be known as slave. My slave."

Molly suddenly woke to the sound of Alana's voice in her ear. She opened her eyes but still couldn't see due to the cucumbers over her eyes. She tried to speak but had the sudden realization that her whole face felt numb. What had Alana said? She began to wriggle around in her wrap cocoon.

"I'm sure by now you're feeling the effects of my special facial mask mixture. You're actually the first lucky client to try it. Or should I say unlucky?" Alana continued.

Molly tried speaking again, but all that came out was a guttural noise in her throat. Try as she might, she could not get her mouth to open. A faint "Mmmm?" was all she managed to get out.

"Oh, don't you worry," Alana chuckled. "I'll explain everything. Oh, this is fun! I feel just like a Bond villainess explaining my evil plan. Except this is real, slave. And I'm getting away with it."

Slave? Villainess? Evil plan? Molly didn't like the sound of any of this. Unfortunately, all she could do was wriggle on the bench in her wrappings and listen to her captor.

"You see," Alana continued, "I really did open this boutique to help people relax. However, I have some... desires that go a bit in the opposite direction, which unfortunately for you, you will be experiencing oh so soon. I have always had a fascination with dominating women by wrapping them up as tightly as possible and tormenting them until I see fit. And what better way to try my new wrapping techniques and toys than at an unsuspecting boutique on unsuspecting women? Normally, my clients come and go none the wiser of how much I enjoy doing what I do. But why am I telling you all this? Well, unfortunately for you, I'm going to make you a more permanent member of my residence. I've been wanting an unwilling slave to call my own for quite some time now that I can train and keep at my home as a permanent toy. Boutique owners need a way to unwind and relax too, you know! Luckily for me, you happened to fall right in my lap just as I was about to close the store for the weekend. And after I saw that pretty face, I just knew I had to have you," Alana laughed to herself.

"And speaking of that pretty face, the mask I applied to it was actually mixed with a numbing solution. Hence why you're having such difficulty speaking. I need to keep you quiet after all. I should mention too that the only way of removing it is through a concoction of my own creation that only I have. So you better play nice," continued Alana, giving Molly a playful slap on her breast.

"MMMM!" Molly squealed. Her relaxed state had now quickly escalated to panic. She began wriggling and writhing as much as her wrapped body could. Or at least she tried to.

"Oh, enough of that. You probably can't see this, what with that tasty and innocuous blindfold I put over your eyes, but I have you strapped down to the bench with multiple straps. You're a pretty heavy sleeper, you know. You didn't even notice while I applied them as you slept. Obviously you can't escape the layers of my signature wrap I have you mummified in, but I don't want my new toy to fall and get damaged before I have time to play with it!" Alana cackled again.

"So, with that, I think I've explained everything. Any questions? No? Well I'm sure there will be more to say later, but for now let's get you to your new home and life. Remember, there is no escape. You are my slave. The sooner you accept that fact, the easier this will be," concluded Alana.

With that, Molly then heard Alana's footsteps walk toward the back door, open it, and walk out, leaving her alone with her panicked thoughts in darkness. She had to get out of here! Giving it all her strength, Molly tried to rip her way out of the layers of wrap. Unfortunately, the layers were just too thick and the straps continued holding her in place. There really was no escape. Alana had caught her off guard, and there was nothing she could do.

Within a few minutes, Molly heard Alana return.

"Did you miss me?" Alana laughed, a sound Molly quickly found herself hating more and more but would have to get used to. She was now at the complete and utter whims of this boutique-owner-cum-bondage-mistress.

"I have my van all set out back. Ready to go? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you are! And remember, these wrappings and mask have you completely covered and unrecognizable. It's late now, so there won't be anyone in the back alley, not that there ever is, but even if someone did spot you all they will see is a silent green bundle being placed in the back of a woman's van. As far as they're concerned, it's nothing to worry about. Which means you shouldn't worry about it either. So no funny business."

Alana then proceeded to unstrap Molly from the bench, lift her over her shoulder, and carry her out the back door. She locked up her store for the night, carried her new pet over to her van, and strapped her down inside. There were no witnesses. Making sure her captive was nice and tightly strapped in, she then got into the driver's seat and started the ignition.

"You know, since it's the weekend, I don't need to be back to open the store until Monday. Prepare yourself for a fun initiation weekend, pet!" And with that, the van pulled away into the night toward Molly's new fate.

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