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The Athletic Trainer

by Lancer 175

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© Copyright 2011 - Lancer 175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; wrap; bandages; saranwrap; gag; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Stacy had considered cheerleading. Her personality and figure certainly made her a potential candidate. But, she simply did not like the snobbyness and stuck up attitude of the cheerleading squad. She was a standout cheerleader in high school, but soon found out that college cheerleaders were simply spoiled, big breasted egos.

However, as the year progressed, Stacy found an excellent way to be involved in sports and really felt needed. When the athletic training staff was short, was asked by a friend if she would be interested in being a trainer. With her volunteer EMT background, it seemed a natural.

Over the first few games she became a pro at administering ice packs and wrapping injured ankles. The Ace Bandages provided excellent support. Sometimes the players would have a minor sprain and requested both a wrap bandage and ice to continue to play.

Though the language on the field was typical guy language, most of the players treated her with respect, though a few did hint they would like to ask her out. She marveled at the stamina of the players, and wondered erotically just how much stamina they would have in bed. She could only imagine the size of their most important muscle.

She was in the locker room alone when Rich Bowen, the quarterback, came in and asked her to wrap his ankle. After a grueling game, he could barely stand as the swelling became even more pronounced after he removed his cleats. Stacy initially placed an ice pack on the foot, but soon realized a pressure wrap would be needed to help control the swelling.  

Stacy took an Ace Bandage and began a snug wrap around the foot and extended up the ankle. She began to secure the bandage when Rich asked her to continue to wrap his leg all the way up to his crotch. That seemed a bit odd, but Stacy assumed he must have also pulled a muscle higher up. As she wrapped, she couldn’t help but notice a rapidly rising tent.

Being just a bit mischievous, Stacy “accidentally” bumped his hardness just to see if Rich would react. “Ooops, sorry”, Stacy sheepishly said.

“Oh my gosh, sorry Stacy, but I’m really horny, and sorry I goated you into putting a bandage on further up my leg. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of your willingness to help me” as Rich kind of apologized.

But, Rich really did enjoy the wrapping around his leg. His on again, off again girl friend, the cheerleading captain Missy, would play bondage games with him, sometimes wrapping him in tape or vet wrap. That’s why he really wanted Stacy to keep going up his leg, the wrapping really turned him on!

“Stacy, I hope I don’t offend you, but I used to date Missy, the big-titty  cheerleader captain, and she enjoyed bondage games. I actually got turned on when she would tie me up or wrap me in packaging materials or tape. Sometimes, we would even switch so I would tie her up. I know it sounds weird, but I really got turned on by being in bondage and putting her into bondage.”

Stacy was bit stunned, but her sexual interest took over. “Well Rich, I hope I am not being too forward, but would you like me to continue and totally wrap you up? That actually sounds intriguing.”

Rich could not believe what he heard. This pretty athletic trainer was willing to play out his fetish.   Stacy did not wait for an answer as she reached into the trainer’s kit and pulled our several rolls of compression bandages.

Rich was totally caught off guard when Stacy forced a roll of Kling into his mouth and sealed it with white medical tape. “If we are going to play, we can’t have noises attract any spectators. “

With even greater sexual excitement flowing through his veins, his cock became solid granite, which Stacy did not ignore. Stacy reached through the opening of his warm up sweats and allowed his manhood to stand at attention in the open air.

Just the simply touching by Stacy nearly caused Rich to shoot his load skyward. He tried to keep calm while Stacy kept wrapping the rest of his body. Soon, his was sealed tight. The compression bandages squeezing tight against his skin while his massive erection pointed towards the ceiling. This new adventure also made Stacy very horny. A new twist in sexual foreplay had really turned her on. She gave a playful smirk towards Rich, and slowly began to tongue his cock. Rich strained to move with only his knees and hips providing the ability to jerk, slightly lifting him off the floor.

Stacy began to really enjoy this teasing of a bound and gagged male, and absorbed the entire dick into the back of her throat. She slowly lifted up and down, sealing her lips around the tube with each motion. She began to taste a slightly salty liquid and knew Rich was about to erupt.

Without the slightest hesitation, she stood up, quickly removing her panties, and mounted the already bulging point end of the erection. She was already so wet, the knob of his penis immediately slid to the back of her vagina. Throwing off her blouse and bra as she maneuvered into position, her ride sent her into a sexual ecstasy she had never felt before.

Rich was straining with sweat as he motioned his hips up to bury his cock deeper and deeper into Stacy. He was pleasantly surprised at the size of her breasts, with rhythmic bouncing two and fro. Her nipples seemed to jut forward with each massive movement. Rich nearly fainted with excitement as he felt the lava spew from his volcano.

Stacy could not help but scream as her orgasm timed with the splashing of semen into her canal. Totally spent, she collapsed forward on to Rich, nearly suffocating him in sweaty tits. Little did she realize a simple treatment of an ankle sprain would result in the most satisfying sexual experience of her life. Little did she realize these pleasures would lead to her own fearful restraint.


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