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All Taped Up

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2010 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; lycra; wrap; cocoon; rubber; breathplay; toys; climax; cons; X

I wrote these stories some time in the past and would like to have you publish them in the memory of my partner Diane who sadly passed away this year after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed; I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers they can appreciate how much fun we had acting out these fantasies.


It had been a while since Ian had taken his little slave girl to the edge and he thought it was about time she had a work out. That evening when he returned from work he whispered in Diane’s ear that tonight was going to be special and throughout dinner her mind wandered to thoughts of breath play. Ian left the table early to go upstairs and prepare for Diane’s play. He had a surprise for her too, which he had purchased that very afternoon from the local sports shop; he looked forward to seeing the look on her face when she saw what he had bought for her.

He laid out the stuff on the bed ready; each item bringing a tingle knowing what was to come; he called Diane up from the stairs. As she nervously stepped into the room, she glanced over to the bed and saw all the items laid out. She was such a lucky slave to have such a thoughtful master. Her eyes ran over the dark lycra tights and the roll of thick insulation tape, the large plastic bag, the ropes, cuffs and other familiar items. Her pussy twitched slightly as she remembered each item. Also there was the plastic carrier bag, pillowcase and a small paper bag which puzzled her. She enquired as to its contents but Ian replied wait and see.

He kissed his little slave girl softly as he helped her undress slowly; caressing her body as it revealed itself to him; touching each new piece of bare flesh, making goose bumps appear all over her body. He spoke little to her but his eyes told the full story of his excitement. Diane looked back longingly and with that twinkle in her eye as she prepared herself mentally to succumb to her masters every wish. He laid her down gently on the bed and played with her breasts a while. Already her pussy was on fire and beginning to leak. She lay back and relaxed, concentrating on her breathing, eyes closed to allow her to savour every sensation.

Ian picked up the tights and draped the over her soft skin, teasing her inner leg with the foot of the tights, brushing quickly past her sodden pussy lips. She lay perfectly still, moaning softly under her breath, her pussy muscles twitching involuntary. Then her master began to dress her in her lycra suit. Taking ages putting on each piece, very slowly pulling the thick tights up her legs and smoothing them down with his hand. One final time his fingers brushed past her throbbing clitty, she could hardly contain her pleasure and would have cum instantly if he had continued. Next the upper body, the soft lycra now covering her heaving breasts making her nipples stand out firm and hard. Again he smoothed down the material using this opportunity to stroke her breasts and flick each nipple. This was pure torture thought Diane as she let her mind drift off to another place.

Ian surveyed his dark coloured slave girl and imagined how she would look once cocooned in the plastic and tape. His cock was growing in his pants and was leaking precum as he continued. Sliding the large plastic bag over her feet and up her legs, he tucked it in all the way up each side and then higher over her breasts and to her neck. Before the face he had to do the taping; this would take a while. Diane felt warm now inside the tights and bag and her body began to sweat as Ian slowly coiled the tape around her ankles then around her legs. Binding them tightly together like an Egyptian mummy, he worked his way up until he was almost at her pussy. Next he placed the vibrator with the wire controller against her crotch; its tip resting next to her clitty button, then securing it in place with the tape. He was in total control now and at the flick of a switch he could make Diane reach the ceiling.

He continued to tape around and around her body, the plastic and lycra so tight like a second skin now. Finally it was done, he surveyed his handiwork. Every inch of his slave girl encased now except for her head and neck. He scrunched up the access of the bag around her neck ready for the final enclosure later. By now Diane’s head was spinning as she tried to figure out what was in that paper bag. Ian was teasing her now as he put a small piece of tape over her mouth. Now she could only breathe through her nose. Her nostrils flared as she tried to control her panting. Each breath laboured; she was a little scared but it soon passed, she trusted her master completely. It was then she heard the rustle of the bag and still with her eyes tightly closed she became aware of a familiar smell. It was rubber.

Ian took out the two white rubber swim caps from the bag and held them tantalisingly inches from Diane’s nose. He then rubbed them against her cheeks; it was then that she realised what they were and her heart missed a beat. Ian had been talking of buying one recently, but little did she know he had two. His eyes widened as he took the first one, lifted Diane’s head up slightly and slipped it over the back of her head. His slave girl spasmed inside as she felt the tight rubber hood cover her ears blocking out the sound. Ian spoke softly to her explaining what he was about to do, and to warm her to take a deep breath. Her whole body was on full alert now and she wished Ian would just turn on the vib and get it over with. Her pussy was soaked through under her wrappings and she badly needed to cum.

He counted to 3 very slowly then brought the second cap down over Diane’s face meeting the other one perfectly to form a tight fit. He watched as her facial contours were outlined in the thin rubber and it filled slowly with what little air she had in her lungs. He had to work quickly now. Pulling up the remainder of the plastic bag he secured it around her neck with a strip of tape before pulling the pillowcase over the lot and eased it down her shoulders. His slave girl now totally encased and trapped in, barely minutes of air if that, as he watched her wriggle about trying desperately to squeeze her thighs together. That’s when he hit the switch on the vib control; setting it to full and hearing the dull buzz beneath the tape. Diane was like a wild thing now, bucking and writhing about, trying to turn herself over so she could press that magic plastic head deep into her aching clitty. Master was having none of it, as he straddled her body on the bed, his cock in his hand frantically wanking for all he was worth, feeling his slave girls life ebbing away inside her cocoon of pleasure and hell.

Diane knew she would pass out very soon, as she began to cum and cum, her muscles tightly contracted and she squirted and squirted. Stars went off in her head as she felt Ian on top of her and she thought she heard him moan loudly as he came too. Then it all went black. The next thing she knew Ian was cradling her head in his lap, kissing life back into her, and the cool air hitting her face as she gasped aloud like a baby taking its first breath. She cried too at the relief. That was one hell of a play. She loved her master and knew he always took her to the very edge.




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