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Angie and Jenny's Mummy

by Jennifer

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© Copyright 2005 - Jennifer - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; hotel; drug; wrap; saran; tape; cocoon; gag; bond; fem; photo; hum; revenge; cons/nc; X

Chapter 1

Greg Matthews enjoyed being a company rep, especially with the freedom of activity that came with being away all over the country for weeks at a time. He was a pretty athletic sort of individual, well built, but given more to personal prowess rather than being one of his company’s sales team, and possessed of a streak of male vanity that almost begged a challenge from the fates. And one day the fates decided to answer the challenge.

His moment of truth came late one Friday afternoon when he’d finished the week by concluding an exceptionally profitable deal with a large company in Manchester, and knew that he’d just earned himself around £30,000 in commission on a deal. So he was justifiably very pleased with himself, and decided to give himself a little treat. Rather than return to London that night, he decided to spend the weekend indulging himself in what Manchester had to offer. And Manchester was more than willing to oblige.

A man who was both fit and vain about his athletic appearance, he arrived back at his hotel that Friday night in a very good mood, and decided to work out in the hotel’s gym and sauna before taking a shower and sprucing himself up for the weekend. It was a well equipped gym, and attracted well endowed people. The men were mostly young, strong, good looking and healthy, and the girls matched their masculine attraction with an attraction of their own. They were gorgeous. Feminine without a shadow of a doubt. Muscular in all the right places, well aware of their inherent good looks, and with just that hint of feminist confidence that challenges any man to try and match them. Poor Greg, he was outmatched from the beginning, although he wouldn’t know that until it was far too late.

So unaware of the overall situation, he went about his business, blithely unaware that he had already caught the particular attention of two young women who were just as proud of their physique as Greg was. And that was where his judgement was his downfall. Greg was a male chauvinist through and through, and nothing pleased him more than making women seem physically weak in comparison to men. 

Greg took up position close to two particularly attractive girls, one blonde and one brunette, who were working out on some weight training. Seeing his chance for some fun, he deliberately did the same, except with considerably heavier weights. He went through his usual routine with a short barbell in each hand, and after a short while his comments began.

‘Hi girls’ he said with a grin, ‘When are you going to stop using the children’s weights? My little sister could do better than that.’ He knew full well that the weights they were using would have in fact given even him some difficulty, so it wasn’t surprising when the blonde snapped back ‘And why don’t you stick that barbell where it belongs?’

Greg chuckled, knowing that he’d struck a sensitive spot, and the brunette said to her companion ‘Oh don’t humour him Angie, he’s not worth it.’

A couple of minutes later, they put their weights back on the rack and Greg couldn’t resist saying ‘Finished already? Gee you women give up easily don’t you?’ The brunette was about to say something, but the blonde quickly stopped her and said ‘Don’t rise to it Jenny. Come on, let’s go to the pool.’

The two girls headed off to the hotel swimming pool, and Greg grinned to himself. So the blond was Angie and the Brunette was Jenny. Could be useful for a pick-up. Poor Greg, he just didn’t realise that some girls don’t take to teasing, especially from a male chauvinist with an inflated sense of his attractiveness.

Unable to resist a challenge, Greg followed the girls, and while they sat on two recliners next to the pool sipping their iced drinks, he dived in and swam up and down in front of them, obviously trying to impress. But if he’d heard their conversation he wouldn’t have felt so comfortable with the idea of trying to pick one up.

As he pounded impressively up and down, Angie said ‘You know, there’s a typical male chauvinist pig who still thinks women are impressed by being insulted, even in fun.’

‘Yes I know what you mean’ replied Jenny, ‘Just look at him. Now he’s trying to impress us with his swimming skills. Bet you he tries to pick one of us up.’

‘Some hope of that!’ scoffed Angie. 

There was a short pause, and then Angie said ‘You know what? I reckon someone like that needs to be taught a lesson. Something to deflate their pride. Something nice and humiliating.’

‘And physically uncomfortable’ grinned Jenny, ‘Like itching powder in his bed.’

The girls giggled at such a schoolgirl idea, but then Angie said ‘Well why don’t we do something?’

‘You mean something both humiliating and uncomfortable?’


‘Well I like the idea, but what?’

‘Oh, I don’t know, there must be something we can do to him. Let’s have a think.’

The two girls sipped their drinks in silent thought while the unsuspecting Greg continued pounding up and down the pool with one eye on them all the time.

It probably took about five minutes before Angie broke into a broad grin and said ‘Just a minute, I’ve got a great idea that will be both humiliating and uncomfortable, but it will take a little planning.’

‘Really?’ said Jenny, ‘What do you have in mind?’

Angie giggled and began to explain her plan. As she continued, the expression on Jenny’s face gradually changed from curiosity to outright mirth, and eventually she burst out laughing. ‘Oh Angie, you’re a genius!’ she said, ‘Where on earth did you get such an idea?’

‘Off the internet’ grinned Angie. ‘You’d be amazed at some of the stuff that’s on some websites. All right, let’s do it, but I reckon It’ll take about twenty four hours to put together what we need, so I suggest we do it tomorrow night.’

‘Great. But we’d better make sure he won’t have left by then.’

‘Don’t worry, I know one of the hotel staff. Jimmy will be able to tell me how many nights our little male chauvinist pig is booked in for.’

‘This is going to be hilarious’ chuckled Jenny. Perhaps for them, but not for Greg. It was going to be one of the worst experiences of his life.

Chapter 2

Meanwhile, Greg was blissfully unaware that he’d now been marked down as a hunted quarry, and Angie and Jenny were both Diana, the goddess of the hunt. But to catch their quarry a trap had to be set, and these two girls were experts.

They spent the next day shopping for the items they would need, and by the evening, their preparations were complete.

Greg had spent a few hours visiting a couple of clients, but his day was an easy one, and he arrived back at the hotel early in plenty of time for his usual session in the gym. He was disappointed not to see the girls there, but hoped to perhaps corner them later. Little did he realise that it was they who were going to do the cornering.

Greg followed his workout with a shower upstairs in his en suite bathroom, and after a short lie down on the bed, dressed himself and set off down to the hotel bar for a pre dinner aperitif. He sat at the bar contemplating his gin and tonic, and with a self-satisfied feeling about his sudden economic windfall, lazily contemplated the menu. He felt a little self indulgent, and decided on a dozen oysters followed by a New York cut porterhouse steak, and finishing with a cheese platter washed down with a bottle of Australian Shiraz Cabernet. An hour and a half later his hunger was well sated, and he decided to move back to the bar, where he sat down at a table by himself and ordered a double brandy with a pot of coffee. Still contemplating his financial windfall, he smiled to himself with satisfaction as he sipped on his brandy.

But it’s very easy to empty a glass of brandy if you’re not careful, and before he’d finished his first cup of coffee, Greg’s glass needed refilling. Unfortunately for him, Angie was there watching him, and only too willing to correct that anomaly.

She certainly was good looking, and knew how to use her talents. Attractive, intelligent and tantalisingly aloof, she held a university degree. She was a fun loving and sociable extrovert, but one of her pet hates was arrogant male chauvinists. It was almost her private crusade in life to make fools of such people, and she’d developed an exceptional talent for coming up with ideas for humiliating them. Greg was about to join a brotherhood of unfortunate predecessors.

As he sipped on his coffee, Greg looked at his empty brandy glass and suddenly saw a slender female hand place a glass of liqueur brandy next to it. He looked up, and a beautiful pair of eyes met his as a wonderful silky voice said ‘I hate seeing a man with an empty glass. It was the Remy Martin wasn’t it?’ He should have known better, but then, we all should have at times like this. She was gorgeous, a free Cognac was in front of him, and Greg couldn’t believe his luck. It was her! The mountain had come to Mahomet.

You can hardly blame him for falling into her trap. There she was, standing over him in a beautifully cut brief but decent cocktail dress, a rather large glass of cognac in one hand, and another drink in the other. So how could Greg refuse? Well to cut a long story short, he didn’t of course. Who would? But he should have remembered the wisdom of the old adage Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. Forgetting that saying was about to cost him dear.

‘May I sit down?’ she said.

‘Yes of course, please do’ replied the delighted Greg, and she eased herself into the seat next to him.

Angie introduced herself, and told him she was staying at the hotel with a friend. ‘I know’ said Greg, ‘I saw you yesterday in the gym. Sorry about the ribbing, I just can’t stop myself sometimes, it’s just my sense of humour.’

‘Oh that’s all right’ laughed Angie, pleased to set her victim at ease so quickly.

At that moment Jenny came into the room, and giving Angie a friendly wave, came over to join them. Angie introduced her, and the two girls soon lulled Greg into a sense of false security. They pretended to have completely forgotten the unfortunate little incident in the gym, and Angie seemed to be capable of talking about almost any subject that Greg cared to mention. And as their conversation continued, Greg had the distinct impression that spending the night with her was on her mind as much as it was on his.

After another brandy, Greg began to feel decidedly drowsy, and had trouble keeping his eyes open. Suddenly he stood up to go and buy another round of drinks, but as he did so, the room seemed to spin around him. He flopped back into his chair, and Angie looked at him with an expression of concern and said, ‘Are you all right? You’ve gone really pale.’

‘I...I don’t know’ he said groggily, ‘I seem to have come over all dizzy for some reason.’

‘Maybe you’ve had a little too much to drink. Come on, we’ll help you to your room.’

Greg was in no position to resist, and the two girls helped him to his feet and walked him to the door.

‘What’s your room number?’ said Angie.

‘142’ said Greg drowsily, as she extracted his room key from his jacket pocket.

His room was on the first floor, and the two athletic girls had no difficulty in getting him there. They opened the door, deposited him on the bed, and he passed out almost immediately. Their victim was ready.

‘Well that was easy, wasn’t it?’ grinned Jenny, ‘The stuff you put in his drink sure worked fast. How long before he comes round?’

‘About an hour or so. I was careful with the dose, and he should wake up fairly quickly without feeling any ill effects. But by then he’ll be so helpless he won’t be able to do a thing.’

‘So what now?’

‘We start to prepare him for our little bit of fun’ chuckled Angie, ‘He looks pretty athletic, so I think he should be able to handle it without much ill effect. Just wait here while I pop up to our room and get all the stuff.’ She went out of the room, and soon returned with a bag that she quickly emptied out onto the floor. After locking the door she said ‘Right, let’s get him undressed.’ They set about removing Greg’s clothing, and soon he lay naked on the bed, ready for his ordeal to begin.

Angie bent down and picked up two wide rolls of plastic kitchen wrap and gave one to Jenny. ‘OK Jen’ she said, ‘You’ve seen how they used to wrap up Egyptian mummies haven’t you? You start at the top, and I’ll work up from his feet. Make sure you wrap him really tightly and with plenty of layers overlapping on top of each other. Just keep going round and round his body. I’ll help you secure him further as soon as I’m done at this end.’ 

‘No problem’ chuckled Jenny, and the girls set to work. 

About an hour later, Greg began to come round, and as he opened his eyes he saw Angie bending over him with a broad smile on her face. ‘How do you feel?’ she said.

‘Not bad’ he said, ‘I must have passed out or something,’ and went to sit up. That was when he received his first shock. He couldn’t move. Suddenly his head cleared and he said ‘What the....?’ He looked down at his body and found that he’d been wrapped in layer after layer of plastic kitchen wrap. And expertly too. First the girls had wrapped each arm and leg separately with numerous layers of plastic around them. Then, placing his legs together and his arms straight down by his sides with his hands flat against his thighs, they had wrapped him up in a cocoon as securely as any Egyptian mummy. As happens with plastic wrap, each winding stuck to its neighbouring layer, which made it impossible for Greg to move his arms and legs at all. It was as if his arms had been glued to his sides, but far worse was to come.

He tossed his head from side to side and began squirming, but confined by multiple layers of plastic wrap that was surprisingly strong, he was unable to resist Angie as she pressed her hands down on his chest, easily pushing him back down onto the bed. He suddenly noticed Jenny on his left leaning over him and helping to hold him down. She bent down over him. ‘So you’re wide awake now are you?’ she said. ‘Well you just relax and be a good little boy, and don’t give us any trouble if you know what’s good for you’. Then she applied another layer of plastic snugly around his neck.

Looking down over his inert body, Greg realised that in addition to the kitchen wrap he was cocooned in, Angie had also started wrapping a continuous overlapping band of wide adhesive electrician’s tape up around his ankles, feet and around his calves. She straightened out his bound legs, and moved over next to her friend. She handed her the roll of tape and began feeling over his sides until she found his hands. ‘Right’ she said in business like fashion, ‘We’ll need to tape around his upper thighs to secure his hands just above the wrists.’ 

Greg was still too surprised and curious to know what they had in mind, so for a moment he simply looked on in silence. They started winding the tape around him, rolling him from side to side to get the roll under him, and after five turns they cut the strip and smoothed the end down. Realising that by now he was already secured so firmly as to be completely helpless, Greg saw little point in struggling, so instead he continued his line of questioning. ‘But why are on earth are you doing this to me?’ he asked.

Angie smiled and looked down at him as he struggled. ‘Well my friend’ she grinned, ‘We’ve decided that going by your behaviour since we met you in the gym yesterday, that you’re one of the most self centered male chauvinists we’ve met. So we’ve decided to deflate that male ego of yours by making a complete fool of you. It’s time you were taught a lesson, and we’re going to be your teachers.’

Greg realised that there was no denying that she was right, but he wasn’t too keen to see the way the girl’s lesson was going to go.

‘So just what are you going to do to me?’ he asked anxiously.

‘Oh, all in good time.’ she replied, ‘And don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you, we’re just going to make you wish you hadn’t picked on us to insult.’ Turning to Jenny she said ‘Put an extra band around his shoulders, and then add a couple of extra turns of tape around his elbows and waist for extra security.’ By now it was obvious that Angie was an expert at what she was doing, and didn’t miss a trick. Jenny moved over to Greg’s right side, and the two girls began to wrap the extra bands of tape securely around him. Soon he was as thoroughly secured as a fly wrapped up by a spider.

‘Right’ said Angie, ‘Time for the first photos I think.’ She went to a small bag and took out a camera, and coming back to Greg’s helpless form on the bed, began to take pictures of him. Full-length, detailed close-ups, and especially showing his face. ‘There we are’ she grinned. ‘And that’s just the start of our photo record. Now let’s continue.’ 

If Greg wasn’t completely helpless before, he certainly was by now, and for a moment he panicked. Jerking and squirming helplessly, he took a quick deep breath before trying to yell for help. But Jenny was ready for that as she immediately placed one hand over his mouth and the other hand behind his head, clamping it in a vice like grip. ‘Oh no you don’t’ she chuckled. Then her eyes lit up and she grinned. ‘I know!’ she said, ‘What about the punishment pacifier we bought at that shop today?’

‘Oh yes of course’ giggled Angela, ‘I thought we might need it. Hang on, I’ve got it here.’

She went to her bag and took something out which she held up teasingly in front of Greg’s face where he could see it. It was an oversized baby’s dummy with an oval pink plastic circular mouth cover and a ring at the front. The large silicone rubber bulb was obviously designed to protrude into the mouth, and there were two long pink ribbons threaded through holes in the mouth cover of the dummy to secure it in place. Greg stared at it in fascinated disbelief for a moment before Angie grinned and said ‘Come on now, open your mouth nice and wide, there’s a good boy.’

Not surprisingly, he immediately clamped his mouth shut tightly, reluctant to have the humiliating baby’s dummy in his mouth. ‘No?’ said Angie, ‘Going to be difficult are you? Well we’ll see about that. Hold his nose Jenny. Ready? Right, now!’ Jenny held Greg’s nose closed with her fingers, and as he inevitably opened his mouth to breath, Angie quickly forced the huge rubber bulb of the dummy deep into his mouth, filling it completely. Jenny held his head still while Angie wound the dummy’s securing ribbons tightly round the back of his head and to the front again several times before tying them in a non-slip bow at the back. 

The additional frustration of being so humiliatingly gagged brought an automatic attempt by Greg to voice his protest, but with the silicon rubber bulb completely filling his mouth and holding down his tongue, all he could manage was a subdued, muffled ‘Mmmmmmmmmf! Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmp!’ The girls laughed, and Angela chuckled ‘Oh yes, that’ll keep him quiet all right. Now shall we continue?’ Giggling, the girls continued with Greg’s mummification in earnest.
Angie lifted his feet up and supported them while Jenny began wrapping tape around his toes, being careful to completely cover the plastic wrap with overlapping layers of tape as she wound it around him. ‘Take your time’ said Angie, ‘Keep the wrappings nice and smooth with a good overlap on each wrap. By the time we’ve finished I don’t want to see any of the plastic wrap showing through, OK?’

Greg watched helplessly as she wrapped his feet and ankles very securely with tape, slowly, deliberately and neatly. When Angie had finished his feet, Jenny took over the wrapping of the rest of his legs. As the tape wound around his calves and up past his knees, he sensed that she had a different technique. Her wrapping was quick, steady and confident, and she was obviously learning from Angie quickly. She maintained a steady tension on the tape as it was applied, and was already halfway up his thighs as he felt the contraction and additional compression of the tape as it began to tighten around him. Unlike packing tape, which is dimensionally stable, electrical tape contracts a little when it’s stretched during application. 

Once Jenny had reached up as far as Greg’s hips, the two girls lifted him up and put two pillows under the small of his back to allow the tape to be passed under him. As the tape covered his hips and crutch, it locked his hands even more tightly to his sides while passing his waist. Greg feared that with the crushing embrace of the wrap’s contractions, he would have difficulty breathing as the mummification continued and he knew by now that there was absolutely nothing he could do to prevent the girls from doing whatever they wished. He was now just their plaything. 

By now, Greg’s arms had been more or less welded to his sides as the girls wound the tape higher and higher up past his chest and upper arms. At this point they wound the tape carefully up over and around his shoulders until finally they stopped when it covered his neck. Greg mumbled a muffled ‘Mmmmmm! Mmmmmph!’ into his dummy as they both stepped back to look at their helpless captive to admire their work. Any body movement was by now almost non-existent.

‘Nearly there’ grinned Angie, ‘That just leaves his head to be wrapped, but I don’t want his face covered up. I want him to be able to breathe, and besides, there’s something I want to do with his face in a minute.’

Delving into her bag, she took out an old-fashioned girl’s white rubber bathing hat. ‘Now we don’t want to get that sticky tape stuck in your hair, do we?’ she grinned. Using both hands, she pulled it down over the top of his head and tucked in his hair before securing the chin strap with a press stud that held it in position. The bathing hat was slightly too small for him, so it was a tight fit, and once it was in place, his jaws were clamped even more tightly shut. This compressed the dummy gag even more, as the large rubber bulb pressed his tongue firmly down on the floor of his mouth. He was utterly silenced. 

‘Now for the wrapping’ she chuckled, and picking up another roll of the broad adhesive  tape, she began to wind it around Greg’s rubber covered head in neat overlapping windings that soon extended from under his chin to high up his cheeks, clamping his jaws tightly shut.

The only part of Greg’s skin that was now not covered in a thick layer of kitchen wrap and plastic tape was his face, and the girls stopped wrapping to admire their handiwork. They ran their hands over the smooth, plastic encased mummy before them. By now they were obviously quite satisfied with their handiwork, but they still hadn’t finished yet.

‘All right’ said Angie, picking up a long piece of rope from the pile on the floor, ‘Now let’s tie him to the bed.’

She doubled the rope and wound it several times round Greg’s ankles before tying it tightly and securely. Once she’d knotted it, she ran the two trailing ropes from the knot down to each corner of the bottom of the bed, and pulling them tight, tied them to the two bedposts.

Next came his legs. She again doubled a long rope and tied it tightly around his legs just above the knee. Then she ran the two trailing ends one to each side of the bed, and tied them off.

His waist was next, where the rope ran around both his waist and wrists, encased by now in a thick layer of kitchen wrap and thick tape. Tying it tightly around him, she again ran the two trailing ropes from the knot to each side of the bed, and tied them off securely.

‘Now then’ said Angie, ‘Before we finish tying you down there’s just one other thing we must do to reduce that male chauvinist ego of yours. We’re going to make you look pretty.’ Puzzled, Greg didn’t realise just what she meant by that, but he soon found out. Angie went to her bag, and took out a small leather case that she set down on the bed and opened. It was a well equipped make-up case.

‘Right Jenny,’ grinned Angie, ‘Hold his head still while I make him look like a little girl. This is going to be fun!’

Penny hopped up onto the top end of the bed, and kneeling down, trapped Greg’s head between her knees. Then she pressed his forehead down with the palms of her hands so that he couldn’t move his head an inch.

‘Now we all know how little girls just love to be made up don’t we?’ smiled Angie, ‘So let’s start with your eyes.’ Leaning forward with a waterproof eyeliner pencil, she carefully began to apply it, and soon Greg had deep black lines along the edges of his eyelids. ‘Now we’ll make her eyelashes nice and pretty’ she chuckled. Greg could only lie there motionless while his upper and lower eyelashes were coated with five coats of jet black waterproof mascara. ‘Oh yes’ grinned Angie, ‘Very nice. Eyebrows next I think, extra specially girly ones. Hold him extra tight Jenny, I want to get them nice and arched.’ Greg was horrified to see her uncap a thick black permanent marker, and Jenny felt him trying to struggle, but she easily held his forehead still, his head clamped tightly between her knees.

Angie carefully drew with the marker, and a few seconds later, Greg had thick, jet black lines arching high above each eye. ‘What pretty eyebrows’ laughed Jenny, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen them that arched on a bloke before. Much nicer’ she chuckled.

‘Now close your eyes Greg’ commanded Angie, ‘These pink and blue markers may sting a bit.’ Having no wish to damage his eyes by getting the pungent smelling marking ink in them, he did as he was told and closed them. Angie began to colour in his eyelids with the bright blue marker, and then his upper eyelids with the bright pink marker, the indelible inks soaking into his skin. Finally she then drew a large, bright pink patch high up on each of his cheeks. ‘Little girls always have rosy cheeks’ she laughed, ‘So you’ll be no exception.’ 

Greg began to squirm in his tight restraints and moaned into the dummy as he began to realise just how difficult it was going to be to remove the grotesque parody of a little girl’s face he’d just acquired. His struggles were gleefully noticed by the girls, and Sue chuckled ‘Don’t worry little girl, I haven’t forgotten your lipstick. I’ve got a nice permanent red marker here for that.’ Working carefully under and around the mouth plate of the dummy, Angie carefully painted his lips with the bright red marker. Greg grunted and winced as she went to work, but could do nothing as bit by bit his lips were turned bright red with indelible marker ink.

Angie straightened up, looked down at Greg’s face, and said ‘There we are, done. Doesn’t he look pretty?’ Jenny leaped off the bed, looked at Greg, and fell about with laughter. ‘He certainly does, doesn’t he?’ she giggled, the tears of mirth running down her face, ‘If he could only see himself!’

‘Well he will in a minute’ grinned Angie, ‘But I’ll just finish off by securing his neck first. Then I think we’re done.’

She picked up a wide leather collar, and leaning over Greg, she buckled it around his neck securely, but not tightly enough to risk choking him. Then she took one more piece of long rope, attached it to a steel D ring on the collar, and ran the two ends up to the two top corners of the bed, where she pulled them taught and tied them to the bedpost. Then she stood back to admire their handiwork.

‘There we are’ she grinned with her arms folded triumphantly, ‘One smart arse male chauvinist pig who doesn’t look quite so smart any more. Quite the reverse in fact.’

‘What a delightful punishment for his errant ways’ smiled Jenny, ‘And if he could only see what he looks like!’

‘Oh yes of course’ chuckled Angie, ‘Here, help me carry that mirror off the dressing table over here so he can see.’

The girls lifted the mirror off its stand, and carried it across to the bed. Then they held it up above Greg’s head so that he could see his face.

His reaction was everything they could have hoped for. Greg looked in the mirror and was devastated by what he saw. His face looked utterly ridiculous with garish drawn on eyebrows, bright red lipstick, rosy pink cheeks, and black rimmed eyes peeping out from behind thick black lashes and blue and pink eyelids. The crowning glory was the large pink plastic dummy over his mouth, while he stared wide-eyed and inarticulate over it.

Seeing what the girls had done to him, Greg jerked and squirmed helplessly in his plastic cocoon, barely able to move a muscle. He yelled into his dummy, but a barely audible faint gurgle was all that came out. He wriggled, jerked and writhed for a full few minutes, until his struggles faded away with exhaustion and he lay there panting.

‘Well that seems to be most satisfactory’ grinned Angie as they put down the mirror, ‘But I must take a few more pictures to complete my little photo gallery. Especially some portraits of his pretty face.’ She picked up her camera and began taking more photos, being particularly sure to get some clear ones of Greg’s grotesquely made-up face.

Finally satisfied that she had enough, she packed away her camera, and going over to Greg’s jacket, she took out his wallet and diary and wrote down some notes on a piece of paper. That done, she replaced them in his pocket and came back to the bed where the helpless Greg lay. She put her hands on her hips, grinned, and said ‘Well there you are, that’s your reward for your male chauvinism. Perhaps this will teach you not to try mixing it with a couple of capable feminists like Jenny and myself.’ Then, almost as a casual afterthought she said ‘Oh by the way, I suppose you’re wondering what happens next. Well this is the really fun bit. We’re going to leave you here like this, all trussed up and helpless, with that gorgeously ridiculous face. I must admit, you look just like a little girl of four who’s been playing with mummy’s make-up!’

‘Anyway, we’re going to hang the DO NOT DISTURB notice on the outside doorknob of your room, and we’ll leave instructions with the management that you’re not to be disturbed for forty eight hours. By that time I guess you’ll be fully repentant of your attitude to women, and will have learnt your lesson. And just one other thing, you may have felt something bulky between your legs. In case you’re wondering what it is, it’s a large sized disposable nappy, just in case of any little accidents. I’ve no doubt that it will be soaking wet in a little while, so by the time someone releases you you’ll probably have a severe case of nappy rash. What a lovely thought’ she giggled.

‘Oh yes’ she added, ‘And the cream on the cake is that I’m going to email all those lovely photos of you to your office and to all the email addresses listed in your diary. With explanatory notes of course. I imagine you’ll have quite a lot of explaining to do, especially about those lovely pictures of your face, they’re absolutely hilarious.’

With a final burst of laughter she looked at her watch. ‘Well we must be off’ she said, and picking up her bag, added ‘So we’ll leave you to it. Have a nice couple of day’s rest Greg, and have fun. Goodbye, and don’t get into any mischief will you?’ The girls gave Greg a final playful little wave, left the room, and locked the door behind them.

Greg lay completely still and silent while he contemplated his situation. He could hardly believe that two females had so easily overcome him and placed him in this diabolically humiliating position. After a short while he decided to test his restraints, and began to squirm inside his tight plastic cocoon. Gradually he became hotter as he wriggled and writhed with ever increasing frustrated desperation, but the ropes Angie had tied him down with so expertly held him rigidly in position, and the sweat poured down his face and into his eyes as he struggled.

In the vain hope that a passer by in the corridor outside might perhaps hear him, Greg  decided to try calling out. Pressing his tongue against the large rubber bulb filling his mouth, he pushed hard and attempted to spit it out, but the unyielding ribbons wound tightly around his head ensured that the dummy remained firmly in his mouth. He bit as hard as he could into the bulb of the dummy, hoping to perhaps bite it off, but that too was hopeless. The tough silicone rubber bulb was specifically designed to resist both the sharpest teeth and the strongest bite, as it persistently filled his mouth and firmly held down his tongue.

Frustrated by this fruitless effort, Greg tried once more yelling into the dummy as loudly as he could, but it muffled his every sound as he continued to twist and writhe against his unyielding restraints.

Eventually his struggles became more and more spasmodic as he began to realise that he was going to be there for a full forty eight hours until he was discovered and released by one of the hotel staff. Gradually he subsided into a sort of stupor as he almost became used to his uncomfortable and humiliating immobilisation, and eventually he even fell asleep for a while.

As Angie and Jenny had intended, he stayed put for forty eight hours, which was plenty of time for him to reflect on his chauvinistic attitude to women. And when he was at last discovered and released by an incredulous member of the hotel staff, he’d certainly learnt his lesson. He never teased a woman like that again!

On his arrival back at work he was greeted with a plethora of sniggers and taunts, especially from the girls. As she’d promised, Angie had accompanied the photos with a full description of her little lesson, and it sent shivers down the spine of every male chauvinist in the company. Greg had set an example that none of them ever intended to ever follow, so Angie and Jenny would have been well satisfied.



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