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At a Loss

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2020 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; mum; machine; wrap; tape; gag; collar; toys; force; trick; kidnap; cons; nc; X

Janice couldn’t understand what was happening, the little machine had worked perfectly for months and now she stood completely immobile in the middle of her own kitchen listening to it still humming as it continued to run around her. The machine had been advertised to take care of all your storage needs, after reading the email she looked around her house realizing she could use something that could seal and protect things she had and decided to try the offer. It was cheap enough why not, she had thought secretly wondering if she could use it to help her in her self bondage games. While she waited for it to arrive she read the instructions and was surprised when she found it not only wrapped the item but used its own motor heat to shrink the plastic it carried to form to the item wrapped. What excited her was all she had to do was to identify what she wanted wrapped and it took over from there, using its scanner to identify and calculate a plan to be able to wrap the item even sensing any needed openings for ventilation. When she read the last feature Janice squealed reading the unit could also UN pack what it had wrapped recycling the wrapping.

Janice couldn’t wait to try it out and as soon as it arrived still thinking it was a scam, she downloaded the instructions and programs watching it scan and wrap the first item she asked it to. She was awestruck since it had only two wheels on the ends of the long tube and didn’t seem like it could do much of anything. The little machine could extend and contract using an internal gyroscope with the spinning of the wheels to be able to maneuver and climb almost anything. Within seconds it had wrapped and shrunk the plastic sealing the small statuette under layers of the plastic. Janice told it to unwrap the statuette and sat again at a loss for words by not only its ability to maneuver but its skill at carefully cutting the wrap and sucking it back inside as it removed it leaving the statuette unmoved from its original position. It only took a few tests before Janice let it scan her from her ankles to her neck and hit the button to wrap and watched the small machine cover her body in multiple layers of wrap, warming it, letting it shrink until she was gasping, before stopping and shutting itself down.

Janice stroked her encased body purring admiring the tension of the tight wrap wishing she had inserted one or two vibrators before getting wrapped. Bending was difficult but she managed to hit the command to unwrap and the little machine quickly spun to life removing the plastic just as efficiently. Janice was determined to use the wrapper for much more than she had originally intended; learning she could give it pre-orders, allowing it to use its programming to wrap and unwrap on whatever schedule she required. By the end of the week she thought she was ready to really put it to the test, getting wet each time she thought about it. Janice waited all week thinking about how much fun she was going to have being completely helpless while her vibrators drove her to multiple climaxes almost sprinting to her car after work. Arriving home she stripped off her clothes taking a quick shower before inserting her favorite vibrators, setting them to come on in one hour and run on medium until she turned them off or they went dead.

After strapping her six and half inch heels onto her feet she took two thin leather straps wrapping them around the bases of her breasts pulling them tightly so her breasts bulged in the straps. Her strongest nipples clamps were tightened onto her nipples making her hiss as she tightened them stopping when her eyes were watering. The steel posture collar was next, it held her head completely rigid and had been one of her favorites for years and now she hoped it would eliminate the possibility of her being choked by the shrinking plastic. With the collar locked in place Janice stared at her body admiring her figure, noticing how the tall high heels made her legs look great and thought, maybe I will order those ballet boots. Janice wrapped the straps of the head harness around her head feeding the large cock shaped gag into her mouth pulling all the straps tight before slipping the small padlocks through their keepers. Now she was ready she went to the computer, checking her settings, making sure the little machine knew to release her in five hours. She had already increased its tension settings and how many layers it should use, loving how it had felt when it had wrapped her legs and torso in her tests.

Going back to her room she stood next to her bed waiting for it to spring to life hearing it beep as it scanned her body, then started to wrap around her stomach, slipping under her arms as it wound around her body. As soon as it had finished her torso it began wrapping her arms to her body quickly spinning around her shoulders adding more layers than she had ever seen it use. Janice was surprised at its starting at her torso since it had always started at her ankles in the past smiling as she felt it working its way down to her legs then ankles and back up several times before it covered her head scaring her slightly since she wasn’t expecting it only realizing she was now completely sealed in plastic and began to struggle. Janice was at a loss for what she should do as the machine started warming the plastic on her face and head. Even as her struggles increased she felt the warm plastic forming to her face pressing tightly to her eyes closing them and sealing her ears off. The tighter the plastic became the more she fought as her air ran out she had made no progress towards escape and thought she was going to die when suddenly she could feel air entering her nose.

Somehow the machine knew she needed to breathe and had opened up two small holes in the shrunken plastic before she blacked out. Janice was now calming herself even though she was still frightened since her head had never been part of her wrapping tests but became comfortable as the remaining wrap was warmed and constricted tightly around her body. She was left tightly cocooned in layers of warm stiff plastic. Janice could no longer feel the machine so she hopped backwards bumping her bed and falling onto it with another squeal. As soon as she rolled over to try to get further onto the bed she felt the machine attack her feet wrapping them quickly sealing her completely inside the tight plastic shell. Janice found she could barely move in the tight plastic struggling just to roll off her pinched nipples and lay gasping from the effort learning quickly the smooth plastic had no grip on her bed covers.

Janice was lying for what seemed like hours each breath made her whine into her gag as her nipples screamed with pain, the plastic had been formed around the clamps perfectly keeping her from being able to shake them off as she normally could. As she lay whimpering from the building pain, praying the machine would free her as planned since she hadn’t really thought about a plan B and knew from her struggles she was totally helpless to free herself. A muffled scream was heard when the vibrators turned on, surprising Janice, making her moan. She realized it had only been an hour since she started and wondered if she could take another four. It only took a few minutes before Janice was lost in the building orgasm grunting and struggling in the tight wrap. The mixture of pain and vibrations along with her struggles quickly made her orgasm leaving her gasping for air as she screamed into the gag. The smooth shiny mass lay on the bed, the bulging orbs on its chest heaving against the plastic containing them desperately trying to move itself only having its efforts ruined by the smoothness of its shining skin.

The next three hours were a blur of gasping orgasms leaving her whining and moaning wishing the vibrators would stop or someone would free her because if she climaxed again she might die of pleasure. When she noticed the vibrators slowing Janice was thanking “good” but a few minutes after they stopped all together Janice was screaming in pain from not only the torturous clamps and huge gag but the plastic that seemed to be getting tighter making her body cramp. Janice could feel her own fluids building up inside her cocoon as she gasped for air through the small holes near her nostrils and began worrying the cocoon would fill up and drown her. Janice was lying completely still too exhausted to try and move and just as afraid of her building fluids when she felt the machine on her torso and suddenly felt cool air on it. It only took a few minutes for the machine to completely unwrap her from her encasement leaving her limp and sweaty body still gagged on her bed as it shut down next to her.

It took Janice another hour before she could reach up and remove the clamps screaming into the gag before struggling to find the keys and removing the head harness. Rolling off of the wet covers Janice moaned as she pulled the blankets over her body and went to sleep smiling as she thought of more ways to use the machine. During the next few months Janice had let the machine wrap her in every position she could think of, each time the machine seemed to wait a little longer to open the holes under her nose making her fight to stay conscious. Each time Janice would almost orgasm from the lack of air wishing it would wait a minute more before it allowed her to breathe. Her favorite position had become being wrapped after she had locked herself into a hogtie finding if she lay next to a support pole in her room the machine would include it in her cocoon limiting her movements even further. Her last position she had knelt next to the pole pulling her legs up to her wrists using only her head harness and vibrators letting the machine wrap her to the pole having changed the amount of plastic wrap it would use again, making it use much more.

Janice loved being shrink wrapped to the pole, she had been completely unable to move any part of her body and the added layers had really made her feel completely helpless. Janice had been testing the machine finding she could have it wrap her body, arms and legs leaving her able to walk around wearing her skin tight plastic wrap out in public even daring to wear it out to her favorite club with only a loose coat that she removed after arriving. Now Janice had the machine wrap her in a catsuit before she would bind herself and let it wrap her helpless body again sealing her in two separate cocoons. The feeling was amazing even though she had to struggle to take a breath. The tightness of the plastic was incredible and she began using the machine more often until she slept every night in a tight cocoon of clear plastic often wearing the catsuit under her work clothes for days at a time. When Janice ordered more plastic for the machine she found she could get it in multiple colors and quickly ordered it in black and red, being told it was time for the units update as well. She let the unit update, leaving it alone plugged into her computer since it had said it might take several hours and went to bed encased in another one of her designs. a long hobble dress that encased her from her neck to her ankles. During the update the company also downloaded all the scanning information and data from the machine about what it had wrapped and how often.

Janice awoke with her alarm clock blaring, finding she couldn’t move a muscle. At a loss for an explanation Janice lay pinned to the bed breathing through her nose since her mouth had been sealed shut trying to figure out what had happened. As Janice lay desperately trying to move any part of her body she remembered adding a program that would make the machine wrap her to the bed but wondered why it had done it without her telling it to. For hours she lay unable to move, the tight hobble dress and high heels held perfectly immobile by the tight wrap around her and the bed. Janice would have been aroused by her situation if she wasn’t worried about when the machine would decide to release her since she hadn’t asked it to do this in the first place. All day she lay motionless gasping for air even peeing in her tight dress watching for any movement from the machine lying next to her. As the light faded from behind the curtains Janice had lost hope of ever being released from the suffocating cocoon knowing it would be days before anyone would come to look for her and doubted she could stand being bound so tightly that long.

After lying in darkness for hours Janice slipped into fitful sleep waking again to the alarm blaring and out of habit rolling over to turn it off realizing she was free of the tight plastic. The machine was sitting on its charging dock and once she scrambled to her aching feet she checked its programs and could find nothing about it wrapping her to the bed. Hitting open the machine quickly removed the wrap from her body leaving her naked except for her high heels making her wonder if she had dreamt it. Checking the date she found she had lost a day and knew it hadn’t been a dream and went to work hoping her little bondage machine could still be trusted.

It took her a few days letting the machine wrap only her lower body while she studied its programs until she found the “bug” that she believed caused the problem and removed it from its files. Still being leery Janice continued only letting it partially immobilize her for several weeks until she felt comfortable again, sure it had been a one-time glitch in the system. During her time testing the machine Janice had missed being completely immobilized and wearing the tight catsuits so she was more than ready to start trusting it again letting it wrap her from head to toe with her arms crossed on her chest like an Egyptian mummy. Janice had laced the new ballet boots on and strapped a gag into her mouth but set the program to leave her head uncovered. She was only able to squeal around the large ball as the machine wrapped her head, shrinking the black plastic tight over her face leaving her to struggle for air until she blacked out.

Waking with the alarm blaring Janice could breathe but she couldn’t see anything and couldn’t move again having been wrapped tightly to the bed once again. Janice lay for two days before the machine released her from the bed and freed her compressed body making her moan loudly as she stretched her arms and legs. As soon as Janice could stand she stumbled to the machine removing its battery pack before unlacing the boots from her aching feet mumbling around the gag “No more of that”. The machine was boxed up and sent back to the manufacturer telling them it had malfunctioned requesting a new unit pointing out that since the update it had been performing strangely. It took a few weeks but Janice received another machine with a letter explaining that the programs she had been inputting conflicted with the new programs they had downloaded. The letter went on to explain the machine had not been designed to complete the tasks it had been given but for customer satisfaction they had returned the unit to original programming so it should act as it had before the download. Janice squealed, having missed the little machine she plugged it in to see all the new programming was gone, and immediately asking it to wrap her in a catsuit. The machine performed flawlessly during the next two weeks making her completely comfortable to finally ask it to wrap her like a mummy then to her bed for the night.

Before being wrapped she strapped the bases of her breasts tightly - having always loved how the tight straps made her breasts bulge and eventually ache - then clipped two tweezer style clamps on her nipples. The clamps weren’t as strong as her favorites but for long term wouldn’t make her regret using them either. Janice inserted two of her newest vibrators filling her damp pussy and stretching her ass making her feel incredibly full smiling and moaning before plugging them into the wall. She squeezed ear plugs deep into her ears wanting to experience total sensory deprivation this time. 

anice’s excitement pushed her to lock the steel collar around her throat and stuff her mouth with the large cock gag strapping the head harness tight, smiling again as she placed the small padlocks through each of the buckles. Just before she thought she was ready she quickly grabbed her ballet boots lacing them tightly finishing just as the machine sprang to life wrapping her in a tight catsuit covering the boots perfectly guaranteeing she couldn’t change her mind about any of her adornments. With the catsuit completed Janice noticed it had wrapped her hands into tight fists before crossing her arms and beginning to seal her body. This time the machine concentrated around her waist applying multiple layers from her crossed arms to below her hips before heat shrinking the plastic until Janice was gasping from the tension. Janice had pulled her arms down from her chest rubbing her balled up hands over her constricted stomach and chest when the machine had finished with her “corset”. The machine stopped for a second confused why the “item’s” appendages had moved wrapping a loop of plastic around Janice’s left wrist pulling it across her chest wrapping it tightly to her body before repeating the process on the other arm leaving her essentially helpless while she balanced on her pointed toes.

Janice wasn’t sure about the much tighter wrapping but liked what was happening and since she had waited so long wasn’t going to try and stop it. Janice had noticed the heat seemed much warmer than previously and when the machine warmed the plastic over her arms she felt it getting very hot only noticing then that the black plastic no longer seemed flexible. Janice started to panic twisting and pulling as she walked away from the machine mumbling and panting around the gag as she tried to kick it away from her. While she fought the machine she staggered out of her room kicking the door shut hoping to trap it in her room unaware the machine was already in the living room sitting near a table trying to figure out why the “item” to be packed was mobile. Janice stumbled to the kitchen dragging the cords for her vibrators behind her twisting and fighting her bonds stopping near her phone and stood looking at it wondering how she could use it with her hands completely bound, her mouth stuffed by a large cock while being unable to hear anything.

Standing in the kitchen she spotted herself in the long wall mirror at the end of the room that was supposed to make the room appear to be bigger and couldn’t help but stop and stare at the image of her. The tiny waist she now had supporting her bundled arms pressed tightly over her breasts, each finger could be seen under the hardened plastic and the sight of her stomach not moving as she panted heavily aroused her. She posed as seductively as she could showing her perfectly smooth pointed toes at the end of her lengthened legs and wondered what it would be like to wear them forever. Even the steel posture collar seemed to exaggerate her neck making it look thinner and longer and being unable to stop the spit running from her gagged mouth really turned her on. She turned her back to the mirror and tried to look back only to have the steel collar stop her making her giggle when she suddenly felt something brush her leg. Unable to look down she spun on her toes in time to see the machine make a pass around her ankles pulling them tightly together and screamed around her gag hearing nothing due to the oppressive gag and ear plugs.

Janice watched in horror as the machine worked up her legs squealing and twisting as it moved up her body then back down to her pointed toes. Janice couldn’t believe she was being bound exactly as she always wanted to be, but wanted nothing more than to be released from the crazy machine. It continued to wrap more layers then began heating them up squeezing her as the plastic shrank and hardened. Janice watched the plastic shrinking, getting more aroused as the details of her trapped body began showing through, realizing she would now be trapped standing in the tortuous ballet boots for however long the machine wanted to keep her bound. The machine had made sure to wrap around the toes and heels of the boots giving her a base to keep her from falling and now she was stuck standing bound, gagged and deaf in her kitchen. Janice was lost in the sensations as she stared at the image of the cocooned figure in her kitchen, the wrap had made her even more sexy in her eyes watching for any signs of movement as she struggled inside the hard plastic no longer thinking about being trapped but hoping the machine would leave her forever.

Janice could barely feel the machine spinning up to her head only seeing it moving around her head before everything went black feeling it wrapping her head for what seemed like hours before she felt the heat and the plastic as it got tighter around her head and face. Janice couldn’t struggle as her air ran out forcing her to black out before the machine nipped only one small hole under one of her nostrils before settling onto the counter and sending a message “Item successfully packed” and shut down. It took almost two hours for Janice to regain consciousness and stood whimpering as she tried to control her breathing and try to figure out what was going to happen when suddenly she felt her stiffened body being leaned backwards. Her squeals were barely audible outside her cocoon as she felt herself being moved swearing she could feel the bump of her doorway. It took only a minute before she realized she was being rolled down her hallway and into her elevator. She had no way to know she had already been slid into a long wooden crate or that the men rolling her out of the safety of her apartment were just two of a much larger crew that were packing her place up and removing everything she owned.

“How do they find these people?” one of the men asked the other.

“Email, and they volunteer,” he said with a chuckle. “Where do you think this one will end up?”

“Who knows, all I know is the company makes enough money to be able to pay us as well as they do and they seem to be real busy.” 

“Well I guess this one’s lucky, at least she’s standing, not like the one we got last week that was sealed in a hogtie.” Both men laughed.

“Yeah could you imagine being trapped like that forever, and enjoying it?” They both shook their heads as the elevator reached the parking area and they rolled their captive to the waiting van.

Janice was still at a loss for what was happening, no one on the outside knew about her ear plugs so when they had tried to explain her situation she heard nothing. She felt herself being moved, losing count how many times and having no idea how long she had been encased and could only wish someone would turn on her vibrators and maybe remove the nipple clamps. When Janice’s new owner arrived he stopped and stared at the amazing statuette he had purchased having been told she had been outfitted with the needed equipment to maintain her indefinitely and that this one had come with its own entertainment pointing at the cords coming from inside the cocoon unlike the last one.

The man stared, wide-eyed and smiling and said “I’m at a loss for words, thank you.”


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