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Art Exhibit

by Ryleigh Myers

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© Copyright 2017 - Ryleigh Myers - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; immortal; strip; naked; toys; insert; gag; encase; statue; objectify; display; sold; transported; FM+/f; cement; resin; pedestal; outdoors; stuck; betrayal; drug; cons/nc; X

Laras immortal adventures.

The day to day boredom has officially started to get to me. I spend most of my days pacing my apartment back and forth trying to think of something to do. I haven't needed to work ever since I became immortal 3 years ago. Though I do occasionally like to eat out every now and again. Fast food wasn't necessarily cheap but it was definitely worth it. I was making my way back into the living room when my cell phone rang. It lit up with a picture of my best friend Anna.

“Hey girly” I announced.

“Hey so what are you up to?” She asked with a slight bit of hesitation in her voice.

“Oh not much just hanging out, you know.” I replied.

“You were pacing again weren't you” She remarked.

I sighed.


“listen could you possibly help me out with something?” She asked.

I nodded and realized she couldn't see me.

“Uh yeah sure whatever” I replied.

“Great come on over whenever you are ready, and bring your favorite toys!” She said and hung up.

I smiled.

“I didn't realize it was going to be one of those days” I said aloud as I stared at the now black screen.

I turned and paced towards my room and grabbed handfuls of toys. I used one of my old shopping bags to hold everything. Within 10 minutes I had everything packed and was heading out the door. My heart was racing from the excitement.

“I hadn't done anything with anyone in probably at least a couple of months” I thought to myself.

My sex pooled just from thinking of her. I've known Anna since we went to college together. She is well aware of my new found immortality even if she doesn't share it. We've experimented several times before and each time was more mind blowing than the last.

I pulled up to her place several minutes later and found her in the middle of her living room with a bunch of materials to the side.

“What's this all about?” I motioned towards them.

She looked away for a brief second before meeting my gaze once again.

“You know that exhibit i'm supposed to reveal tomorrow?” She asked.

I nodded.

“Uh huh”.

“Well I'm still one sculpture short and if I don't have all my pieces in by tonight than the gallery might just cancel my contract.” She said panic rising in her voice.

I tried my best to give her a sympathetic look.

“I don't know what you expect me to do, your the artsy one” I chuckled.

She looked away again and blushed.

“I was hoping may you could....” She paused.

“I could what? I asked.

“Be one of my sculptures” She blurted out.

I laughed out loud.

“And how am I supposed to do that I'm immortal not a witch or something” .

“That's just it you're immortal and you don't need air or anything to survive so I was thinking if I just coat you in my materials here it'll look like you are just another statue in the exhibit” She said.

I shook my head back and forth.

“I'm not sure that sounds painful”.

“It'll be fine I swear and it will only be for the gallery through the end of the week” She encouraged.

I contemplated it.

“PLEASE!” she latched onto me.

“Fine I'll do it already!” I said pulling my arm from her.

“I just don't understand why you asked me to bring my toys over if you just want to encase me in your materials”

She looked in the bag I brought and then glanced up at me.

“It's so you don't get too bored” She giggled.

Realization dawned on me..

“That could be fun” I said aloud.

“I thought so” She giggled.

“Now come over here and i'll get you set up.

I walked over and there was a plastic sheet laid out on the floor. As I walked on it it made a loud crinkling noise as my shoes clung to it.

“Oh you need to strip first” She prompted.

I smiled brightly.

I pulled each piece of clothing off in a spectacle showing her exactly what she was missing.

She smiled at me as the last of my clothes hit the floor.

“So first I need to wrap you in this here, and then i'll apply some resin to seal it in” She said as she walked towards her materials..

She pulled what looked to be an extremely heavy case of white goo towards me. She set it down before staring up at me.

“You sure your okay with this?” She asked.

I nodded.

“Just get it over with.... But” I paused. “you owe me big for this” I said.

She smiled.

“I'll buy you all the fast food you can eat after this.”

She began pulling out a fiber like substance from the goo and began coating my legs. It felt cool to the touch but as she worked her way up it began to get hot.... Really hot.

“Uhhh is it supposed to be this hot?” I asked.

She nodded as she continued her work. She got near my sex when she stopped for a brief second. She wandered over to my collection and pulled out a 9 inch purple dildo with the ajoining remote.

“Oh we can have fun with this!” she shouted gleefully.

She rifled through the bag for a few more minutes before returning.

She began to finger me and I got wet at her slightest of touches. I moaned as she worked 2 fingers into me and then three. In one swift motion she impaled me on the thick dildo. I buckled over and suddenly felt a large intruder forced into my ass as well. My legs were already ridged and I have only been worked on for the past few minutes. I adjusted my position.

“Ouch you could have warned me” I scolded.

Before I knew it she had coated my impaled sex with the thick goo and blew on it several times to quicken its hardening.

“Me fingering you was your warning”.

Once satisfied she began to work her way up my body again. She laid the goo over my body with a bit more care as she got higher up my body. Paying attention to the slightest of curves of my body. She had encased everything but my head when she suddenly stopped.

“We just need to let that set for about 15 minutes and then we can go to the next step” She smiled.

She pulled massive fans from her other rooms and pointed them towards me. The cool air felt nice on my face, but the rest of my body felt like it was in an inferno. The shell constricted on me tighter and tighter and I already started to struggle to breath.

“You sure this is necessary?” I asked.

“Yes the temperature helps it set” She stated.

The temperature finally cooled off an I heard a timer go off in the distance.

Anna ran back and gingerly touched me. She inspected her hands and had a proud look before racing back to her other material. This time she bought back several bottles of clear liquid and what looked to be a paint gun.

“I want to leave your head for last” She smiled maliciously.

She plugged in one of the bottles into the paint gun and plugged it in. There was a snap and a click as she took point on my frame.

“Here we go” She said.

A burst of liquid shot out and splashed on the surface. She walked around my frozen form as she sprayed more and more onto me. She switched the bottles two more times before seeming satisfied with her work. She cranked the fans a little higher and she set the timer again.

The form started to slowly constrict on me and I was beginning to become uncomfortable really uncomfortable. I heard a beep from the other room as she came back. This time she came bearing a paint brush and a can of latex paint.

“This is going to look awesome!” She remarked.

She began brushing the light pink latex paint starting from my toes and worked her way up to just under my chin. She omitted my nipples as well as my sex. I looked like a sexless doll.

“You sure people are going to like this?” I asked incredulously.

She nodded.

She seemed to think for a few seconds before running back and grabbing more resin. She coated my chest again and again. I looked to have at least F cup now. I glanced up at her.

“You freaking pervert” .

She nodded. “Yep!”.

She painted it once again and admired her work. She touched it again and pronounced that it needed just a few more minutes to dry but she could start on my head.

“Just making sure, you don't need to breath right?” She asked again.

I smiled .


She pulled out a dildo gag and forced it into my mouth. I gagged at the feeling but had no chance to recover before she pulled more of the white goo fabric and splashed it onto my face and held my mouth and eyes closed.

She worked for several minutes before finally happy that she got every part of me. She waited a few minutes then I heard the paint gun start up again as she coated my head with the sticky resin.

“Almost done!” She announced.

She waited what seemed like at least a half an hour before coming back into the room and saying.

“You look fabulous!”

My lungs tightened from the lack of oxygen as my situation began to sink in. I struggled to move but my body was completely frozen in place. Luckily my hearing was good enough I could still make out everything she was saying.

“Now to move you to the exhibit” She said as she tilted me backwards.

She inched what felt like platform underneath of me and began to roll me somewhere.

We came to a screeching halt.

“Wait I just need to add one more to the display!” She announced.

“Ma'am we close at 5” A man stated.

“I know but my exhibit opens tomorrow and I was told to have everything here by tonight” She protested.

The man sighed.

“Fine just be quick about it” He said as he opened the door.

She began to roll me forward and I heard a hmm from him.

“You like?” She asked.

“Hell yeah, that's some statue you got there those curves damn!” He stated.

She giggled.

She wheeled me into the room and set me back down.

“I'll be back tomorrow morning to check on you” She said as she walked away.

“Thanks again!” .

She closed the doors as I felt a steady hum start between my legs. The cock gag began to pulse as it began to push deeper into my throat before shrinking. It repeated this process over and over as it fucked my mouth all night. I tried hard to actually sleep that night, but the constant vibration on my clit not to mention the face fucking kept me on the verge of orgasm all night.

I heard the doors open and Anna walking in.

“First day of the exhibit I know everyone is going to love you!” She said pridefully.

I felt a shudder of humiliation run through me as it sunk in that hundreds of people were going to be staring at my naked form today. People came in a slow trickle at first, but soon the room was buzzing with activity. I heard someone graze the outside of my shell.

“What a marvelous piece, what is your inspiration?” I kind woman asked.

Anna spouted some b.s. About nature and beauty.

There were several ooh's and ahh's as the crowd drew in.

“What do you call it?” One man asked.

I could hear the smile in her voice.

“My best friend” She giggled.

There was applause from the guests as she gave a speech about her collection.

She got interrupted just as she was finishing.

“And how much are you selling your work for?” One man asked.

“Each of the items that are for sale have a ticketed price by the title” She replied.

“This one doesn't have a title or a price” The woman from before asked.

“This is my personal favorite one, and I couldn't part with it.” She replied.

“I'll give you a hundred thousand for it!” I heard a man shout.

I could hear Anna stagger backwards.

“As in a hundred thousand dollars?” She said in disbelief.

“Two hundred thousand” A younger woman in the back yelled.

My heart sank as the price ran higher and higher...

“5 MILLION DOLLARS!” The woman from earlier said.

“S...Sold” Anna said in a soft voice.

I went cold, my best friend just sold me to a woman I've never seen before.

“Just one question” She said as the bidding closed.

“Can I have it altered? She asked.

Anna paused for a second.

“For 5 million dollars i'll do whatever you want to it” She said.


“We will sort out the details in a bit” She said as she walked off .

The crowd started to thin as she turned and whispered to me.

“Don't worry I have a plan to get you out of this” She said calmly.

The night continued on each guest came and went. My pussy was being fucked raw as the intruder punished me further. The utter humiliation of it all got me so wet, I began to enjoy myself even more.

“Awe man this one is already sold!” A young man said.

“Shit that'd be perfect in my den” He continued.

He walked off as the day came to a close. My muscles were stiff and unmovable and I struggled to stay awake.

“Here's the plan” Anna said walking up to me. “I let her buy you, then after I get her money I make a copy of the statue and replace you. She will never know!” She said gleefully.

“And we will be 5 million dollars richer!”She squealed.

The next few days seemed to pass quicker and quicker, before I realized it the final day was upon us.

I was unbelievably sore, my muscles ached for release and they weren't the only ones. My pussy has been constantly assaulted over the past few days. I'm pretty sure when she lets me out there will be a small pond on the floor.

The gallery doors closed and I heard a distinct rustling in the distance.

Suddenly I was lifted and carried away.

My thoughts screamed for answers but the people carrying me were completely silent. I heard cords being drawn over me and felt a small bit of pressure as they were tightened.

“As if it wasn't tight enough already” I thought to myself.

The van started and I heard slamming of doors as they drove off with me.


I walked into the gallery to meet up with Mrs. Amelia when something seemed off. I looked around the gallery but I couldn't place what it was. I saw a small note attached to one of my pedestals and I walked over and read it.


So sorry we couldn't wait to conclude the business properly. The amount of 5 million dollars has already been added to your checking account ending in 1125. Don't worry about making any alterations you have already done fantastic work. I will handle any and all alterations that need to be done.


“FUCK!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I raced towards the doorway and found the security man standing where I met him a few days earlier.

“Did you see who took my sculpture? I asked in a panic.

“Yeah a couple of Amelia's men, they loaded it up about 15 minutes ago” He said.

“Did they say where they were going?”

He nodded.

“Yeah she said she lives on the eastern shore of Maryland, they said they were installing it there why?”

“I need that statue back!” I yelled.

“Here I think she left you her number somewhere...” He said looking around.

He saw the note in my hand and turned it over .

“Ah see there ya go” He pointed at the numbers on the back.

I thanked him and gave the number a call.

It rang once before going to voicemail.

“Yes hi its Anna, I saw you already packaged my statue and took it without my being here.” I thought quickly. “I still need your signature on a few things if you wouldn't mind, I need to meet up with you before you leave” I said frantically.

“Without the original here, it'll be damn near impossible to make a copy” I thought to myself.

I held silent nervously for the next 45 minutes when my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi Anna, its Amelia so sorry I couldn't stay too much longer. Have to get back to work.” She said sadly.

“Its okay are you still in the area?” I asked.

“Unfortunately no we are just about to board the plane now, why is there an issue?” She asked curiosity lacing her voice.

“Uh yeah, I need you to sign a few things for the statue. You know legal stuff” I said with a carefree demeanor.

“Oh I see, Well why don't you join us? She asked.

“You can see your statue installed at my exhibit tomorrow!” She said getting excited.

“Great! Which air strip are you on?”.

I tossed the keys towards the man and whispered .

“Lock up please” .

She gave me instructions on how to get the airstrip and I drove like a maniac to get there. The planes engines were beginning to warm up as I drove up. Her men escorted me onto the plane in a wave of motion. I raced onto the main floor of the plane where Amelia sat sipping a cup of tea..

“Would you like a cup?” She asked casually.

“In a bit where is the statue?” I asked her.

“Oh its in the cargo area with the rest of my stuff, rest assured it's safe” she gave me a reassuring glance.

I sighed a breath of relief.

“Now come and i'll sign those papers for you” She smiled at me.

I pulled two sheets of paper from my pocket book and handed them to her. I pointed to the signature marks.

“Just sign here and here” I said quickly.

She scribbled her signature quickly before handing the papers back to me.

“Have a seat” She gestured.

I nodded and took a seat next to her as the plane started to make its ascent. We talked casually for several moments before the topic of the statue came up again.

“I'll admit i'm not used to having someone pay so much for my work” I said truthfully.

She smiled. “I'm a bit of a collector, I collect all things rare and unique” She said with a sly grin.

“If you don't mind me asking” I started.

“What made you decide to use a female form?” She interrupted.

I was taken aback.

“I guess cause I find the female form beautiful” I said shyly.

“I do as well” She said pridefully.

“If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you plan to do with the statue?” I asked.

She laughed.

“Still worried?” She asked.

I nodded.

“I put a lot of work into it” I said.

“I will do my best to preserve its details” She promised.

She was tapped on the shoulder by one of the men.

“Now if you'll excuse me” She said as she wandered off with him.

It took us nearly 3 hours to get to Maryland, and we landed just outside of Annapolis. Amelia told me to stop by first thing the next morning to watch the install of her newest statue. I promised her I'd be there by 7 am and headed to the closest hotel..

I've never had 5 million dollars in my bank account before and was excited to splurge for once, and set myself up in the nicest hotel around. I rented a car, and even ordered room service. I had just finished the second helping of ice cream when my phone buzzed letting me know it was my bed time. I sighed.

“Eh I can stay up a little while longer” and turned on another episode of family guy.

They must have had a marathon going on that night because I ended up staying up until nearly midnight. I looked down at my watch in disbelief and frantically went to bed. I set my alarm for the next morning at 5:30 am that way i'd have plenty of time to get over there and sneak the statue out before they install it.


The plane ride seemed to take forever, as my muscles fought hard for their freedom. Anna left the dildo on the highest setting. Orgasm after orgasm ran through me. My mouth strained as the dildo seemed to coat my very throat now. The intruder in my ass had to have been my special order one. It set to expand when it comes in contact with water. I would have screamed if I could. There was a sudden change and I felt my shell constrict on me even more. The unbelievable amount of pressure seemed to increase every few days. I heard the wheels touch down and several minutes later I was being guided off of the plane.

“Careful man!” I heard someone say as my cart jostled.

“Please drop me and break me free!” I pleaded in my head.

“Its okay its all tied down, its not going anywhere!” The man beside me responded.

“Where am I putting it anyway?” He added.

“She wants it installed by the main entrance” .

I could feel my cart pick up pace as he raced towards the entrance.

“The hell is she going to put it” The man said to himself.

He wheeled me to the side and left me there for the night. My shell cooled with the night, but as the sun rose I started to heat up more and more. Sweat drenched my body as it felt like I was being boiled alive.

“She's still not here” I heard the woman from the auction say.

“Just do it” She said and I could feel myself being lifted off of the ground.

“It'll take us a few minutes to get the cement ready Mrs. Amelia” a man said.

“Cement?!” My mind panicked.

I heard her pick up the phone and call again.

This time Anna answered on the second ring.

“urm, hello?” She said wearily.

“Anna, its almost 8 o'clock are you still coming to the install today?” She asked.

A flurry of curses flew from the phone.

I could hear Amelia chuckling.

“Its been a long time since i've heard that kind of language” She chuckled.

“I'm having the men install the piece now, but i'll let them know to expect you. I need to head to work here in a few minutes and didn't want to miss it” Amelia said.

“Wai-” Anna was cut off as Amelia shut the phone.

“Do it! And I want it painted and polished by the time she gets here” She commanded.

There was a grinding noise to my left and a few minutes later I could feel myself being hoisted upwards. I could hear water all around me as if they were washing something. .

“Bring her on up!” A man commanded.

I was lifted even higher.

I settled for a moment before I felt a slight sinking feeling. The temperature around my feet quickly declined as more and more sank into the liquid concrete.

“That's great now stand back while I spray her” He said.

“You don't want to be anywhere near this stuff” he added as a wave of liquid splashed me. It was cold at first but it was replaced again by a searing heat. The boiling feeling earlier seemed to be 3x as intense.

I could feel the men working all around me as they scraped and sculpted. There was banging and swearing as a man worked on my chest. They began to work on my face again and I could feel the chisel getting a little too close for comfort. Just when I thought for sure they'd break through it stopped.

They waited a few minutes then I heard the distinct sound of paint brushes working the exterior. They worked all around me paying special attention to my naughty bits and breasts.

“Do you guys hear something? A man said from near my crotch.

“He hears my dildo!” I thought.

Images of him breaking me out flowed through my head.

“Eh its probably just the fountain filter” Another man shouted.

“Fountain?” I asked.

They began painting me over and over yet again.

“Geez how many layers do they need” I shouted to myself.

“How's that?” One man asked.

“Beautiful! I'd fuck that!” a man from down below said.

“Give it a quick spray with the sealant and we should be done.”

There was a moment of silence as the men switched canisters. Another wave hit me, but this time I couldn't feel it through the shell at all. He walked around and made sure to spray every nook and cranny.

“Whew!” The man said.

“Wow!” Amelia said.

“She looks spectacular!”.

I heard a car drive up nearby and Amelia made an Oh noise.

There were frantic footsteps nearby as Anna raced up.


“Where is it?” I asked as I tried to catch my breath .

“You just missed the final part of the installation process” Amelia said fanning disappointment.


She motioned towards a nearby fountain.

“Hope you don't mind I gave it a bit of a makeover” She giggled.

“I do so love the female form” she added.

I walked towards the fountain and gasped at what I saw.

Gone was the sexless statue of my friend and was replaced by a gorgeous woman they had added bright red nipples and painted on enlarged pussy lips (where they were supposed to be). They had contoured the face a bit more, and added higher cheekbones as well as puffed up lips. Her breasts had gone from the F cup size to at least FFF size. She now wore cement boots that were shaped into a wedge type design that mounted her to the frame. The biggest change that got me was that they had painted a face onto her. Her lips were bright red, and her eyes were big and wide and coated with dark brown eye shadow. They even took the time to add cement eyelashes. Her long lashes extended outwards and were coated in a thick black resin. Around her waist there looked to be a black latex corset that brought even more emphasis to her breasts. Her overall tone had changed as well, from a light pink to a stark white.

“Oh my god!” .


“Why?” I asked.

She chuckled.

“I told you I love the female form and nothing screams beauty like this” She giggled.

“I was thinking of drilling a few holes to add some ya know” She winked at me and pointed to her pussy.

“N-no” I said.

“You don't like it?” She asked acting hurt.

“No I do!” I changed my tone.

“Its just that's a lot of work you put into it, I'm just not sure how well it'll stand up to being outside” I added.

“Oh don't worry about that! We coated it several times!” She giggled.

“Coated it with what?” .

“Well we needed to weather proof it, and make sure that it doesn't degrade” .

“Its the highest quality resin, as well as top of the line sealant” She chuckled.

“I think the only think that could damage it would be like dropping a house on it” She laughed.

My heart sank.

The men walked away.

Tears lined my eyes as the figure of my best friend laid permanently in her front yard.

“Tell you what there is one final adjustment I want to make to the statue before it's complete” She said.

“What?” I turned towards her.

There was a sharp pain in my neck as my vision blurred.

“She needs company” She said as darkness took over...

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