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Asking for a Favour

by WannabeasuB

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© Copyright 2008 - WannabeasuB - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; wrap; saran; tape; cocoon; collar; gag; insert; toys; cons; X

I know that my wife doesn't enjoy the particular thing that I enjoy and for a long time I have accepted this and tried to get along with self bondage but my biggest turn-on is mummification with saran wrap. But the sad part is that it is impossible to mummify yourself so you're completely helpless with a reliable safety. So I decided to ask my wife to just mummify me. No teasing or anything like that, Just to mummify me completely and then release me after 1 hour but before 3 hours.

I build up the courage to ask her, knowing that when I asked her something like this before it always ended up in a heated discussion about sex, and more specific about not having sex. I bought Saran wrap, tape, cotton balls, lubrication, toys, everything I could think of. Plan was to ask her to wrap me helpless in saran wrap and then in tape and take a few pictures (for future solo sessions ;).

Little did I know that I was going to get exactly what I asked for.

"Sweetie. I know you don't like it but I was hoping I could get you to do me a favour?"


"Well I have been trying to tie myself up, but I really fantasise about being completely helpless in saran wrap and tape over. And I mean like tape everywhere.."

"Sweetie you know it doesn’t turn me on at all."

"Yes I know that but I really want to try it and the way I’m thinking is that we can't afford that I go to a professional dominatrix to try it, and on the other hand if I try it myself it could be dangerous.. So All you have to do is to wrap me and tape me and then set a timer for when to release me. That's it... I promise that's all. you don't have to tease me or anything."

She goes quiet as if she's considering my suggestion. I'm holding my breath.

"Okay.. On one condition."

I cheer inside. "Anything. What?"

"That you shut up when I'm wrapping you? Even one comment from you and we stop."


"Go shower, then come back here."

I do as she says and go take a shower, making very sure I'm clean inside out and I even trim the do downstairs. After a while I go back to the bedroom where she's waiting.

"Take off the robe," she says in a tone that mostly indicates that she just wants it over with. I slide the green robe off my shoulders and stand naked in front of her. I stand about 6 feet 3. Short brown hair, athletic build with hair on my chest and downstairs I guess I'm about average.

"So you want me to wrap you with saran first and then tape over it?"

I nod, feeling my body shiver.

"Nose and mouth free?" I nod again.

"Him?" she ask a points between my legs.

I shrug my shoulders. "Whatever you feel like", I say with a smile.

"Okay", she says still in the lets-get-it-over-with-tone. "Spread your legs and shut up, one comment and we stop!"

I do as I'm told. Spreading my legs and zipping my mouth. Then I close my eyes and enjoy how she's wrapping each of my legs, she starts with my thigh, then wraps down the leg and up again, then around my waist and down the other leg and up again. Then she wraps my stomach and makes sure she gets it over my shoulders, then she wraps down one arm, making it tight so its difficult to flex my arm. She also makes sure my fingers are first straight (first layer of saran), then curled into a ball (second and third layer of saran). Finally she wraps up the arm, across the back and down the other arm, same technique and soon after my hands are useless. Then she wraps my arms to my body, all the way down to the waist, from there she wraps my left hand to my left leg and my right hand to my right leg. So I can still spread my legs and walk (looking like an old robot with stiff movements).

She takes a step back as if she's checking if she missed a spot. Finally she decides that she did, she comes closer and takes off my glasses, putting them aside and starts wrapping my head, criss-crossing and making sure that there are cotton pads blocking my view. She pauses for a second but I can only guess why. A second later guessing is no longer necessary. She paused to get my posture collar, she puts it on me, tight but not too tight and I'm almost sure I can here the click of a padlock. Then another pause. By now I'm shivering all over. Not even trying to hide my excitement. Suddenly there is a yank in the collar and I almost lose balance as I bend over. When I’m leaned over in close to a 90 degree angle the pulling stops, then I can feel she lets go. I stand for a second but it gets too much and I stand back up or should i say I tried to. Apparently she tied the collar to something making it impossible for me to stand. I almost say something but remember her threat to stop if I speak.

"So sweetie", I hear her say behind me. "I am going to give you what we both know you want. I am going to fill your ass with one of our toys. But because I love you I will give you a choice, you can speak and we will stop this or you can say nothing. But if you don’t say anything I will put that penis gag in your mouth that you so love to put in mine and then I will decide that toy to put in your ass. But think carefully about it. After I gag you, you are all in. No going back. I will do exactly as you asked, wrap you and tape you and then leave you for 1-3 hours. So do you have something to say?"

My mind is racing. This has been a fantasy of mine for a loooong time, but now that it's here I don't know if it's too much. My thoughts are interrupted by her shoving the gag between my teeth, closing behind my head and pumping it twice. So much for backing out i think with a shiver.

"I guess you're all in", you laugh. "well, you want the pump up balloon? The small or the medium plug?" You're quiet as if waiting for an answer and I'm quiet fearing you will stop if I speak.

"Okay, first a bit of lube". I feel you putting a syringe in my ass and squeezing cold oil inside, plenty by the feel of it. Next comes the toy I fear it's the medium plug coz it gets very uncomfortable after a while. You start with a toy, feels like a plug, it goes a bit in and then back out, in and out. Then it disappears and i feel the balloon go inside me, it gets two pumps and is then left dangling from my ass. She wraps a thong for me so I can't push out the toy, Then she unbuckles whatever held the collar down, gathers my legs and wraps them together.

She continues with the wrap from toe to head, making it crisscross around my head and down around my chest so it gets more difficult for me to turn my head. When she's done with the wrap she starts at my ankles, and just as I asked she goes all the way up, leaving my dick, my mouth and my nose free. I love the feeling of tight inescapable mummification. The feeling together with the balloon in my ass makes me drip a little pre-cum. I feel her fingers wiping it off, then she's sticking her finger in my mouth. "Lick it!" I do as I’m told. Finally she's satisfied with her work.

"You know what sweetie? I know you asked me to unwrap you after one to 3 hours, but the way I see it I finally have the computer to myself and the TV. So I will unwrap you at 3pm. Giving you a good 6 hours to enjoy your situation. Hopefully by then you won't be so eager to ask me this favour again. I'm just going to take a few pictures of you and then I will leave you to your thoughts. But try to avoid cumming, you know how turned off you get from climaxing and I’m not going to let you go wether you come or not. That's what the gag is for, so you can't ask me to free you."

Suddenly I feel a strong push to the chest and I fall backward, helpless as I am, falling flat onto the bed.

"If you want something to think about then MAYBE I'll come back and change the balloon for a larger plug, and if you cum then you can be sure that I will make you lick up every drop. Enjoy!"

I hear her leave the room and I feel the biggest load building up inside me. This is not exactly the favour I asked for I think as more pre-cum leaves my cock. But my God I'm horny.



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