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At the Academy 6: Completely Surrounded

by Pleasewrap

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Storycodes: F/m; solo-m; captive; boxed; foam; encase; transported; tease; torment; denial; mast; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

continues from part 5

Part 6: Completely Surrounded

Suspended in rubber, trapped in darkness, Roger really couldn’t judge time well. At one point he tried counting heartbeats and using a rough pulse count to estimate the amount of time, but the count got quite high and it created such monotony that it didn’t particularly help. So he gave up and tried to develop a strategy that would let him gain some freedom of movement.

He pulled on one limb, then another. He tried combining that with shifting his weight as much as he could. He tried using his position to push himself up towards the top of his prison or down towards the bottom. And each and every time, the result was exactly the same – the ShipSafe around him compressed slightly, then inexorably pushed him right back into the position he’d started in. The gentle pressure was both reassuring somehow and maddening at the same time. It almost made him feel like he was in weightlessness, but the constant pressure sometimes seemed to overwhelm his senses.

Of course, it didn’t help that Andrea had decided that this time his binding would include something approaching punishment. For the first time, there was nothing to provide any stimulation – no stimutrollor, nothing to look at, nothing to hear (well, except his own grunts through the gag). And she’d made sure his dick was in a position that would prevent him from even have the pleasure of getting excited. Trapped pointing at his feet, he could do nothing to even move towards excitement. Which was doubly maddening – the gentle pressure of the rubber would have been absolutely perfect stimulation even with the little motion he could generate. But she’d set things up to make sure this wasn’t available. He hoped that this was to provide her the option to share in his orgasm.

He suddenly felt the box shift – the movement caused him to “bounce” a little against the rubber and he could feel a slight tilt that lifted his head. He rotated through what he thought was a full ninety degrees, and then tilted slightly forward beyond that. His protests into his gag went either unheard or without response, which only added to the sensuality of the situation for him. Andrea just had to be out there and he could just picture her smiling or even giggling as they stood his box up, tilted it forward, then tilted it back. He was sure that he was being loaded onto a hand truck, but the motion halted completely.

He took advantage of the situation to see if the shift had changed anything about his rubber prison. He suspected that this wouldn’t be true – if his estimate was right he was surrounded by a minimum of six inches of the ShipSafe at the widest parts of his body. And although the pressure shifted slightly as his position changed, it seemed like the compression of the rubber downward just caused the stuff to expand in other areas. He struggled for thirty seconds, maybe a minute with no greater result than when he had been on his back.

His box tipped again, this time backwards. He couldn’t tell if he was actually moving very well, but the occasional bump made him think that he was crossing thresholds or getting in and out of elevators. With the chance that he was in a public area with a potential benefactor around, he made as much noise into his gag as he could, shouting as loud as he could. He also struggled as hard as he could, hoping to move the box, but couldn’t tell if that produced any external results at all.

If his muffled shouts could be heard or his motion detected, it didn’t result in rescue. He didn’t feel any motion stop, but the tipping that his inner ears sensed told him he was coming off the hand truck. Then it felt like he was being jostled a good amount – probably to rotate him so that he would be lain face up in whatever transport they had arranged. He felt the box tip backwards until he was again on his back, and was sure he could feel motion like he was being slid in the direction of his head, a dull rumbling all that reached his ears.

He growled in frustration. Damn, he was getting horny. The gentle, but omnipresent pressure from the ShipSafe, the darkness, the silence, the knowledge that somewhere outside his lover was taking him away to play with her slave – they combined to hold his libido at a constant, high level. The fact that he couldn’t even get himself hard only made that worse – already he was being tortured sexually and Andrea couldn’t even touch him right now. He moaned into his gag as slight feelings of movement started to be transmitted to him through the rubber. He was sure that he was in a vehicle and on his way to that cabin Andrea had mentioned.

It was going to be an interesting two to two and a half hours if what Andrea had said was right.


The ride qualified as the most frustrating period of Roger’s life. It was bad enough that he was bound helplessly – that alone was sufficient to start getting him turned on since he knew who had done it and what she would eventually have in mind. But the motion of the truck combined with the gentle pressure of the ShipSafe created a sensation that he hadn’t expected and doubted that Andrea had thought of.

It was the bumps that did it. Whenever the truck hit a pothole, rock, or uneven part of the road and bounced, the rubber held him firm, but transmitted the motion to him. Which was exactly what this stuff was designed to do – protect fragile objects from damage in transit by absorbing impact or serious motion. Except most items that were being shipped didn’t have a penis. If they did, Roger hoped that most of them didn’t have their penis pointing down towards their feet so that it was anatomically impossible to become fully erect. Every single bounce increased the pressure on his semi-rigid shaft slightly all around as he moved up, then pulled on it slightly as he fell back down. It would have been hard for Andrea to have done a better job of getting that amount of stimulation so perfect with her hands. And when there were large bumps, he’d oscillate up and down so that it was as if she was rapidly stroking him, then slowly letting her touch fade away.

The result was simple, but direct – he could do nothing in his rubber-filled box but struggle futilely every once in a while with no other sensation that the rubber that surrounded him and the motion that seemed almost timed to spin him up to the heights of sexual frustration. Sleep was out of the question. The darkness left him nothing to look at as a distraction. No sound reached him through the eight or nine inches of the stuff she’d built up around each side of his head. He could do nothing but lay there, struggle, and have the rubber simulate stroking his shaft for the entire trip.

It was enough that when he thought he felt movement cease, he nearly wept with joy. But he’d lain for a while – time was still nearly impossible to judge – and then the motion had resumed. The stop had been temporary and they were on their way again.

Roger just let go and let his mind wander – if he tried to retain control, he’d just lose it. So he gave in and let the motion, the stroking, the joy of struggling take over.


He awoke with a start. Apparently, the decision to just stop caring and the sense of weightlessness he felt from his prison had been enough to let him drift off at some point in spite of the motion and pressure. He panicked slightly as he was roused, then remembered the events of the day that had led to sufficient exhaustion that he’d been able to sleep like this and managed to relax. His head was foggy, but something had clearly changed to wake him up. It only took a moment to figure out what and he wanted to figure out what. It became obvious quickly.

Instead of the occasional bump that caused him to shift, now there was a nearly constant rumble that made the rubber around him seem to continuously quiver. At first, it was somewhat stimulating due to the constant changes in pressure and movement. But after a while, it merely became annoying. Which actually didn’t help – Roger could picture Andrea purposefully changing his stimulation to make him beg for her to screw him right then and there. So rather than actually annoying him and reducing the sexual tension, it maintained it and maybe increased it. His imagination drew pictures of Andrea laughing, her eyes full of play and lust.

Fortunately, the heightened motion didn’t last all that long. They must have gotten off the main roads and on to a gravel or dirt one that connected to the cabin. And sure enough, he could “feel” the doors of the vehicle opening and closing through his prison. He tried to thrash about, hoping that something in transit had loosened up. It hadn’t.

He felt the sliding, the tilting, the sense of motion as before and assumed the handcart was back. This time, there were some very large bumps which he guessed were stairs. He wanted to cheer into his gag that they had arrived and Andrea would soon find other ways to stimulate him. More motion, more tipping forward and back. And then…

…nothing. He remained upright, the rubber now suspending him above the floor but giving up none of the gentle pressure that kept him from moving. The lid to the box remained sealed. He felt no motion, heard nothing around him. He moaned, he yelled, he grunted, he struggled – all to no avail, and then he did the only thing he could do.

He waited.


He knew he hadn’t drifted off to sleep, but he also knew he’d drifted off somewhere because he was startled as though waking up when he heard something like a grinding noise through the rubber. It started, stopped, then resumed without much pattern. Then there was a somewhat longish pause before it returned. After 4 very long sequences of grinding and stopping followed by 4 shorter ones, it finally ended.

Roger mewed plaintively into the gag. Something was clearly happening, he just couldn’t tell what. Then something like a ripping noise reached his ears and the lid in front of him peeled away from the top towards the bottom and it made sense. Andrea, who he could see pulling on the thick cardboard had been cutting through the box at its corners. A slight tearing noise accompanied this as the rubber fought to adhere to the cardboard. He groaned, but if she heard him she didn’t pay any attention. She’d pulled the lid all the way down, vanished from the view his “tunnel” through the rubber permitted, and then reappeared with the lid in her hands. She had cut it free towards his feet and out of view. She looked at him with a wicked, playful grin and he knew that she heard his noises – she seemed to laugh in response. But she ignored him and he could feel the motion transmitted through the rubber as she peeled away the other sides of the box.

Knowing she was so close brought his member back to the semi-erect state that was the most he could achieve right now. He pulled, and tried to twist from side to side. But this ShipSafe stuff was formulated too well. Even without the cardboard around it, it held its shape. Through his tunnel vision, Roger could see a dimly lit bedroom. He was facing a window and thought he could make out a tree line through it, but the darkness outside and the light within made it impossible to confirm.

Suddenly, Andrea’s face filled his tunnel like an Andrea eclipse. A bit of light peeked around the edges so that he could make out her features – her playful smile hadn’t gone anywhere.

“How’s my man? Did you have a good trip?”

Her tone was the “playful mistress.” She was firmly in control and going to cede nothing to him she didn’t want herself, but without malice or meanness. If Roger’s penis could have gotten harder, it would have.

The gag made his somewhat angry response unintelligible. She laughed as she backed up a step.

“This stuff is incredible, isn’t it? You’re a pillar right now and aside from the occasional quiver it seems you can’t move at all.” She closed in again and said, “Struggle for me, Roger. Show me how helpless my slave is.” He thought about disobeying – what else would a slave do? – then thought better of it. He wanted sex and he wanted it now. So he thrashed with all of his might. If it made any impact at all, he couldn’t tell.

As he struggled, he closed his eyes without thinking. When he opened them Andrea had stepped back about a foot. He shouted when he figured out that she was pushing against his prison. Predictably, it tipped over and he fell backwards. He bounced up and down inside his prison a few times, his manhood receiving the same treatment it had in the truck, but didn’t suffer for the fall otherwise.

He couldn’t see Andrea any more, but he could hear a faint buzzing sound. He had no idea what it was until the ShipSafe on the left side of his head suddenly started to peel away. It gripped his hair a bit uncomfortably as it did, but let go without any damage and the dim light flooded in. Andrea was kneeling next to him, a medical cutter like the ones they use to remove clothing or casts without damaging skin was in her hand. She threw the piece of ShipSafe away and started working around the top of his head. In just a few minutes, she’d freed his head completely and left a “cliff” of sorts just above his shoulders. He still rested on the inches of the stuff behind him, but his head was otherwise free.

She cut through the long vinyl strip that held his gag in place, managed to remove it completely, and pulled his gag out. It looked like she and Amy had made a ball out of the ShipSafe to stick in his mouth, wrapping it in some plastic wrap.

“Andrea…” he started to say, but her finger rapidly touched his lips. He stopped talking at once. She produced a water bottle with a straw and let him drink until he was satisfied. As soon as the straw was out of his mouth, she put a hand over it again as she leaned in close.

“Not a word, slave. Not one sound or I’ll really make a pillar out of you and leave you like that for the entire time you’re mine.”

He struggled when she spoke. Her soft tone carried just enough menace that he believed that she meant it 100%. He finally noticed that she was in a white babydoll nightgown, which struck him as funny for some reason. Until that moment, his attention had been entirely on her face. He hoped his slight laugh wasn’t audible.

She stood, and he moved his jaw around as he was forced to watch her start trimming a bit off what was now the top of his rubber block – about two inches deep all the way down. He could lift his head just enough to make out the entire process as she moved down his body. Since the medical cutter could only get about four inches deep at a time, it took a number of cuts. Roger remained silent for the entire time.

Andrea smiled and patted his cheek when she had finished. The shape of her breasts were clearly visible under the lacey material of her nightgown, which wasn’t helping Roger cool off any. “There’s a good boy. I’ve some more prep work to do. Stay quiet – I figure your jaw needed a break from the gag, but I am mean enough to change my mind.”

He couldn’t quite see what she was doing, but she was obviously putting the cutter to use around his waist. He left his head back so that she wouldn’t see his grin – the way that she was taking material out, she had plans for him. She freed his penis carefully, but only removed enough of the rubber that it was loose – his crotch and thighs remained covered. When she touched it to extricate it, it began growing hard again. He groaned when she first made contact.

He was a bit surprised when she walked away, but couldn’t lift his head enough to see her clearly. She was across the room, bent over, her panties peeking out below her nightie making the shape of a heart. She was rummaging through a bag, it seemed.

When she turned back towards him, he saw the toys in her hands. A wand-style vibrator was easy to pick out, as was one she could insert in her vagina. She dropped the pile on top of the rubber covering his feet as though he was just a convenient table, and bent down out of sight. When she stood up and grabbed the plug for the wand, he had a fantastic view of her cleavage. Still bent over, she looked up at him, grinned, and pushed her breasts together after she’d plugged it in and let extension cord fall to the ground, further highlighting her breasts.

She didn’t speak to him as she picked up the small pile of toys and continued towards his head. He pulled and struggled, but even with the rubber she had removed the ShipSafe held him fast. Without a word, she put the toys on his chest, and stripped her panties off. She glanced at his crotch, where he was distinctly erect now.

He was surprised when she sat down right at the edge of the “cliff” at his shoulders. He even went, “Hmmm?” to himself. Andrea didn’t pay any attention. She scooted backwards until her butt was in line with his head at the middle of the block of rubber, then she turned so that her feet straddled his head and he had a clear view of her neatly trimmed mound.

“It seems to me that you’ve had a head start on the sexual stimulation, dear.” She slid her index fingers into the rings that held small vibrators as she spoke, then grabbed the insertable. “So I think I’ll give myself a chance to catch up .” She raised her hips and slid it inside, then grabbed the wand. She grinned down at him. “You’ll just have to watch.”

And he did. She used the finger vibrators to play with her nipples first, then turned on the vibrator in her pussy. Her breathing became heavy quickly, which made Roger think that she’d been having her own set of interesting thoughts. She started moaning as she played with herself, just inches in front of his face but entirely out of reach. Roger’s erection returned completely.

It was when she leaned back to lie down and put the wand to work that it happened. Her hair drifted into the space she’d freed over his manhood and tickled his penis as she moved about, moaning as she approached climax. Without thinking, he said, “Oh, please use me.” Horrified, he realized that he’d said it out loud, but Andrea didn’t react so Roger figured she hadn’t heard him over the wand, the vibrator, and her own noises.

She climaxed, her hips bucking in front of him. She made no effort to be quiet herself. When she had finished, she lay back and turned off the toys with her hair still caressing his manhood. It was maybe two minutes before she finally sat up – she had obviously been getting herself worked up on the ride here as well. Her eyes were full of lust as she swung a foot over Roger’s head, stood, and taken the step and a half necessary to reach his waist.

As her leg swung over his body, he figured out what she’d been doing out of view around his crotch. She’d carved a saddle shaped depression in the rubber there. He could see her from around the belly button up, but could mentally picture the image from the side as she slid on top of him. Her legs spread apart, muscular and supple, gripping the rubber that surrounded him for good purchase as she forced him to enter her and began to rhythmically move up and down. He tried to move, but could barely shift a half an inch to help before the rubber forced him back. But it didn’t matter, she bucked up and down harder and faster for what seemed like five minutes before he’d exploded inside her. He moaned as he did, and she climaxed again just seconds later.

Without getting off of him, she fell forward a little bit and rested on the block of rubber around him. She leaned on her elbows and smiled at him, a slight sheen of sweat all over her. Of course, he’d smiled back.

She dismounted him, went to grab a towel and cleaned herself up a bit before returning to him. He could feel a bit of pressure on his chest when he sat down right where his right nipple would be if it weren’t covered in rubber. “Well that was different. And fun. What do you think?”

He looked at her with an eyebrow raised and she laughed. “You can talk.”

“It was amazing. I’ve been horny for so long…” Her finger touched his lips.

“You may be again. Tell me how being tied up like that felt. I’ve been trying to imagine and really couldn’t quite figure it out.”

“You could cut me loose and I could show you if you wanted.” She scowled at him and said nothing. So he apologized and launched into a description. The constant, gentle pressure. The feeling of almost weightlessness. The impact of the bumps. She closed her eyes occasionally and smiled as he talked, obviously imagining the feeling.

“Of course, the way you’d set me up just made it that much worse – I couldn’t get properly hard,” he said as he finished.

She grinned and leaned in to him, kissing him. “But that was the point. I need to find some way to get you to think more before doing stupid things.”

She sat up. “You need a pee?” He nodded somewhat vigorously, expecting her to free him some more to let him go. That didn’t happen. She stood up, reached down, and with great effort rolled his entire prison so that he was on his left side. She appeared in his view with a pitcher in her hand and positioned it appropriately.

“Getting you loose before you get yourself wet could be a problem. Let it go and I’ll make sure there’s no mess.” He didn’t need her to tell him twice and let several hours of accumulated urine flow. As soon as he stopped, she tapped for him, put the pitcher out of the way and rolled him back over on his back, which was good, because the lack of support was starting to strain his neck.

He didn’t quite know where the blindfold had come from, but suddenly she was putting it over his eyes.

“Time to be silent again, slave. I won’t be but a moment.”

He could hear her walking around, some drawers opening and closing, and what sounded like something large being moved around. An occasional bump seemed to reach him as though something had come in to contact with his prison. Then her steps ended by his head and he heard the unmistakable sound of plastic wrap coming off a roll.

“Open your mouth with your tongue down and hold it that way.” He complied – what else could he do? He heard a slight hissing sound and felt a coolness in his mouth, which turned to warmth as the ShipSafe she must have sprayed there started to expand. He groaned, but didn’t move or try to spit it out. She’d make him do it eventually or do worse to him if he didn’t.

“I’m glad you found the rubber so exciting, Roger. I was worried it wouldn’t be any fun for you and while I want to punish you a bit, I want to do it in a specific way.”

She seemed to be maneuvering the plastic wrap so that the stuff in his mouth didn’t expand too much into the back of his throat where he might gag. She did a good job because his mouth was filled with slightly compressible rubber that expanded just past his lips and then stopped. He could feel her start to wrap the plastic wrap around over it, locking the gag in place with several turns around his head. Then he heard more movement and something that sounded a bit like something dragging on the floor. The sound was repeated five times. There was no mistaking the sound of duct tape as 10 or 12 large pieces were torn off that followed..

Then she was back, pulling off the sleep mask. Two cans of ShipSafe sat on his chest, one of which she grabbed and began to shake vigorously.

“I did tell you to be silent earlier, didn’t I? And you failed not just once, but four times! You even spoke as I pleasured myself.”

She began shaking the can in front of his eyes, almost threatening him with it. He realized that there was cardboard around his head again, strips of duct tape holding it in place that ran from left to right over his head. He looked up and the top of the box had reappeared as well. He tried to avoid it, but he was sure there was a look of dread in his eyes as she kept talking.

“So I’m going to seal you back up into your nice block. That way, I can take a nap without worrying about you. Maybe you’ll even get to enjoy your solitude a bit more than the ride here.”

He moaned and complained, but she’d started by sealing his head in place again, this time even covering his forehead so that his head was even more securely trapped. Then she’d vanished and he felt the coolness followed by the warmth start spreading around his crotch and legs. Except this time, she left his penis in a more natural position. She’d even stroked it a few times so that it was semi-erect – the process of carefully securing his head had given him enough time to partially recover. Then all he could feel was the coolness, gentle pressure, and warmth as the rubber compressed him, froze him in place again. Despite himself, he started becoming hard again.

Andrea’s face appeared over the tunnel to his head, which still limited his vision even if it had been reduced by several inches in depth. She had that grin she got when she had been particularly devilishly. She playfully rested her chin on her hands, and spoke loud enough that he could make out what she said even through the rubber around his ears.

“You gave me quite the idea when you talked about the bouncing around in the truck. Not having your penis, that wouldn’t work so well for me, so when I started thinking about how to get close to the same, well… let’s just say you inspired me.”

She held up the end of the extension cord where he could see it, which had a small box plugged in to it, which connected a plug that trailed away out of view.

“So I’ve taken the liberty of making sure you won’t be bored while I rest. Enjoy!”

She pressed a button on the box, and instantly the rubber around Roger started vibrating all over. He moaned as it slightly shook his entire body in a surprisingly stimulating way. It buzzed for a moment and he know that she’d put the wand in contact with his block of rubber somewhere. But the box confused him until the vibrating stopped. Roger pulled desperately at his prison as he realized that it was a timer with a random on-off setting.

The light in the room went off and his view of the ceiling through the tunnel to the edge of the rubber block faded to the hazy view that the dim light from the window allowed. He tried bucking his hips and freeing a limb, hoping that Andrea’s rest would recharge her sufficiently…

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