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by Armourer

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Storycodes: Machine/f; capture; gag; insert; enema; wrap; tape; cocoon; balltie; reluct; X

Automated Packaging Processes Incorporated, better known as A.P.P.I. Invented, constructed and marketed the leading packaging technology on the planet; their systems were the fastest and the most reliable. However not always the cheapest. They tended to sell the bulk of their machines to high technology component manufactures who needed products delicately handled as well as companies that made surgical equipment that needed to be treated hygienically. 

APPI had a reasonably profitable business producing equipment for niche markets. One of their latest devices was designed with under sea exploration in mind; it could package artefacts under water preserving them against damage from transportation, changes in pressure current etc. Allowing sunken artefacts to be handled far better than any human. Ned Ramstien, the director of special projects handled the manufacture of these one off machines. Not only was he an expert with mechanical devices and chemical processes but he had a very methodical mind. He could look at a problem take it to pieces and come up with a very comprehensive solution.

Now the design brief he was looking at, was to put it simply was for something quite kinky. The automated mummification machine that he was being asked to design had absolutely no practical application outside of a bondage club. However he was being prudish, he corrected himself his company was being paid a large amount of money to build this thing. Looking at the figures again, his percentage though small would make him some good cash. He began to look through the design brief and plan how he was going to build this machine. The project was code-named 'The AMM' so that there would be no unwanted attention from other members of staff not in the loop. It would take his team about a week to build this thing and a further two to teach it how to do its job right.

(About a week later) Shirley was a very pretty woman tall blond with huge breasts firm and pert. A tiny waist firm round buttocks clear skin pouting lips, nice face short hair etc. She was also Ned Ramstien's clerical assistant or secretary, she basically handled all the figures, logistics, invoicing etc that came through the special projects office. While Ned spent his time inventing and tinkering. Every one had gone home at APPI except Shirley; she was working on the files for a project code named AMM. The problem was that someone had left the files in the lab. Now normally Shirley didn't go anywhere near the lab, she was the organisational brains in the office but she wanted to do the paperwork. She just ignored the warning signs and entered the workshop/lab looking for the files. She should have paid attention.

The files were on the floor beside a machine, the machine was silvery about 5 feet tall, cylindrical with many closed hatches. There was a red safety line printed 4 foot around the machine. Shirley stepped on the activation button without realising it, then she got close enough for the little sensor dome to analyse her. Shirley was just bending down to pick up the files when the machine activated. 

Let the count down begin.

Two arms with padded clamps grab Shirley's wrists, popping out of compartments from the machine, making the AMM look like R2D2's bigger brother. As they pulled her upright a 3rd arm pops out and undoes the buttons of her shirt, the same arm undoes her belt. As she is lifted off the ground a fourth and fifth arm pop out of the machine. Attachments hook into her skirt, panties, stockings and 3 inch heels and pull the lot off, her bra and shirt following quickly. Shirley didn't have time to scream nor even to think. Suddenly she was totally naked. 

Total time elapsed 13 seconds. 

The two arms holding Shirley's wrists spin round pulling Shirley's hands behind her back and up into a reverse prayer position. An arm attachment quickly wraps each of Shirley's fingers together, using shiny black tape. Then at hyper speed the machine wraps her arms from fingertip to elbow pulling her elbows together and thrusting her breasts out. The machine then quickly wraps Shirley's arms from elbow to shoulder rewrapping her elbows to wrists. At this point Shirley was very glad to have done gymnastics for several years making this position only very uncomfortable, at this moment Shirley was quite frightened she had obviously accidentally activated something and was about to get packaged, but she wondered what the machine was meant to do? 

Total time elapsed 27 seconds. 

The machine continues, a large arm of a special design comes out of the machine something like a balloon is pushed into Shirley's mouth, it begins to fill with a liquid pushing Shirley's tongue down and completely gagging her. The mechanical arm seals the balloon when it can't expand anymore, leaving Shirley with the taste of a large rubber balloon in her mouth that she can't eject. Quickly the rubber mixture in her mouth hardens to form a solid gag inside the balloon. The arm begins to travel down until it reaches her vagina, Shirley's plugged again. This time the balloon is different it has a ribbed texture that begins to get Shirley stimulated as it expands. When she thinks that it can't get any bigger, the ballooning plug stops expanding. The machine arm travels around behind Shirley before she can work out what its doing, it does it. A different fitting from the same arm begins to insert itself into Shirley. Her eyes bulge and she begins to squirm. An enema is rapidly administered, then when she's clean her ass gets plugged the same way as her vagina. This is beginning to make Shirley fairly horney especially the attention to her ass and pussy very stimulating. 

Total time elapsed 1 min 23 seconds.

The machine begins to get ready for the final process, Shirley's been held by two arms around her waist, different attachments to the same arms that held her wrists. A wrapping arm begins at her feet by securing her toes together. A hook attaches to this binding and Shirley is rotating, the wrapping arm begins at her ankles then slowly moves up her body sealing her legs together with a continuous role of shiny black tape. Then the machine moves up her waist keeping the wrapping very tight. The machine stops when it gets to her waist, the arms begin to reposition Shirley, then it continues wrapping her up. The binding is so tight over her chest and breasts that Shirley is having a little trouble breathing. Her breasts are compressed but still quite visible. She's quite excited but also fairly worried about what happens when the machine reaches her neck. A plastic posture collar is the answer; similar to the ones used for neck trauma it is fitted by the machine locking Shirley's neck in place. The machine finishes covering Shirley except for her nose, then it completes the job by wrapping her feet. 

Total time elapse 2 min 34 seconds.

The machine was not quite finished yet Shirley found herself being forced into a ball, legs bent, torso being pushed down. Finally when she couldn't move any more a mechanical whiring could be heard, a strap was tightened and locked keeping her ball tied in this manner, finally a note was glued to her ass like a postage stamp proclaiming all her details and the exact time in processing, then the machine went quiet. Leaving a completely horney and gagged Shirley to do the only thing she could do, wiggle her toes a bit. 

Total time elapsed 2 min 43 seconds. 

The arms retracted into the cylindrical machine hatches, closed the machine and took on an unassuming guise as it powered down and switched itself off. Leaving Shirley completely helpless. When Ned and his team got into work the following morning they had a big surprise and even more surprising they had someone quite willing to do some more product testing for them.


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