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Angie's Surprise

by Asphyx

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© Copyright 2001 - Asphyx - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m: sbm; wrap; saran; bag; sealed; latex; catsuit; toys; asphyx; mast; cons/nc; XXX


Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy/warning only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death.  

Another rotten week! Sometimes it feels as if nothing is going right. Sitting in my car, I wondered what to do tonight?.  No point in going home as my current girlfriend had gone home to her mothers house to "think things over".

Why is it that some people think they can change you by going out with you?  It wasn't as if I hadn't been honest about my fetishes from the start. I can understand why some people find a love of plastic and rubber as something a little strange and a desire to be mummified and/or suffocated a wee bit frightening, but as they say "each to their own".

No point in crying over spilt milk, therefore I might as well go home. I know I've got a bottle of good malt somewhere so why not drown my sorrows or even indulge in some self bondage.

It's an hour later and I've just come out of the shower. Pouring myself a large whisky I sit down and start to think about tonight's activities. For me a lot of the fun in self bondage is in the planning and as I sat I could feel myself starting to get excited.  The next moment there's a knock at the back door. "Who the hell is this?" I wonder to myself as I open the door. To my surprise it's our next door neighbour Angie.

Angie had moved in next to us about a year ago. She was 5'10" with long dark hair, long legs, slim and had the most perfect breasts I think I've ever seen. She had a lot in common with my girlfriend Helen, except that Helen was blonde, and they hit it off right away. The two of them seemed to have spent a lot of time together of late and I must confess that I had one or two rather kinky thoughts about what they got up to by themselves.

"Hi Adam, I know Helen's not here at the moment and I just thought I would look in to see how you are!". 

I almost forgot myself as I stood there at the door, trying not to stare. 

"Hi Angie. I was just about to have a drink, care to join me?" 

As she came in and sat down I asked her what she wanted to drink. "Whisky please, with a lot of ice". After a couple of drinks and some small talk I thought we were both starting to feel quite relaxed when all of a sudden she shocked me by saying, "Please don't get upset but Helen told me about your fetishes". I could feel myself turn scarlet as Angie went on. " I came through tonight because I'm really curious to find out more. Please will you show me?"  

I didn't know what to think! It felt as though all my wishes had come true at once. Taking a large gulp from my glass I asked her where she wanted to start?

"Please can I try some of Helen's rubber clothes?".

"Are you sure about this?". I said to her as I led her up to our bedroom.

"Definitely". She whispered behind me. 

As we entered the room I opened Helen's wardrobe and told Angie to take her pick. After several minutes and several choices later Angie held up an all in one catsuit with hood and built in butt plug and vibrator. "This one I think!" With that she vanished into the next room only to reappear 10 minutes later completely clad in rubber. All I could see were her eyes and mouth. She was totally stunning, almost like a living rubber sculpture come to life and as I gazed at her I could feel myself starting to get an erection. 

All sorts of ideas were running through my head. Angie gagged, Angie bound, Angie wrapped in saran wrap with my head buried between her thighs or my teeth biting her now erect nipples showing through the taut rubber.

"Well! What do you think?" she asked as she ran her gloved hands over her body.

"Perfect" was all I could manage to say. 

Angie walked over to me and took my chin in her hand. Looking me in the eye she said to me. "Helen also told me about your passion for self bondage and suffocation. I want you to show me how you do it!" 

How could I refuse?. This was a dream, a fantasy come true. I went over to another wardrobe and took out the things I would need. A large roll of saran wrap, a pair of handcuffs, a roll of duck tape and a large, clear polythene sack.

"Well, Strip and get started " Angie ordered, a new note of command in her voice. "and don't worry about your safety. I'll take care of you!" 

Throwing caution to the wind I removed my clothes and started to wrap myself with the saran wrap. I wrapped each foot and leg individually. Next I wrapped my stomach and chest before throwing the roll of saran wrap over my shoulder, down my back and then pulling it tightly through my legs and up over my cock and balls. Having done this several times I moved onto my arms and shoulders. Once these were done I moved back down to my legs and wrapped them together using lots of layers, making sure there was no escape. 

All this time Angie was sitting in a chair watching me and playing with herself. Running her hands over her body and adjusting the speed of the vibrator buried deep within her thighs and offering advice on my technique.

As I started to wrap my head Angie ordered me to stop. "Wait there, I'll be back in a minute". With that she vanished only to return a moment later holding a pair of black panties, obviously the pair she had taken off. "You'll need a gag. Open up". 

I opened my mouth and she stuffed them in before sealing them in with two layers of duck tape. "There that's better!" I couldn't even mumble a reply. 

After finishing my head and neck I slid myself into the large bag with the handcuffs and the tape. Once in I drew the ends of the bag together and sealed the bag shut with the tape. Finally I wrapped my hands and fingers with the tape before sliding them behind my back and putting on the handcuffs. CLICK! CLICK! 

I was now totally helpless and dependant on Angie letting me out. Try as I might I couldn't get free. Shit!  I didn't even agree a safety signal. As I struggled in vain I could feel the air starting to get stale.

Looking through the clear polythene I could see Angie get up and move towards me. "Thank God!" I started to think to myself. "She's going to let me out". 

Standing next to the bed Angie started to speak to me. "You stupid prick! Helen was right ! You fell for it hook, line and sinker. We've been lovers for months and have been trying to find a way to get rid of you and now you've done it for us. Just think, I won't even leave any evidence dressed as I am in this rubber suit. I'm going back to my seat and I'm going to turn the vibrator up full. I wonder what will come first, my orgasm or your death!" With that she walked back to her chair. 

The last thing I can see and hear is Angie writhing and moaning as her orgasm hits her.. 



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