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The Anubis Chronicles

by Carmine

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© Copyright 2002 - Carmine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f: mummification; cons; X

Tales of the Crimson Succubus
The Anubis Chronicles
by Carmine

Part One: Nina’s Demise

While Succubus was away, rapscallion Prince Leur invaded her slave Nina’s chamber, ordered sentinels to strip off her peasant garments, and bound her to a cruciform. He drove his diminutive member into Nina from behind, her satin-like walls resisting the intrusion. He ejaculated several breaths later.

With bloodthirsty aplomb Leur then unleashed a thick, metal-ringed whip, and with each strike Nina writhed and screeched, arousing Leur even more. The final lash proved lethal; Nina went limp. 

"She is dead?"

"Yes," muttered Crimson Succubus, who stood at the chamber’s entrance, her eyes an inferno of wrath. "But she will rise again."

Part Two: Mummification

With unprecedented dexterity Crimson Succubus used innumerable layers of silk and velvet to mummify Nina. The thrall’s mission was simple: journey to the dead city of Khenty Amentiu.

Deep in death’s clutches, Nina floated toward the necropolis, where hideous abominations tongued her supple mouth, bit her hardened nipples, and licked her scrumptious slit. Her ecstasy was such that soon all went fertile black.

Succubus’ glistening eyes widened as blood seeped through Nina’s collar. The she-devil removed the bandages and inspected the wound. 

"You have done well, my thrall." Succubus touched the jackal bite on Nina’s shoulder. "Anubis has caressed thee."

Part Three: An Essential Ingredient

Strapped hand and foot to a St. Andrew’s cross, Lord Draco watched as Crimson Succubus tightened a metal ring around his member. Refusing to become aroused, Draco remained flaccid until Succubus concurrently squeezed the shaft and used a leather thong to slap the blossom-like head. Draco’s resistance waned. 

As the ring tightened, Draco’s bolt grew thicker, going from red to purple to a light shade of black. After striking the love-pole again several times, Succubus released the ring. As he moaned with rapture, Succubus captured his alabaster seed in a phial.

Succubus inhaled the vapor. "Ah, the nectar of life."

Part Four: In the Chamber of Anubis

Within a fortress in Nephthys, Crimson Succubus stood before Anubis, his jackal eyes piercing the demon’s heart. 

"You wish more than the bondmaid’s life?"

"Prince Leur must suffer."

"Indeed, for my mark is upon her."

Anubis pressed on Succubus’ shoulders, forcing the demon to do obeisance. The jackal mashed his rod against her lips then eased it down her throat. Her tongue swirled round and round, cheeks tightened and relaxed, and teeth teased flesh until Anubis relinquished his seed.

Succubus expectorated the neconomatic fluid into a cruet. 

"You are devious, she-devil." And with that the Jackal God took his leave. 

Part Five: The Elixir of Isis

Crimson Succubus groveled before Isis, she who had ascertained Ra’s secret name. Despite the demon’s supplications, Isis refused to mix the elixir of life. 

As she begged, Succubus offered the goddess countless carafes of demoniac ambrosia. Gorged yet contumacious, Isis went to relieve herself. Like an asp Succubus slithered to her side. Deft hands stroked and teased Isis’ ensorcelled slit. The devil’s touch was divine, so Isis offered no resistance. 
"Release only when ecstasy embraces you," the demon whispered.

When ache yielded to rapture, Isis released, blending golden fluid with erogenous nectar.

"Your wish, temptress. But first, please me again." 

Part Six: Resurrection

Mummified, pale-skinned Nina rested upon an altar, sacred oils keeping her fresh. Into the temple walked Crimson Succubus, a massive phallus in one hand and a phial in the other. The demon poured a scintillating liquid into the artificial member then tied it about her pelvis.

Spreading Nina’s luscious thighs, Succubus thrust hard, the thrall’s walls inviting and moist. Her cheeks taught and nipples pointed, the demon unleashed a potent orgasm, which propelled the elixir into Nina, whose alabaster flesh turned to pristine ebony.


"Yes, darling?"

Nails dug into the demon’s cheeks. "Again, please."

Succubus withdrew. "Poor little slut."

Part Seven: Leur’s Curse

Ebony-skinned Nina strolled into Prince Leur’s megaron. Leur rubbed his crotch as he dismissed the sentinels. 

"Back for more?"

Dropping Nina on all fours, Leur spread her cheeks and rammed his petite rod into her sphincter. As Leur shoved, he inserted a bridle into her mouth. Without concern he wrenched it, snapping Nina’s neck. 
"Cocotte: Scream ‘stud’!"

Near climax, Leur felt something bushy on his crotch. Opening his eyes, he discovered that he was copulating with a jackal, its eerie howls filling the air. 

From that fateful day, Leur haunted graveyards with jackals, and many believed he became a ghoul. 


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