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At the Academy 8: The Cost of Carelessness

by Pleasewrap

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Storycodes: M/f; captive; cuffs; hogtie; ropes; gag; foam; encase; tease; toys; insert; vr; cons/reluct; X

continues from part 7

Part 8: The Cost of Carelessness

"Oh, good morning Roger." Amy was rinsing out her coffee cup as Roger walked in to the kitchen, still in his pajamas. She was fully dressed and the dishes in the sink made it clear that both she and Ken had already been up, eaten, and cleaned up. "I was just about to leave you and Andrea a note. Now that the 24 hours is up, Ken and I figured we'd stick around in the suite for a little while just pretend like were having a normal day away from the Academy. We won’t have the chance to do much of that pretty soon."

Roger smiled, "That's certainly true. Back to the grind and what, eight days now?"

"Yep. And unless everyone we know is lying to us, going in to the toughest semester at the Academy. So Ken and I are going to get our fun in proactively."

The coffee pot was still half full, so Roger grabbed a mug and helped himself. As he did, Ken walked in the kitchen.

"The cab'll be here any minute, Amy. Morning Roger. Do you and Andrea have big plans? Are you heading back to real life?"

Roger grinned as he leaned against the counter. "Not really sure. She’s still asleep, so I don't really know if there's anything on the schedule for today."

Amy cocked her head at him a little bit, a question in her gaze. "She's usually up before you, isn't she?"

Roger shrugged. "Not today apparently. She managed to roll over and tell me to leave her alone just as I got up now."

Ken grinned. "The racket the two of you were making early this morning might explain that. She getting her last licks in before you became a free man?"

Roger laughed, took a swig of coffee, and pushed himself away from the counter. "Something like that. Looks like your cab is here."

The three of them walked towards the front door. As they did Amy said, "Normally I'd feel bad sticking you guys with the cleanup and returning the truck. But since none of this is actually real…"

Roger laughed. "It does make for a very different set of departure plans, doesn't it? Just leave it and it all goes away. You two have fun. I'll tell Andrea that you said goodbye. And if we end up leaving before the two of you, I'll leave the suite running and shift the program over to you, Amy. Right now I think it's on my login."

"You're a dear, but I’m pretty certain it’s my ID" she said. She put a hand on his shoulder.  "No hard feelings, right? Maybe losing was even a positive. Maybe it helps you understand your limits better."

Amy's face looked genuinely concerned, as though winning the bet might have hurt their friendship. Roger shook his head. "No hard feelings. Not sure I really learned a great deal yet, but then the postmortem is always when you figure out the most, right?"

Amy laughed as she headed out the door. Everyone at the Academy hated the long debriefings to rehash what had happened that followed any simulation.  They did drive home some lessons, but the grilling and the correcting became tedious quickly.

"Drop us a message if you want to do dinner or something. Tell Andrea that I'll be free for lunch if she wants some girl talk."

"I'll let her know. I just wouldn't count on her because I'll bet she has something planned herself. She was hinting at something last night," Roger said as he closed the door. The cab headed down the gravel driveway towards the gravel road that connected to the highway. Roger went back to the kitchen to fill his coffee cup, then returned to the bedroom he and Andrea shared.

Andrea was still on the bed. Of course, the fact that she was naked, hogtied and secured to the headboard and footboard with four pieces of made that unsurprising.  They attached her upper arms and knees to the corners of the bed in such a way that she couldn’t even roll on to her side. She still wore thigh cuffs although they weren’t attached to anything at the moment. Despite the fact that her head was away from the door, she managed to turn her head enough that he could see her left eye, which had to be a bit of an uncomfortable stretch for her. That made for an interesting profile, since her mouth was forced very wide – held open by a great deal of packing that formed her gag. She struggled and growled as best she could, the gag doing an extremely good job of knocking down the sound.

Roger walked over, sat down on the bed, and began to stroke her hair.

"Amy and Ken have taken off," he said. He sipped his coffee. "They were wondering what the noise was early this morning. I let them think this just a bit of rambunctious sex for the two of us, which they were kind enough to suggest to me." He smiled.

He put the coffee cup down on the nightstand by the bed. He started double checking the ropes that secured her to the bed and the cuffs that bound her hands and feet. In his head, he replayed the scene from earlier this morning very briefly. Roger had been sleeping fitfully due to the numerous cuffs and straps that Andrea had used to secure him for the night. So when they suddenly undid themselves, even that small change had woken him. Maybe if Andrea had been touching him when he was released, she would've woken as well. Instead, he was able to carefully maneuver cuffs around her wrists without waking her. Once those were in place, it was a simple matter to secure them behind her back even if that woke her. He wondered if Amy and Ken heard the ruckus at the time, but since neither appeared at their door it didn't matter much.

The ropes didn't seem to have loosened all, and the cuffs were still securely in position. Something unintelligible emerged from behind the gag, though the tone wasn't as defiant as had been just moments ago. Roger smiled and patted her cheek.

"Oh no dear, it's not going to be that simple. I may have lost the bet that started this, but you weren't particularly careful and now the tables have been turned."

He sat on the bed again, this time on her right side and tickled her abdomen. She squirmed attractively, muffled laughter coming from behind her gag before she growled at him when he stopped.

"I'm surprised you hid everything away so well. It took almost an hour of searching to uncover your stash of restraints and toys. One would think you might not have planned to let me go in the first place. That wouldn't be the case, would it? You wouldn't cheat up like that, would you?"

She shook her head, but he could tell from the playful look in her eyes that this wasn't the case. He tickled her again and made a tsking noise.

"Liar. That's okay, Amy and Ken left some things behind in addition to the stash you brought." He slipped the blindfold he’d tucked away earlier out from under the pillow, and positioned it over her eyes. "Gimme a minute and we'll start getting ready for our trip."

He ignored her gagged protests and headed out the bedroom door again. His preparations earlier meant he was back in just about a minute.

He could hear the gasp of surprise even through her gag as he slipped the first of three Ben Wa balls into her. They went in with so little resistance that he knew she was turned on, even if she was pissed that he’d gotten the drop on her. The noise that he made as he got the rest of the stuff in position once they had all been inserted must have piqued her curiosity. But if it did, it didn't seem to distract her from moving as much a she could to get the balls to do their thing.

Roger started untying the ropes that held her to the bed as he spoke. "Oh, I'm not sure I should approve of you already trying to get yourself off. Of course, I don't think that that will be enough to really ‘do it,’ so maybe I don't care. Maybe that’s even better."

She moaned a bit, seemed to try to say something, and then returned to moving in almost random directions to the extent that her hogtied allowed.

Roger grinned to himself as the last rope came undone. He released her hogtied, and helped her stand on the right side of the bed where he'd prepared things. "You'd better make sure those don't fall out," he said as he did.

It took some finagling and the use of some additional cuffs, and he was sure that Andrea was uncomfortable briefly as he shifted things around due to pressure he had to put on her elbows and shoulders, but it didn't take long until she had her arms straight down her sides. He had added elbow cuffs first, to help control her arms when he released the wrist cuffs to attach them to the previously unused thigh cuffs. She had given him a fight, which he expected, but he had been careful enough and she didn't manage a moment of real freedom. Maybe a defiant illusion of it, but nothing more. He reached down and retrieved one of the items he had brought into the room from the floor. Then he reached for her blindfold.

"I seem to recall some curiosity on your part." He started shaking a can of ShipSafe in front of her as he removed the blindfold and spoke. "And those balls ought to make up for your lack of male genitalia."

He began to spray the ShipSafe into the box that had held Ken to begin building up a base that he could lie her upon. He had no idea how Amy had managed to keep the box intact while getting Ken out, but at this moment he didn't particularly care.

As the first coat began to expand, he turned back to Andrea and played with her nipples. She squirmed, then drew a deep breath as the squirming added the balls to the simulation he was providing. He smiled at her. She responded with a moan and a lusty, playful look.

"Once I'm sure you're safely secured in that box, and might even change your gag for that two, two and a half hour ride back to the city. I packed it awfully tight to make sure Amy and Ken couldn’t hear you.”

He glanced at the floor where more cans stood.  She followed his gaze, then closed her eyes as he continued playing with her nipples. “It looks like you to left ten cans of that stuff. Once I get you back to my apartment in the city, we'll have to put whatever is left to use."

He glanced into the box and decided that the current coat needed another minute or two to finish expanding and setting up.  He let his right hand drift down away from her nipple and towards her mound. She moaned when he started playing there.

“Very sloppy of you not to double-check the suite’s program. You caught me hours before you caught Ken, but you just assumed the timer started when you caught him.  Instead, it set me free before you expected it and here you are.  You’ll have to be punished for being so careless.” A soft, but distinct "Oh no, master," was audible even through the gag.  He turned to spray another coat in the box and move the preparations along…


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