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Amanda and Danni

by Vampire Medic

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Art Project

“Please Danni? I really need your help. My college art project on Egyptian Mummies is due in like 4 days. All I need is a body to wrap really quick. All you have to do is to stand for a few minutes, and then lie there for a few, and then that is it. I wrap you up, draw a few hieroglyphics on the wrappings, take some photos, and then I cut you out.”

Danni pondered. Her cousin, Amanda, had mummified her several times before, and Danni knew it took more than “a few minutes,” even without any art. But at the same time, Danni did enjoy being mummified...

“I suppose I can help you out. It better not take too long though,” Danni said, even though she didn’t mind the thought of spending several hours wrapped in a cocoon of duct tape and plastic wrap.

“Awesome! Danni, you are the best! I will see you tomorrow at 11am?”

“Sure,” Danni said, growing slightly more excited than she let on.

“Awesome! I owe you!”

Danni hung up the phone, and she realized just how excited she was. It had only been about five months since she had found Amanda’s online blog of various bondage pictures. Those pictures had piqued her interest, and she had approached Amanda about them.

One thing led to another, and eventually Amanda had tied Danni up with everything from rope to handcuffs to zip ties, and had even mummified Danni twice. Danni loved every minute of it. Now she was going to get wrapped again, this time for art. She could hardly sleep that night, thinking of the next day’s adventure.

Danni arrived at Amanda’s house almost an hour early for her wrapping. She let herself in, and soon found Amanda sitting at the kitchen table with her laptop, looking at Egyptian mummy photos while she finished a late breakfast.

“Thanks for coming, Danni. You are early.”

“Yeah, well...” Danni’s voice trailed off.

Amanda laughed. “If I didn’t know any better, I would say you were excited.”

Danni blushed slightly, realizing that she had made her eagerness quite obvious.

“Well, we will do this in the basement. I recommend you pee now... it might be awhile before you can pee again.

Danni did as she was told before descending the basement stairs and seeing the scene before her. Cheap white bedsheets had been used to cover a folding plastic table which was about 6 feet long. Several more bedsheets has been hung from the ceiling to create a backdrop of 3 “walls” about 6 feet from the table. These bedsheets were light green. Danni felt growing excitement as she saw studio type lights, a camera on a tripod, and a stack of wrapping supplies. There was also a stack of paint, paintbrushes and markers, and a full head latex mask of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Danni looked at the stack of supplies excitedly. There was a plastic dropcloth, about a dozen rolls of white duct tape, and two rolls of plastic wrap. Danni picked up the mask and pulled it over her head. It wasn’t too tight, but it was definitely not loose either. The first thing Danni noticed was the only holes in the mask were a pair in the nostrils to breathe through.

Danni pulled the mask off as Amanda descended the stairs, gingerly carrying her laptop.

“There are no eyeholes in the mask. I won’t be able to see without them,”

Amanda shrugged. “You wouldn’t be able to see even with them,” she said matter of factly.

“What do you mean?”

Amanda chuckled slightly. “You didn’t think I was going to leave your head unwrapped, did you? You will be encased other than two nostril holes. You wouldn’t be able to see even if you had eyeholes in your mask.”

Danni began to realize how serious of a commitment she was making, and though she probably should be hesitant, she wasn’t. She trusted Amanda, and she greatly enjoyed bondage.

“Well, Danni, you ready?”

Danni nodded eagerly.

“Decide what you want to wear under all of your wrappings.”

Danni quickly removed her shoes, socks, shirt and shorts. She stripped off her sports bra and underwear, leaving only bare skin. Fortunately, Danni wasn’t uncomfortable being naked in front of her cousin.

“You should probably pee one more time, just in case this takes a while.”

Danni reluctantly did as she was told. When she returned, she found Amanda waiting with a pair of wireless earbuds.

“Here. You can listen to some music while I work. I linked them to your phone and pulled up your playlist, and if I need to tell you anything, I can always call you, click answer, and my voice will fill your ears. That will help since you won’t be able to hear much under the tape and plastic wrap and mask anyway. Danni began to feel more excited.

For the next step, Amanda took the plastic dropcloth and unfolded it, draping it over Danni’s shoulders. She wrapped it around Danni’s body several times and tacked it in place with pieces of tape, beginning the first layer of mummification.

“This seems like a more efficient way than wrapping Saran Wrap rolls around my whole body,” Danni chuckled.

“Yeah, I got the idea from a friend of mine, and I wanted to try it out. It seems more efficient to me too. Since it is longer than you are tall, when I lay you down I can wrap the excess around your feet and tape it in place. Then I only need Saran Wrap for your head and neck.”

Danni pondered this excitedly as Amanda began to wind rolls of white duct tape around her body from the waist up.

Danni really enjoyed the feeling of the tape as it encircled her body, pressing the plastic sheeting tightly against her skin. The tape slowly wound its way up. Danni’s arms were crossed in front of her under the dropcloth, and with Amanda’s careful attention to detail and precise smoothing of each inch of tape, Danni was soon sealed from waist to neck, with the tape looking almost as if it had been painted on her body. Danni felt an incredible sense of bliss seeing herself in a mirror Amanda held up.

“Alright Danni, I am going to take a break for a few minutes. I hope you don’t mind.” Amanda pulled up a rolling chair and sat down. Danni had no way to sit, so she just stood there while her cousin took a break and sipped some water.

“I would offer you some, Danni, but I don’t want you to have to pee halfway through.”

Danni nodded understanding, and preoccupied herself with admiring how she looked, at least the parts she could see as she wiggled and squirmed inside her partial cocoon. Even though Amanda’s basement was relatively cool, Danni could feel the sweat beginning to bead up on her naked skin.

After about 10 minutes, Amanda stood up. “Time to wrap some more.”

“Wait, uh, before you do, can you take a few pictures?”

“Why? You aren’t done being wrapped yet.”

“For my Tumblr. And for me to remember this later.”

Amanda laughed, then picked up Danni’s phone and obliged. Satisfied, she set the phone back down.

“Oh, by the way; I decided to make your time as a mummy more interesting.” Amanda pulled out a pink, butterfly shaped, battery powered vibrator. Pulling the plastic out of the way, she carefully positioned it between Danni’s legs. With a pussy wet from a mixture of sweat and excitement part of it easily slid inside, while part of it also remained on her clit. Amanda turned it on, and Danni began to feel her entire body tremble. The vibrator was hitting all of her pleasure spots at once, and it was the most amazing feeling Danni had ever experienced. She let out a slight moan of pleasure. Danni was delighted with the feeling, and Amanda could clearly see it.

As suddenly as it had started, the vibration stopped.

“Good. I just wanted to make sure it was in the right place.”

“What? That’s it?” Danni was sorely disappointed.

“Once you are done being wrapped, I will turn it back on again. In the meantime, you can wait.”

Danni didn’t share her cousin’s optimism at the idea of waiting, but Amanda was already back at work, winding the tape tightly around Danni’s body from the waist down, and there was nothing Danni could do to stop it.

It took only a few minutes for the wrapping to reach the knees, and Amanda stopped again. She took several more photos, then slapped Danni’s ass through the cocoon. Danni enjoyed the feeling, which was magnified by the sudden resuming of the vibrations between her legs.

Amanda turned the vibrator off after roughly 30 seconds, but it was an eternity to Danni.

Amanda smiled. The remote control vibrator had been a great investment.

“Alright, now it's time to get you on the table.”

With some maneuvering and lifting on Amanda’s part, and a great deal of squirming and wiggling on Danni’s, Danni was soon lying on the sheet-draped table. Amanda straightened her captive out, and then used a small step stool under Danni’s ankles to prop up her legs. Amanda then wound the tape down to the ankles, leaving just the bare feet exposed.

“Comfortable enough, Danni?”

“Yeah,” Danni said blissfully. Amanda smiled. Without warning, Amanda shoved a ballgag in between Danni’s lips, quickly strapping it behind Danni’s head. She then placed several pieces of tape over Danni’s mouth, from just under her nose to under her chin, effectively adding more layers of security to prevent the ballgag from coming out and very effectively silencing her cocooned captive. Danni tried to protest, but it was ineffective.

“I don’t want my mummy complaining and annoying me.” With that, Amanda grabbed the roll of Saran Wrap and encased Danni’s head, extending partway down to the existing tape. Amanda was careful to avoid blocking Danni’s nose as she then layered more white tape over the plastic head wrap, encasing her captive victim other than her feet and two tiny holes for the nostrils. Amanda stepped back to admire her work. Danni was fully unrecognizable. She was just a white, female-shaped mummy with two small nostril holes and exposed soles on her feet. Amanda turned on the vibrator before tickling her helpless captive’s feet momentarily. Danni tried to squirm, but couldn’t. Amanda just chuckled to herself.

She turned the vibrator off, picked up a roll of tape, and finished wrapping her victim. With her captive now fully encased, Amanda decided she had earned a break. Amanda sat in her rolling chair and decided to stream an 43 minute episode of her favorite show. She hoped Danni wouldn’t mind, but knew that Danni was in no position to protest.

Danni was enjoying her time in her cocoon. She couldn’t see and she couldn’t speak. Her playlist of songs in her ears drowned out any other noise and kept her from hearing what was going on around her. All she could feel was the tight plastic pressed firmly against her skin, with a growing layer of sweat between the plastic and her skin. Danni felt peaceful and relaxed. The wrappings felt like a nice, warm, full-body hug. She didn’t even wonder what was going on outside her tiny prison.

Amanda had finished her show, and she was feeling artistic. She picked up the latex mask and lifted Danni’s mummified head, sliding the mask gently into place. Danni didn’t even notice.

Amanda took more photographs of her captive, taking a few moments to run her hand over the smooth cocoon encasing her helpless cousin. Amanda smiled and picked up a marker to begin sketching out the first hieroglyph. And she promptly stopped. Amanda couldn’t figure out what to draw. She pondered a few different designs, but none of them seemed to fit with her idea.

Danni was enjoying her time in her cocoon. She couldn’t see and she couldn’t speak. Her playlist of songs in her ears drowned out any other noise and kept her from hearing what was going on around her. All she could feel was the tight plastic pressed firmly against her skin, with a growing layer of sweat between the plastic and her skin. Danni felt peaceful and relaxed. The wrappings felt like a nice, warm, full body hug. She didn’t even wonder what was going on outside her tiny prison.

Amanda had finished her episode, and she was feeling artistic. She picked up the latex mask and lifted Danni’s mummified head, sliding the mask gently into place. Danni didn’t even notice.

Amanda took more photographs of her captive, taking a few moments to run her hand over the smooth cocoon encasing her helpless cousin. Amanda smiled and picked up a marker to begin sketching out the first hieroglyph. And she promptly stopped. Amanda couldn’t figure out what to draw. She pondered a few different designs, but none of them seemed to fit with her idea.

Amanda decided to return to her laptop to search for more ideas. As she began her search, she noticed that she had a message from one of her friends. Getting distracted, Amanda began to message him, forgetting all about her search, and also forgetting about her helpless captive who was cocooned nearby. Danni didn’t know or care though; she was enjoying her time inside her wrappings.

‘Hey Amanda. How are you?’

Amanda smiled at her computer screen. ‘Doing ok. How are you?’

‘Doing alright. What fun are you up to today?’

Amanda smiled, and sent a photo of her mummified captive.

‘Oh nice. You found a victim lol.’

‘Sure did. Danni “volunteered” to help. Thanks for helping me track down that Egyptian mask.’

‘No problem! Glad I could help. Your mummy looks really good! Hopefully she is enjoying herself.’

Amanda chuckled and sent a photo of the vibrator remote. She received a pair of emojis in reply: one with eyes open wide, and one laughing face in reply.

Amanda laughed audibly as she turned the vibrator on. ‘I am certain she is just fine.’

‘Lol good. Glad to see she doesn’t mind suffering for your art. Send me pictures of the finished product!’

‘Will do. Take care; I will message you later.’ Amanda turned her attention back to her captive masterpiece.

By now, it had been roughly 4 hours since the wrapping started, and over 2 since it had finished. Danni was still enjoying being inside her tightly-wrapped cocoon. The vibrator was buzzing away between her legs, and it felt incredible. Her body began to sweat more profusely as she became more aroused. Amanda had stood up and walked over to her captive victim, watching the slight twitches as Danni edged closer. Amanda selected a rather high energy, fast tempo song to play in Danni’s ears. She slid the mask off of Danni’s head and tore off a small piece of tape. She watched Danni get closer and closer to a climax, then applied the tape over Danni’s nostril holes. She placed her left hand on Danni’s forehead, her right hand over Danni’s upper thighs, and waited to feel the sensations.

Danni was very close to orgasming when she suddenly realized she couldn’t breathe. A sense of panic rapidly set in, but her bonds were far too restrictive. She felt pressure on her head and the area between her legs, and she realized Amanda was having fun at her expense. Danni didn’t appreciate it, but the sensations from between her legs and the sensory enhancement from the slight but growing hypoxia pushed her over the edge, and she exploded in a massive orgasm. Tremors wracked her constrained body as every muscle spasmed uncontrollably. She didn’t know how long it lasted, but it was the most intense orgasm she could remember. The tape over her nostrils was vacuumed tightly to her face as the waves of pleasure surged through her, and she felt herself beginning to lose consciousness.

Amanda enjoyed feeling the cocooned victim before her as Danni struggled. Finally the struggles began to subside, and Ananda removed the tape over the nostrils. Air hissed in and out of the nostrils in rapid, violent breaths. Amanda set the vibrator to LOW before gathering her art supplies. She was inspired now.

About an hour later, Amanda was done. She admired her handiwork. The white tape was now covered in Egyptian designs, and the tape over Danni’s face now bore eyes and a mouth which had been drawn on. After taking dozens of photos, the latex mask was placed over Danni’s cocooned head and even more photos were taken. Amanda uploaded them to her computer and sent some off before deciding they were adequate.

Amanda turned the vibrator back up to maximum and sat back to watch the results.

Danni was unaware of her surroundings outside of her cocoon, but she was acutely aware of the vibrator buzzing away firmly between her legs. Her body was still tingling from her last orgasm, and now she was rapidly building up for another. She hoped that Amanda didn’t cut off her ability to breathe this time, although she had to admit the breath control had made the last orgasm more intense. Amanda had selected more high energy songs for the playlist, and Danni was fully immersed in her substance experience. She again felt every muscle in her body tighten and relax multiple times, and she knew she was about to cum.

Amanda had decided to video this round, and she smiled as she saw Danni’s body involuntarily struggle against her bonds. Her living masterpiece shook several times, and then went limp. Amanda smiled. She stopped the recording, switched Danni’s playlist to much calmer music, and left to grab a few supplies.

After her second orgasm, Danni was in a state of absolute bliss. She didn’t notice Amanda pulling the latex mask back off of her head, nor did she notice Amanda running her hand over the cocoon for a final time as Amanda admired her handiwork. The first thing to begin to return Danni to reality was a slight rush of cool air near her feet.

Amanda slowly and carefully began to cut a slit in the cocoon, starting between Danni’s feet. Amanda carefully used the trauma shears one of her paramedic friends had given her for this particular purpose to cut the cocoon open between Danni’s legs and up toward her waist. It was a slow, delicate process with how tight the wrappings were, but eventually the cocoon was peeled back.

Danni felt the cocoon being peeled away. As the peeling reached her head, a very dim light reached her eyes. She blinked several times, and saw Amanda using her hand to shield the light from Danni’s eyes as she returned from her trancelike state.

The tape over the mouth and ears was peeled away, and the gag was removed from her mouth. Amanda quickly put a pair of dark sunglasses on Danni’s face to shield her from the harsh light. Danni raised her head slowly and saw that a thin white sheet had been draped over her now-naked body. She saw Amanda smiling down at her.

“How was it, Danni?”

Danni just smiled. Her whole body was sore. The sheet helped to keep her somewhat warm despite the sweat drenching her body left after the cocoon was removed. She was thirsty, she was sore, and she had to pee.

“Gently now, don’t move too fast.” Amanda helped Danni sit up on the table, hanging her feet over the edge. She kept the sheet around Danni to help with the temperature transition, and offered a bottle of Gatorade with a straw in it.

“Here, sip this slowly.”

Danni did as she was told. The slow sips of slightly cool liquid tasted wonderful.

“This will help to replenish your electrolytes. Once you feel steady enough to stand, we will get you upstairs. You can take a shower, and you are more than welcome to take a nap here or even spend the night. I can imagine that was exhausting for you, but you looked amazing all wrapped up!”

Danni smiled. “That was fun as hell! It was so intense, though I wanted to kill you when I couldn’t breathe.”

Amanda chuckled. “Did it make it more intense?”

“Yeah....” Danni admitted.

“Good! I thought it would. You ready to try to stand?”

“Yes.” Amanda carefully helped Danni to her feet. Danni felt a little unsteady at first, but Amanda was right by her side to assist.

“How long was I on there?”

“About six and a half hours since we started the wrapping.”

“Wow. That is like an entire day gone.”

“Was it worth it though Danni?”

Danni smiled. “Hell yes.”

Amanda helped Danni up the stairs and to the shower. Danni was naked except for the sheet and sunglasses, but she didn’t mind.

Amanda turned the water on to a comfortably warm setting, gave Danni the rest of the bottle of Gatorade to drink, and then took the proffered vibrator after Danni removed it.

Danni enjoyed her warm, relaxing shower. The experience had been draining, but it was a very pleasant one.

After she finished her shower, she donned a bathrobe and joined Amanda on the couch to look at the photos and videos. Amanda had a light dinner and plenty of water waiting for Danni to enjoy as the pair scrolled through the images.

“Oh wow, Amanda, these are amazing! You made me look awesome!”

Amanda smiled. “Thanks for suffering for my art. I couldn’t have done this without a willing victim, and I don’t know many people who would be willing to spend over six hours in a cocoon for what will probably be 4 photographs posted for a project.”

“I certainly didn’t mind. You got a lot better at aftercare since the last time you mummified me.”

Amanda chuckled. “Yeah, one of my paramedic friends who is into this stuff gave me some really good pointers. He gave me some nice trauma shears to cut bindings easier, he taught me how to do better aftercare, and he was even on standby off duty today in case I needed help or if you needed an IV to rehydrate you after this.”

Danni smiled. “Did he tell you about aftercare or did he show you?”

Amanda grinned shyly. “We won’t get into that.”

Danni laughed. “You know you like being tied up just as much as you like tying people up.”


“Well, Amanda, if you ever need another model, let me know. I enjoyed this, and I would definitely do it again if you needed me to.”

Amanda smiled. She was already thinking of ways to “need” Danni’s help again....


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