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At the Academy 4: Alone for the Holidays

by Pleasewrap

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© Copyright 2012 - Pleasewrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/m; F/m; capture; wrap; tape; board; tease; torment; caught; denial; vr; cons/reluct; X

continues from part 3

Part 4: Alone for the Holidays

"What the hell is going on?" Roger wondered for what had to be the fourth time. He tried willing his arms to move, but the effects of the stunner simply made that impossible. He watched as the four figures moved around him and wondered what would come next.

The day had started ordinarily enough, at least for someone in his circumstances. Although the holiday break left him without classes or responsibilities, it also left him with few options for entertainment or diversion. He had had the bad luck to come down with a serious virus that had been brought to the Academy along with the delivery of supplies almost 7 weeks ago. He certainly hadn't been alone in getting ill; better than a quarter of the station's student body, instructors, and staff had also contracted the virus before a quarantine managed to knock down further transmission. Unfortunately, Roger had been the last to contract the illness before this occurred.

So he'd spent 2 weeks in sick bay nearly delirious with fever, or sedated to avoid the violent tremors that often accompanied the sickness as it attacked the nervous system. By the time the medical staff had gotten him back to health, the holiday break had already begun and he had missed the last transport that the station would see for weeks. This was particularly depressing when he remembered that he had planned to take his holiday with Andrea for the first time. She had stayed on board until the last transport was loading in the hopes that he would be able to travel. Which meant that he had missed his chance to join her by two days.  Her note was sweet and hopeful that he'd find a way to join her, but it did little to comfort him since there was no way that this could happen.

This turn of events left him little to do since the rest of the student body and all but a skeleton crew had also departed to enjoy their much-needed leave. So he had exercised to get himself back in shape, watched just about every video available that piqued his interest in any way, and joined the small crew that remained for the occasional game of cards or meal together when their schedules permitted.

The only real consolation that was available to him was the availability of the holosuite. With the station nearly deserted and the crew that remained busy with their responsibilities, he had nearly unfettered access to the three suites for more diversion. He'd used them to work out, since they could make a run more interesting and provide him with virtual sparring partners that would adjust to his current level of ability as he recovered. Today, he'd planned to join one of the petty officers on an extended run followed by a sparring session in suite number two which would be a nice change of pace. Of course, Roger’s luck continued to run bad and the first of the many supply ships to arrive at the Academy to re-provision it for the coming semester had arrived a day early. So after a lonely breakfast, he'd headed to the suite on his own for another solitary workout.

To provide at least some variety, he allowed the computer to select the program that he would use for this session. He configured the settings to test him as though he had fully recovered to his pre-illness form. This would be the first time he'd done this, but he felt that he was up to the challenge and it was time to start pushing a little harder. The doors to the suite had opened and he entered to begin his jog.

After he worked up a good sweat and run for a while, he heard the gong that indicated that the sparring portion of his workout had commenced. From here on out he would be attacked at random intervals by as many opponents as the computer is thought necessary to pushing to the limits he had set. The first three encounters were nothing special, although he could feel that they were pushing him slightly harder than he was prepared to face at this time. Roger contemplated using the override command to shut down the simulation, but fourth encounter began before he'd had an opportunity to do so. As he began sparring with the first of three simulated opponents he decided that he would allow this encounter to finish and then bring the exercise to an end. He never got the chance.

From the beginning, this encounter surprised him. Although the second encounter had also included three opponents, they had not been armed. Now he faced two opponents with clubs and one with a net who quickly moved to surround him. Obviously, the computer thought that he was more recovered than he did when it prepared this match. And he had done well enough for a while. One opponent was down, the second visibly limping and impaired. But that was when the net had found its mark and entangled his legs. It was only when he began to fall and tried to roll to disentangle himself that he noticed the fourth attacker. Which was very unfortunate, because this one was the one with the stunner. When it fired, it hit him in the small of his back and left him without much in the way of conscious control.

Stunners are funny things. Although they always disrupt muscle function, sometimes the target remains conscious after being hit. This was one of those times. So Roger could only mutely watch as the computer "woke up" the opponent he'd disabled and restore the other to health. All four had approached him and then things had gotten weird.

First, they had untangled him from the net which was unsurprising. When a training program like this came to such an end, the computer typically left the individual unencumbered until they had recovered or it would return them to the entrance if there was a risk that medical attention was required. Roger assumed that the simulated opponents would be doing the latter. He was wrong.

Instead, he was forced watch as they removed his clothing, stripping him until he was completely naked. As three of them finished that, the fourth walked back into the forest next to the path he had been running along and returned with a large duffel bag. He heard a loud thump as it fell to the ground, but could not turn his head to see what was in it as all four of his former opponents moved over to the bag. When they returned, he groaned to himself. The computer must have selected a program with a “punishment routine,” which it sometimes did to encourage maximum effort from students.

He had tried desperately to move his arms and legs – to resist in any way he could as the four simulated opponents began wrapping each of his limbs individually with 6” rolls of plastic wrap.  They achieved a tension that only a computer could provide – tight enough to ensure a good grip without any potential for cutting off the flow of blood.  Once they’d finished with his arms and legs individually, one elevated his legs and held them together.  The other three began wrapping from his ankles on up, each following behind with a precision only a computer could provide so that at one point all three were wrapping him at once with mere inches separating each roll of plastic wrap.  In in just about 30 seconds he had been wrapped from his ankles to his tailbone just below his manhood and his pelvis, the tension perfect to restrain him without any physical damage.

The four simulated opponents then stood him up, though Roger knew that a combination of pressor beams had to be at work to hold him in the fashion that he was supported. His hands, already wrapped in plastic dangled just above the upper portions of the plastic wrap that surrounded his legs. But he knew that there was no way this would last for long, and indeed the three rolls went to work again, one chasing the other only inches apart as they sealed him from his shoulders down to his knees. Although no one could see him, Roger was thankful that his nervous system wasn't working quite right. He was sure that if it were he would be fully erect, remembering the enjoyment that he and Andrea found in binding one another in this fashion. Roger now stood completely wrapped from just above his armpits to his ankles. But this didn't last.

Although the computer sometimes executed punishment routines to ensure peak performance, Roger never recalled one of those programs including a gag. But he could only watch as one of the simulated opponents created a ball of plastic wrap roughly 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Then two of them trapped the ball between two strips of wrap around 2 feet long, which they twisted together like candy wrapper. Then they stuck the ball in his mouth and use the ends that protruded from each side to tie it gently, but securely behind his head before they applied layers of wrap to keep it in place. Even here the tension was perfect, as the wrap went from front to back then over the top of his head to under his chin until only his eyes and nose were left uncovered. Then they continued downward, wrapping carefully around his neck and shoulders until only his feet and portions of his face remained uncovered.  They were careful to extend the wrap all the way to his elbows to ensure that there was a significant overlap.

Since he was standing, Roger could see the duffel bag as two of the simulated people went over to retrieve more materials. They returned with what appeared to be 2 inch wide rolls of electrical tape that were red, green and silver. One connected the red roll to his left shoulder, another the green roll to his right. With the precision that only the computer could muster they began making crisscrosses around his body, creating diamond patterns as they moved up and down. The third used the silver roll to make horizontal bands around his body that overlapped the diamond patterns the other two drew. Roger willed himself to struggle to no avail as they sealed him even more securely in his cocoon.

Once the tape was exhausted, the stimulants produced a large board that is just slightly taller than Roger from somewhere behind him. More plastic wrap came out of the duffel as they placed the board against his back and tilted the two together to about 45°. As one of his simulated opponents held his shoulders, another pushed him from his to move him up towards the center of the board. While they held him there, the remaining two began wrapping him securely to the board, again with perfect tension, beginning at his shoulders and stopping at his waist. This made Roger curious until one of them moved to his feet and lifted them slightly so that they too could be sealed in wrap. Just as they had before, this continued to his knees so that there was an overlap of old and new layers. This complete, his captors allowed his feet to fall back to the board and then continued to weld him to it.  He wondered if he would be able to use his head, which they had not wrapped to the board, to get leverage somehow.  But the computer seemed to read his mind and the one that had been holding his feet (which it no longer needed to do) wrapped over his forehead and gagged mouth several times to deny him even that movement.

Completely restrained, Roger could only watch as his four opponents picked him up and carried him towards a collection of rocks in a clearing not far from the trail. Although Roger could not see the rocks as he was positioned across them, he could feel that they supported him above his head, at the small of his back, and below his feet. He could feel his nervous system beginning to return to normal function, and became embarrassed as he felt blood begin to flow into his manhood. It took him several moments to notice that this also remained free of the wrap like his eyes and nose.

That alone was enough to confuse him - he had yet to encounter a punishment routine like this. Although the Academy had few reservations regarding sex or sexuality, the students were taught how sex and stimulation could be used both by them and against them in their work, he had never encountered such activity in the holosuite simulations. With his head welded to the board, he could only see a bit of motion in his waist as his simulated opponents completed their work. Although the effects of the stunner were wearing off, its hold prevented him from feeling anything more than nonspecific pressure.

And then his simulated opponents were gone. They've completed their work just in time for the stunner and wear off completely and allow Roger to begin to struggle. He knew that this would be likely to cause him to orgasm eventually, but did not particularly care at this point. The weeks of loneliness, particularly due to the absence of Andrea, made him care little for any potential consequences of doing so. He didn't care if some member of the crew found him in this state when they came to check on him or if the logs of his session in the holosuite became the talk of the station when everyone returned.

However, he was unprepared for what happened as soon as he began to try to move. At the first twitch of his muscles, he felt a tingling blow his testicles. Before he fully registered the sensation, he knew exactly what was it was: before departing one of his simulated opponents had attached a stimutroller to the base of his shaft.  This device could either stimulate him or reduce the sensation and blood flow to his genitals based on a wide range of parameters.  But, one way or another, he wouldnt be permitted to climax unless and until the computer running the simulation decided it was time.  He strained mightily against the numerous layers of wrap and tape, the stimutroller only adding to his existing excitement until he could feel the coolness that indicated it had switched modes occur.

He moaned and tried to struggle even harder, but it was no use.  The insidious device stole his excitement from him and he fairly collapsed against the board and his bindings, tired from his ordeal.  Once he ceased moving, the coolness faded and Roger formed a theory that he quickly tested.  He began to struggle again, and the stimutroller immediately began to work again.  In a matter of seconds he was fully erect again and close to release when the coolness arrived, leaving him tantalizingly close to orgasm but still unfulfilled.  The damned thing was programmed to cycle when he moved, which made his bindings all the more his enemy.  Excited by his position, denied access to much human contact for weeks, and finally made helpless in a manner he found incredibly erotic, he could only mentally curse a computer that knew so much about him.  Maybe the simulations were being updated to include this type of scenario to provide further motivation to the students and Roger had been unlucky enough to be the first that it affected.  That would be consistent with the last several weeks.

It felt like hours, though Roger knew that it was shorter than that, as Roger cycled between the peak of stimulation only to crash back down to flaccid numbness.  It had to have gone on almost a dozen times.  For a short while, he tried holding perfectly still.  In addition to avoiding the horrible cycle of stimulation and frustration, he tried putting a professional spin on this – it would be good training.  That was how he’d learned that a sufficient period of inactivity would also start things up.  Positively maddening!

Because he knew that the computer was always programmed to avoid real injury to humans, he was sure that at some point the punishment portion of this exercise would end and he would be set free.  At which point he would promptly visit the shower and achieve the release he was currently being denied.

As he thought that, the image of him being cut loose only to race, still naked, through the halls to the cadet’s showers formed in his mind.  Even in his predicament, the image was silly enough to elicit a laugh, slightly audible and clearly identifiable through the gag.  Of course, the motion this generated triggered the device again, but this only seemed to make the image he had of himself more frantic to reach the showers.  He closed his eyes, still laughing, and gave in to the stimulation.

When he felt a gentle touch on his erection, the laughter stopped instantly and his eyes snapped open.  He began to protest to the member of the skeleton crew that was taking advantage of his predicament, what he saw and heard caused his protest to fade away in surprise.

“You know, laughing at your situation seems to indicate that you’re enjoying it more than even I would have expected,” Andrea said to him, her fingers gently toying with the head of his penis.  “That, or you don’t appreciate the gravity of the situation.  Either way, does that mean that I should leave you here and take the opportunity to unpack?”

He could feel her fingernails as her hand slipped off his erection and began tracing a line up towards his head.  With the stimutroller at work, he could only groan as he spun back up towards the height of ecstasy, which he knew he would be denied.  The fact that his lover stood next to him, her brown hair spilling about her head and shoulders to frame her face in the simulated sunlight was simply incredible and he waited for the computer to make her vanish. The lacey white bra and panties she wore offset a tan she must have acquired while on leave and emphasized her (gorgeous) figure.

He bucked his hips, trying desperately to beat the machine at its game as her hand neared his neck.  He desperately wanted release after having been denied so long.  But it was not to be – as she touched his lips, smiling devilishly, the stimulation stopped and the numbness began.

“It was pretty careless of you not to put any security on your program for the suite, Roger.  I mean, what if one of the crew secretly had it in for you?  Or secretly lusted after you?  With nothing there to stop them, they could have done anything to you.”

As she spoke, her fingers traced his lips, then moved around his head.  She giggled as she pushed a stray hair around his forehead.

“You’re lucky that I was able to get a spot on that supply ship.”  She straightened and reached behind her for the clasp to her bra.  Her ample breasts spilled free, perfectly shaped the way that only youth, health and exercise can form them.  “It gave me a chance to show you the error or your ways,” she began sliding her panties down her legs, which made her difficult to see for a moment with his head bound to the board.  When she stood, she swung one leg across him and straddled him, just above his now dejected penis.  She leaned in until her breasts touched his chest, her face just above his.

“And, of course, it gave me a chance to wrap you up for the holidays, which I would certainly have done before we left if you hadn’t gotten ill.”  She leaned back and her grin grew to Cheshire cat proportions.  “After all, it seems only appropriate given how you spent our first holiday together.”  She bounced slightly on the board, and the stimutroller kicked in at the motion.  As his manhood began to become erect, she slid backwards, holding up the remote for the device which she’d apparently kept hidden in her hand.  As she began to mount him, she leaned back down.  This highlighted her breasts and brought her close enough that he could just make out her near whisper.

“Who knows how long I’ll have to leave my present wrapped up before I’m satisfied…”


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